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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 5 Celebs Who Are Nothing Like They Seem

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Celebs Who Are Nothing Like They Seem

In the world of celebrities, it's not always "what you see is what you get." In fact, it's

usually quite the opposite. Celebs are people too, and when they're not on-set or in front

of the camera, they're usually, y'know, actual people. Here just a few examples of celebs

who've always seemed one way in the public eye, but are actually totally different.

Jimmy Fallon

Jay Leno's successor, Jimmy Fallon, was the right move in keeping The Tonight Show as

safe as possible. But when he's not hosting the late-night show, Fallon seems to be not-so-safe

after all. In 2015, The New York Post reported that Fallon is actually pretty heavy drinker.

He suffered alcohol-induced injuries three times in a four-month spaninjuries that

included needing to get his hand stitched up after falling on a broken bottle of Jägermeister.

On the subject of his reputation for heavy drinking, an inside source was quoted as saying,

"It's gone from being a whisper to a chatter."

Lena Headey

On Game of Thrones, Headey plays the ruthless Queen Cersei Lannister. Her character is so

convincing, Thrones' fans recoil from her at cast events. When Headey is out living

her life, strangers routinely curse her out. Meanwhile, Headey is truly a delightful lady.

She's hilarious and humble. Her kids seem lovely too. But if you truly need a reason

to hate the real Headey, here's one: she told Conan O'Brien she hasn't read the Game of

Thrones books. For shame.

Nolan Gould

Luke Dunphy on Modern Family is a few fries short of a Happy Meal, but in real life, Nolan

Gould is a geniusliterally. He's a member of Mensa, a society for smarties. Gould can

talk nuclear fusion and string theory, but can also play a gullible doofus on TV. He

told Ellen DeGeneres the role makes for awkward introductions. He says strangers "always expect

me to not be very smart. They talk slow." Gould finished high school at 13 while acting

on an award-winning show. So...what are you doing with your life?

Steve Buscemi

On-screen, Steve Buscemi's played murderers, gangsters, addicts, and bums. Off-screen,

he's a blue collar guy from Brooklyn. Before his acting career heated up, Buscemi worked

as a firefighter for Little Italy's Engine 55. The day after the September 11 terror

attacks, he went to Ground Zero in his old gear to join his former team. He worked long

shifts for nearly a week, clearing rubble and searching for survivors. Buscemi never

boasted about his volunteerism. It was fellow firefighters who revealed what he'd done.

Andrew Lincoln

We've watched Rick Grimes battle zombies on The Walking Dead. He's tough, tormented, and

decidedly Southern. So Southern that his pronunciation of "Carl," the name of his on-screen son,

fueled a slew of memes about Rick and "Coral."

"Carl" (repeatedly)

Maybe that's why it still shocks us when we hear Andrew Lincoln's authentic British accent in interviews.

"In the week preceding the shooting of this scene, he kept saying 'We've gotta talk about the gag.' And I said, 'Ok,' meaning the bite gag."

Do you know the guy's last name isn't even Lincoln? It's Clutterbuck. Clutterbuck! That name belongs at Hogwarts,

not in a post-apocalyptic USA.

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