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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Minecraft: CRUNDEE MURDER | MODDED MINI-GAME

Difficulty: 0

Hey, can you guys guess who I am?




Are you guys ready?

Erm.. I don't think No so

This week of murder run, is the most interesting one we've had look at this look at the nether stars, it is me all bloodit up

And then look at thea back there

I'm not Thea, I'm Madi.

She is Madelyn.

She sounds just like me.

So what what we've

done what the model maker has done. He has looked at all of our in real life

pictures, he's looked at all of it, and he's made models of our real life pictures.

I am gonna have nightmares of myself. At least it's not Barney again.

So that he looked at Madelyn's Instagram and made this picture of her.

And It looks just- look look twins.


I think I'm crying a little. It's so beautiful.

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And let us know another theme that you guys can think of for next week

Just-Just not Barney again, and I'll be happy, okay. Maybe Elmo?

Oh gosh. NO!

So there's new traps for this week. We have a new survivor traps.

We have a firework trap. Shoots off a brilliant fireworks show for a short time.

Oh so you see where she is. I guess so.

I'm not so I kind of want to see the firework show, and we have this one, the Pony Trap.

Summons a fast escape speed when triggered. Thea go away. You freak. You're Madi. Go away.

Be nice to her.

And there's a new killer trap

a Phantom. This is allowed you to fly and float through walls.

Oh, don't buy that one, Thea. Do not buy that one. Crainer look at the armor.

my God

This is but this is not good at good

Yet, I have never shipped us harder than I do right now I

Don't like this alright. What is real? I mean anything that there's more dirt on your face than cobble

I want the sauce to say that to to ignore that ignore it. It's a lie pan over here for my lawyer, okay?

I want to test out this new trial yet also says crater won last week

He gets two extra stacks of nether stars every time we start a new round. Oh

Killer alright, let's do those do our trades. I'm trying to think of a new strategy

Okay, no teaming ya know teaming. That's bad. Sorry. Sorry battle in from last round

It was fun, though this man was it was a lot of fun. It was fun for us. You know it was fun for us

Medellin so I have speed and I have

Damage resistance tip you will not kill me ever alright has everybody traded everybody ready


Okay, oh girl here. Oh

My God Madeline you're so mean to me

Oh, I'm curious to see what I look like please make me look beautiful

Okay, so we're on sets. This is all about us

We're on the casino Lucky blah blah blah clap you David


Sodium metal and turnarounds retreat turn around turn around you are I can't call you ugly because I'm married to you

But you're ugly

You call me Ashley all the guys

From what I understand if she triggers the pony trap what happened Natalie though. This is not what?

This is my one shot. It's just you need to stop doing okay, okay, okay? Great. So I have series

Damage shield I don't think is ever going to kill me here. We go. Okay. What does that do nothing? I don't even know

Nothing. It does nothing it does nothing

Okay, I bought a portal so I'm gonna. I'm gonna try to get her in a globe shed. Oh

My God, that's what that thing is called. I was so confused. Okay. Just everybody heidi

Okay, okay. It's on it's on a key and it's on three so here we go

Did something already happen? I don't think so. I think you should go try go trap. Okay. Look it's here

Oh, you bought one of those portal traps. Yeah, there you go

You guys oh

No, no

Then she turned into a dolphin she turned into a dolphin the dolphin is going for somebody

Trap Honor

Working get on your horses Rod died

Okay, okay, okay? Oh

My God is that a unicorn so I would you want over you

I threw a half trap and it dropped her sword and I have this damaged pendant so she did no damage to me at all

Where are you going?

Invisible trap invisible trap we all invisible you're welcome okay? Oh

You tell me dude. Can't you?

Now let's also. Yeah, you can't be so good

Did you see did you see it? I saw it where did she go? I don't see her anymore

No idea juice ok

Yes, she activated ghost mode so she can fly through Walls. I believe

Something is happening. What's happening describe it?

I gotta go home. I stayed I gotta get on my stage. Okay. I got my facial

Oh my God

Do the will why does it sound like it's being murdered when it goes away?

That cody just saved my life. Oh my God

Please don't you like me battle Battle employee battle I don't

know it's only men no I

Don't have any more so it's the only one left. It's only Madeline

Let's go look at Maddy, okay?

So she's over here. Let's see where t is at

Okay, there's tia. It's so good because I know this map. We've played it so many times

I feel like I'm at home in this game who?




Oh y'all


What I got, I got news for you, and you have a guide where it says run

So when still there are you kidding I?

Told you a long time ago fear. Are you kidding me Mm-hmm? I?

Don't even know where it is. I'm just gonna follow you great. Are you need greater you need?

Greater your day to ride faster. Okay, ready. You need to run faster

It's a star Trek which we do work even faster

Greater survive

Right I think you do sir. I think you yeah following her, and I don't know we're crazy. Oh

Did you look at me for that long? Did you just want that? Did you just want to talk to me a little bit? Oh?

I just knows I like torturing you

All right, well crater was the last one alive or yet, so it tastes hard to be the killer now crater

Who are you gonna choose to be well? I used to be you yeah

You're Gonna see me. All right

Let's do it. Hey. What's going on? Dude Sundy and guys today?

What a head down, what's so creepy? That's

It okay it even has a cross-party to it. I am not cross-eyed you take that back. Oh

My gosh that is so crazy looking look like a happy couple

So what you are strays, I'm trying to think of a new strategy for myself. I know myself

I know how to fake myself out. I will do this


Remember you are not you. I am you I?

Must famous manas then I must fake myself out

But how all right so has everybody bought their traps us us three have to work together. Come on girls, what through vain no?

Ready to be sunbathing. Can you forgot something okay dear?

Let me know you're so my strategy is this I am I have all the armor. I have these two hack traps Claire life with


Hello, other me

You are not me

Did you actually have a receding Hairline? I?

Haven't receiving a Lie dude. I

Don't like this game. All right me to turn around me to turn around

gotta turn around and

Cultist old equals life guys you heard it here craner just said cobblestone equals life you heard it you heard it here

So crater above your name, so it's crater dusty

I hate trouble every like on this video equals one crater saying he loves cobblestone. You heard here gosh

Dang it man put that there okay, okay? Okay? Okay? We're okay. Everybody hit everybody hidden aside. Kid if everybody did

All right, I'm hit. I guess okay, so I see it three two one


So we have that there? Oh everybody oh

Oh, I bet curse. We're dropping blood everywhere boy breakage broken. That's pretty good

You should be for now

I got rid of traitors blade. I got rid of and Madeline helped me, okay

I saw I can see the particle size you

Guys wait where did you go? I should?

Yeah, oh, we can see them now. How did you how did you get rid of the blood oh?

Yeah, I'm gonna beat you with my fist. Oh

you told him

Madeline did the portal trap it Froze you Madeline you are my hero

Madeline you are my hero

Recker oh

oh, I

Actually died this time

Help you okay?

No there. Oh you did yeah. Yeah, we were

What is that voice verifying where is oh?

How are you invisible? Why use the ghost trap? I was just looking at t


Question is where can I find?

Nowhere, I'm not moving okay? Oh, I see Madeline okay, okay? Don't be worried

This is ian talking to you where?

I need to find your location so I can assist you

That's why I hid last time soft like I'm going to take that spot out

Oh my gosh, alright, so Madeline was the last alive now. It's her turn. Oh

Ok Madeline who are you gonna? Be who are you gonna? Be yes? I'm Gonna be

Exactly like you to tear you you're looking quite lovely today


God, you look like Roseanne okay what?

Alright, so let's do our trade. I'm trying to think of another strategy for tia. What does crater? What does tia? Not like?

Look at them over there. Do their body are they bonding just?

Talking to each other like they were both - yes, which they are look at this beautiful things are you so beautiful well?

Tell her that she fox alone, okay?

So we need a fart trap all right look like I

Smell let's get this green fart trap up here get old fart on me place

Okay, oh, I got an idea actually

What I will be the support Hero

I will be this I will come I will support everyone do it so pause dude

I just don't any mall you know crater. Just trust me

I'm buying the portal traps you will never die all right tiered Madelyn turn around oh

My God, what is what is wrong with you people being timid das

Okay, okay

I am going to be the support class if you guys ever run into troubles let me know and I will protect you

I will protect last time you said that you died like two seconds. Oh, yeah, you were the first one to die alone. I'm using

This truck I will protect this city. It is Usa. My kitty okay. Let's do this you guys ready. Thank you

Boop oh, yeah. I need to work. I need to work on my screen

Why did say I just mean I don't know okay?

Okay, okay. We're gonna see her. Oh you're sending one. What do you say okay?

You said to glow trap did you I just want to see where she is lady whent really moving a whole lot?

I don't see her at all though. Oh there. She is okay, okay? I?

Take it there. You have been spotted wow this plated no

Yeah, I don't

See use the trap record did I switch places with you in?

So any debt for real I'm dead for real

Yeah, you killed yourself

You should be able to break it. I can't okay. I see all of your dress

Wide your neck break Madeline. What's on a deal? What's going on here? - yeah, what's going on? Here - you oh?

my gosh

All right last stuff. It's my turn. Let's see whom I can oh yeah. I'm gonna be craner

You're gonna be Barney good killing this round. That was really good. Yeah, hello. Oh my God

my crazy

that little bag

Why do I so much a hillbilly craner? It looks just like you?

So bad, you just run over by a car or something, but it looks just like you

It looks like all those wounds I had you know

Okay, colleen. I'm gonna do our train. I'm gonna do my trades

Uh what would craner buy he'd probably just give all his nether stars to me. Okay, okay, okay?

Let's do this what I don't know since you're craner this round you get his extra two stacks

Oh, I do crying give me register sack. That's how that works. That's how that works

That works dude okay, okay? I'm gonna do some trade. I'm surprised to have a cent what they crack. What the crap way

now try to laugh

Okay, so we have the trap wrecker is the fat meat giggle is the phantom any good?

creditors use the Phantom I

Think you liked it didn't you?

So these are the traps that I have this time we have the trap seeker which shows all the traps on the map we also

Have blood curse which everywhere they run you guys remember

This is dropps blood trail behind and we have the infrared vision which shows them all for a short time

We have the new trap your phantom which I can fly through walls, and we also have trap record

So let's do this let's be dead ugly Crater

Hopefully we can win this all right you guys go hide

I'm scared of winter vampires you can turn around quick great crazy family go hide

Click bang

Like you and so it's nothing like me Manolin click that Leo

Yes, I am weird don't judge me ginger dude. It's I'm kid hey 3 2

1 okay throw blood curse there we go now I can see you all please don't kill me myself. I will kill yourself



Didn't even know I was going on as soon as I heard the music. I was dead I

Didn't even have a chance to look at anything. I don't know I smacked

I saw the particles through the wall, okay hold on okay. I did trap record or okay. I can see traps

I'm coming for you crazy family family

I can't help ya

Head infrared vision, so he knows where you were he didn't live in the hall. He didn't punch the wall what?



You run out of the map we where issues. Thank you man out of the end the infrared

Where oh yes there in out a while ago. Damn here for you

- you okay Crazy killer the real writer. I will kill my soul. That's terrible I should say I will kill him

Because I'm trainer. I got a kill crater greater. I will kill crater. Okay. Where are you crazy family?

Stop it right now. Where is that Little bell? I must click this little bell. Where is this little valve?

Where you are yeah, no, I didn't go to you is nothing. I'm just following him

Where is the Little Bell somebody tell me where the little bell is I don't know what you gotta click it

I gotta find this little bell

You gotta find the bell and clickety and that's what you got to do. Where is the little bell trap wrecker?

Why did you activate that I thought? I saw you but I did it up in Sandy this place the entire game

No, you just have to stop moving. You're leaving a trail. Oh, I forgot. It. Did a blood trail

I mean, I'm not leaving a big trail

Yeah, but it helps where is it you know? I don't have any more traps

What are you doing in I don't know where it is

Are you just really good at track it really obvious place that I thought you would have went to already yeah

That's what I was gonna. Go, and I thought no. That's way too obvious

Is it oh?

I think I might know where he is no. I think I don't where is your at this?

Crater get over

Where is he where did he go? All my brain?

That is broken

Block that's a lot harder to see I can't see my neck is still broken. How long is my neck broken for okay, okay?

We're good

Get over here traitor

Drop it


My gosh that took forever though

Get that toilet the entire game dude. I thought you were Gonna. Go there

I did he think about it alright. Let's head back to the Lobby

Let's see who had the quickest time yeah, yes, do it. I am not a very good craner

All right, so it's the moment of truth. We're all wearing our own heads

Okay, okay. Let's see who did this to quickest t. I think you and I are out

Okay, okay three two



I'm such a good - yeah metal it did matty - you won. Oh

My gosh, she won. Oh

Wait me and Tia got the same times. Oh, you did oh

My gosh you either you're getting better - Teah. I'm just getting worse and we have

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We will see you dudes next time.

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