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Championify Video

- Alright, so I get this question a lot: What is the best item build on this champion? Or,

Which skills should I max first? Today, I hope to answer all those

questions in one short video. I hope you Enjoy the video!

-- Intro --

- With the new items for marksman and everything happening in the pre-season, I got kind of

lost in which items are good now and which are bad. For that reason, I

went looking on the internet for answers.

- I found a tool that basically gives you the best item build for EVERY champion, and

sets it as its recommended item build in League of Legends. This way, you will

never have to google for item builds again, because it's already in your league of legends


- The tool is called Championify. It fetches tons of information from high level league

players, looks at the statistics and calculates the best item builds with the

best possible winrate for you. And the beauty about it is, you don't have to do anything

for this. The program does it on its own.

- If you run it after a league patch, it should update the information based on the patch

you're on. So you will always have the most recent best item builds for

every champion, plus it gives you the best skill orders too!

- The download link is in the description below. Download the file, install it and run

it as an administrator. It will ask you to locate your league of legends

folder, and once that's done it will update the recommended item sets with the best possible

item sets for every champion.

- I hope this will help you all with getting the best item sets rolling. For me it definitely

did, because the pre-season messed with my brain. I didn't know what

was good and what not. This tool gave me my answers.

- THanks for watching! Be sure to hit that like button if you've liked the video, and

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feel free to comment below! I'll answer them all. See you next time.

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