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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg talk on Robin Williams

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Yeah, well I didn't know I was walking into the vagina Monologue

You've been there before


You know I know [where] my thing [is] all the time

That's true. I don't know the charge but that's the difference between men and women this is what men do: men stand there go

This way they're going this way to going this we can't do that. We're like [ooh], [hoo]

yeah, I'm

One of the reasons I I [love] still fooling them and we're gonna talk a bit about it

But I think first

We got to talk [about] our friend and our brother, Robin Williams.

You did an amazing tribute at the Emmys. [I] cannot imagine that was


Was it it was one of the hardest things I've ever- if not the hardest thing I've ever had had to do

you know

He was such a great dear

Friend of ours and such a joyous spirit, so when it all happened. It was you know

So breathtaking and that's why I tweeted then. I just wrote no words. Yeah, cause I didn't have any no

I just had pain yeah and so that night uh

Was the first chance I would talk and say something about

our buddy and um

it was hard to craft it to make it humorous and

personal without being self-serving right and sort of being

In a [two] minute eulogy in front of the country um [that] was that was difficult

So I'm glad it was you know that people responded to it. Yeah, it helped me get through uh

You know what we [what] we were all going through yeah, I mean

Do me a favor and people think they know robin, but what who was Robin that we know I'm not sure

Explain well because he was such an amazing

person yeah

He was the most brilliant performer you could ever imagine yeah um I talked about that his his physical

presence on a stage was amazing, um

[many] times you know we'd be together on stage the three of us and whoopi, and I were like his parents

And we were taking the we're taking the crazy song

and we just sometimes I'd watch him and then it just became so sort of magical uh uh uh you know to

Work with him and and and it was just the greatest [yeah], we are

We [raised] 70 million dollars to help the homeless in America. Yeah, and we had

but for us it was a chance to get to know each other and that started in 1986 and we became the closest of friends and

Robin and I just

bonded then

in the quiet moments in the moments when we would bring checks to the homeless shelters around the country because a month after two hbo's

Credit huh, we had hundreds of thousands of dollars that [we] would go and go to a house of [ruth's] in Washington

Yes, well

We're in Denver

downtown La the Venice Family Clinic

and the three of us would come or will be one of us or two and we would go in [and]

It was [raining] money and just the look on their faces like hey. Look here's a van

We just bought you it why should you remember that so it was fantastic times, but Robin and I?

Um as we got older yeah

became this

amazing bond and very fiercely protective of each other and and in great ways the phone calls I

you know we talked about doing an album yeah um

Like a june let's let's take these phone calls. [yeah], we were like two jazz Musicians late at night

I get these calls and we'd go for hours, and we never spoke as ourselves. It was like

It was like the greatest when it was announced. I was coming to broadway

I had 50 phone messages in one day from somebody named Gary

Who wanted to be my backstage dresser?

I [work] with everybody I've worked with everybody I i'd. I work with Carol Channing

Don't want to talk about that, and it was like. It was like great, and we were very protective of Whoopi

When you would host the oscars, and I'd be robin lives in San Francisco

[and] I'd be in La she'd do it opening phone would ring

How do you think she's doing boss I thought was good really strong open. It's great. Good five minutes later

You've done your first intro, what do you think I think was really good the whole show?

It would be the two of us on the phone and then night good night. She was good, right

I think she was great good all right bye-bye, but these are these were my these

So I want to show you

One of my favorite moments from comic relief because the two of them I would just sit

And you just didn't want to go do it. [here's] one watch these fools, please watch. This is my favorite

What is this take a look?

She's so excited and she just can't hide (turn) She's about to lose control and I think I like it (Oh yeah)

She's so excited (how you been?)

(Good) (I feel really happy to be here) (and we cross)

(and) ooooh oh! oooooh (make a wish) oh ooooooh (there she is)

(can we bring her out) (alright)

(Ladies and Gentlemen!)

(Honey bunch it up !) (The star of our show. Here's Miss..)


Hold it hold it. What's the problem? It's Betty I said Bobby and something that happened last night. I'm sorry

Yeah, yeah, he was uh you know first. Why I hate saying he was it's just it's not even been two months

Yeah, and it's just so odd for everybody um I

was in Europe when it all happened and

the outpouring of love around the world

For him was pretty extraordinary

well he was extraordinary

when I was in the airport

It's every newspapers with international newspapers his picture on the front page with all the craziness that was going on in the world

everyone felt bad that

Someone did that they loved had gone yeah, and that I thought was pretty astounding. Yeah, you know it wasn't it. I mean

he was

Because you know I?

Met him ten [years] before

I met you (uh)

you've met you

Because [he] used to come to the comedy store in San Diego and we would improvise and it was Robin Williams [on] his little

Mork and Mindy

When he-when he said when we first re met he was like

Boy, you grew up. [let's] think yeah. I turned that alright. He said [alright] and then

Babysat me and taken care of me for for as long as I can remember and we've aged together and grown up together

So it's one of those things

But I I also want to share something else that I love about what we did with comic relief

And that was some of our openings. I still believe that

We did some of the best openings for show ever you guys have yeah, right

You know that's one this I think is the first one yeah with all of the boxes and everything [no], this is oh my God

That was it that [was] it radio city musical. Yes, that's the first time. I did stand-up cause of ya'll right there happens wait up

Yeah, man


Mean I you know we got there was nothing that we couldn't do together. There was nothing. We couldn't do yeah

Look Baby, you want to stick around cuz we're gonna talk about the [bug] yeah, but shall we honor our friend. Yeah, okay?

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