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I am here at the iconic "Brady Bunch" house,

and today, we're going to be working on some art projects.

And also, I think a couple surprises.

Oh, wow.

[music playing]

I'm so excited.


I got to go through a bunch of storage bins I have stuffed

with "Brady Bunch" memorabilia with my good friend, Kate


This is my lunchbox.

I think they probably gave us each one.



I wasn't going to take this to school.


I am such a big "Brady Bunch" fan.

I grew up with the show.

Eve is a friend of mine, and she actually asked me to help

her go through her stuff.

And I'm losing my mind.

More "Brady Bunch" books.

"Showdown at the PTA Corral."


That's amazing. Oh, my gosh.

Yes, you get a stick of gum-- - Gum and trading cards.

--and then three cards per pack.

- Yeah, or something. - And you collect them.

I'm sure these are worth--

oh, my gosh.

Oh, at least $0.50.


This is, of course-- oh, my gosh.

Yes. This is--

- (SINGING) Keep on, keep on. - Oh, god.

We had that act that we did.

The Silver Platters.

Where did they get those costumes?


It was great to share memories with Kate today, because she

really knows the show.

I still remember Alice's sisters, the names of Alice's

sisters from that episode.

Emily and Myrtle. - Oh, my gosh.

Because she wasn't the oldest and she wasn't the youngest.


You know what I mean?

I know what you mean.

Alice and Jan had such a great relationship.

She was a middle child and you were a middle child.

Right. OK, here we go.

At Christmas, Ann B. Davis gave us all little knitted--

She made this.

Yes, yeah.

And it has my initials and Ann B.

Oh, Alice.

You're-- you're just too much.

That's all.

It's great to revisit all these treasures and memories

because it really reminds me how fun the show

was to do, how much fun we all had, how cute we were.

Revisiting all this stuff makes building

the house even more special.

The house was a character in the show itself,

and now we're creating it in real life.

[music playing]

The house has been completely dismantled

since the last time I saw it.

Things have been removed, a lot of things have been added.

How's it feel?


Does it?

Yeah, yeah.

I probably have seen every episode of the "Brady Bunch."

Now I get to stand in the kitchen.

I get to hang out next to Eve, and I

get to help recreate this.

This is so exciting.

Sink here, right?


We had a big old stove top here.


They have to hit certain points,

or else the fans are going to lose their minds.

And by the fans, I mean me.

Got to get it right.

Got to get it right.

Does this look familiar to you?

Oh, my gosh.

This show is so iconic.

It's like if you were ever a kid with siblings,

this is a show to watch.

I think that's a great find, absolutely.

Bum bum bum bum.


Oh, wow.

This is out first appliance.

Flip it around the other way.

You know best.


Don't you?

OK, madam.

The kitchen is yours.

It was one of the shows that we, as the Ford family,

watched together.

Steve and I always consider ourselves honorary Bradys.

It's fun that Leanne and Steve are brother

and sister, because we're all supposed

to be brothers and sisters too.

So it's a big family thing.

We've been trying to get all of the set correct,

but there are some things that are

just quite impossible to find.

Do you remember these tiles?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, yeah.

Very 1970s decoupage, fun--


Yeah, folky.

It looks like something you would have made at home,

but none of us ever did.


Now you're about to make it.

Now we're gonna.

In true design fashion, if you can't find it, you make it.

Make it, that's right.

[music playing]

I have no idea about crafting.


This is like the first time I ever crafted.

You're doing very good at expressing yourself.

This one's called Mom's Brooches.


Sometimes I just get invited into these projects

like, just because I was walking by.

And next thing I know, I'm doing some crafts.

I don't know. - He's gone rogue.

Here's a tile, and he's going to put a snake

on it or some ridiculous thing.

She's funny.

She's actually pretty feisty.

You have to watch it.

Between her and Steve, trouble.

[music playing]

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