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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power

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MAN: What's that?


You there! Stop!




Who did this to you?

A monster.

The most hideous and deformed creature to ever roam the desert.

They call him

the Scorpion King.


That's just an old campfire story.

The Scorpion King's not real.



Take him!





The most hideous, deformed creature to roam the desert?

Well, you do look a little tired.

How come I always have to get dragged by the camel?

Because I am the master and you are the apprentice.

Uh, partner.


Come on. I've followed you for a year.

Think of what we've been through together.

We're a team.

Okay. Fine.

(CHUCKLES) Partner.

Live free.

Die well.

That must be the treasure room.

Allow me.



Well, that's inconvenient.

Now what?

Don't move.


Well, that wasn't too bad.

You were saying?

We could go back.

If that's where the treasure room is, that's where we're going.

Ready? Watch out.

Now. And one, two...

Don't get any funny ideas.

With your breath?

Follow my lead.

I hope that's your knife in your pocket.

Get off!


There it is. The urn of Kings.

They say whoever can decipher those inscriptions

will find the key to unstoppable power.

Do you believe that?

I don't need to believe it.

We just need to grab it and get paid.

Have a think about it, Mathayus.

The power. The glory.

With this, we could rule the world together.


Replace it with this.


Any more bright ideas?

Yeah. Let's go fishing.

Okay. Ready? Pull.

That's good. Go! Go!


We should keep the urn!

No! I'm taking it to Al-Moraad.

I swore an oath to the King.

You have much to learn, Drazen.

And yet there's so much you've taught me already.

What do you think you're doing in my palace?

Um, redecorating?

Nobody steals from me.



Stupid fool.

Get ready to die.

How's that for fishing?

Better late than never!

Getting a little...

Tie him up! Reel him in!

Get the urn!

Hand it to me!


Now let's get out of here.

Help me move this thing.

You are everything your legend foretold, Scorpion King.

You're betraying me.

I've followed you long enough.

You see, I have bigger ambitions than just being a warrior.

It takes more than a sword and a crown to be king, Drazen.

But I have more. I have the urn. (LAUGHS)

Thank you, Mathayus. For everything.

And this is why I work alone.

Mathayus of Akkad.

Last of the Black Scorpion Warriors.

Your Majesty.

You were chosen for one simple but important task.

And I will complete that task.

Do you know who that is?

That's Lord Alcaman. The last king to rule the entire world.

How did he do it?

He must have commanded a large army.

No. He was a sorcerer.

He walked on air, he commanded fire,

and he had dark magic.

And the key to his power is painted on the side of an urn.

That urn is now in the hands of a fool.

I'll find Drazen.

I will hunt him down and bring his head to you on a spike.

No. You won't.

Drazen wasn't only a thief. He was also a spy.

Clever enough to fool us both.

He came from the Northern forest.

A kingdom called Norvania.

Your Majesty, give me a dozen men.

I will burn that castle to the ground.

I will bury them under it and bring you the urn.


This is a peace agreement. You will give it to him.

You can't be serious.

Unless you bring me the urn, we only have one choice.

Your Highness, I am not the person that you send to make peace.

I will not go.

KING ZAKKOUR: The location of Alcaman's legendary fortress has been lost over time,

with all its secret magic locked inside.

Wise kings understood that magic power is better left untouched.

It is too powerful in mortal hands.

The fate of the world rests on your shoulders now.

Make peace, my warrior son.

There he is.


Look at you.

How long has it been?

One year.

Operating inside the palace of King Zakkour.

Fighting alongside one of his top mercenaries, an Akkadian warrior.

An Akkadian?


And I suspect he is kicking himself now.

Why? Did you bring me something?

The urn of Kings.

Father, no...

You have delivered the future of our great kingdom.

It's a key?

The Golden Key of Lord Alcaman.

If we can decipher its inscriptions,

it will lead us to powers no kingdom can imagine.

And you have kept it from our enemies.

BOY: What is that? What's on its back?


What manner of horse is that?

That's not a horse, you idiot.

It's called a giraffe.

They're from the Southern lands.





Barkeep. Ale, please.

I need to see the King.

Stranger, he's not a nice man.

Best you finish your drink and leave.

Thanks for the advice, but I still need to see the King.

I know the King. I work for him.


You're in the royal band.

We are the King's guards.

You wanna get to him, you gotta go through us.

Well, that could be fun.

Where are you from, stranger?

I have a message from King Zakkour at Al-Moraad.

And I come in peace.

All by yourself? In Norvania?


Well, you're either the dumbest man on Earth,

or I'm imagining this whole conversation.

Let me see.

Nope, he's real.

Which means he must be dumb.

I come in peace.

Take me to your king. Please.

I have a saying.

The winner of a fight isn't the stronger man or the more skilled man,

it's the hungriest.

Oh, well, then you must win a lot of fights.


You can laugh. It's funny.







You messed with the wrong soldier.


All right. You've won the fight.


Now would you please arrest me and take me to your king?

I said, I need to see the King.

I'll give him your love letter.


WOMAN: Let me guess, you're innocent.

If you could only plead your case to the King, he'd set you free.

Not that simple.

So you're not just innocent, you're special.


What if I could arrange a meeting for you with King Yannick?

Somehow I don't think the King's

royal planning is done from the dungeon.

I have connections, for a price.

You have money?

I'll see what I can do.

Hello, sugar love.

Evening, Roland.


What's it say?

A servant will come, asking for a volunteer to clean the stables.

Say yes.

He'll be sure you have a moment with the King.

Let me see that.

It's in code. You wouldn't understand.

I paid for it. Let me see it.

Don't be a brute.

I could always have one of the guards fetch it for me.

That's a map of the castle.

Yes, but I wasn't lying about the servant and the stables.

He comes every day.

And what are you doing with a map of the castle?

My life's in grave danger. You wouldn't understand.

Ah, so you're not just innocent, you're special.

If you must know, I am Valina Raskov,

part of the original sacred blood family of Norvania.

My family guided our people for generations.

Yannick's rise to power changed all that.

Let me guess.

You tried to do something about it.

Yes. Now the King's son wants to make

a public spectacle of my death.

If I don't get out of here soon, he'll get his wish.

You know Drazen?


One year ago, Drazen and I were engaged to be married.

MAN: Something smells very familiar down here.


Mathayus, it's so good to see you back in a cage again.

And look who's in the cage next door.

The runaway bride.

Obviously you need to work on your relationship skills.

You and I could still be partners, if you weren't so loyal.

Like a dog.

Well, she's the one you want to watch out for.

You think I'm deceptive?

She will reel you in and rip out your heart.

(GROANS WITH DISGUST) You're an animal.

Then you shouldn't have tried to tame me.

I'll deal with you later.

You and I are going to have a cup of tea.

DRAZEN: I invented this. We call it the Man Kettle.

We like to see what bubbles up first,

the truth or the tea.

Now, I'm trying to understand why you would come here,

pretending to make peace with my father.

I don't lie. You know that.

You're a warrior and a killer.

Aren't you the wrong man to come here to offer us peace?

That's exactly what I told King Zakkour.

But he sent you anyway.


I'm supposed to believe that?

I betrayed you.

I stole from you. I left you for dead.

Admit it, you've come here to kill me and steal back the urn.

I come in peace.

Well, you will leave in pieces.

Now what do you really want?

What I want is to rip out your heart,

roast it, and eat it like a leg of lamb.

Is that truth enough for you?



It is.

It is only my pledge to King Zakkour

that keeps me from killing you.

How honorable.

I accept your offer of peace, Mathayus.

Now, we celebrate.

Guards. I'm sick.

I need a doctor. (COUGHING)

Drink, boys. To peace.

It takes a brave man to look beyond himself

and act for the good of his people.

I have no people.

I'm just here to finish a job.

You see, Father, the great Scorpion King is really just a hired killer.

What he said about ripping my heart out and eating it?

That's the real Mathayus.

Now, to make it official.


The King! No.




Those are scorpions.

Your own father?

Who's the master now?

In fact, I'm about to be king.

Guards! Come now, the King has been poisoned!


Give me that. It's of no use to you.

This man murdered my father.

Kill him!


We haven't eaten dinner yet.


Who's hungry?


Get him!

How's it feel to be king?

Stop him! Get him down!

DRAZEN: Cut him off!


DRAZEN: Come on, come on, come on!

Kill him!

Careful, Mathayus. You are a pawn in a game of kings.

No, I'm a warrior with a code of honor.

He poisoned the King, and now he's escaped.

Seal the gates.

Right away.

Please, let me rest here a while.


Don't put me back in my cell.

Come on, man! We need everyone!


I'm suddenly feeling better.

Do my spots look any different?

Let me look.

What are you doing?


What are you doing?

I'm escaping.

That's what all the commotion's about. They're chasing after you?

Well, you're going the wrong way.

You don't wanna go that way.

And you're ruining my escape.

There they are!

What happened to seeing the King?

The King's dead.

Drazen killed him.

Well, feel free. Escape. Anytime.

I think I will.

What is that?

It's a farewell gift from the King.


Good luck.




Don't mess with sugar love.

Where's the party?

It's a search party, and it's searching for us.

Let's go!

See you on the outside, friend.

Thanks, sugar love.

I had this all planned out.

You ruined everything.

You're more than welcome to go alone.

You've already ruined that option.

Search everywhere.

This might be the worst day of my life.

The worst day of your life was being locked in that dungeon.

No, it wasn't. You know why? Because you weren't there.


Now what?

This way. This way. Let's go.

MAN: What are you doing?

You should be alert. Someone's escaping.



Follow me. Hold on!

No, no, no! No!


There they are!

Get off me!

Get them!

Come on, move!

He's yours.

Hurry up!

Cut them off!

DRAZEN: Lower the gate. Lower the gate!

Faster! Faster!

MATHAYUS: Come on!

Go, go, go, go, go!


Out of my way!

VALINA: We're trapped.

DRAZEN: Found yourself another cage, Mathayus.


Open the gate!

Quick! Quick! Quick!

DRAZEN: Move! Move!


They've got nowhere to go, come on!

Come on, men! Put your backs into it!

MAN: They're trapped!

It appears we took a wrong turn.

You dare escape the wall?


Why are you looking down?

Just thinking.

No, no, no, no. You go. I am not jumping off of this...



Get out of my way!

Stop! No, no, no, no!

Ready! Aim!

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.


I wish I never met you!

Seriously? Again?

Give me that!

I told you I wouldn't jump.

You didn't jump.

What do you mean, I didn't jump?

I pushed you.


MAN 1: I think that's his own cousin.

Like you've never done that!

MAN 2: That's awkward.


Well, look at you.

I'm sorry.

For what?

For that.

Can you ride like you fight?

Can you ride without groping me?

Grope all you want.

I got him!

They're escaping. Gather the horses! Prepare to chase!

No, let them go.


I said, let them go.

I know where they're going.

You'll have to clean and stitch that wound soon.

My father lives near here. He can help.

I'll be fine.

He could also decode that key.

That's the key of Lord Alcaman.

It's one of the most powerful objects in the world,

if you know how to use it.

I appreciate all you've done, but I work better alone.

Let my father unravel the mysteries of that key.

We can use its power to defeat Drazen

and restore my family to its rightful place.

Well, here we are.

One thing. Don't tell my father who's after us.

Daddy doesn't know that his daughter crossed Drazen.

It's best if we kept it quiet.

He wouldn't understand.







That's your father?

This all makes so much more sense now.

Valina! Did you see that?

I flew.

Well, I glided for a moment, anyway.

The crash was perhaps not to be desired,

but it proves that human flight is possible.

Who's this?

Mathayus of Akkad, sir.

What? An Akkadian, in Norvania, with my daughter.

Did she kidnap you? You have to watch out for her.

Father, he's hurt.

And he needs our help.


There you are. There.

You see? This is what I have been working on.

Yeah, up here.

It shows the potential for human flight.

And this...

This is my idea for a self-propelled, people-moving carriage.

My father, Sorrell Raskov,

comes from a sacred line of wise men and scholars

who have guided the people of this region for generations.

He should be ruling Norvania.

Not barbarians like Drazen and his father.

My daughter's been telling her foolish stories again.

Valina! Not every man is destined to be king.

Oh! There you are.

I'll have to agree with him on that one.

Now, you, watch this.

My entire house is powered by wind


and water.




You want to cut some wood?

You can chop away all day, without getting tired.

I call it a "chop-o-matic."

Over here.

You see this?

This hammer works alone. Ha!

And this broom, here, cleans for you while you just sit and relax.

And if you're tired of holding something heavy?

I use magnets to make objects float.

It's all about attraction and repulsion. You see?



Well, that needs work.

We need you in the village, Father,

leading a revolution.

Claiming your rightful place on the throne.

Not again.

So long as men like Yannick and Drazen oppress us,

this will always be a dream.


Let me get this straight.

Are we not talking about the same man that you were going to marry?

My plan was to start a rebellion from inside the palace.

By marrying the King's son?

By getting a foothold into the system of power.

I just couldn't make the full commitment.


You know,

the wedding night commitment?

I couldn't go through with it. Not with Drazen.


I left him at the altar at our wedding.

Wedding! Young man.

If you're here to ask for my daughter's hand in marriage,

I give you my full blessing.

Let her be your disaster waiting to happen.


It seems you two have a lot to talk about.

Maybe it's best if I just leave.

No, wait.



Father, he's got something to show you.

It's the reason I brought him here.

Show him.

Well, that's very pretty. All it needs is a giant, golden key ring.

It's the Golden Key of Lord Alcaman. Isn't it?

You told me about it as a child.

I also told you that Lord Alcaman

and all his grand powers didn't exist.

You don't believe in Lord Alcaman?

My father thinks that world mythology,

all our monsters, gods and heroes, are just campfire stories.

Invented by men to frighten and rule us.

Everything can be explained by science.

Where'd you get this piece of junk?

In the urn that...

That he found in the woods, by the marketplace.

Only, he was attacked by thieves,

so I saved him and brought him here.

Do you know what the symbols mean?

Well, legend holds that the Golden Key of Lord Alcaman

leads to the secret palace where he kept his throne.

Any man of honor who finds the lost throne and dons the crown

will unlock all of the magic

and ascends to the throne

as king of the world!

Of course, it's all made up.

The man that attacked me is dangerous.

If he gets his hands on the crown,

he will use its powers for evil and personal gain.

Well, with the right amount of power, every man is dangerous.

Do you see that, Father? Those are words of a king.

I don't want to be king!

Yes, you do.

No, I do not.

Yes, you do!

No, in fact, I don't want anything!

Yes, you do.

You want to prove that Lord Alcaman,

one of the great myths of world history,

is nothing but a campfire story.


I'll decipher this,

and I will prove to you there is no such thing as magic.


Rooster tails have a bit...

Well, it's a riddle!

VALINA: Did you ever fight for something,

even though you had no idea how you were going to win?

(CHUCKLES) Story of my life.

I plan to make that my story, as well.

Just to be clear.

If your father gets us to the throne of Lord Alcaman,

if there's a crown,

then I'll be taking it back to King Zakkour in Al-Moraad.

You can have Norvania.

Do you plan to kill Drazen?

On my honor.

Then we have a deal.

SORRELL: That... It's riddles. It's riddles!

It's riddles!

I have deciphered the code!

At least the first part.

Excellent. Father, let's pack for an adventure.

I'll bring around the horses.

An adventure!

An adventure! What shall I bring?

Let's go.

Well, you'll need this.

Mathayus of Akkad, Scorpion King,

you are guilty of the murder of my father.


Scorpion King?

It's a long story.

The kind your father doesn't believe in.

He's done it. He's cracked the code.

It leads to the village of Glenrrossovia.

Sorrell Raskov, you really are one smart man.

And you are a pig, Drazen.

Too bad none of your intelligence

was passed on to your daughter.

A pig who lives in a castle is still a pig.

Oink, oink.

I believe you have something that belongs to me.



Keep this safe. Guard it with your life.


That key can't turn you into a king, Drazen.

And your father knew that.

Isn't that why you killed him?


This man is an assassin and he wanted my father's throne.

The only man who deserves that throne is the man sitting next to me.


In the bird suit.

Who's probably smarter than all of us combined.

Then he can be the smartest man in the afterlife,

and you can be his loyal dog.

Burn it down.


The Scorpion King? Legendary warrior from across the sands.

I thought you were a campfire story.

Sorry to disappoint you.


Well, did you kill Yannick?


Drazen killed him.

Perhaps this is information you could have

shared before he caught up with us.

I was afraid you wouldn't help.

And you would have been right.


What are you doing?

I'm turning this on.

The chop-o-matic?


The saw-o-matic.


VALINA: Be careful!

To the right. Just a little more.


Wait! To the left.

A little back. Back.


No, no, just a little more. No, just to the left. No, just...

Back to the right.

That's good.

Wish me luck.



You know, Drazen doesn't understand the clue.

He thinks it's the village. That's all.

But you withheld the exact location. He'll never find it.


Let's go! Quickly!

My father's designs.

Too late.

We have to get there before Drazen.

Let's go. Quickly.


I'm sorry.



All kneel in the presence of King Drazen, ruler of Norvania!

Good people of Glenrrossovia, now please, stand.

My father has been murdered.

His killer was a foreign assassin known as the Scorpion King.

He was working with two other traitors,

Valina and Sorrell Raskov.

Before my men killed them this morning,

they gave up the secret to this village.

You there, come here.

No. No, no, no.

I'm okay.

Stay there. Stay there.

Will you be a loyal subject and help your king?

Yes, My Lord.

Tell me where Alcaman's palace is. I know it's here.

(STAMMERS) I don't know any...


DRAZEN: Am I not making myself clear?

I know the palace is hidden in this village, so take me there.

Look, it's the key.

DRAZEN: You've done a good job protecting...

How do we get it?

We can't fight them. We're outnumbered.

DRAZEN: Now prove yourself smart and tell me where it is.

Please, I beg you. Don't kill me.


I'm not gonna kill you. I have a job for you.

And a gold coin if you get it done.

DRAZEN: Show me where it is!

You! Something you wanna tell me?

No, no, no, no.

Let me hear it, huh?

I don't know anything.

I promise you, My Lord. I know nothing of any palace.

Feel free to stop me, anyone.

Before there's no secret and no village left to save!

Whatever powers are held, they have...

They can be used to protect you or destroy you.

Take our horses, water them and have them ready when we call.

Do you understand?


DRAZEN: are all as good as dead.

The temple of the Goddess.

The palace of Lord Alcaman is under that fat lady?

Well, maybe not the palace, but according to the riddles,

inside of the temple is a slot for your key.

And it's not a fat lady. It's a divine goddess.


Where are the other gods?

What others?

You know, the God of the Sun, the God of the Dead,

the God of War. The men.

We pray to one god in these parts,

and she is the only one we need.


You can't go in there. It's for women only.

Give me the key. I'll do it.

(SCOFFS) Not a chance.

This is a holy place.

Any man enters the sanctuary, the High Priestess

will sound the alarm and the village will descend upon us.

Along with Drazen and his men.

You're still not getting the key.

Have it your way.

Hurry up, guys. Don't be shy.


You look lovely.

Are you sure Drazen didn't leave you at the altar?

I find it quite comfortable.


MATHAYUS: I see why they don't let the men in here.

I suddenly became religious.


(IN HIGH-PITCHED VOICE) I mean, oh, my, what a beautiful temple.

VALINA: That's the inner sanctuary, for those with extreme afflictions.

Who's that?

The High Priestess, Feminina.

And, no, she's not hiding a keyhole either.

Look, the Divine Goddess has a divine belly button.

That does look like a keyhole.


Welcome to the temple of the Divine Goddess.

For what do you pray?

My sister is sick. She needs help.


You and your mother seem healthy, but...


She does not seem well.

She's deathly ill.

The sickness has left her deformed and hideous.

It's not that bad.

Oh, it's bad.

She'll need some special healing.

Hmm. Very well, follow me.

Hmm. My pleasure.


Dear sister. You poor, sick thing.

Too sick to even walk.


Repeat after me.

Divine Goddess,

our sister has been afflicted with a hideous disease.

ALL: Divine Goddess,

our sister is afflicted with a hideous disease.

Use our bodies to heal her.

Touch her intimately through our mouths

and our bosoms and our wombs.

ALL: Use our bodies to heal her.

Touch her intimately through our mouths,

our bosoms and our wombs.

You really don't sound well.

I'm not. I need to be healed immediately.

Sister, lay your hands on me

that we might join our bodies in intimate prayer.

I thought you'd never ask.

But we don't have time.

What's going on?

I'm suddenly feeling much better.

Oh, my.

Calm down, sister.

What are you doing? Get away from her.

Don't worry. It only hurts for a moment.

That's obscene.

Divine Goddess, meet the Golden Key of Lord Alcaman.

Maybe it's a different hole?




It has to be here.

Do I have to carve it out of you?

Take me to Alcaman's Palace!


That must be it. Bring the key.

Was that us?

What have we done?


What's happening?

Do you believe in magic now?

I must admit, we have stumbled onto something quite unusual.

It's the Goddess.

She's transporting us to heaven.

It's not the Goddess.

It's the power of Lord Alcaman. The legend is real.

WOMAN: Why? Why are you doing this to us?

No! You fool. It's steam.

There must be a natural pocket of steam underneath the temple,

and the key unlocked a vent.

God! It's brilliant.

That's what's lifting us?

He's harnessed the natural power of thermal energy!

You know, hot water!

You're not supposed to be alive!

And you're not supposed to be king.

But we'll sort all this out when I come back to kill you.

Smash it down.

I said, smash it down!

Go! Go!

DRAZEN: The pillar.

Bring the pillar down!

Put your backs into it, come on!

Don't let them escape!

Why don't I see a palace here?

Or a throne? Or a crown? Or a...

What are you talking about?

I do.

Right there.

My big-boned friend, you're right.

That's the crown?

No, it's another clue. You see?

Way out there?


Way, way, way out there.

What does it say?

"Silver, gold, silver, gold,

"step-by-step, the path unfolds."

Makes no sense.

But one thing is clear.

The man who is sending us on this wild goose chase

is pointing us in that direction.

This thing's gonna fall.

We have to get out of here.

How? How?

How dare you?

Can I borrow this?


Now I've got you.

This is why we don't allow men.


The boy should have our horses ready.

Yeah, if he hasn't stolen them by now.

DRAZEN: There they are!

Get them!

Go back.

That's them! Move!

Go! Go! Go!

Psst! This way.

Let's go.

Hurry up!

Now move!

This way!

There! After them!


To our horses.

Quick. Now.

You idiots!

I want more grog!

MATHAYUS: Why are we here again?

VALINA: He's got to be around here somewhere.

My, my, my.

Sugar love.

You said I'd see you on the outside, and here you are.


This is my father, Sorrell.

And you remember my other friend from the castle, don't you?

Yeah, they're calling you "the King Slayer."

Not that I mind, but it makes you

for a rather dangerous drinking buddy.

We need another map.

And, uh, sugar love over here said that you can get one for us.

Hey, sweetheart!

She knows how I do business.

Payment up front.

Well, we may need to negotiate.

What do you have in mind?

I think it would be...

We're on a quest

for gold.

If you help us, provide us with a map

and your ax, if it gets dangerous,

then your cut will be one-quarter.

Let me see what I can do.


We found their horses.

If the key is lost, you will pay for it with your life.

Our scouts assure me, the fugitives

are not headed south toward Al-Moraad.

I know him.

He'll try and cross through the forest

and go for the throne of Alcaman himself.

Mathayus must have the key!

Maybe they've been able to decipher the other markings on it.



Well, well, well, my friends.

Look what the rat has dragged in.

Gorak, it's been way too long.

Roland, you seek a rare and special item.

A map that does not even exist.

Aye, it does not exist.

But if it did exist,

it'd be the only way to get past the dragon who guards the forest.

And I brought gold.

Well, I love gold, my friend.

But this map is a one of a kind, my friend.

How much do you want?

Gold only exists to satisfy the flesh.

That is the nature of my business, my other friend.

What are you saying?

The girl fights for the map, my friend.

Not gonna happen.

No, no, no.

MATHAYUS: She's not fighting for the map.


I'll fight.



Call Chancara!


You don't have to do this.

We need that map.

Then kick her ass.

A special treat tonight, my friends!

A special fight tonight!

We have before us,

the challenger, Valina.

What do you fight for, Valina, my friend?


And challenging Valina is the lovely and sweet



What do you fight for, Chancara, my friend?

To kill Valina.


You may begin, my friends.

Lovely to meet you.


Kick her ass, sugar love!

MATHAYUS: Get up, Valina.


Come on, sugar love.

SORRELL: Valina!



Come on, Valina!



I might eat you after you're dead.

Come on, Valina.

How's that for an appetizer?

Perhaps you'd prefer the main course.



Thank you.



You're a skilled fighter, my friend.

But you have damaged my favorite wife and business.

For that, there will have to be more gold, my friend.

I am not your friend.

MATHAYUS: It's the Tugarin Forest.

There's a dragon that guards these lands.

According to the map, this is where we enter.

May the will of the great goddess watch over us in our journey.

That, and the will of my sword.

Bend the trees. Don't break them.

What, are you afraid of hurting a few trees?

No, I'm afraid of being tracked.

Do you hear something?

No, it's just a feeling.

There's something out there. Let's move.


It's fresh.

They may be a half a day ahead of us.

This way, men. Onward.

Am I speaking in a foreign language? I said, onward.

Sire, that's the Tugarin Forest.

We'll never get past the great dragon, nor will Mathayus.

Then we'll die trying, just like Mathayus.

Now move!

Still feel something out there? Dragon, perhaps?

Dragon, Drazen, Gorak.

We've got a lot of enemies to choose from.

Yeah, no kidding.



Ah! The fight.

I've been preparing for this for a long time.

My destiny.

I understand that.



Why do they call you the Scorpion King?

Because I'm as charming as a poisonous insect.


Well, if you can believe it,

years ago, I was on the run from another evil warlord,

who also wanted me dead.

Somehow, I can believe it.

There was a battle,

and I was hit by an arrow that was tipped with scorpion venom.

And I should have died,

but there was a sorceress that brought me back to life.

She told me that the blood of the scorpion

would forever flow through my veins.

And for that, I owe her.

She was special to you.


Cassandra became my wife, my queen.

And then she died.

Like everyone else that's close to me.

Guess you can say that's my destiny.

Destinies can change.

If you really want them to.


That's not a bird.

What is it?



We're just travelers passing through.


(WHISPERING) We don't want any trouble.




(LAUGHING) We can take these guys.


Well, at least you can't blame me for this one.

I'm sure I'll come up with something.

The tall guy must be their king.

I serve King Zakkour of Al-Moraad.

You are a mighty king, but you have made a mistake.


We have gold, worthy of a king such as yourself.



Why are you speaking to my little brother?

I am Chief Onus,

leader of the Tugarin tribe and protector of this forest.

Praise the great spirit of this forest.

We give you the souls of these trespassers

so that you may smile down upon us with all your bounty!

What are they doing?

Preparing us for sacrifice.

To what?

I'm guessing whatever's in that box.

Father! I love you!

I love you, too, Valina.





They heard you.

All praise he who speaks to the creatures of the forest.

All praise!

ALL: All praise! All praise!

All praise!

Years ago, there was a king

who united all the nations of the world under his reign,

because he conquered them all.

On the top of that mountain lies a crown

that guarantees the power rest with me in Norvania.

I would gladly give my life for Norvania.

And when the time comes,

I expect you to do the same.



Yes, yes.

So, you believe in magic now?

It's not magic. You've all heard of the horse whisperer?

This is very similar. It's an advanced form of communication.

That's all.



Clearly, it's a tribal custom that means they've accepted us.






Oh, no, no.

Not me.

Yes, yes, yes.

Do you really wanna offend our hosts?

Of course not.






I knew you had it in you.

We've looked over your map.

The only way to reach this mountain's summit

is to pass through the lair of the Tugarin dragon.

I thought you were the Tugarin dragon.

We look like dragon?

We protect our forest home from strangers.

The dragon protects the mountain with equal passion.

But I assure you, he is very real.

Then I shall be meeting him soon.

You believe there is palace up there?

Palace full of witchcraft and wizardry?

Well, for all of our sakes, we better hope so.

This is it, lair of the dragon.

You still don't believe?

In man's ability to fool himself? Yes.

In dragons?


Father, please.



You see? Nothing.


Hello, Mr. Dragon.


What's that?

It's just your imaginations gone wild.

There's no such thing as big, old, scary dragons. (LAUGHING)

Oh, come on. You're trying to tell me...






Still think it's just a campfire story?

Hell, no. I just got roasted by a fire-breathing dragon.

VALINA: Any of you have ideas?

What, how to kill a dragon?


I have one.




Last chance to walk away.

That's one skill I've never mastered.

You're not gonna splat me against that wall, are you?

Well, by my calculations, no.


Pardon me, Sir Dragon. Could you please look this way?



Wait for it.

Wait for it.





I forgot to carry the one.


Go, go, go, go.

They say, the second time's the charm.

Never heard that one.

They say it.

All right, big boy. Here comes dinner.

You really have to put it that way?





Mathayus! Be careful!

Puncture the ocular cavity!

That means "eye"!

I think he knows what it...

VALINA: The eye!

Yes, yes.


You got him.

Are you okay?


It's amazing. Amazing!

It's a system of ropes and pulleys.

It's powered by an underground stream.

And those stones are scales, which set the beast in motion.

It's just another man-made illusion.

I don't understand.

Why build a mechanical beast

when you have all the magical powers of Lord Alcaman?

Well, my bushy friend, I feel we are about to find out.

This guy, Alcaman, sure loves his surprises.

All right, this is where the stained glass pointed.

This is nothing. This is just a wall of rock.

Maybe it's just an illusion, another of Alcaman's tricks.

Do you have any other riddles?


"A man with honor shall wear it right,

"the man without shall harvest ice."

Wait, here's one.

"The key to success is rooted in stone."

There's certainly a lot of stone here.


But there's only one thing rooted in it.


Anybody home?

It's real. I don't believe it. It's real.

There it is.

The lost throne of Lord Alcaman.

Looks like your campfire story came true.

There's only one thing missing.

Yes, what's that?

The crown.

The crown?

I'm guessing it's in there.

Finally, he made one thing easy to find.

ROLAND: Too bad it won't be yours.

What are you doing?

Ah, ah, ah. One step closer, and I'll kill her.

I'm trading up.

Roland, are you insane?

You're outnumbered.

Oh, yeah?

Let me introduce you to my friends.


VALINA: Get away from me.


I believe you've already met my friends.


Give me some sugar, love.

You lead them here the whole time.

And you lead me to the lost throne.

Seize her!


My, my, my.

Look at this.

You may think you're the better warrior, Mathayus.

But I'm gonna be the better king.

In fact, I'm gonna be the king of all kings.

By the power of Alcaman!



This is going to be fun.

Mathayus, I owe you a great deal.

In fact,

I will mark your grave with a word of thanks.



You fool!

It's not magic. It's science!

It's just another trick. It's a...

It's the room.

Those coats are magnetic attraction.


And the floor is magnetic repulsion.

You saw in my workshop.


DRAZEN: All of you, stand down!

Leave him to me.


No, no. No, you're okay. You're okay.


What's the matter, Scorpion King?

No match for the jacket?

This way.


Come on! Get over here!

You could have shared all this with me.

Now the crown and everything else will be mine.

And my wench of a fiancee will finally be dead.





Don't call Valina a wench.

Get back, get back, get back. Move it.

Stay back. It's opening.

Look at me. I'm rich! Rich! Rich!

Go! Help him.

"Rooster tails have a bitter end."

It's another trick.

That's all there is, Mathayus, is tricks.

There's illusions, and there's science.

"Rooster tails have a bitter end.

"Seek what's missing through me, my friend."

Wait, say that second half again.

"Seek what's missing through me, my friend."

Through me?

Only the crown can save him now.

Time to make magic.

Stay with us.

Wish me luck.

Come on, sire. Get up.

Bring some rope, Boris.

DRAZEN: Come on, quickly.

I'm coming for you, Mathayus!



This man, Mathayus...

Father, he's not...


He has a good heart.

"Silver and gold, step-by-step, the path unfolds.

"Silver and gold."

Okay, men! This way!

I hate to leave you, Valina.

Don't say that, Father.

Mathayus will find the crown.

My sweet, silly little girl.

There's no such thing as magic.

DRAZEN: Hurry up! Come on.

Boris, you are my most trusted commander. Step forward.



You are now my most trusted commander.

Sire, I'm more of a follower.

That crown is mine!


You must hurry, Mathayus!

It's over, partner.

The power is finally mine.

I was born to be a king, and now I will live like a god.

What's happening?

What's happening?

"The man with honor shall wear it right,

"the man without shall harvest ice."

You can't wear the crown, Drazen.

You're not honorable.

But you are cold as ice.

Takes more than a sword and a crown to be king.




It's too late. He's dead.

If only he could have seen it, he would've finally believed it.

Maybe we can still convince him.




What have you done?

I've proven you wrong, old man.

No, it can't be.

It can be. You know why?

Because it's magic.

You look pretty good in that thing.

It's real.

And Lord Alcaman knew it was too powerful to fall into the wrong hands.

Into anyone's hands.

You're too late.

The battle's over. Drazen is dead.

What about the crown? The power of Lord Alcaman?

Turns out, it was just a campfire story.

Smoke and mirrors.

A myth.

By the power entrusted to me by the people and laws of the kingdom,

I crown you King Sorrell of Norvania.



My daughter speaks to me of a destiny,

and she's taught me to believe in it.

Now I take this opportunity to help destiny unfold.

I crown you Queen Valina of Norvania.


It is her destiny.

And I pledge to build a nation

based upon the principles of science and mathematics,

of truth and reason,

and just a little bit of magic.

King Zakkour, as my daughter is new at this,

it might be helpful to have a more experienced statesman in her court.

You know, someone dependable, honorable.

Someone who works well with others.

Well, I am sworn to Al-Moraad.

You kept your oath,

but you are free to stay with the Queen, in her service.

The Queen demands it.


Long live Norvania!



I am definitely picking my own uniform.

Good idea.

What? This isn't a dress.

Whatever you say.

Of course not.

Looks like a dress to me.


Looks good on him.

Speaking of dresses.



The Description of The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power