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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Wasting an Indian Scammer's Day ? #ScammerRevenge

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But the thing is, he is refusing to talk to you, telling that you are a motherf*cker.

Congratulations! I have successfully wasted your time!

India, these b*stard phone scammers are targeting you guys now too. Have a listen to this call

It's one of my subscribers. He's an Indian studying in Germany.

And this is a huge scam being run against Indians studying

overseas and listen for the very very fine Hindi used at the end of this call.

This is scammer revenge.

How good was that, guys? He literally took the scammer on his daily commute around

Hamburg and wasted all this time. And if you're wondering how do they get your information? There are two ways.

Firstly when you upload your CV to a job website

they just go there and download it. Your CV has your name, your address, and your phone number and

Secondly, they can buy your data from the person who helped organize your VISA. After your VISAs done

these people don't have a relationship with two anymore.

So they on-sell your data. And now share this video with all your friends who are studying overseas

They need to know about this scam if you want to support the work that I do

hit that join button become a Rock Army member so I can keep creating content here in

Incredible India so I can keep busting these scammers.

We don't want scammers. Long Live India.

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