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Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel. If you are new

welcome! My name is Marta :)

And I am so happy to have you here!

For this video, as you can see I already did my eyes

and you can see, well I can really see the difference

both eye shadows look so cute

but this tutorial is for those of you

that have hooded or very small eyes

and you want them to look big and not so "droopy"

and I feel like this makeup is super easy to create

if you're a beginner and this is your first time applying eye shadow

this is super easy and

fast and simple. So I hope this video is helpful

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and now lets get started!

The eye shadow palette that I will be using is this one from Pur Cosmetics

The shades in this palette are very beautiful!

this is going to be the first eye shadow i will be applying

it's a brown shade and I am going to use this brush

from e.l.f. Cosmetics called

Crease Brush. This is a perfect brush

to apply the eye shadow on your crease. I am going to apply

it by going back and forth right on my crease

from corner to corner, like a rainbow :)

For me, it's a lot easier to apply the eye shadow on my crease

with my eye open, looking up like this

because the brush fits perfect on the crease. After

the eye shadow is all on my crease, using the same brush

I am going to start blenging it in circular motions

a little bit higher than the crease so it can be nice and blended.

and for hooded eyes..

for hooded eyes, it's important to apply

most of the eye shadow ABOVE your crease and less

on your lower lash line.

If you just apply the eye shadow right on your crease

when you open your eyes, you won't be

able to see it the eye shadow.

It will be hiding under your hooded eye lid. So,

you have to blend it out ABOVE your crease

depending on how far above the crease you want it to show with your eyes open

That's why I like applying it with my eye open

First I apply it on the crease

and then I blend it out above it

On this other eye, I am going to apply it

and leave it ONLY on my crease.

I'm using the same brush and the same eye shadow

Of course I'm going to blend it out but just on my crease.

So you guys can see the difference

Right here, you can barely see the eye shadow

and it's barely above the crease

and on this eye, since I blended it above the crease, closer to my eye brows

it's obviously more noticeable

using the same brush, I am going to grab this shade

You can use any shade that's very light

and I am going to apply that on my eye lid

You don't want your eye lid to look dark

This is another thing that's important for hooded eyes..

you want to avoid applying a dark eye shadow on your lid

because that will make your eye look smaller. So

I will apply the same brown eye shadow on this eye over here

so you guys can see the difference

This eye shadow isn't even that dark but,

there's a difference from this eye

that looks a bit bigger than the other one.

With this brush from Bh Cosmetics

I am going to grab this dark brown shade

and I am going to apply this on the outer

corner of my eyelid. In tapping motions

It's very pigmented so you have to be careful. You always want to start

with a small amount of eye shadow. Specially

if it's a dark eye shadow. Now I am going

to blend it out. I want to keep this on

the outer corner

So I won't bring it on the center of my lid.

For this part, you also want to blend it out

a little bit higher than your crease

To blend it out better, I am going to grab a different brush

I'm using this Morphe R37 brush

The reason why I'm using a clean brush is because

I want to blend out the eye shadow better

without it moving higher than where it's at

Applying a dark eye shadow on the

outer corner of your lid and blending

it out above your outer crease and not in the center

that will make your eyes look

lifted, like a cat eye effect

and also a bit bigger. And for

this eye, I will do the same thing BUT, I

won't blend it out as high. Just barely above the crease

The biggest mistake I've seen on hooded

eyes is the

eyeliner. I have mentioned this

in a few of my videos

Just don't do a thick eye liner. That just makes your eye lid

look smaller. When you have your eyes open, your whole eyelid hides

So on this eye I'm doing a thick eye liner

and it's not even that thick but it still hides my eye lid

When I open my eyes, you can only see the back eye liner

Specially on this inner corner

right here.

and that eye looks smaller now. So if you

really want to apply eye liner, I suggest you just put it

only on the outer corner

and super close to the roots of

your eyelashes and not so thick!

and if you want to apply it all the way to your inner corner

just do it VERY thin

I'm barely touching

my eye lid with the eye liner

with the very tip of the eyeliner

It's very thin

that way, you can still see

the rest of my eye lid

And that's why I said to apply a light shade

on your eyelid so it can be noticeable

If you apply a dark shade on your lid

it's the same thing as if you're applying an eye liner

for the lower lash line, like I said, don't apply

a lot of product there

I'm applying the same shade I applied on my crease right here.

I'm applying it only on the outer corner and connecting it

to the eyeshadow on my eyelid

On this eye, I am going to apply it all

over my lower lash line. You'll see right now how

much smaller this eye looks

Now, I am applying a black eye liner

black eye liner on your waterline..

also makes your eyes look

a lot smaller! And on my

other eye, I am going to apply

light shade. It's like a beige shade. Doing this

will help your eye too look a bit bigger.

The eyelash glue is still drying

but right here you can see..I applied

different eyelashes. These right here look

more fuller on the outer part

and that gives you a "cat eye" look

and they look big

And these eyelashes are also very simple

but having the black eyeliner makes the eyelashes disappear

you can barely see the eyelashes

The mascara that I'll be applying is

this Kush Mascara from Milk Makeup

On this eye, I am going to apply A LOT of mascara on all my lashes

If you've seen my previous videos

you know that I looove to apply a lot of mascara

on my lower lashes

BUT on this other eye, since

we want to make our eyes look bigger,

I am going to apply most of the mascara on

the outer part of the lashes and not a lot

on the inner part

Having the dark eyeshadow only on the outer corner

on the top and bottom, the long lashes on the outer corner

and a lot of mascara on the outer part of the lashes

having ALL OF THAT only on the outer corner of your eye

that will make your eyes look big and lifted

and this eye has the dark eye shadow all around the eye

and that, as you can see, makes your eye look smaller

Of course this eye will stand out more

because its very dark

and this one doesn't

stand out that much because it's not as dark

BUT this eye looks bigger

and if you like this other eye more

that's ok! Keep doing it! Like I said

both sides look cute

BUT if you want your eyes to look bigger

do it this way

I almost forgot this part, which is also a big

mistake that i've seen and that is

applying the brow bone highlight too low

That will makeup your hooded eyelid

look even bigger and more droopy

So, if you want to apply highlight

just apply it right below the

arch of your eyebrow

and blend it out slightly below the arch

Well that is it for todays video. I hope you guys liked it

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