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This time, I'll tell you about Jung Mi-Ae.

At 6:20 p.m. on the 2nd, on MBC's 'King of Masked Singer' show,

it's the king of the 120s, and he's the 18-year-old who's trying to win four consecutive games.

Against this backdrop, masked singers have broadcasted their performances.

'American hot dog', which won the fourth round, were nominated for the title.

Earlier 'American Hot dog' aired on January 26 in the first round of the King of Maced Singer.

'Music is My Life', second round is 'DownFalling of the Moon',

sang 'Again' in the third round.

I like your subscription and Don't forget.

It's been up until the fourth round.

The 'American Hot Dog' was sadly defeated in the Battle of the Ga-wang and revealed its identity.

Jeong Mi-ae was the real 'American hot dog' Jung Mi-ae took off her mask and revealed her identity.

"I thought 'King of Masked Singer' was a dream stage where singers could stand.

It was good to be here."

wanted to forget the word "trot-based Song Hye-kyo."

"I've been cursing since No Hong-Chul spoke to me once."said.

And the public "I really enjoyed singing Jeong Mi-ae."

"I fell in love with the stage.", "I hope you will do a lot of good activities in the future.",

"Please release a trot album as well as a ballad!"etc. responding.

Since the same day when 'King of Masked Singer' was broadcast,

Jeong Mi-ae topped the portal site's real-time search term.

I really liked the stage you showed me through 'King of Masked Singer.

Second news. On January 23, Jung Mi-ae sent a letter to the Misstrot National Tour Concert Team.

attended a concert in the lobby of Kyung Hee Medical Center's main building.

This was a statement from Kyung Hee Medical Center that is "It's the Lunar New Year holiday.

want to comfort those who need to be hospitalized.

For a quick recovery, we'll get together with the Misstrot National Tour Concert Team. It was a talent donation event."said.

And then encourage the inpatients and the guardians next to them

added. that it was designed to cheer the medical staff who are working for the patient.

Jung Mi-ae and other Misstrot teams on this day. With the patients The guardians at one's seat

"I hope everyone gets well soon."

"Don't let go of your hopes. We will always support you."said.

The head of the medical center said, "It's the Lunar New Year's holiday to patients visitors.

The Misstrot Team Gives Positive Energy I'd like to express my deep gratitude to the people involved."

""This year, Kyung Hee Medical Center is not only treating diseases,

will establish ourselves as a medical institution that can heal the patient's mind."said.

Third news. The performance planning agency for the youth concert of 'Misstrot' on the 29th said,

"With the passionate love and support from the audience for about three months,

will hold an encore concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul on March 21"

"We'll be back with a better look."said.

"The concert will be held in Changwon on March 7. The battle was sold out, and we had a flurry of requests for additional performances"

"decided on an additional performance on March 8th in return for your support.

I ask for your attention."added. The encore concert,

which will be held on March 21, will be held. It's the end of the national tour that's been going on for about three months.

Jung Mi-ae and the cast's new repertoire,

It will be a fantastic guest and give high satisfaction to the audience.

Also, it was at noon on January 30th. It was opened through various online ticket reservation websites.

Jung Mi-ae and the 'Misstrot' National Tour Concert Team

already looking forward to the stage that you will perform at the Angkor concert in Seoul.~

I told you about Jung Mi-ae, who was the talk of the town.

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