Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Mystery Wheel of Slime Switch Up Challenge!

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Hey guys, this is Karina--

And this is Ronald from

Sis vs Bro

And today we're doing the mystery wheel of slime


My God.

You guys know the rules, we got 10 spins,

we're gonna spin the wheel, we're gonna get our

mystery ingredient, and put in our slime and hope

it's going to be a slime again.

But this time, we've got a switch up option.

So basically, once you get it you have to

switch the slimes.

Right on the spot.


Along with the (mumbles).

This is going to be very interesting.

I think I'm going to get the switch up a couple of times.

So, rock--

Paper scissors.

Who goes first dun dun duuun.

Da da da da na na (laughs).

Rock paper scissors, shoot.

All right.

So my spin number one!

It's going to be awesome.


There you go.


All right.

That's a waste of a turn.

All right, my spin number one

is going to be even awesomer.

It's going to be switch up.

Activator. Activator.

Acc acc, acc acc.


That's my first thing.

This activator is very strong, so I don't want to put too

much, because I don't know how much glue I'm going to get.

So my spin number two is coming on the dish.

Green glitter glue.

Da na na.

You got some glue.

I mean, that's good.

Going down, down, down, down, down.

Oh, that was a nice pop there.

It sounds real.

There we go.

Okay, my spin number two. Okay.

Let's get some glue.

Some glue or some switch up?

You wanna switch?

Well, yeah, I kinda do.

Red glitter glue.


You wanted some glue.

I mean, it's red.

It's not my favorite color, but at least it's glue.

Would you rather green?

I don't know really.

I would rather red.

It's a good thing, because I already got my slime,

I got activator, and I got glue.

But we're gonna only mix it at the end.

So the final color will be revealed at the end,

and if it's actually slime or not.

Okay, my spin number three is coming on the dish.

It's going to be three dollars.


What did I pay three dollars for?


That's good, that's good.

We're pretty lucky people today, I must say.

That's a good deal.

Okay, it's time to add some activator.

Just a little, though, just a teeny...oh.

Okay, that's good.

All right, my spin number tres

is coming up.

Here, let's see if you forfeit (laughs).

Blue balls!

Is it worth it?

Yeah, it's worth it.

All right, in goes the balls.

My spin number four is coming up.

Is it going to be worth the spinning,

or is it not going to be worth the spinning?

It's time to find out.

Red glitter.

Red glitter.

You have green slime and red glitter.

I don't know how that's going to look,

but red and green, I'm pretty sure, make brown.

That looks pink.

It's gonna be pink and some glitter's in.

That is a lot of glitter, Ronald.

I'm sorry, but it is.

You're going to have like, just, glitter.

Yeah, and that's going to be it.

It's my spin number four, and I want--


Glitter and white glue,

because white glue would make the red pink.

It's about, is it worth spinning?

Oh yeah.

Is it going to be worth it?

White glue!

Exactly what I wanted, exactly what I wanted.

Exact what I--


Okay, now you can stop pouring some.

Oh, my hands are gluey.

Do you want to touch my gluey hands?



Okay, spin number five is coming on the dish!

It's going to be a really tasty dish.

All right, if you say so.

Oooh, it's very tasty.

White glue.

So guys, now it's my spin number cinco.

And so far, I have blue balls, red glue,

white glue and activator.

Ronald, so far, just has--


Pink glitter.

I want my slime to look pretty in the end,

so I just hope I'm going to get something

that'll make my slime look beautiful.

Which is going to be a switch up!



All right, let's just cross our fingers not for switch up.

And we're aiming for the green.

No we're not.

We're aiming for the green, we're aiming for the--

it's another one?


Ha, blue balls, I don't have any more.


That's good,

I guess. Yeah.

It's good.

Now time for my spin number seis, six.

There we go.

Okay, guys, it's time for the awesome switch up.



Pink color!

What's pink color?


You have a very pink slime.

Here, Ronald, use this to get the pink out,

and then just whack it.

Okay, now it's your turn.

Thank you, it's my spin number six, and I want--



Something that will make my slime super awesome.

Like a switch up.



I know it's pretty and all, but it's not slime.

I'm sorry.

Dun dun dun, dun dun dun, dun dun dun, dun dun dun.

Switch up is close, switch up is close!


Switch up is close!

The switch up.

Dun na dun na dun na.

You can have it.

I didn't like it that much anyway, did I?


Oh, you are just trying to make excuses.

Now it's time for my spin number seven.

Let's go.

I swear, if it's another switch up, dun na dun, dun na dun.




It's not going to go-- oh.

Okay, that's good.

And now it's my go number seven!


I want more glue, I think.

I think I need more glue.

That was hard.


Purple coloring! Purple color.


Good luck with green glue and purple color.

Thanks, but I won't need it,

because I bet it'll look beautiful.

It's going to look brown.

No, it's won't, it'll be beautiful!

So we can all agree that I'm the winner now.

Because of that awesome switch up.

That thing right there just made the game so much easier.

All right, I've got a whole bunch of purple coloring.

Now it's time for my spin number eight!

We are so close to the end.

It's going to be an awesome spin.

Red glitter glue!

Here you go.

I kind of wanted that.

You did?


That it?

Okay, let's just get...

ugghh, that's better.

All right.

And now my spin number eight.

We're getting so close to the end.

I really want something to make the slime better,

because it's a little bit too--


Yeah, and it has green underneath,

so I don't know how that's going to mix.

Red glitter glue.


Do you want some?

It's not your lucky day today, Karina.

At least it's glue.

Maybe the glitter will cover up all the brownness.


Plop plop plop plop plop (laughs)!

All right, I think that's enough.

Now it's time for my spin number nine (shrieks)!

For my awesome spin.


Uh, no.

No, uh...


Oh, yes!

Welcome back, my beauty.

So guys, this is my spin number nine.

I'm so happy, because I got my slime back.

Oh, my precious little slime.

All right, but now, it's time to spin the wheel.

Of fortune.

Of unfortunate.

You're gonna get the switch up.

Please, switch up, please!

You are so close!

Please, switch up!

Switch up is coming, switch.


No, no, no, no, no! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

That is just a savage little wheel right there.

I've always wanted you.

This wheel is no, no.

I'll make this red turn into pink using this.

Oh, yeah.

So guys, this is my final spin.

I'm gonna do my tenth spin, and I really, really

need a switch up to switch this up (laughs).


Okay, it's time to spin.

Please, please, switch up, switch up, switch up, switch up,

switch u--nooo.

Ha, ha ha ha ha!

Okay, you're going to get a switch up now.

No, I won't.

You'll need that.

Okay, okay.

All right, guys, now it's my last spin.

I am crossing my fingers so hard not to get the switch up.

Switch up, please.

Because if I get the switch up, it will ruin everything.

Please, switch up, please, get a switch up,

get a switch up, get a switch up.

Okay, I'm looking at the switch up.

Please, switch up.

Use your magic!



Ah, switch up! Yes!

This wheel is cursed.

I got pink color!

Pass, please.

So guys, I'm really happy that I got pink coloring.

In a second, we're going to be mixing it up, but first,

before we mix it up, you guys are gonna comment down below.

What color do you think our slimes are gonna turn out to be?

I think mine is going to be...

Gray. Pink.

Mine's going to be rainbow.

No, I think mine's gonna be pink.


All right, but there's only one way to find out,

so I'm going to put a whole bunch of pink coloring in

to make sure that it's pink.

Oh, oh.

All right, guys, I'm ready to mix it.

Let's hope I'm going to get pink!

So, let's mix it all up.

It's pink, I can see the pink!

It's red!

No, pink.

It's red.


Okay, guys, it's time for this stupid slime to get mixed.

Let's start.

Why did I add so much glitter?


I was hoping Karina was going to get the switch up,

because life is going to be good, but.

Well, I guess I guessed it.

It's pink (laughs).

It's not that bad if you're a pink lover.

But it's pretty decent.

You see a bit of green that ruins it,

but no one's going to look too close, right?

So, guys, we're going to keep on mixing,

and we're going to do a slime reveal in three, two, one!


So, guys, check out my slime.

My slime is this pretty pink color

with a bunch of blue balls.

I think it looks so nice, and it's super stretchy!

I really like how mine turned out, and if you think

my slime is the winner, comment down below #pink.

That's it, just #pink.

So, guys, this is my slime, it's a nice purple color.

I added some green glue and some red glitter,

and it turned out to be purple.

And I think my slime will win.

And it's also very stretchy.

So, guys, if you think my slime won, comment down below


So, guys, comment down below.

Who do you think won this challenge?

We hope you liked this video.

If you did, smash that like button,

and we'll see you all next time.


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