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GOVERNESS: Je l'ai dit mille fois.

WOMAN: Vous avez ma sympathie.

( bicycle bell rings )

I hope I haven't startled you.

Are you waiting for someone?


My shadow.

There she is.

Well, it's your own fault.

You gave me no choice.

Come back with me, and there's an end to it.

( laughs incredulously )


You are inhuman.

Then why do you want me?

Because you are mine!

I have a right!

( Soames breathing heavily )

I'm sorry.

I'm here to offer you any terms you choose.

If I promise a separate house, with just a visit...




You can hunt me to my grave, but I shall never go with you.

I just want a child.

A son.

On any terms.

Please, Irene.


It cannot be good-bye.

We are married.

Will you for once listen to me?

Yes, I married you, but...

It was wrong.

I disliked you from the moment we first lived together.

I hate you now,

and for hounding and bullying me, I hate you more.

You should have kept your promise and let me go,

and instead you have suffocated me.

( hisses ): Children...

your... son!

It's an utter degradation.

I know what you're up to!


and Jolyon Forsyte!

SOAMES: "I understand you have been

"in close contact with Jolyon Forsyte.

"Pursue things with him...

and you will learn... the true meaning of 'degradation.'"

Would you see that Mrs. Heron

gets this note, please?

Madame Heron left this afternoon, Monsieur.

Very sudden.

Do you know her address?

Non, Monsieur.


Bonjour, Monsieur.

How much did Jolly tell you?


About why he enlisted.

Oh, he... he said...

it was to do with Val Dartie.

Some sort of a dare.

Silly young fool.

It was more than that.

It... it was a dare, but the reason was

that he was trying to stop our engagement.

Val and I are in love.

When we got engaged, Jolly found out

and he dared Val to enlist to try and break us up.

It's all my fault.

And they're out there now and they could be killed.

Now you think me wicked.


No, no, of course not, my darling.

You know that I'm... I'm not...

very friendly with Val's family?

I know.

But I love him.

Well, that settles it, then.

I'm very happy for you.

Oh... and you were frightened to tell me.


Oh, Dad.

Why do they dislike each other?

They just do.

And because it happened like it did,

because it's my fault, I'm going out there.

Oh, Holly...

I'm going out with June.

I'm going out as a nurse, too.

So all three of you out there?


Terrible news from Mafeking, isn't it, Mr. Forsyte?

Let's hope that Baden-Powell fellow turns up trumps.

What do you want, Polteed?

Not to talk about the war?

We've done your business for you, sir.

At last-- conclusive evidence.



The male party, sir.

Who is this party?

Description as follows:

Uh... "Middle-aged, tall, pale,

red hair, guilty look and manner..."

and... et cetera.

Well, what's so significant?

Well, the significance, sir,

is that that same evening,

that same male was seen leaving her hotel bedroom.

It's hot.

Isn't it?

So now what?

Well, it's just a matter

of tracing them again.

It seems that they slipped off back to England.

We had thought together, but...

But what?

It's very possibly the case.

You'd better concentrate on the fellow at this end.

47, you called him.

Watch him and you may well find her.

Not to pursue the Paris party then, sir?


( snickers and laughs )

Don't come to the station, Dad.

It only prolongs the agony.

I won't, I...

( sighs )

And don't worry about that.

How strange that it should arrive today.

Mmm... meant, you see?

We'll give Jolly the best nursing possible.

You might not even see him.

Dad, he's our brother,

of course they'll let us nurse him.

And all our training's been for wounds--

we've had virtually nothing for typhoid.

He's not in any danger, Holly.

"No immediate danger."

In enough for them to send a telegram,

telling you Jolly's so unwell.

Well, he'll be safe from bullets.

It's almost a relief.

Exactly my feeling.

Well... is this it?

"If it be now..."

I am...

so proud of you all.

You're left behind.

That's worse.



Safe journey.


( laughs )

I don't understand, um...

Soames came to Paris,

so I returned to England three days ago.

I'm in a hotel in Richmond.

I first thought of Richmond,

I suspect, because it's so close to Robin Hill.

So I've just said my good-byes to... to Holly and June.

I'm selfish.

You must want to be alone.

No, no, no, absolutely not.


My... my boy is very ill out there.

I'm sorry.

POLTEED: The two-- that is, 17 and 47--

have been observed to meet daily in Richmond Park.

There is a degree of intimacy in their demeanor.

Well, add to that our observations in Paris

earlier in the year, and I feel confident that you...


your client...

could now make a very strong case for divorce.

You know who she is, don't you?

Such things happen, Mr. Forsyte.

But there'd be great familiarity--

laughing together, walking both in and out...

I don't want to hear this.

I'll put it with Linkman and Laver.

Yes, sir.

Then there's nothing more to say.

Make your report to them

and continue to observe discretion.

My shadow has returned.


In fact, there's more than one.

It appears that here in England

they can afford to ring the changes.

How did they find you?

Well, that's absolutely clear--

they're also watching you.

They're watching me?!


Oh, surely not.

Mr. Forsyte.

How sordid.

( chuckles )

A telegram, sir.

Oh, no.

Is it Jolly?


Yes, he's dead.

IRENE: If you could have, would you have changed places with him?

YOUNG JOLYON: Out there, and died?


YOUNG JOLYON: Yes, of course I would.

Oh, very pretty!

What do you want?

And as if one needed further evidence!

I think you're a witness, aren't you?

That's... that's all right, Nora.

I should have brought a horsewhip.

What do you want?

I am here to tell you

that unless you swear to keep clear of each other,

I shall divorce her with every circumstance

of... degradation...

to you both.

Will you swear it?

Will you keep away from her?


Your name will be dirt.

So be it.

What about you?

Will you swear it?


I have enough evidence, you know.

You've been watched everywhere.

You've been watched!

And it won't just be desertion.

You know what I'm saying.


And it doesn't worry you?

Please go.

( shouts ): Adulteress!

( Soames breathing harshly )

( breathing hard )

That term fits, does it not?


You have...

( sighs )

( quietly ): Yes.

You're a devil.

And you, an embezzler of trust property--

a thief, stealing his cousin's wife!


You'll pay for it.

I shall be very happy.

I hope you'll treat him as you treated me.

( groans )

( door closes )

Thank you for that good lie.


It wasn't difficult.

( crying )



( sobbing )

My boy.

( sobbing )

( sniffles )


Walk on.

Good evening, sir.

( sniffs deeply )

( knock at door )


EMILY: Are you all right, Soames?

Yes! Go away!

( remembers waltz playing )

( crying )

( sighs deeply )

( whispering ): Just one chance.

Just one last chance.

( gasps and sighs )

JAMES: Why doesn't he come in?

EMILY: You can speak to him in the morning.

I could be dead in the morning.

Don't be ridiculous.

I'm here.

Oh, he's here, look.

( softly ): He's been in a state all evening.

I could die tonight.


But if I did, there's all that money.

Where is it going to go?



There's Val, of course, but it's too much.

And he's out there, in any case.

Things could happen.

And there's his money.

Whose money?

Soames's money.

Where's that going to go?

And if he dies, the name goes out.

The name?

There are dozens of Forsytes!

JAMES: As if that helped me.

I'll be in my grave and there'll be nobody,

unless he has a son.

How can Soames have a son?

JAMES: A divorce!

There, I've said it.

I don't know what's become of... her.

They say she's gone abroad.

She won't be alone, I should say.

She isn't.


Get a divorce.

And have a son.

James, Soames... it's his business.

You're quite right, Dad.


I'm getting a divorce.


Nobody tells me anything!

Well, this is a surprise.

I'm setting it in motion.

It won't be defended.

( knocking on door )

You are quite a stranger, Monsieur.

Where's your mother, Annette?

I have some news for her.

( gasps )

Monsieur, please sit down.

Let it pass.

I'm strong.

It's merely the weather.

Is your mother here?

Of course.

I'll be quite straight with you, Madame Lamotte--

I am a rich man.

I have never doubted it.

My house at Mapledurham--

while I live with my parents,

it seems such a waste.

A most beautiful house.

But not for a man alone.

( chuckles )

It needs a wife.

You do understand, it's many years

since my wife and I... lived together.

Under English law, I shall not be free to marry

until the decree absolute, six months from now.

Annette is patient.

( chuckles )

Elle a le temps.

In which case, I have the honor to ask to be considered

a formal suitor for the hand of your daughter.

May I ask, Monsieur, what might Annette's expectations be?

I calculate I am worth approximately £130,000.

My annual income appears to be around £10,000 per annum,

my expenditure around £2,000.

I would immediately settle £15,000 on Annette,

and I would suggest that I buy this restaurant

and the goodwill from you.

You could retire on the capital,

and if I were to install a manager here,

I would designate such income as it generates towards you.

I think Annette will be very happy

to accept you as a suitor, Monsieur.

It was quite straightforward in the end.

Decree nisi.

Then it's over, dear boy--

not before time.

Were they in court?

They're abroad somewhere.

I was fond of her--

always have been.

Hello, Ma.


Oh, Val!

Oh, but you're hurt!

Nothing to worry about.

My poor boy!

Your leg, is it?

A bullet-- a stray bullet,

just on the ankle.

It's doing fine,

but I've not much movement.


It'll improve.

Hello, Uncle Soames.


Is Dad here?

Yes, I... I'll send for him.

No, I just... wanted to know, really.

WINIFRED: All right.

Oh, come and sit down.

( giggling )

Tell us, does this mean you're discharged?


Oh, thank God!

VAL: Yes.

I was very lucky.

It wasn't soldiering--

it was burning farms.

Awful business.

They hated us, and who could blame them?

I was lucky to get out with just this leg.

And frankly, I was glad to.

I'd little sympathy with our actions.

Right, well, I think I'll...

Actually, Uncle Soames, I'd prefer you to stay.

You see... my leg isn't why I came back.

Of course not, you're discharged.

Not that, either.

The thing is, I'm married.

What? What to?

I mean, who to?

To Holly Forsyte, my Uncle Jolyon's daughter.

Oh, Val.

We intended to tell you.

Why, I didn't even know that you knew her.

You shouldn't have done it.

You don't understand-- that family, they...

There's a history.

I know there's a history.

I want to know what it is.

You're too young.

I'm married,

I've been through a war.

If this can't be undone, and I don't suppose it can,

then I suggest he returns to South Africa with her.

It's just about over, isn't it?

They'll need new blood.

There'll be opportunities.

For God's sake, don't tell Father.

It has deeply affected your Uncle Soames.

Are you saying Holly has things to be ashamed of?

Not Holly, of course not.

Does her father know she's married you?

We intended to tell him, but he's in Italy.

Will you excuse me a moment?

Where are you going?

She's in a cab outside.



Coast clear, is it?

Of the dismal Soames.

Val's here, Monty.

Injured and married.

And rather firmer.

Married, you say?


And you must be sensible

and not show him up.

He's very wary of you.

( clears throat )


Hello, Dad.

Hello, old man.


This is Holly.


WINIFRED: My dear.

Oh, my dear.

This is such a surprise.

We were so sorry to hear about your brother.

Thank you.

This is my father.

Oh, yeah.

Well, how do you do?

I'm sorry how this has happened.

I hope you don't feel we've been deceitful.

Oh, I'm very well, thank you, Mr. Dartie.

Have we met?

And the weather out there is really terrific--

it's much better for Val's leg than here.

VAL: I hadn't told them yet, dear.

I'm sorry...

Uncle Soames will have his wish.

You see...

we're planning to go to South Africa, anyway.

Oh, my dear Val.


Nothing like a bit of weather.

It's good in Buenos Aires, too.

( bells chiming in distance )

SOAMES: Father.


This is Mademoiselle Lamotte.

How do you do, Mr. Forsyte?

JAMES: Did you have a good crossing?

We've lost our queen.

Did you know?

Well, yes.

JAMES: It's the end of an era.

Have to start all over again, you see.

And that's where you come in.


How do you do.

How do you do.

My sister.

How kind of you to wear black.

Most respectful.

One doesn't expect it of foreigners.

Certainly not the French.

SWITHIN: How do you...

take to London?

Oh, I know London very well.

Any particular part?


BOTH: Soho?

ANNETTE: I have lived there for years.

My mother has a restaurant.

You mean she owns a premises?

She works there.

As I do.

We are tenants of Mr. Forsyte.

We shall be living down at Mapledurham.

We have decided against a honeymoon.

You have to get on with things, I suppose.

ANNETTE: That Monsieur Dartie.

Je n'aime pas ce type là.

SOAMES: No, by George.

But your aunts are amusing.

They are also infernally rude.

( giggling )

You shouldn't mention Soho, you know.

It's got rather a reputation.

And this business about the restaurant...

it needs understanding.

In England, our leisured and professional classes

believe themselves to be

a cut above our business classes,

that is unless they're rich.

So don't say you're in trade,

because it puts a label around your neck

and you won't meet the right people.

Well, it is the same in France.

It is?

Well, then, it's all down to class, isn't it,

and... now you're a cut above, so...

Well, that's good.

You understand.

Comme vous êtes sage.

( door chime ringing )


Monsieur, Madame!

How are you today?

Are you are being looked after?

Yes, yes.

Uh, Gustave.


ANNETTE: Soames!

Whatever is it?!

Those people!

Monsieur et Madame?

They come often.

They do?


What is the matter?

Ask them to leave.


I cannot; why should I?

They are not respectable.


They are not married!

Coming in in that condition!

( giggles )

Oh, but of course you are serious?

Throw them out at once!




Do you disobey me?



whatever those people are to you,

you must let it go.

It is for them that they are not married.

What does it matter that she's pregnant?

She is a beautiful woman.

She will have beautiful babies.

( stifled scream, panting )

Oh, but you are bleeding!

It's nothing.

I'm going home.

Good night, Soames.

DRIVER: Whoa, there!

Whoa, steady on, girl.

SWITHIN: Here we are, here we are!

GEORGE: Come on, uncle, down you get.

How's this for a wicky-up, eh?

You been here before?

Uh... I wasn't asleep, you know.

Absolutely, Uncle.

There, there.



Mrs. Small.


Miss Forsyte.

Hello, my dear.

Lovely house-- lovely house!

Aren't you so lucky, my dear?

Isn't she, Hester?

You're caught up in my cape!

It's a beautiful house, so tasteful.

Soames, of course-- exquisite taste.

DARTIE ( chuckling ): So, my captain!

( car horn honking )

We hit a pheasant!

We hit a blasted pheasant!

Fowl for supper-- tell cook!

Oh! Never again!

IMOGEN: I must look a fright!

SWITHIN: Dreadful things.

We never bothered with them in my time.

( men chuckling )

Hello, old man.

90 years today!

Excuse me not getting up.

Oh, you mustn't.

I can't.

We've brought you gifts.

Wasting your money.

You're very kind, Hester.

James will be delighted with them.

I wouldn't be.

Juley chose them.

HESTER: How are you feeling?

( moaning ): It's a long journey.

EMILY: He's very tired.

Not sure I should've come.

Come on, Dad.

You're not 90 every day.

There's life in you yet.

No one else has reached 90...

not Ann, not Jolyon...

Happy Birthday, Daddy.

You look marvelous!

Happy birthday, Grandfather.

( both giggling )

( women chattering )

And you're happy in your wife?

Yes, Dad.

Is she a good one-- this time?

I think so, Dad.

Then there's this dance they do out there-- "the Tango."

They do it in the streets-- anywhere.

The man...

Come here, George.

Come on.

He grabs the girl, like this,

and she sort of turns round, bends back,

sort of thrusting herself,

and, well, they...

Well, I mean, it looks as if they, uh...

I bet they do afterwards-- To music.

Topping-- right up your street, old boy.

( chuckles )

What do you think of the French wife, Dartie?

( sighs )

How does he do it?

Yeah, well, does he do it?

I'll lay you six-to-four a little Jolyon

before a little Soames.


No takers.

( chuckles )

IMOGEN: You're only a few years older than me,

yet you're already married and everything.

Isn't it extraordinary?

ANNETTE: You will soon be thinking

of finding someone.

Why did you pick Uncle Soames?

You don't think I should have?

Do you love him?



( chuckles )

I wanted a good husband,

I want children, I want a comfortable life.

I believe Soames will give me these things.


It is good, but...

there are things apart from love.

( tings glass )

( murmuring stops )

SOAMES: To the dearest father in the world.

It's been a privilege to know you.

I bless you, I thank you.

( softly ): "Privilege to know you"?

Hear, hear.

ALL: James.

ALL: Happy birthday, James.

Happy birthday, Dad.

I think you should say a word, James.


EMILY: Thank Soames and everyone.

Lovely party.

Well, thanking people does no good.

Soames has got his wife.

That's all I care about.

And I hope you're going the right way

toward getting a son.


Six-to-four, no takers!


Well, it's here in black and white:

"To Mrs. and Mrs. Jolyon Forsyte,

a son at Robin Hill."

Irene has had a son?

( softly ): What did I tell you?

Well, how strange.

JULEY: It only seems a month or two

since we read of their marriage.

It is only a month...

or two.

How very interesting.

Irene, eh?

She was a fair little popsy.

( both stifling laughter )


I was going to tell you all, in any case.

The fact is, Annette...

is happily anticipating an event herself.

( surprised gasps )




I'm very proud.

JAMES: Ah... here, a boy!

A boy-- you hear me?

( James chuckling )

It has to be a boy.

( both chuckling )

This was the house that was built as my prison.

But you're not Soames.

( soft knock at door )

Come in, Nora.

Not Nora.

Oh, my word!




I thought I was a surprise for you, but...

JUNE: That's wonderful.

That's so wonderful.

Here, let me, let me take this.

A girl?




That's lovely.

June, sit, please.

I never saw Jolly, you know.

I tried, but they wouldn't let me.

I was so appalled.


( whispering ): No pain, apparently.

Not too much.

Isn't this awkward?

Would you like to hold him?

( softly ): Hello.

I'm so glad you're here.

This is one man I'm very pleased to know loves you.

( screaming )

( Annette panting and gasping)

( Annette screaming in agony)

What's happening?

You have a choice...

and not an enviable one.

If I operate, I can save your wife,

but you'll lose the baby.

If I don't operate,

the baby will almost certainly live,

but at a great risk to your wife...

a grave risk.

( screaming continuing )

Either way, she'll never have another baby.

How long till...

You can see how she is.

( shrieking )

( Dartie humming a jolly tune)

( knock on door )

Hello, old man.

What the hell do you want?

( moaning and groaning )

Been sent to bring you, old boy.

I say, you're rather...

What do you mean "bring"?

Well, uh... I'm sorry to say, old chap,

but the, uh... the old man's not too chipper.



Sorry, old boy.

( Annette screaming )

My wife might be dying up there.

The doctor says he can save

either her or the baby, not both.

Good grief.

Sorry, old chap.

What would she choose?

Well, to live, wouldn't she?

With me?

She didn't marry me for love, you know.

She wants a child.

Unless it's now,

the doctor says she'll never have one.

Now there's Dad, too.

Well, it's a rotten show, old boy.

That fellow... Jolyon.

He had children already.

And now he has the woman I want and a son by her,

yet I'm asked to destroy my own child!

Annette can't die!

She's strong.

( tapping at door )

I need a decision.

How is she?

Do everything you can, but don't operate.

You said there was a chance?

Not much of one.

She's young, she's strong.

Don't operate.

Very well.

( Annette shrieking loudly, then stops )

This time tomorrow,

I could have her death on my hands.

And I should be with my father.

( footsteps descending the stairs )

MAID: It's over, sir.


You made the right choice.

Both alive.

They'll be all right.

( sighs )

A daughter.

You can look.

A daughter.

I have to go.

A daughter.

A daughter is cruel.



( rasping )

Here I am, Dad.

What... news?


( murmuring )

Good news, Dad... the best.


she's had a son.

( groans with relief )

This is awful.

Can't you do something?

No, only an injection.

JAMES: A son...

A son?

Yes, Dad.

( quietly gasping )

SOAMES: He's being slowly smothered.

( rasping )

( breathing slows and stops )

At last.

I suffered terribly...


I know.

Thank God I can't have any more.

I suffered too much.

( shushes )

The doctor came back again.

He said I would get better...

but no more babies.


How's your father?

He died.

Last night.

Quel malheur.

Don't you want to see our daughter?

Of course.

You can hold her.

Ma petite fleur.


We'll call her Fleur.

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