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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A.D. 1347

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The Tich Workshop presents

In the name of God!

Give a coin for the poor and the orphans of war.

Flames of hell await you on this path.

Hogs and Wolfs you shall meet.

Kill them all.


Plague spreader!


Plague spreader!


He may be useful to us!


You picked the worst time to come here.

That demon took everything from us.

We've got nothing left.

- Yes. - Nothing!

"I shall make thy mouth a blade

to strike down the wicked!"

The sheep.

The pigs.

All of our wares.

We'll suffer hunger and thirst!

That evil demon.

He also took the women!

The powerful have stolen everything from us.

We pray but...

The Lord is deaf.


Kill him.

Kill the Inquisitor!

He's over there!

Above the fortress!

Him and his assassins.

Kill him!

And all that is ours will be yours...

You scruffy idiot!



Go back to your country!

You know...

It'd be nice to go down

in the benedectine monastery, not far from here

and peel their heads.

Collect their scalps.

Empty all of their provisions.

In the name of our Lord.

And most of all burn all those useless books that they keep writing.



This is trespass!

Damn villager

go back the way you came from!

Taste my blade, you bastard!

Have you any notion on how much these whoresons cost me?

I thought of inviting you to parsimony, your eminence.

Of all the jesters

that those godless pigs have sent up here

you are the first...

that crosses this threshold with its head still attached.

Priest, you are not the only one that knows the paths of Death.

She has been riding on my side for quite some time.

In her name,

I've accepted every kind of job there is.

I've seen what you do to poor people.

The fear that you instill in their hearts.

The abominations...

with which you break their body

and spirit.

The superstitions...

with which you hide your sordid hunger

for money

and deranged power.

All power is deranged.

- Are you the one they call...

'The Inquisitor'?

It was autumn.

We were making our way through the village.

But from the village...

we never came out.

They took it all.

Those parasites that sent you up here.

- Kill the Inquisitor!

My spices.

My woman's honor.

Her life.

I lived a long time like a vermin.

Then one day the Living One

showed me the way.

"I died, and behold I am alive forevermore

and I have the keys of Death and Hades."

Is there a value more Christian than revenge?

- If it weren't for the war you'd be executed in the gallows!

But war has its advantages.

And you...

can be useful to mine.

"I know your deeds, your hard work and your perseverance.

I know that you cannot tolerate wicked people

that you have tested those who claim to be apostles

but are not...

and have found them false."

The Description of A.D. 1347