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Hey brother!

Ben, we all love the Harry Potter movies and there are some things in there

I feel like they just absolutely nailed. Like, they took the image right out of my mind.

McGonagall: perfect.

Diagon Alley: perfect.

Hagrid: flawless.

Years 1 & 2 of Quidditch: I've never been more upset my broom couldn't fly.

Umbridge? Umbridge?!

urghh! Well, I absolutely hated her, but that was the point. Nailed it!

But then there's the other side of this coin where certain moments, certain acting decisions or director suggestions

are so off-putting, so cringe-worthy that they just

yank you right out of the Wizarding World and make you wonder: did they even read the books?

Today, we are celebrating those moments and counting down

the top 10 cringiest moments in Harry Potter movies.


Number 10: Fudge starts the Quidditch World Cup.

Oh, Goblet of Fire,

there are so many things I could and will say about you in this video.

You were such a highly anticipated movie.

I mean, I loved the book, easily my favorite

until Deathly Hallows came out.

And the one thing, the one thing I was most looking forward to from the moment

I read it on page was the Quidditch World Cup. And everything looked so promising:

the portkey, the camp grounds, the giant stadium, the huge big Krum entrance,

And Fudge goes to start the Cup and then... boom it's over.

Just nothing. Nothing.

Sorry, that's not true. We did get to see Ron profess his love for Viktor Krum

[Ron] "There's no one like Krum!"

Oh, but what a freaking tease. I mean, no, no Veelas. No Leprechaun gold.

Not one second, not one second of the match.

I mean, ah,

I mean it really just set the tone for the rest of the movie if you ask me,

which is to say they left out so many other things like,

anything fun in the maze at all.

Winky as a character altogether, Ludo Bagman altogether,

S.P.E.W.--- well you know I can see why they dropped that.

Number 9: speaking of Krum arriving to events, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang arrive at Hogwarts.

Now to be fair the flying horses and the carriage and the ship coming out of the water are pretty cool.

But when the students walk in to the Great Hall



Like, for one, when did each school become single gender? And the answer is, NEVER!

Instead each school is just assigned a gender so that it would be easier for you, the audience, to distinguish between the champions.

Huh, if only they could have thought of an easier way,

like I don't know, all wearing blue or red or something.

But hey, how could they have had equally one note entrances if they weren't assigned genders?

I mean, hey, did you know that girls wear skirts and like butterflies?

Are those guys using war staffs and breathing fire? Girls wouldn't do that.

Also gymnastics? What is that part of the curriculum at Durmstrang like,

"Oh we excel at the Dark Arts and tumbling. But not the uneven bars, only pommel horse at Durmstrang.

Huh, huh, huh."

And also, also, actually, actually,

Why even bring multiple students if Krum is going to be the only one who even puts his name in the Goblet anyway.

Number 8: the entire K-night bus ride.

Like, what on earth is even HAPPENING in this scene?

Again, it starts strong

"What you fell over for?!"

is one of my favorite lines in the entire series

and the casting of Stan Shunpike--spot on.

But then crazy unnecessary car chase scene where they're not being chased and Ernie is a crazy old man

and there's a weird Rastafarian shrunken head yelling one-liners and... WHAT?!

Like when you're watching a movie based on a book,

you don't want to be thinking to yourself: "Am I just forgetting things... from the book?"

Because it's one thing to cut things

I understand you have to do that because it doesn't always translate to screen,

but when you add in things, like the shrunken head. I just

[confusion increases]

I don't know about you, but in my personal headcanon, I imagine the bus jumping around a lot

But that because of, you know, MAGIC, it's not that uncomfortable to ride, maybe a little unsettling

But again, there's magic so it shouldn't be this weird crazy experience

Inside the bus? I don't know.

I just thought they were so close. So close guys.

Number 7: Harry, Ron, and Hermione sharing a laugh.

This would maybe be a little more forgivable if it didn't happen twice!

And I don't even know what to say about it, but it's supposed to be three friends laughing about something

and for actors you would think are actually friends in real life

It looks like they put three strangers in a room and told them to practice fake laughing together.

Here's the first one in Order the Phoenix

[awkward laughing]

And here's the second one in Half-blood Prince.

[more awkward laughing]

Like, I get it, I know why it's in there, because later in the movie

when Voldemort possesses Harry it's supposed to be something for Harry to remember

and it's like, oh my god, Voldemort's not even capable of friendship

and there's Harry laughing with his good friends and aren't they having so much fun?

Oh my god, why is it so awkward?

Number 6: the final frame from the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Now I doubt you need me to remind you of this one, but here it is, riiiiiiight... here

So many thoughts

First of all a quick anecdote,

I was on a first date with a girl when I saw this movie for the first time

and this final moment meant I felt embarrassed on behalf of the movie for this girl

I was like oh my - wow I am so so-- do you wanna lea-- I understand if there's not a second date like

Second is the overall disappointment that this is the

first moment you get to see the Firebolt in action and it's THIS!

Of course, in the books it happens way earlier, Harry even gets to play Quidditch on it

But I don't know who's writing these movies where they keep deciding the people don't want to see Quidditch,

but they are wrong; I want Quidditch.

I want Quidditch through the Ages after they're done with Fantastic Beasts,

and I want them to invent real brooms that can fly so I can literally play the game

and I don't have to do the muggle version, I wanna really do it, let's go, come on.

Make it happen people, it's 2018.

And thematically I get it.

Prisoner of Azkaban is the turning of the tide from innocent kids' tale to a much darker story.

And the director, very cleverly, throughout the movie is

constantly separating Harry from the rest of his classmates,

whether it's putting them far away from shots or having crowds literally walk away from him

and this is just a final nail in the coffin.

Harry literally zooming away from them and it's such a clever thing, but it's so ruined by this

goofy, blurry freeze frame.

The point is, I totally would have gotten that second date if it wasn't for this shot.

Number 5: Hermione is over-concerned.

"Stop it! Can't you see it's bothering him?"


This happens a lot to Hermione

Harry will present her with some bit of bad news or really just any news and she'll react as if Harry just said

"Guys, I have magical cancer, and I'm dying."

Unless it is actually something serious in which case,

she'll just sort of write him off, but also sort of over-write him off like she does here in the death chamber

"Can you tell what they're saying?"

"There aren't any voices, Harry."

And I get it. Harry often literally is in mortal peril and Hermione is just concerned for her friend

That's fine.

But her character is supposed to be the logical and brave one

but her reaction to all these things make her come off as if she hasn't thought through it at all

and is just horribly, horribly afraid.

Like, let's go back to that death chamber scene.

"Can you tell what they're saying?" "There aren't any voices, Harry."

What kind of response is this, Hermione?

Harry has literally heard voices you couldn't hear before

and last time it was a freaking basilisk.

And you're the one who figured it out!

Number four: Harry snogging girls.

Man, just the word "snogging" in general. Am I right?

Like I don't know how common that word is in the UK

But I can tell you for sure that in America that was almost definitely

a brand new word for you, and it's just kind of cringy sounding in and of itself

like a really mucousy kiss. Sorry, snot and snog are just too close together.

Anyway to Daniel Radcliffe's credit

I don't think Harry's first kiss with Cho is supposed to be some big epic moment

It's supposed to be kind of awkward, and to that end he totally nails it.

Bravo, Daniel! That was some golden awkward kissing. Very, very hard to watch, bravo!

On the other hand, his first kiss with Ginny IS supposed to be pretty epic

I believe, if I recall from the book:

It's supposed to be in a big crowded room and everyone's celebrating and it's this awesome moment where they come together

and Ron's totally okay with it, and you're like 'Yeah! Harry and Ginny!'

Instead, we got this.

[incredibly awkward and drawn out kissing]

Ahh, come on! Jeez, man.

Do you even like her? Did you just secretly find out you were related or something?

That's, that's Ginny Weasley. She's supposed to be, like, the coolest girl in school. You could at least look excited about it!

I mean, from what I hear, she has great skin

"Attractive?" "You know, she's got nice skin"

Number three: Harry eats a cookie with Ginny.

Okay, so this definitely does not happen in the book, but they put it in the movie.

It's in Half-blood Prince

It's before they kiss, and it's supposed to be one of those scenes that sets up the oh-so-not-so-epic kiss later.

First, Ginny sits down and says "Open up, you."

Harry appropriately looks at her like "WHAT?"

and then she asks "Don't you trust me?"

Uh, obviously not. What are those, cookies?!

Harry then proceeds to take the most awkward and small bite of cookie ever.

Normal bite of cookie:

[normal bite of cookie]

Harry Potter being fed a cookie from a girl he actively has a crush on:

[most awkward bite of cookie ever]

It's good.

Translation: 'Oh my god. No, I do not trust you.

Your dad is sitting right there.

This is not the time to be flirting and hand-feeding me cookies.

Also oh, if you're planning on kissing me later, I'm pretty sure we related.'

The problem is the over-commitment to the darkness of the times in the movies.

What's great about Harry and Ginny in the books is that it's a moment of levity,

a reminder of what they are fighting for; that there are still great things like love in the world.

Actually, on that note, did anyone else notice that by the time Deathly Hallows rolled around the saturation is so heavy

You can barely even see anybody?

In any case, any time we see Ginny on screen, it should be a welcome relief from all of the doom and gloom

but instead it's, 'Open up you, I'd like to feed you cookies awkwardly in front of my family now.'

Number 2: Voldemort hugs Draco.

All I can say is, thank goodness he didn't try and feed him a cookie.

To be fair, by definition Voldemort should not be good at hugging

and Draco definitely does not want to be hugged and to that end, they crush it.

The question I have though is: Why do they even need the hug?

Actually, according to Tom Felton, the actor who plays Draco,

they did this scene 25 times and only in one take did Voldemort hug Draco

and that's the one they went with.

To set the scene:

Voldemort is marching into Hogwarts having just killed Harry and he's inviting the entire opposing army to come join him

and then Lucius and Narcissa like whisper shout at Draco for him to be the first to cross, which he is.

Maybe the awkward hug is supposed to represent

how even though Voldemort sounds welcoming, that maybe this couldn't be further from the truth.

There's no such thing as open arms when it comes to Voldemort

Or maybe it actually is just supposed to be really cringey and to that end, again, they crush it.

It's hard to look at. I mean just look at Dean here - looks like he's gonna throw up.

And that brings us to number 1: Harry didn't put his name in the Goblet of Fire.

"Did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire?!"

O, M, Goodness.

I mean, I mean I...

Wow, so yeah, for background: the moment in question is of course in Goblet of Fire

and Harry's name has just come out.

He goes back and joins the other champions and then Dumbledore storms in in a fit of RAGE

GRABS Harry and DEMANDS from him the information.

'Did you just put your name in the Goblet of Fire!'

Like he literally grabs him! Are you kidding me?


I will say that Dumbledore as a character is probably an extremely challenging role for an actor.

He's calm and polite and quirky as heck

but also simultaneously,

literally the most powerful person on earth and has to constantly be aware of his effect

on everyone in the room around him whether that means people respect him or just totally hate him.

But that said, this is hands down the WORST portrayal of any character at any point in all eight movies.

Dumbledore simply never rises to anger like this, like never.

Especially, especially towards Harry.

You only ever see him go into rage mode when a student is harmed or threatened

especially, especially if it's Harry.

It's what makes his character

so amazing, that he's constantly put in these situations

where his character or his judgement is called into question

but he never, ever loses control. That's, that's, that's his thing.

He always, always keeps his cool. He is never rude to anyone even when they definitely deserve it.

He's somehow being

super polite sometimes like Lucius Malfoy and still like

hurling a weird veiled insult at him that no one else could possibly pick up on, except you, the reader.

He like, knows you're reading and he's like, 'The reader got that but no one else.'

A lot of people like to point the finger of blame at Michael Gambon who was playing Dumbledore at the time

because he never read the books

but I don't know, this feels like a directional error to me,

somewhere, somewhere along the way, just didn't understand Dumbledore and it just

It eats away at me every time I watch this movie and it's why it got the number one spot on this list.

There you go, Ben

Those are the top 10 cringiest moments in Harry Potter.

My question for you and everyone else is: did we miss any or what were some other really cringey moments you had watching the movies?

Let me know your thoughts in the towel section down below.

These socks are amazing!

But guys thanks as always for watching

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