Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Limbo of the Lost 18: the End of all Things

Difficulty: 0


but up it's very dark down here



or on my head


the down 1

yelled year he says see

child Cup

yeah you said to


yeah okay

we finally gonna get a chance to die


time is of the essence

hope what

but the

what the hell


all god no

many symbols from them from that shield in the main hall

you know I have to do something with them

this is wonderful can actually use my ATM

can actually exit X is my inventory

and i cant press the symbols thick separately so

I'm help think this

release smoke effect is

really annoying okay can still actually look and shield

can I pause the game in any way so I can

rate is down she probably saved

just to make sure I don't Diana

have to do the whole thing over again stew

let's assume

this is the clockwise fame I can really make an but thats

morning top-rated anyway

crescent moon then it's

circle with done in its female symbol

something that looks like a dollar sign

I think that when are the next one is a male symbol

and then once again anyway when I can

likely make out kinda looks like he used


case we have to use one or the other doors next

Kanye West thing blinking on the right

and I guess that's it

see hourglass it's running at least okay here's the other hand

fate but I'm

and this one little the crescent moon for some reason

what does that mean

he should ease as a

hand the fate with all those symbols on it miss when they are depressed

though wat NV has the female symbol sloth

has the crescent moon

sold the Christian was the second symbol

not the first

and river

Creed is in female symbol

still true complete right pressing it

officially sorta curious what happens when I love this ring run out

anyway since the a.m. since the first symbol didn't know

to the person with the lineup is crescent and can assume that the next

one has to be

symbol of a circle with

dont in the middle


prizes but actually do first

yeah first more from a ser

what working on launching this this thing made

this phantasmagoria music is really annoying me

I S work in

anyway don't think I'm gonna make it in time

so though this when they already had


just makes the correct choice sound again


who would think after her report I probably shouldn't try

for Mb

already forgot which 1i had in which one it didn't

the the K look-see

they re

good job leaving be agreed overly here

Bukit let's try this another time

so yeah I really don't get it

take I got the Christian symbol first


strain get it right this time so it died again

taking too long

finding the right doors

okay so the symbol for pride is the first on the wheel but it the game

doesn't care what do you press that will persuade a crescent moon

thats are slaw I think

the others to see you have to be in the correct order

get messed up a couple of times because

the next symbol is the female symbol

but there's also a version that has like an angry eyebrow on it

make tickets similar marce possibly but Stice when they need NV

I'm a whore for the authorised others send the once again

to every leaf ever really fucking this up a lot

keep running at a time be some starting at the order in my head


him and I'm not gonna make it can remember which 1i missing


this famed gives you is surprisingly small amount of time

okay quickly

photograph people

yeah ok

in their letters destiny the am I supposed to do

by all

guy what am I supposed to do here

kidding me

ok I guess I'm doing something right

click to enter

alright it's going to this belly button

what what the

what the hell's going on

use this thing and something

but am I supposed to do

now i cant and click this

oh mike got what the hell is going on


okay yes

there's letters I can spell out destiny

I guess but how



it doesn't seem to be doing anything when I click them


not getting any sort of response

ok so year by clicking his heels sufferings last time a literally screwed

by self and got stuck

let's not do that this time instead let's

spell out the word there was obviously there on the hand of Fate

d he

yes ok

are you kidding me that enriches keeps running


I okay let's not fuck around this time

oh my god

where was she

super in a pic

year finally gets to use the fucking seal in

what's going on I can see it then

the by


how long meet me at night P good

can get me peak

you walk no name night

me to hold me

me any mom helm


Kelly this is the worst reward pennies obscenity

dan adid small Jimmy

Danny around of bills I

should be crowned ok K

labeled I love mom

lower while



and one my yeah

anyway mall hahaha the Champions card

great but no I'm in love may I would

drag I'm glad that the reason I'm

think he should be any good ugly Catalina

yeah to be picking up gene

be K book

cagney yuppie grammy

ok gets really hard

killed my pain you make me held



time man well like sup me

laws mark yeah

way mom dad by known agree

be I know incorrect G

Halloween held Rakesh be

Dekaney ideal I'll

ID level do

up again heal up again lap

I do you like DG

game you well

do well idea up

again you and you up

do you up game I


in I'm going to kill myself



dad anyway Jack unified


sold double

ground iraq's said



you choose way shoes 9 klein's

curiosity my white day-to-day




the with mill

the I a

the but but but but but but but but but but but keep


you it

It's done. It's over.

I've shown it to you, and now you must decide what to do with it.

As for me, there are no more barriers to cross.

My pain is constant and sharp,

and I do not hope for a better world for anyone.

In fact, I want my pain to be inflicted on others.

I want no one to escape. But even after admitting this,

there is no catharsis. There has been no reason to tell you any of this.

This Let's Play has meant nothing.

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