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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Webisode 4: Melanie's Friends

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Take a Stand

Lend a Hand

Stop Bullying Now

I so hope your mother doesn't totally forget to pick us up again, Bibi.

Yeah - we wouldn't want to have to board the LOSER bus.

Ew, new girl alert.

How funny was it when Cassandra said that thing about her "sorry" outfit?!

Like, to die for funny!

Actually, I thought Cassandra was being kinda harsh.

I mean, you know, like, harsh in a funny way?

Speaking of harsh, last night I had this total nightmare that Cassandra was a judge and she

sentenced me to jail cuz of my bad outfit.

GASP! That is SO weird! I once had a nightmare that she arrested me for bad hair!

MELANIE Well, don't look now, Mimi, but I think your

nightmare is about to come true.

What are you talking about, Mel?

My shirt! If Cassandra sees this, I am SO out of her inner circle.

Lucky for you I'm a licensed Fashion Emergency Technician!

Hey, Raven. Lasa.

The two girls stop and exchange shocked looks.

Whoa. Am I hearing things or did Melanie just talk to us?

You're hearing things. Mel left us for "cooler" friends, remember?

Come on, guys. You're still my friends, too.

Melanie, who are you talking to?


That's right - nobodies.

Uh, Mel? Hello? Aren't you gonna walk me to the car?

Oh, um, sure.

Did we just go from 'friends' to 'nobodies' in two-point-five seconds?

Actually, I think it was more like two seconds flat.

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