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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Woman Charged With Aggravated Child Abuse. Will Grandma Seek Custody Of The Kids?

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I am currently trying to get custody

of the three and four year old.

The two oldest have a chance to go back to their father,

and as far as the two little ones,

I just believe that they deserve to be together.

She is currently pregnant with her sixth child.

I just think that the eight month old and the newborn,

can hopefully be adopted out by a good family.

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Shocking story out of Alabama,

four children have been rescued

from an alleged house of horrors

where police claim some were kept in cages

by their own mother and great-grandparents.

Kyla Swenson's mother, Teresa is here today.

She says her daughter is a terrible mother,

and she wants custody of her children.

My daughter has never been a great mom

to any of her children.

Kyla's been abusive mentally, emotionally, physically.

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Two years ago, Kyla lost her children,

that's when Pam and Jim got custody of the children.

The kids have not had any stability.

They've been bounced back and forth

from pretty much the time they were born.

When my two oldest grandchildren were younger,

I had guardianship of them for awhile.

I didn't like the way she was treating my grandchildren.

From dirty house, bugs in the home,

not changing diapers on a regular basis, not bathing them.

I had to step in.

I love my daughter very much, but she has a lot of issues.

She does not know what it means to be a mother.

My daughter is not innocent in this at all.

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Is there ever a time that she was not a neglectful mother?

No, never.

You say she didn't bathe the children?


Feed the children? No.

Didn't change their diapers on a regular basis.

So, what did she do?

Collected money from the state.

For the children?

So, for the two children it was $364.

Now, you say that she was manipulated,

brainwashed by her grandparents

into thinking abusive parenting is normal.

How so?

Well, I wouldn't necessarily say that, Dr. Phil,

but Pam and Jim are the ones that raised her,

and after this incident,

it's hard telling how she was raised.

What do you mean, Pam and Jim raised her?

Pam and Jim raised her,

or Kyla's father David ended up getting majority custody

of Kyla when she was about six years old,

due to an incident that me and David got into.

And what was that?

When she was a baby, it progressed for years,

but David and I ended up getting into trouble

for writing bad checks and did some time for that,

not prison time but jail time.

And how old was she when you went to jail?

She was three months old.

The father of two of these children

is here today speaking out in an exclusive interview.

He says he will stop at nothing

to win custody of those children.

In order to get custody, you have to meet certain criteria.

With all due respect, I think I can give them a home

where they're not locked in cages.

Well, that's a pretty low standard.

And later.

You think this is just a setup with your grandparents?

I do believe that.

My grandma has told me multiple times

that there were no locks on there.

You can see it clearly.

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