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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Alison Carey (Mariah Carey's sister) December, 1994 interview

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selling female recording artist of the 90's.

but all the money in the fame can't give Mariah what she really wants for

Christmas to bring an end to the tragedy that has

bitterly divided their own family. Mariah's mother

Patricia and her sister Alison are fighting a nasty custody battle

over Alison's seven-year-old son, Michael. Alison took her

pleased to the public today. I wanna send a message to

my son "Michael

mommy loves you very very much, I'm trying everything in my power to get you back

I need you in my life I love you so much

everything's gonna be okay". Alison claims her mother

abducted the boy two weeks ago and that her superstar sister gave her blessing

to take the boy. Celebrity columnist, Linda Stasi wrote the story

in today's New York Daily News. Apparently the grandmother came for her regular

weekend visit and

came to take the boy to her house unless that's apparently what she does every other weekend and then she didn't bring him back, which drove Alison crazy

to date we have not been given

any appreciable information the Suffet County Police Department

or any other agencies regarding the whereabouts of my clients son.

Mariah sister not had the easiest life according to her attorney

Alison's teen years were spent as a prostitute and she's been

in and out of drug rehabilitation trying to get straight

now Alison has tested positive

for the AIDS virus and says she

desperately want to spend time with her son while she still can

it sounds to me like family has just had enough they've been through this

million times and I think their just pulling a tough love thing on her

Frantic, Alison tried to contact her sister, Mariah to ask

for the star's help in getting back son but could only reach her celebrity

sister's answering machine. Apparently she tried reaching her

mother and tried reaching Mariah and they apparently

had a third party call her back and say basically we'll see you in court.

Christina Liberatore is a close friend

Mariah's mother Patricia. Mariah and her and her mom they've bend over backwards I've seen them bend over backwards

to help Alison and obviously something has gone really wrong for Patricia to take this action

but Alison is fighting back she says her son been abducted and she's filed a

complaint against her mother

at the Suffet County Police Department. At this point in time there's

no criminal activity involved, however we still are looking into it.

meanwhile in the battle over what best for the young boy

both the troubled mom and his superstar aunt say what they want most Christmas

is to bring the family back together end

this tragic feud.

Mariah Carey issued a statement today saying quote

this is a horrible extremely upsetting situation

will hopefully be resolved as soon as possible the child


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