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Subbers: Alina Dadelus

The Wifes secret

Episode 11


What my mom said

Dont put it in mind

Let her be

And dont worry about the villa

Ill buy it back


I will never be angry with aunt

About what she say or she do

Dont worry

Im just hoping

We live in peace

When you go back home

Be good

Dont make her angry

Do you remember when we were young

You often teach me swim here

Theres one time

I was swimming here

And suddenly I cant find you

I was frightened to death

After I swam ashore

I saw you came with two ice cream

I was so happy

Then you told me

To hold your hand

and walk behind you

wherever you go I will follow you there

Do you remember that?

Of course I do

But I dont want to follow you


Because Im afraid Ill step on your footsteps

Its alright

I can walk behind you

Ill follow you wherever you go


I cant bear to let you see my back

How about this

We hold hands together

Go together

Wherever you go

I will be there

I, Jiang Lily

Will love Li Minglang for my whole life

Only him

Aunt Hong

Is the breakfast ready?

Jiang Lily

Aunt, Ill go prepare the breakfast

Wait for a sec

What breakfast

What is this?

You dare to get the marriage license behind my back

You want to sleep with Minglang so much?

That you cant even wait a little?

Do you believe

That I will tear them up?

Aunt, dont

This cant make me admit you

As my daughter-in-law

Brother Sun

I havent had meat for 3 days

I went to buy some fish this morning

Mr. Liu refused to give me any fish

No matter what I said

At this rate

I think jail might be a better place for me

Gouzi, be a man okay?

What jail


Give me your tie

Im going to Lis Corp. today

I will have my money today

Elder brother, are you gonna work there?

Take me with you

Go away

Stay at home

This evening

I will take you to a big meal

Big meal? Okay

Elder brother, I wish you luck

Ill stay home

And protect our belongings

Go and dress up

Look at you

What crap are you wearing?

we have been discussing for about two weeks

Either we end it today

Or we will see in the court

Its all on the contract in black and white

50 million!

Not a penny less

President Qin

It has been a long time

But weve never thought to pay you less

Weve been working hard

To rush the order and collect money

But with such a short time

Its too difficult for us to get it all

You have more than 40million

But you cant a few more million?

I want your explanation today

President Qi

You were good friend to my dad

Dont bring it up, Lily

Friendship is one thing

Business is another thing

Its clearly on the contract

Today I will have my money

Or my goods

Dont make it more complex

And the amount cant be discussed

About the deadline

Can you give us more time?

More time? Okay

But the interest rate is pretty high

President Qin

My dad sign this contract with you

Its nothing to do with Lis

Nothing to do?

Youre so tough, Im so scared

President Qin, be honest

This orders high profit

And high compensate rate

Its quite abnormal

And the way to make the delivery

Make me wonder if its true and valid

I need some time to investigate

And find out the truth


So president Li is refusing to pay us?

Fine, Jiang Lily will pay me

With all she has

No matter how much she has

They are in conference, you cant go inside

I, Zhao Qiansun wants to go inside

No one can keep me out

Why you came again

Since you are in conference

Ill come another day

Sorry, lets continue

Where are we?

Forget it

I dont see we can come to an end today

How about this

I will give you three more days

Thats it

Why they Seem to know each other

There must be some problem

Aunt Hong

Zhaodi, what brought you here

Here, sit down with me


Aunt Hong, its all imported fruits

Take it

Dont buy anything for me

Take it


Aunt Hong

How are you lately

Im fine

Just a little

I was wrong before

I should treat you that way

Aunt Hong, dont blame me

What are you talking about

No matter what you do

I will never blame you

Are you here for something?

Oh, I want to see Zhao Qiansun

I want to ask you

Where does he live?

Why you want to see him?

Did he do something bad again?

No no

I just want to see and ask him for some help

Your company is so far

You can just call me

Are you tired?

Not at all

I also want to see you

Let me peel an orange for you

Okya, okay, here

You shall have some fruit too

No, you shall eat more


Elder brother

Why are you back so early

My dinner is no rush

Eat, eat, eat, what else do you know

If we dont leave now, well be killed


Zhao Qiansun, why are you still here?

Okay, okay, okay

I will leave right now


I dont have any money on me

I dont care

Leave now

I know, I know

Ill leave right away

What happened?

First set a fire, now we need to leave

Who is this man?

Who? You you

Gouzi, listen to me

I cant take care of you now

If I dont go now, Ill be dead

No, no

Brother, wherere you going?

Dont follow me

Brother, if you need to leave, take me with you

How many times do I need to tell you

Dont follow me

Go and be with someone else

Brother, who else can I find

Weve been together for years

Brother, no matter what happened,

Take me with you

You cant leave me alone

Brother, brother, you leave too

Who is that?


Whats wrong with you

Why you give my phone number and address

to someone else?

Im so dead

Brother, take me away with you

Where are you going?

Go away

Otherwise it will not be nice


Im not here for take you down

Youre aunt Hongs nephew, right

So why are you here?

I came today

Just want to ask you

Whats relationship between you and president Qin

Who the hell are you?

Why should I tell you?

No, brother, youre being unreasonable

How can you be so rude to a beauty?

I dont have much time today

As long as you tell me

Your relationship with president Qin

You will have your reward

Fine, you want to know the truth, right?

Okay, give me 20thousand

Okay, as long as your truth is worth that much

Beauty, dont worry about that

My brothers words never count

- Never count shut up

No one will say no to money

Including me


Ill text you the time and address

Tomorrow, you come alone

I will bring you your money


Wheres everyone?




Youre awake

Why you came?

Wheres everyone?

Im here

Are your eyes grow on your top of your head?

I mean wheres everyone else?

Look at you, youve sleep too much

Today is your companys new collection release day

Dachuan and everyone else are all there

Before they left

He gave me the key

No cook here

So I will cook for you

What do you want to eat?

Wheres Jiang Lily?

Jiang Lily is also there?


She is so lucky

She make us moved into this shit hole

And she dressed up

to attend our new collection release?


- Im so furious You. Its all you

When can you respect any people?

Dont forget

When you were young, you had nothing

Am I right?

How can you forget who you are ?

Enough, enough

I dont have the mood to argue with you

My head hurts

Must be Jiang Lily

Give me her virus

Poor people are not miserable

Rich people live a poor life is miserable

Shut up

No ivory will come from a dogs mouth

Im wrong for being nice to you

Ill leave you alone

I wont cook for you, bye


What kind of life Im living

Li Tian

Thank you today for your card

Look those limited edition bags are all my favorite

Im so happy today

As long as you like it

I envy you so much

To have such a wealthy parents


I earn my money by myself

It has nothing to do with my parents?

Did you got that from the stock market?

This cant be

Lately its bear market


Show me some way to make money

Let me be rich okay?


Just sold two house

And eared several million

several million?

Youre so nice to me

How can I repay you

Take your trophies

And go back home

What? Youre afraid I m too good ?


Now you had your breakfast

The truth Im asking

You can tell me now?

The truth is

I set a fire in Jiangs warehouse

You set that fire?

Why did you do that?

Because I was told by someone to do that

Is that president Qin?


He told me to do that

Now I see

But I can only tell you this

Because my aunt

You cant tell anyone

Dont worry

Ill keep it as a secret

What are you laughing?

Is that so funny?

Im going mad right now

What now

Clam down a little

Wheres Jiang Lily?

She threw me into this shit hole

And she is out having fun in somewhere?

Im going mad

Save your time for counting money

Since you come, just stay here

Once Minglang took care of his work

They will take you to somewhere nice

No way

Why do I need them to take me to somewhere?

The mid-autumn day is coming

Do you want me celebrate it in this shit hole?

Hurry, call Li Tian

Ask him, when can I go with him

to see some nice house

Nice house, nice house

I just cant understand

Say you have a nice house

Can you spend one night

In three bedrooms?

Why do you even care how much bedroom I sleep in?

Its none of your business


The minute you feel better

You start to make trouble?

Fine, help yourself

What a woman

Stupid fat, who want you here


We have a baby now

Jiang Lily


Only I can help Minglang

To go through that

I will get into Lis

Dignified and imposing


Are you still worried about president Qins money


I went through Jiangs and president Qins contract again

And I ask someone to find out

president Qins orders in recent years

President Qins company was not functioning well

And suddenly, theres such a big order

I find it quite wired

This is president Qins order this year

You can check it

Including the custom and bank record

If this is true

President Qin is using a fake contract to fraud

And if he want this work

The most important thing is

Jiangs cant make the delivery on time

So youre saying

President Qin has something to do with the fire

Do you have any evidence?

The thief cant hide his emotions

Ning Xia

Thank you

Youre welcome

As long as you need help

I will do my best

If theres nothing else

Ill go out first


President Qin

I think this contract you make with Jiangs

Is like a trap

What a rare coincident

I think we should do some investigate

Find out who is the buyer of this order

Or to find out

If this buyer exists

Its a lot of money right

But you consider my condition

You need to compensate me no matter what

But we can discuss about the amount

Now we are still investigating the fire

Before its over

We cant give you any compensation

If you cant wait that long

You can sue us

- Hello Brother

I want to discuss with you about something

Its about the contract president Qin made with Jiangs

Elder brother, Minglang

If that true?

When I mention the police

That president Qin started to sweat

Theres must have some problem with this contract

Im thinking maybe he has something to do with that fire

What should we do?

Call the police?

We dont have any evidence now

We cant touch him

Actually, we have already waken a sleeping dog

If he really not clean

He must be planning about how to deal with us


I will come to his house to confront him

I will go with you

You stay here

If things dont go well

Im afraid something bad will happen to you

But my parents are involved

And the whole Jiangs and Lis

So I must find it out

Let Lily go, play it by ear

If anything happened

Call the police


I heard Li Minglang and his brother

Is talking about president Qin

Li Minglang is investigating the contract

The police will step in soon

Go abroad if you need

Leave, as soon as possible



Damn, at his time what is he hiding?

He wants me to die?

Hello, wife

We need to go abroad for a while

I dont have time to explain it

Book two tickets of tomorrows early shift

As long as its visa-free

The sooner the better

Thats it

Thank you

One whisky

What a coincidence

Ning Xia

Wherere you drinking alone here

Got no accompany?

Let me buy you a drink

This is on me

You dont drink wine

Only fruit juice?

Cause Im happy today


Jiang Lily cant solve all Minglangs problem

This time

Only me can help Minglang

But if you help Minglang

Its helping Jiang Lily

So let her have that

But in the end

Who knows

Which of us can be one of the Lis

Now I finally know

What is so called


Minglang and Jiang Lily

Have already got their marriage license

You can give up now

Youre lying

Minglang wont do it

The whole world knows

Minglang only loves Jiang Lily and her alone

Wake up

I dont believe you

But it doesnt matter

I still got a trump card

Lets wait and see

I pushed the doorbell for a while

No response at all

Their lights are all black

Maybe they havent come back

Lets wait for a while

Are you a rat

Fine, I can ignore the door

No lights?

I thought you could make some money

Where is that


If this thing cant hide

Lets get divorce



Lily, their lights

- You Tell me

Do you have someone else?

Gosh, why do you open the light?

Turn it off


Unless you explain it

I mean a fake divorce

If things go wrong

I will transfer all my property under your name

So no matter how bad it is

At least we will have some money left

If everything is okay

We will go through the formalities

And get married again

Now its more like it

I thought you have someone else

This time it really cost us much

Someone else

Do you want a lover or 50million

Go, turn off the light

Off again

They dont even dare to turn on the light

They must have done something bad

Lets go upstairs

You turned the light on and off again

If they saw it

We can never run

Why are you so dramatic

Who will watch you like a detective

You crazy



Take your luggage

Lets leave now


Lets go

President Qin

Its so late. Where are you going?

Who the hell are you

Why you are here?

Why should I tell you, step away

Right, step away

I came to ask you

That contract you make with Jiangs

Is that your trap?

And did you set that fire?

How can you say that I set that fire

Show me the evidence

President Qin

Do you have anything to do with that fire

You know it well

Can you face my died parents?

Miss, please

Dont compel my husband

He was set up. I

Set up?

President Qin was set up by who?


I dont know either

I dont know

Its okay

Since you dont know

We have no choice but to call the police

- Po - Lily

Wait a sec, wait

Can you give me some time with Jiang Lily alone?


Its something between me and Jiangs

Im afraid I cant let a third party step in

Let me tell you

Now Lis and Jiangs is one corporation now

And anything with Lily is also my thing

Im not a third party

Tell me now

So you dont want solve this?

Does it need to be just you and me?


Just you

Its only way you can hear the truth

Okay, just me then

Minglang, dont worry

It will be okay

Now you can say it

Fine, listen to me

Actually, its not easy as you think

Last year, the foreign trade situation isnt very well

You Jiangs is focusing on that area

So its also very hard for you

Thats when I got an anonymous call

A secret man told me

to fake a big foreign trade order

then made a contract with Jiangs

After that, this secret man guided me step by step

As expected, every move was just on time

But after all

Your father and I are friends for years

When I found out its a big plot

I have hesitated

But my company is breaking down

I have no other choice

Business is like a war

One of us will be died

Your father took the high risk of 5 times compensation

And took this order

So we made this contract

In fact, its just a fake order

Which dont even have a buyer

No matter when can you make that goods

The result wont be changed

Its a fake order?

So everything is just a big trap?

Yes. But I ve never thought

your parents were died because of it

So that fire is premeditated

Dont you people have nothing in your heart but money?

I was used by someone

Fine, so tell me

Who is that secret man?

I am also curious why would he do that

I have looked into this secretly

But nothing came up

I have thought about it

The biggest suspicion is Lis

Lis? How is that possible?

Let me finish it

Jiangs and Lis are business partner

But they are also the biggest competitor

Words say that Lis finance isnt that good

You cant underestimate Lis Corp

I dont believe you

Its just my thought

I have no evidence

The secret man called me this afternoon

He told me that you have found something

And told me to run ASAP

I just left Lis Corp.

How could he know so quickly?

Dont it sound weird to you?


Thats all I can tell you

Dont worry

I wont ask you for that 50million again

Lets call it even

Its easy for you to say it

You call that even?

Lets go to the police station

Police station

I wont ask you for that 50million

Cant you just let me go?

50million? Can that trade for my parents life?

Lets go

You really gonna find it out?

Dont you afraid Lis would go down with that?


Minglang, Minglang, Minglang

My husband



Honey, honey

What are you doing that?

Call 112

Honey, honey, wake up

How is that?

After that thing, is Lily frightened to death?


After I send Mr. Qin to the hospital

I send Lily home immediately

What did the police say?

The police was gonna go to the hospital

And ask him for some information

But after they got there, Mr. Qin is gone

So is his wife

I suppose they ran away

Its my bad

I didnt see that coming

I should call the police first

Dont blame yourself

They will catch this Mr.Qin sooner or later


Since we have solved that contract

What are you gonna do with Lily?

Lily wont be released

Until that man was caught

I was gonna take her to the horse farm

Dont forget

This time Ning Xia helped a lot

If it were not her

This wont come out so quickly

So you should think about how to thank her


Dont make fun of me, okay?

President Qin and Jiangs have made business for years

How could he do that?

If it were not him, my parents wouldnt

Lily, dont worry

When we find him

We will have the truth

He will pay for that

Dont think of that anymore

Run, you, run


Breeze, Breeze

Breeze, quiet


Who are you

- Breeze what are you doing?

Good boy, good boy, enough

How can you be so rude?

Its my horse?

Its none of your business

Breeze is a gentle horse

If youre not rude to him

He wouldnt act like that

Who are you

Im Breezes master

What Breeze? His name is Alex

Im his master

Hands off

I dont know him

You dont deserve him

I dont know him?

So you know him?

Let me be clear

He is mine now

I can kill him if I like

Lets see

You cant beat him

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