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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ENG SUB【三生三世枕上书 Eternal Love of Dream】EP31 | 帝君追妻,与小九同住

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Eternal Love of Dream

Episode 31

It's so cold!

So cold!

You're the first one who dares sleep directly in the ward confining demons and evils

since heaven was separated from earth.

Whoever is surrounded by the dark energy of demons and evils

will have nightmares.

Having lived for thirty thousand years,

can't you remember the important tips of

being gods and immortals?

So cold!

So cold!







So cold!


I didn't mean to leave.

I'm so cold!

Just sleep with me.

It seems she's really sick.

Now she's even talking nonsense.


It's no use crying.

It won't work even if your voice is pitched much higher.

I'm not your...

Leave me alone.

Just let me cry to death.

Be a good girl.

Take it easy.

I've done nothing to you.

You clung on to me in your sleep.

Feeling hot while sleeping,

you loosened your collar yourself.

Why am I here?

Aren't I supposed to be at the Jieyou Spring?

You said you would take care of me,

but you fell asleep,

so I had to take care of you instead.

I was probably too tired.

Why didn't you

leave me here alone?

Because you cried and begged me to stay.

All right! Stop it!

You had nightmares due to

the dark energy left by Miao Luo.

I had no choice but to save you.

When you're sick, you can really be...

All right! Stop it!

I know what I'm like

when I'm sick.

Has anyone else seen how you would be like when you're sick?

Besides my family,

you're the first one to see that.

Now I owe him again.

However, when I'm unconscious,

I can't choose my savior.

Then I won't bother paying back the favor.

Your Majesty kind of saved me this time.

I'm deeply grateful.

Otherwise, I'm afraid I would have lost my life in the ward.


if you hadn't taken me

to Mount Fuyu half a year ago,

I wouldn't have gotten into this situation.


though you've saved me,

we are even in terms of these two things.

Your Majesty, what do you think?

What about the other two things you just can't let go of,

me saving you after half a year

and me turning into a silk handkerchief to trick you?

How dare you bring them up?

Good for you!

You're really audacious!

As to those two things,

Your Majesty, you're good at Buddhist doctrines.

However angry I feel,

it's just my opinion.

Everything has its cause and effect.

Why do you have to know the answer?

Compared to that,

I'd like to ask you something.

I clung on to you unconsciously

because I was sick.

If you had pushed me away,

I wouldn't have clung on to you again.

Why didn't you push me away?

You let me make a fool of myself.

You threw yourself on me.

I found it quite rare.

Why should I push you away?

Your Majesty,

you were unreasonable before.

If I want to be unreasonable, I will be unreasonable.

If I want to be reasonable,

I can be reasonable sometimes.

Anyway, thank you for taking care of me.

Sorry for all the trouble.

I wonder what time it is now.

Yan might be looking for me now.

See you.

I remember when you were little,

you fell into a snake nest for walking at night,

so you never dare to walk at night since then.

I wonder whether you've checked what it's like outside.

It's already dark.

Someone is outside.

Could it be Ji Heng?

It seems like her.

Are you overreacting?

I just saw a figure at the door.

Visiting you so late at night, it must be Ji Heng.

Why should we lower our voices

when she's here?

If she misunderstands us, how will you explain to her?

Why should I explain to her?

Aren't you afraid that she might misunderstand us?

I feel

you might have misunderstood me.

Are you done?

If you're done, just be a good girl and lie down.

I'll go and fetch your medicine.

Master, let me carry it for you.

No need.

What's His Majesty doing?

Isn't he afraid that Ji Heng might get jealous?

Xiaojiu, you're back!

Thank God!

I thought you were eaten up by the python.

Stop yelling! Aren't you afraid others might hear you?


So what happened later last night?

Don't mention it! I didn't make it.

What about you?

I looked for it in the tunnel all night long,

but I didn't find it.

Me, neither.

But later I met His Majesty.

The ice face?

Was he also there to steal the pimpon fruit?

Of course not.

But strange things happened later.

Help me analyze them.

Go ahead!

Last night, His Majesty saved me.

We stayed together temporarily,

but Ji Heng came inside unexpectedly.


Ji Heng visited the ice face at midnight?

Ice face, good for you!


You pretended to let me see Ji Heng,

but you played dirty behind my back!

No! No! Stay calm!

Nothing happened between them.

It's just

at that time,

I was lying on His Majesty's bed.

Nothing happened between us!

But what surprised me was that

His Majesty tried nothing to cover it up.

He was not afraid that Ji Heng might see me.

What does that mean?

I just know that

the ice face is not so generous.

He pretended to promise me that he wouldn't stop me from seeing Ji Heng,

but he bore grudges secretly,

and he vented his jealousy on

the innocent Ji Heng.


I mean he wanted to hurt Ji Heng out of jealousy.


is jealous of you?



Having Ji Heng see

another woman is lying on his bed,

he obviously wanted to hurt Ji Heng.

Because he also felt hurt

after seeing Ji Heng contact with me.

In this case,

the ice face also loves Ji Heng deeply.

He had to release his mood

via such a way.

Can the word "mood" be used here?

Does that make sense?

Of course it does.

It makes perfect sense to me.

The harder the ice face tries to hurt Ji Heng,

the more likely

I'm gonna take Ji Heng back.

I feel that

I stand a better chance now!

Forget it.

As the saying goes,

"Better to tear down ten temples

than to destroy a marriage."

What do you know?

If a marriage can be destroyed, it's not true love.

Only those can't be destroyed can be called predestined marriages.


there're so many tricky

and sophisticated theories in love.

And these theories

can all be linked with one another.

Without learning

any useful trick,

I went straight to Tai Chen Palace,

hoping to see His Majesty more.

I was really audacious back then.

At last, he didn't notice me as expected.

Only till today do I realize

how naive I was back then.


Si Ming,

what have you done?

Why were you snickering?


I just thought of Her Highness.

You thought of Fengjiu?

I remembered the time when I first met her.


Back then,

she seemed clever and quick-witted.

She was so audacious that she dared to cause any trouble,

but she was extremely innocent.

Whatever you told her,

as long as you remained serious,

she would surely be fooled.

I also remember

God Zhe Yan tricked her that

whoever ate the peaches of

the peach forest would get pregnant.

She was so scared that she cried loudly.

So God Bai Zhen ate five peaches

right in front of her.

And she kept staring at

God Bai Zhen's belly every day.

After quite some time,

seeing that no infants were born,

she finally felt relieved.

Later, His Majesty tricked her again.

You mean when she was still a little fox.


She believed again?


After all, it was His Majesty who told her that.


His Highness Lian Song seems to suspect something.

About what?

Now Her Highness is in the Fanyin Valley with His Majesty.

As to what has happened before,

I wonder whether I should cover it up for Her Highness

or take this chance to reveal it.


they might have a future.

But you've already confirmed that

they're not meant for each other.

But if not,

how could they meet again in the Fanyin Valley

and be dragged into the awful mess of Miaoyi Chasm together?

If fate can be rewritten,

there could be changes.

Lord, I just want to remind you

that if His Highness Lian Song wants to figure something out,

he won't stop until he gets what he wants.

He will surely come to you.

You should know

how to deal with him.


I knew you would come.

Dong Hua,

we had a wonderful time yesterday.

Was it far better than any experience you've had?

It appears

you've used the power of the soul-locking jade

to form the incarnation at the full moon night.

So what?

I've absorbed the soul-locking jade.

Soon, I'll break out of

your seal.

If you're really that capable,

why should you form the incarnation?

I only used it

to explore the secret in your heart.

Now is not the time for us to fight.

We'll never fight,

because you won't be able to get out.

I know why you're here today.

I've found out your secret,

so you're restless.

Just guess.

What did my incarnation see

in your arms yesterday?

Behind the sea of flowers in your heart,

there is a woman in white.

Am I right?

And that woman in white

won't escape the palm of my hand, either.

Your incarnation won't be able to get out any more.

You know you can't confine me for long.

I've known your weakness.

I should get the pimpon fruit

or that girl's Red Qi as soon as possible.

Why do you push me?

I... I have to leave now!


the door is here.

I'm out of time.


is a nine-tailed red fox?

You've lived in the same courtyard with her,

but you actually didn't know she's the Princess of Qingqiu.

She did tell me she's Bai Fengjiu.

But I never thought

she's the Princess of Qingqiu.

Well, why are you here?

Xiaojiu said she doesn't want to

see you for the moment.

Demon Lord Yan,

you actually speak more politely now.

Well, you find it weird?

Then I'll talk to you as I used to.

This is her room.

How can you get in and out as you wish?

Then why do you get in?

How long have you been living in the same courtyard?

About half a year since we entered the valley.

Ice face,

why should I answer you?

I like your room.

I'd like to switch room with you. You can take the west room in the Yulin Courtyard.

No way!

Ji Heng also lives in the Yulin Courtyard.

Ji Heng!


why are you here?

Well, you are...

I did someone a favor

to switch room with him.

From now on,

we're living in the same courtyard.

I'm at your service.

May I water the flowers for you?


who lives in the Jifeng Courtyard

with you?


I haven't finished yet.

Am I not welcome?


Why are you sitting here in a daze?

Meng, where are you going?

The tournament is about to start in a few days.

I'm going to visit Master.

See if I can do anything to help.

It's getting cold these days.

Go back to your room early.

Be careful not to catch a cold.

It's so weird.

I've been here for more than half a year,

but the weather never gets better.

I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Here's the thing.

In the Fanyin Valley,

there aren't four seasons in a year.

You mean,

the Fanyin Valley is always so cold.


How could this be?

Actually, over one hundred years ago,

we could experience the progression of seasons

in the Fanyin Valley,

but it changed later.


It's a long story.

It is said that two hundred years ago,

there was an archmage

named Shen Ye in our clan.

One year, he cut off spring, summer and autumn with his sword and hid them into his sleeve.

Then he left with them

and lived a recluse life in Qi Nan Palace.

Never was he out again.

Since then, there is only winter in the Fanyin Valley.

But why did he

cut off the three seasons with his sword?

It is said he did that because of Aranya.

Who was Aranya?

She was the Second Princess of our clan.

Legend has it that when she was alive,

she especially loved spring, summer and autumn.

But after she died,

her name became

a taboo of the entire clan.

Shen Ye took away the three seasons

to remind our clan that

even we can't mention her name,

we should never forget her.

Why did her name

become a taboo?

Forget about that.

In a word,

never mention Shen Ye and Aranya to anyone else.

It's the taboo of our clan.

If only Aranya loved

the icy winter.

Then life won't be so hard

in the Fanyin Valley.

I just told you not to mention her.

Fine. I won't mention her again.

What's in the jar you're holding?

You never put it down.

Let me have a look.

Well, I'll tell you some other day.

I've talked with you for so long today.

I still have to visit Master.


Remember to tell me the story of

Shen Ye and Aranya some other day.

It's so cold!

Why is he here?



didn't Yan tell you?

We've switched rooms.

From today on,

you'll be the one to serve me.


If Chong Lin is here, the tea should be ready at an early time.

Then why not bring Chong Lin with you

when you entered the valley?

You're here.

Why should I bring him?

Why can't you bring him

when I'm here?

If he's here, I can't order you around.

Why can't you order me around

when he's here?

You're right!

I can still order you around even if he's here.

Go and cook for me.

Your Majesty,

I really think that

you're quite thick-skinned sometimes.


You're very perceptive.

The night before,

didn't you say you want to steal

something called pimpon?

I didn't say anything.

Nor did you hear anything.

Actually, I've always wanted to cook fish

for Your Majesty,

but I never got the chance.

What flavor do you like?

Steamed fish is OK.

There're many ways of making steamed fish.

Which one do you prefer?

Make a peony-shaped cut on the fish body,

and put sliced white mushrooms

into the cut before steaming,

or directly stuff the fish belly

with sliced mushrooms and tender bamboo shoots before steaming?

The second method might be...

Can you stand on your own?

Use the first method today,

and the second tomorrow.

Cook the fish with the garlic juice the day after tomorrow.

What's wrong with your arm?

Over there.

My wound opened when I carried you back.

You're lying! I'm not that fat!

I think

now you should worry about my wound

instead of your weight.

Well, why is your arm so fragile?

Because you're too fat.

Nonsense! I'm not fat!

I didn't hit you when you win.

Now that I win, you can't hit me, either.

Your hair is sticking out.


have you forgotten to comb your hair today?

What do you know?

It's the latest style.

You called me Xiaobai just now.

What's wrong with that?


no one has ever called me Xiaobai.

A few days ago, you switched room

with His Majesty excitedly.

Why are you so gloomy today?

It seems Ji Heng doesn't welcome me.

These days, she kept a poker face,

and she didn't respond when I talked to her.

Don't think too much.

Maybe she's got something in mind.

She is used to serving His Majesty

and seeing him morning and night.

She may not get used to the change within such a short time.

Now that you're living

in the same courtyard with her,

she'll find the good in you as time passes by.

You're right.

I should try harder.

Well, why did His Majesty move into Princess Jiuge's courtyard?

What does that imply?


Is it possible that His Majesty

is in love with Jiuge?

In your opinion, do they match?

Jiuge is good-looking.

She seems to be a good match for His Majesty.


Now Jiuge and the ice face live in the same courtyard.

If I can bring them together

and comfort Ji Heng

when she's heartbroken...


what will she do?

It sounds like

taking advantage of her vulnerability.

Also, if you do this to Jiuge,

you clearly

value lover over friend.

What do you know?

It's hard to find a perfect match.

I try to find Jiuge a perfect match

because I care about her.


since I've said lots of bad things about

the ice face to Xiaojiu,

I should figure out a way to reverse his image.

I've seen nothing.

Don't you ever knock the door before entering someone else's room?

I didn't know you were undressing.

But why not lock the door when undressing?

It's my room.

Why should I lock the door?


What are those?

The medicine for treating wounds.

Apply it to your wound by yourself.

Come here.

Have you applied the medicine yet?

How come I feel nothing?

I'm applying the medicine now.


powerful as you are,

that banshee is no match for you.

How could she hurt you?

Did you

hurt your arm on purpose

so as to keep me here for your entertainment?

Am I so boring?



you've really misunderstood me a lot.

You failed to get the pimpon fruit.

What should you do?

It's fine.

I can go and get it on the fifteenth day next month.

Will it be too late?

No, it won't.

The final competition of

the tournament is yet to start.

I've still got time.


Jiuge, you didn't sleep well

for reviewing lessons late at night, right?

Master, what can I do for you?

His Majesty mentioned you yesterday,

saying that you've improved a lot recently.

With the permission of His Majesty,

I've added your name

to the final list of the tournament.

Get well prepared.

Yan, have I heard it right?

You heard it right!

You've entered the final competition.

So we don't

have to steal...

...the pimpon fruit, right?

You mean,

it was the ice face who asked Master

to add your name to the final list.

I guess so.

His Majesty asked me about

the pimpon fruit yesterday.


The ice face...


Dong Hua.

Serious and righteous as Emperor Dong Hua is,

his name is widely known in the Eight Deserts and Six Directions!

Are you OK?

Aren't you against him all the time?

Just think about it.

He specially visited Master

to add you to the final list,

regardless of damaging his name.


this is a big favor.

He did help me this time,

but he also tricked me before.


He didn't come to your rescue for half a year, and he turned into a handkerchief to trick you.

But these are just small mistakes.

Compared to the big favor of helping you

get into the final competition,

those are nothing.

Xiaojiu, to you,

his favor outweighs his mistakes.

He's a good man rarely seen.

Do you think I'm too harsh on His Majesty?

Demons or gods, we should be grateful and pay back favors.

If you ignore such a big favor

simply for some small mistakes

he once made,

what makes you so different

from mortals or beasts?

You've really changed your view on His Majesty!


I misunderstood Dong Hua a lot in the past.

But what he did this time

makes me realize that he clearly

wants to make friends with you.

Xiaojiu, treasure the opportunity

of making such a friend.

Don't misunderstand him ever again.

I have to think about it.

To achieve my own goal,

I could even say those words!

How shameless I am!

Go on! Go on!

I don't know you've got such a hobby.

Sorry to interrupt.


What hobby?

See you.

Don't go!

Listen! I'm not! I didn't!


I just feel sorry for Xiaojiu.

If you feel sorry for her, just make up to her.

Why did you hit yourself?

I just feel...

I just feel...

You value lover over friend?


That's it!

Xiaojiu has gone through hardships with me.

But I treated her this way.



How come you know it so well?

My elder brother sucks at keeping secrets.

With some little tricks, he told me everything.

What did Meng tell you?

He just told me that

you feel that if master falls in love with Xiaojiu

after being with her morning and night

while you don't under the same circumstances,

it can make you seem more faithful

and devoted to the musician.

Then when the musician is heartbroken,

you can seize the chance

to win her heart.

After hearing his summary,

I find myself even more shameless.

Tell me.

If you were Xiaojiu

and you knew I was going to set you up

with someone you didn't like out of my selfishness,

would you be mad at me?

Are you blind?

In the entire Fanyin Valley,

I'm afraid you're the only one who thinks

Xiaojiu doesn't like master.

Don't you really think that

a girl really means it

when she tells you she hates someone or doesn't like someone?

Well, no.

But why does she lie to me?

Why doesn't she tell me she likes the ice face?

It's really a waste of time talking to you!

Then if she likes the ice face,

I don't have to feel guilty about

bringing them together.


Well, Ji Heng says she doesn't like me. Does that mean...


She really doesn't like you.

How could you know?

How come Xiaojiu doesn't mean it,

but Ji Heng does?

Because the person she says she doesn't like is master.

Xiaojiu is contending with the musician.

Can't you see it?

If it's not for master,

why should Xiaojiu go against her?

Is she so narrow-minded?

Everyone knows the musician likes master.

As to why does Xiaojiu avoid master,

I've no idea.


it proves that she cares.

Anyway, girls are not so hard to guess.

The musician goes after master,

Master goes after Xiaojiu,

and Xiaojiu avoids master herself.

That's how they deal with each other.

In this case,

I'm not harming Xiaojiu,

but helping her instead.

I didn't expect that

the ice face is so popular among women.

I remember you also had a thing for him...

I've already

thought it through.

It's meaningless.

You don't like him anymore?

Master cared about the musician before.

I thought if I worked harder

and became more excellent than the musician,

he might also care about me.

But later, Xiaojiu came along.

He treats her differently.

It has nothing to do with others.

No matter how hard I try, I won't be able to step in.

I am the princess of the inseparable king birds.

It's just a man.

No need to bother about that.

In a word, the ice face is to blame.

He has seduced multiple women and just can't remain faithful in a relationship.

Dumb as you are,

you can't figure out anything.

Just keep pursuing your musician.

Stop thinking randomly.

I wonder how I became more and more confused before.

I should never ask Meng for advice.

I should've come to you.

You should've known that long ago.

You're also a girl. How can I forget that?


are you seeking death?

But now God is on my side.

Just like you, Ji Heng will find out

what a man the ice face really is sooner or later.

Then she'll like him no more.

Xiaojiu, congratulations!

You finally made it to the final competition of the tournament.


hope you can get what you want.



But I made it thanks to His Majesty.

Yan is right.

I have to pay back the favor.


Without His Majesty,

I probably wouldn't make it to the final.

So in a few days,

I'll invite His Majesty to dinner

at Zuilixian Restaurant.

Everyone, you must all come!

Of course! Of course!

Good! Good! Good! That's the spirit.




though I've made it to the final,

I've no idea

what the final competition is about.

What else can it be?

It must be a competition of magic arts.

On the contrary,

this time, the tournament

will be held in the Green Plum Cove outside the city.

Magic arts are forbidden in that place,

so this tournament

is a conventional sword competition.

Sword spirit and techniques are more emphasized when rating.

Contestants will stand on snow piles

and compete with swords.

Whoever falls off first will lose.

I see.

As long as it's not about musical instruments, the game of go, calligraphy, painting,

or poetry, it's fine.

You can do it!

I believe in you.

Well, Xiaojiu,

I've always wanted to ask you.

Why are you so obsessed with

the pimpon fruit?

Is it really for maintaining your beauty,

just like Jielu?


Which goddess doesn't want to

remain beautiful forever?


Forget it.

Let's drink!

Cheers! Cheers!


I don't know

why you have to get the pimpon fruit,


I do admire you.

You get what you want

through your own efforts.

We're much alike in this regard.

But I envy you more.

For what?

I envy you.

Thought there have been twists and turns, it ends well.

But even if I made it to the final,

I may not get the pimpon fruit.

If I can make Ji Heng like me,

I'm willing to go through all kinds of hardships.

But for some things,

it won't work however hard you try.


you've drunk too much.

You're talking about results,

but I don't even get the chance

to see her.

Are you referring to the woman you love,

the Princess of Qingqiu?


Unexpectedly, I only saw her once,

but I've never got the chance to talk to her ever again in my life.

There might still be chance.

Maybe it's not the right time yet.


Jiuge, thanks to your blessing!


How about this?

Warrior Yan,

invite Ji Heng to Zuilixian Restaurant.

I'll make sure you sit next to each other,

so you can talk more.


Good buddy!

I'll ask her tomorrow.


Xiaobai, come in.

His Majesty is calling me again.

I have to go back.

It's my treat! You must all come!


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