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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Try Guys' Surprise Office Makeover

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(all speaking over one another)

- [Ned] I'm so excited, I'm so excited!

- [Try Guys] Okay, one, two, three.

Move that bus!


(upbeat rock music)

(upbeat eclectic music)


- [Eugene] Welcome.

- Happy makeover day!

(Try Guys cheering)

- [Eugene] Come on in.

- Hi I'm Ariel, I'm an interior designer.

I'm also Ned's wife,

and I'm going to makeover the Try Guys office.

I brought my tools.

- [Ned] Oh thank you, we don't have any tools.

- No, I know. - We got four of them.

- So it feels really weird making over the guys office

because it used to be Ned and my house.

We left behind the furniture we didn't want,

kind of the rejects, and they sort of just decided

that that was their furniture now for the office.

This is your office now, how are you liking it?

- It looks terrible.


- Initial impressions?

Um, garbage.

It's smelly, it's cramped.

- When I come into the office every morning

I just get this feeling of, oh boy.

- This apartment is like the fourth child,

just only wearing hand-me-downs.

- No one should have to work from an old kitchen table,

or an old ratty couch.

- I think the best way to describe it is

as if a company was in college.


- These four guys are very close friends

and they are doing awesome awesome stuff.

The work they are putting into this company

should be reflected in the space they work in.

Okay so talk to me about the vibe that you want.

- We need space for now and room to grow.

- This looks professional but also looks like the guys.

Like Keith, personal but looks fucking great.

- Yeah, I would love this place to remind me of me.


- So what's your plan for this space?

- Well it looks completely different now that

there's no stuff in here.

It also looks like a shit hole.

- Okay, your words are hurtful.

- First thing we're gonna do is

we are gonna paint the whole house.

This space should be fun, it should be professional.

You should walk in and think this is awesome.

- I'm very big on function over fashion.

- What would make me happy is just color.

I hate how bland and white this room is.

- Yeah, bare walls are no fun.

- I can't be the only one imagining bear walls now, right?

Like rawr.

- I thought you meant bare walls,

like no clothing, just a bunch of butts.

- Oh.

- I can see how we'd be difficult as clients.

- We have a big colorful rug, we're going

to be adding a small couch to that front space.

One side of the office is gonna be primarily desks.

I'm gonna try and create three different spaces;

two for shooting, we'll have two chairs in a corner

so that will be a completely separate shooting space.

We're gonna have a viewing space in there as well.

And this is going to be one big accent wall.

(guys cheering)

Ned is in charge of that accent wall.

- Hey!

- Art is tricky when you're working in

shooting spaces because things are copyrighted,

so we're gonna make our own art.

We're gonna be putting a big Try Guys text thing

right here, and a neon sign.

I'm gonna be giving the guys one DIY project to do.

Zach and Keith, you are in charge of the neon sign.

- Oh!

- Mistake. (laughs)

- I think it's gonna look great,

but it really will be what the guys make it.

- So Ned's in charge of the accent wall?

- What are you in charge of?

- I wore jorts for you.

- Yeah those are really good jorts.

So Eugene you are in charge of this entire accent wall.

- Wow.

- This wall was inspired by

a turtleneck that you wear sometimes.

- [Eugene] Which turtleneck?

- [Ariel] It's like blue, and purple.

- [Eugene] And mint, and gray.

- Wait so it takes three of us to paint one wall,

and Eugene is doing one by himself?

- I got no problem with that.

- I got no problem with that.

- It's how we live our life.

- In the old dining room we're gonna

switch out the light fixture and we're gonna

turn that more into a transitional space.

We're gonna create a DIY bar space.

We are going to put more desks in that space

so that it can really feel like an office.

- Let's do it!

- On one, two, three!

Ariel's husband!

- Let's go!

- Try Guys Game Time!

(upbeat music)

- Okay so Ariel we are gonna do the accent wall now.

- Yes.

- Ooh it's so beautiful.

What color have you chosen?

- I've chosen turquoise.

- Ooh.

- Ooh it's like aqua.

- Yeah.

- You are looking for something that has a pop of color,

it's kinda fun, you guys are gonna walk into your office

and you're gonna be like I like working here.

- Oh yeah!

Oh it looks like cotton candy.

The new color of The Try Guys!

- You're very good at that look at you using your thang.

- It's not my first paint job.

Wow your roller really is a lot bigger than mine, huh?

- Maybe I'm ready to compensate for something.


- And...

- Woo!

- Woo, Yeah!

- This is like an aquarium in here.

- It's not quite any one of our four colors.

It's a little bit of green, a little bit of blue,

a little bit of pink, and just a hint of purple.

- It's neither of those things, it's actually

halfway between Zach's and Keith's.

- Okay, cool cool.

Cool cool cool,

but like a little splash of pink, and a dash of purple.

- Nope.

- But like a little simmering of pink on top,

and some purple mist.

- You're really reachin' for it right now.

- Yeah it's all four of us, yeah I love it.


You're so smart.

Okay, so it's gonna be our logo

and then a little triceratops sculpture.

- Yeah.

- So we're just gonna hope that Zach and Keith

don't mess up the focal point of the entire room?

- Yeah, yeah, basically.

- Hmm hmm.

- What's up nerds?

- Hey!

- So today you guys are gonna be on your

very own DIY project.

I know.

We're gonna make a DIY neon sign.

- Yeah we're doing glass blowing?

- Yeah, actually I have it all.



No, we're using electroluminescent wire.

This is what all the DIY bloggers are talking about.

- Oh yeah.

- Holy shit it's beeping and flashing!

- Yo, we're ready for a rave.

- This is actually a pretty simple...

I hesitated to say simple because

you guys are gonna take hours.

- It takes hours, or we're gonna take hours?

- You are gonna take hours.

- Love the vote of confidence.

- This is the amount of space you have.

It should be about three meters.

And we need to draw out what we want to make.

But the one rule is you cannot pick up your pen

because you only have one wire.

So it has to be a line drawing.

- So it's just gonna be a single trace.

Like an out.


We draw the shape, then we make the shape in this,

glue this to the EL wire, boom, triceratops.



- Easy peasy.

- Exactly.

- Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

- Give me a challenge, bro!

- Okay so this project is the one I'm actually

the most excited about.

- Yeah!

- We're doing a color block wall.

I chose gray, dark blue, teal, and millennial pink.

- Millennial pink?

- Millennial pink.

You know what millennial pink is, right?

- Believes in themselves, supported by

his parents through college.

- Yeah, 100%.

- Millennial pink.

- So what we have to do is we have to sketch out

the color block pattern that we want to do.

- [Eugene] Yes.

- Now we could go stripes, but my thought,

and let me know if you agree, is triangles.

- Yes!


- I think maybe slashing through the doorway

could be really fun.

- Why don't we slash through it twice?

- Let's do it!

- Yeah.

- I trust you, you're gonna nail it, alright

- Cool.

- Good luck.

- Thanks Ariel.

I have the most important wall.

Because if I fuck this up the room will look like shit.


- I really, at this point I have no advice.

It's looking really, really good.

- How's it look?

Does it look okay?

- Okay uh we have a lot of work to do,

we're gonna go with pretty good.

- You think it's a little bit too far that way?

- Nope.

Honey, really.

- Okay, okay.

- Seriously.

- If I get shocked and start thriving on the ground,

please turn off the cameras and revive me.


Edison bulb.

Guys, we work in a startup now.

It's not actually on.

That one's not on.

What did I do wrong?

- I'm not good at drawing.

- What does a triceratops look like?

It's got a butt.

- We're not startin' off good.

- Not the worst first draft.

- Think we need a...

(laughs) You know some paintings in a museum look like

a child did it, but actually that's what makes it art,

because a child didn't do it.

- I drew Keith!

- Bear in mind, all triceratops are artist representations

of what they think they probably look like.

Nobody has a photograph.

- Well someone has a photograph.

- No one has a photograph.

- I mean, someone has a photograph.

- Photography is like--

- It's not a digital photo

- A little over a century old.

- Right.

- So, no.

- I feel like you're making yourself look stupid right now.

- Well at least Eugene's wall will look good.


- So I painted the wall in different ways on my computer

to see what color combination looks best.

- Love it.

You're a genius.

- Dark navy should be the focal point with

this wall since the rest of the room is so bright.


I love the dark blue.

It's like my soul.

- Now they're both on and now this one goes off

and that one stays on?

What have I done?

That's for the living room.

Let's turn on the switch.


Damn it.

Could the black be orange?

Reset the circuit breaker.

Here we go.

Let's figure this out.

What the heck am I doing wrong?

I'm so confused.


Feels good!

Feels good, we're doin' it!

It looks great honey.

We're gonna turn that, into that.

I've never been focused on anything more

in my life.

- [Keith] You have a kid.


- So, we drew a bunch of different versions of this

single line cursive.

This is the one we've settled on, however

unfortunately it does not translate to wire at all.

- [Keith] It looks like a shadow puppet.

- Yeah.

Life uh, finds a way of making things harder.

- Paint it blue and call it a day.

- [Zach] Right.

- Okay so Ariel I'm gonna do the rest of these

letters and then we're basically done right?

We're ready for the final reveal?

- Did you realize we don't have any furniture in here?

Half has gone to the garden.

It's still covered in plastic.

- Ariel that sounds like a lot of work.

Looks like you're gonna need some montage magic.

Montage magic.

(fast upbeat music)

Let's go!

(upbeat music)

- [Distorted Voice] Montage magic.

- [Ned] Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.


- [All] Hi!

- [Ariel] Hi!

Come on in!

- [Ned] Okay.

(excited murmuring)

- [All] One, two, three.

Move that bus!

(exclaiming and yelling)

- [Ned] Look at all this color.

- [Zach] The work I did was really only 2%


Look at our new office, oh my god

this is so exciting!

- [Ned] And we have the photos from our shoot.

- [Keith] Oh I love this.

- Now it feels like it's finally The Try Guys office.

- [Ariel] You've got two shooting spaces here,

so you've got your couch shooting space

with non-copyrighted art, and you have your

chair shooting space with non-copyrighted art.

- [Zach] Is it weird that the first thing

I reacted to was these baskets on the wall?

- It's our four colors with the blue in the couch.

- Keith is the couch.

- I'm the couch!

- Wow, my wife is awesome.

- [Zach] Can we keep going?

(excitedly talking at the same time)

- Beautiful Keith!


- We did it!

We did it!

There's pictures of us everywhere, which means

there's pictures of me everywhere.

It's a great design choice, I recommend it for your home.

- It's bright, it's colorful, it makes a statement,

and it's comfortable!

- Can I stand against the walls?

- Yes, go go go!

It's so good!

- This is the first time a wall has been based off

of my choice in turtlenecks, but I'm impressed.

- [Ned] Man our office was so shitty before.

- [Zach] I was ready to quit before this,

but you got me, I'm in.

- Really truly, a transformed space.

You did it in such a short amount of time too.

- What was the total cost?

- Under $3,500.

- Really?

Wow. - What?

- I think it turned out great.

- I only cared about functionality,

I got so much more than that!

It's also really cool.

- It's gotta be said, the color?

- When you walk into the space now,

you feel like there's a business being run.

- We've hit so many milestones,

from starting a channel, to starting a Patreon,

and now I feel like we have an actual office.

It's awesome.

Thank you so much.

- You're welcome.

You know, I want this to have a happy ending,

but I think that neon sign is just a little dinky.

- I give it six months before we replace that.


(upbeat music)

I'm ready for my torah portion.

- Mozel tov!

- Thank you.

(drops hammer)

- Mazel tov.

Mazel tov.

- [Keith] He better not be painting me.

- Mazel tov.

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