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And we are

As high school student,

we saw a hidden fact

the fact that everyone is struggling with

the fact about immeasurable hazards in food

we consume everyday just to satisfy our taste,

which appealed to us the idea of raising our voices

and all of the students in Vietnam in general and in HCMC in particular

We are determined to create and follow a more healthy eating habit in this project.

Vietnam has a nutrition transition leading to a rapid increase

in the prevalence of overweight and obesity among adolescents

whose lifestyles become more and more sedentary with lower levels of physical activity

Overweight and obesity among adolescents is growing with time

in urban areas of Vietnam

Obesity in adolescence substantially increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases

and their associated health deficiencies in adulthood


obesity in adulthood is a high risk factor for chronic diseases.

The first problem is unhealthy eating

Frequent fat intake

was associated with increased overweight

development in both rural and urban areas

Much fatty food is likely to contribute to overweight,

since fat in comparison to protein

and carbohydrates contains higher densities of energy

In addition,

fluctuation of protein and carbohydrate

are rapidly regulated as their rate of oxidation

is equal to their intake,

which is not true for fat intake

Fat oxidation does not correspond with fat intake and

the balance of fluctuation in fat consumption

is not similarly rapid compared to carbohydrate and protein

The choice of food are

dependent on the childs preference

as well as parentsbeliefs of what 're good for their child

Snacks can be healthy,

like many types of different fruits,

but also unhealthy


we will talk about lack of physical activities

You know what ?

There are several reasons behind childrens low activity,

such as a lack of parentsmonitoring,

unsafe neighbourhoods

or it's just lack of space for childrens playing

There was a study of high school student in urban area like Ho Chi Minh City

found that

poor access to recreational facilities

may increased the risk of overweight among adolescents

And talking about physical exercise

is a compulsory subject,

not only in high school

but also in secondary

with 2 sessions each weak

which take 45 mins each

And it includes badminton,


high jumping and so on

But as a student,

I think we know all of the honest feelings of student

If those lessons are not marked,

if the time is not recorded

and if you are not under supervision of teachers on cameras,

and stop right there

, WOULD YOU, WOULD YOU take that seriously?

With 50% of young people in HCM city being overweight,

the prevalence of overweight continues to grow,

and many teenagers have an unhealthy food pattern containing too much saturated fats,


and a lack of dietary fibre

The fact that children spend so many hours at school each day,

makes the school environment to be an important out of home setting

where children consume at least 1 meal a day


schools are ideal settings for nutrition education

and nutrition fits into several parts such as

science, health and consumer science

With all of the problems mentioned above,

we believed it is time for us to take great steps in protecting our health

by approaching our project


So all of our beloved




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to introduce the very useful knowledge about nutrition education

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