Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Season 3 Ep 5 - Part 3: Planting Seeds for Change

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We're looking ahead at enormous challenges

but we can only hope that we are also looking ahead

and contributing to bring about a more

environmentally just and environmentally

balanced future.

So why is art such a powerful tool to affect change?

In 50 years from now, I would like to have more

technology that is

I think we are moving away from objects.

We are moving through experiences,

understanding the relationships between human,

plants and species.

I'm looking a lot at future scenario planning

as a place for doing artistic workshops.

So, working with this idea of imagining a future

in which we are dealing with climate change

in new ways. I think I need to connect people to

issues that are important to me through the tools

that are available right now.

Seems like the most urgent thing to do.

Artists will still be talking about

climate change issues.

It might be in a different way in terms of

the structures that uphold climate change.

If we are able to deconstruct

the hierarchies of power that are sustaining

this very uneven climate impact,

then we will be discussing more

changes that we hope to see.

We need to be much more inventive about what an art

ecological practice is.

We know that we cannot consume as much,

build as much, travel and transport as much as we did

before, so is the gallery space, for example,

the space of art in the future?

My hope in 50 years is that

artists who are in conversation

about the environment are not having

political conversations, but are

Having conversations with songbirds

and humpback whales.

And these conversations hopefully will be nuanced

and much more profound than the conversations

we have about trying to persuade someone

of a certain ideology.

There are going to be flotillas of artists

in communities living on the water.

There are going to be tonnes of

as we live in an

evermore watery world.

Art probably is going to be more about systems.

So system design is of course already a big thing.

It's about understanding the networks,

how everything influences everything.

Nothing is a standalone, nothing is just

a thing by itself.

Imagine a sort of general assembly and

every delegate from every country is an artist.

I actually think it would be quite efficient.

It would be so much about

and the fundamental rights to actually

be a human on this planet.

Together with our friends and neighbours the plants,

and the species and the environment.

I feel that artists hold a larger

social responsibility increasingly

and I hope that this remains intact

and grows stronger in the decades to come.

What I would like to see is artists implicated

and embedded into all of those other fields

of human work that we do, bringing about

environmental transformation and change.

I would like to see

participating in order to

bring about an effect environmentally.

And how can those emerging technologies then be

re-purposed, in a sense, towards the imperatives

of climate and environmental justice?

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