Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Woman goes sewage diving

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Can you explain to me why we need people to go in to the sewers?

Because we have to do many repairs, maintenance.

We rescue part of machines, we rescue plants, we rescue people.

-Dead people

OK, dead people.

How dangerous is it to go down?

Very dangerous, because of the contamination.

The water is full of all sorts of waste: chemical waste, animals, people.

You can get easily injured by glass, spikes or cables.

What is the worst thing that has happened to you when you went down?

The worst thing to happen was the loss of a colleague during one of the dives.

He was caught in a pumping station and sucked in.

That's the worst thing that has happened to us.

So am I going to do something dangerous as that as well?

No. If you go down you will stay in the cage.

You are going to explore the area from the cage. For your own safety.

It's your first time, so you do not go out.

Jesus, I'm going to die.

Katja, can you hear me, over?

Can you hear me, over?

It's pushing my nose in there. Oh man.

OK, relax. Everything is under control.

Can you tell her to keep her head straight?

Put your head straight please.

Katja, how do you feel, over? -OK.

Is everything alight? Does she feel better?

How do you feel now?


Stand up.

Take it easy, take it easy. Breath slowly.

That's good, keep there.

Head down, head down.



OK, you are OK?

I'm pretty fucking far from OK.

Talk only when necessary, when you hear your name called.

Katja, we're ready, OK?

You don't have do you it slowly, do it quick.

OK, that's good.

Unscrew the gas valve, Luis.

Katja, do you want to speak?

Tell all the things you want to say please.

I don't talk too much or I get the feeling that I'm suffocating

But it's OK. Let's go down.

My ears, my eyes are feeling really...

So I cannot really see, it doesn't matter because I will not see anything.

Just keep my eyes closed.

OK, that's correct. That's good, all of us do the same thing.

Let's just go.

Please just go, go.

You OK?

Yeah, just please go!

She wants to go now.


Take it easy. Breath normally.

Shit. This feels really disgusting.

Everything is OK, take it easy.

God damn it.

Take it easy, take it easy.

Wait a second.

I hear bumps on my head, is that normal?

OK, we're going down.

It smells like rotten eggs. Maybe they're used to it.

Katja, can you speak to us a little more slowly please?

I find it scary, I can see nothing.

And it smells really awful.

Do not let me go deeper.

Stop, stop!

My ears really hurt, I don't know how to clear my ears.

It really hurts.

Can you compensate?

No I cannot, I don't know how to do it.

God that hurts. It really, really hurts.

Can we please go up?

OK, we're going up.

Luis, how are you?

Again, we do not understand you.

I feet that there's water in it.

Open the valve Luis.

Ugh, there's shit in it.

Some more, Luis.

Katja, how do you feel now?

I'm sure that there's water in my helmet.

I can smell it and see it.

Don't worry, you can take a shower now.

This is disgusting.

Water came in.


I'm pretty fucking far from OK actually.

Thanks for the nice dive, I really enjoyed it. Now I'm going to shower.

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