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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Top 10 Super Powers You Didn't Know Sunspot Had

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Greetings nerdy list aficionados and welcome back to top 10 nerd today we are once more

looking at powers and a new mutant again new in the 80s been around for awhile now its

Sunspot. Roberto Da Costa debuted in The New Mutants (September 1982) and has actually

had quite an interesting journey when it came to the evolution of his powers which we will

of course chart here on Top 10 Nerd. Im Sasha and these are the Top 10 Super Powers

You Didnt Know Sun Spot had, lets get started.

Number 10 - Creating Thermal Updrafts - Sunspots powers as one would hope are solar based hes

not one of those heroes with an unrelated name. Sunspot can fly which again is not uncommon

but its how he can fly which is interesting and theres actually more than one way for

him to do so. One is this way by creating thermal updrafts manipulating the heat and

currents in order to propel himself so it does require concentration and for his powers

to be charged. He has since combined/ switched to using another method of propulsion that

youll see later on this list.

Number 9 - Black Form - Sunspot has the ability to enter a state for maximum energy absorption

this turns his entire body black except for his eyes and this allows him to absorb far

more solar energy in this state he is entirely non reflective and just pretty cool to look

at. In this form he produces what is called a corona effect an aura that exists around

him. Which can be depicted a few ways such as black dots swirling around him you know

the ones you get when its too bright or when you looked at the sun even tho everyone

told you not to.

Number 8 - Self Sustenance - When Sunspot is in this state he does not require any human

sustenance so food or water because he is existing entirely off of the energy of the

sun he is full solar powered. As green as can be. This form also allows him to survive

in space so that is also a huge plus. Sunspot is interesting in that so much of what he

can do is explained some people you have the how do they do it no one knows.

Number 7 - Heat Immunity - Now this may seem obvious but it still bears mentioning and

that is the fact that sunspots body is immune to the heat he consumes and puts off so hes

not going to burn up internally or externally no degrees of burning for him. His body can

convert the energy and his metabolism is designed for it so theres no need to worry. No Venture

bros style shenanigans here.

Number 6 - Superhuman Strength - One of the powers that Sunspot can use his solar absorption

to augment his own strength he can only do this if he is fully charged like he has to

allocate where his powers go he used to be able to increase it to being able to lift

2 tons but it was later increased when his overall abilities were augmented to 50 tons

which is a significant increase. After his brush with m pox he was even more powerful

but using his powers in this state.

Number 5 - More Powerful In Asgard - Sunspot can absorb light energy from more than just

the sun he can from the other stars and spatial anomalies as well but hes just too far

away most of the time to get a significant amount it is for this reason when he goes

to other realms such as asgard he gets significantly more powerful. In asgard he was even able

to lift Volstagg off the ground for a few seconds which may not sound impressive but

essentially bench pressing a God is something worth writing home about.

Number 4 - Thermokenesis - This is a fancy way of saying that he can project heat in

vast quantities he can raise the temperature from any part of his body. He can also absorb

heat to lower the temperature of an area which of course comes in handy. Scarily he can also

channel this heat or remove it from peoples bodies so messing with their internal thermostats

and all the chaos that reeks. That can be a very discreet attack as well pretty scary


Number 3 - Concussive blasts - On top of just gentle heat emissions Sunspot can generate

concussive blasts this was a direct result of a plot designed to enhance robertos

abilities. He was captured by a super villain named Gideon who blasted him with as much

solar power as possible to test just how much he could absorb. This overloaded Sunspot but

would eventually manifest as concussive blasts that he would also be able to use to propel

himself so fly. At first it caused him to have a trail behind himself but he eventually

got to the point where he was able to do it more seemlessly and also propel himself into


Number 2 - Askani - Thanks to encountering Cable and being telepathically linked to him

he was linked with the Askani so he knew their teachings and of their tech. He was really

into it for a bit but after awhile his interest waned. However a trained Askani could time

travel at will. Time travel is really important to them. They also are pretty merged with

tech a la cable.

Number 1 - Durability - Sunspot used to be uncommon in the fact that his strength was

not coupled with durability. In the original run on the new mutants his teammates would

frequently remind him that he wasnt invulnerable this would remain the case for a decade until

the new run where his powers were expanded. On top of the concussive blasts he was suddenly

able to withstand the impact of a bus going full speed without so much as a scratch. He

can now even take a laser straight to the face so from zero to 100 basically. Some loved

this others felt it made him less interesting, what do you think? Let me know down below.

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