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Hi guys, it's Tana Mongeau welcome to my house or welcome back to my house

Today's video is gonna be a house tour before I bring you guys inside to all of the chaos

I want to I want to show you the front of my house, but it's kind of the back of my house

It's very confusing. My front yard is like my back yard. So I think we should probably start with that

Before you walk in the front door we have this pool and

Fun fact I've lived here for four months and I've never swam in it because I just I can't fuck up the weave I can't

Fuck up the lashes. It's too much, but it's here for my guests. It's heated. It's great for slutty Instagram photos

Love the pool

These are the stairs that you enter my house through and as you guys can see there's all this greenery and foliage everywhere

Which is really good because I never leave the house and I really don't like outdoors

So this is kind of my my little glimpse of the outdoors, you know

When I go to pick up my post mates or something like that, I can see all the trees and stuff

So that's a good thing here. We have my roof and there's very very easy access to it from these stairs

So it's a very very good place to get high with my friends or just hang out have a little sex

you know the casual things fun fact about this roof as you guys might know I guess I should probably tell you this too this

Used to be Kian and Jc's old house

Which is very weird upon moving and I had literally no idea and then I found out by people tweeting

Me and Kian and JC like reaching out and I was like what the fuck are the odds?

I looked at so many houses

Before moving and I remember walking into this one and just being like this is it this is my house

I'm moving in and then I found out it was kian and JC's what's crazy is when I was like working at PacSun like literally

Living in Vegas working out fucking PacSun being like a retail ass bitch. Kian and JC lived here

So every time I have any youtubers over anything they always tell me stories of like parties here and like crazy shit

They've done here that like they were doing while like I was working at PacSun life is just so weird in that sense

I don't really understand it. But fun fact about this roof if you guys are big David and Liza fans


Definitely am this is the roof where David and Liza met and have their first kiss and David actually took a pebble from this roof

And got like a life-size painting of it and gave it to Liza and Liza still has the pebble even though they're broken up

So basically every time I pass the roof, I realize I'll never have like love like that, you know

We have a very loud gate that you enter through keep the stalkers and crazy people out not like there's a thousand crazy people living

Inside or anything. I also don't know how to open this. You open it so through this gate. We have a little wooden walkway

I probably should've put on shoes and up here is my jungle

It's actually a pretty dope space for like photo shoots or smoking or whatever

But like I said, I don't like nature so I don't find myself up here too often here. We have some cacti and some

palm trees. I don't know if they like grew it or put it here

I really don't understand how any of that works

But there's hella raccoons in this jungle and everyone be vlogging them and it's it's a lot

Well, this is why I don't come up here like the trees and the splinters and the bugs and the raccoons is just too much

for me

See like the outdoors is literally fucking with my sinuses like I need to go back inside

There's more stairs leading up to more jungle with more moss and more foliage

But I think you get the point like there's a jungle in my front yard slash backyard down here takes you to the other side

Of my house, which you could also consider the front yard glass back yard doesn't really make sense

I've literally never used this staircase

Apparently there's another gate that I've also never used and now we're back through to just where we work to the pool and the front

Door and all that kind of stuff. But before I take you guys inside I have something very

Very funny to show all of you

So as you guys know the entire reason why I am literally alive is my manager Jordan like I would literally have like one leg

and no career

So basically when I moved into this house I had this extra space out here and like I guess it was meant to like entertain

Groups of people like if you want to have like a dinner party outside, but like I'm really not that bitch

So Jordan ended up asking if he could turn it in to an office space for him and his assistant Jenna

So basically Jordan quit working on his Network started the company and now he works out of my pool house

But I'd love to show you

You just need 12 months to make this one video that is her production time

And here we have Jordan's office

It's hot in here so basically Jordan has hung every painting on this wall that I do want for my house

But you just stole them and hung them up in here. What are we doing?

What is this a house tour where you work out of my house? I don't work out. This is a guest home

I work out of the guest home here

We have a bunch of paintings that I paid hard-earned money for and wanted to hang in my house

but I

she literally put them in a back closet and they were just sitting there and I said can I hang these and she said sure I don't

Know there's a problem

Here we have Jenna Jordan's better half, you know, alright a lot to do today

You have 45 minutes to get this video done before we keep going

But you literally asked me what I was filming two minutes ago wrap this up

Anyway, so yeah, that was the pool house

So that's where the brand deals happen so over here my pool slash guest house

Jordan's office has a super dope fully functioning bathroom

But it's locked and I'm locked out of it and Jordan won't give me the key

So just imagine it I guess that's what house tours are for right and now I can finally take you guys

Inside of my house. I

Don't really have the key the door locks like a hotel door like if you close it it just locks there's nothing you knew that

Hi, I'm the crackhead that used to live here, but they kicked me out. Oh, yeah. I haven't even talked about that

Whoa, like I said earlier

This was keen to jc's old house and Trevor who was seven feet tall right now used to live here before me when I literally

worked at PacSun like in the sounds

Oh, I meant like last month when I lived here with you, but they kicked me out cuz I'm a crack head

Yeah, we kicked Trevor out cuz he's a psychopath, you know, I mean, I think that we're better not living much didn't kick me up

Before I take you inside, I just want to let you know I'm still decorating my house every single day

This is solely a tour of the architecture because you guys have been requesting it so much

But once I am done decorating this house if you guys want a new fully updated

Decorated house or let me know because I love interior design and all that kind of stuff

But yeah, it's kind of bare, but I'm still giving you a house tour. I don't know

What did you expect it's animals your house tour first. I'm gonna take you into my living

Okay, so I'll give you the people in my living room we have my favorite couch it's from Z Gallerie

This is one of the first furniture items

I literally ever bought I like this couch because I'm super indecisive and I can make it into any shape

It can be like a big bed or like a cloud couch or something like that

Super dope for when you're high as fuck and just like sprawl out on the couch

Then we have these hands with these two books in them

A really really big fan of mine that I love so much in London

Maybe this book and it's like all of my tour aids on my first US tour like every single show

It's so so cute just cuz I love touring and I love you guys

I think it's a super dope look to have out

Then I have an overheard a label that says we only dated for 11 Instagram and then fun facts about these hands


I bought these in Vegas for one of my old houses a long time ago and they were sitting in one of my old houses

And my dad came over and the only thing inside of them was like a ball gag, like, you know

Like the you have sex with and my dad was like yo, what is that? I'm like probably I'm not gonna tell my dad

I like have this like ball gag

Look at my thing and I like him and I'm like yo

It's a toy from my dog

and in that minute the hands fell off the table and shattered and I got Instant Karma for like lying to my dad they were

Super expensive so I ended up replacing them and I love them so much a giant love sock

Everyone who gets drunk at my house ever ends up falling asleep on this. So basically just

Trevor she was mine

Stairs I did Papa I have masturbated in Bella's shower. She banned me

When I

Went towards the drain now that the Pacific bitch enjoy dolphins

Dolphins like blokey like actually great people. This is a house for

Everyone has a house key to me. You could be anyone you can have a house my house key give this video a thumbs up

My comment below I'm gonna choose one random winner. You guys get a house key. I'll mail it to you over here

I have this little area I often use this for like filming or Instagram photos or whatever. I love this painting because it's like

3d and textured and super glittery dope and expensive NAM is good

I have this little matching bag to like cute

Sequin pillows that are like faced with these fake flowers because let's be real

I cannot take care of real flowers. Then I have this little table with this map above it because I'm a cliche Instagram

Ho who needed a map where you put pins everywhere that you've been and as you guys can see I spend most of my time

In the US, then I have my YouTube plaques aren't up here. Please don't ever expect the 10 million won

We just have these that's about it, but they are loosely hung on this wall, and I'm always scared

They're gonna fall off the waiter guard is going through an absolutely shadow here


normally have my tour poster which I love and I'm so proud of but that ace family just took it because they came here to

film a house to where I cannot believe that my house was toured on the ACE family's channel before my own like literally what the

Fuck is life. Like that's kind of why I'm doing this house tour

I felt like Austin showed a bunch of parts of my house

And now I really want to show you guys everything and then over here

We actually have my favorite area in the house

And one of the main reasons why I knew this was going to be the house that I chose

It's like this area with the fire pit and a big

Big meetings here people over who wants to get high. It's a good smoke such area or just like a good drinking entertaining area

What I back this fire pit is absolutely incredible and it looks so beautiful when it's on

Ventilation in this room is low-key shitty and is move on for too long

The entire area sets of smelly gas and everyone just like almost dies before I show you guys the rest of the rooms up here

I want to show you my kitchen and my dining room

So first we have the kitchen and I can't lie to you. It is not a space I use a lot

I actually don't even think I've cooked in this kitchen like once unless you consider like Hot Cheetos and cream cheese cooking

but you probably don't I'm really a sucker for kitchens with big islands though because I just love this space to

Make a mess over for having like a pregame

People fucking you I went here on this island

the only thing I have are these two bases with

Succulents and flowers and all that kind of stuff in it and fun tax

These were two of the first decor items

I ever bought when I got my first house and like moved out the other night Trevor came over here blackout drunk

Immensely inebriated and it was picking these up letting this something once fly everywhere

I'm taking this risk and putting it on his head and they almost shattered

I absolutely lost my mind because I value my succulents in seconds never my microwave is hidden in this very interesting chamber

Which I just think is so bougie and unnecessary, but I'm not gonna lie. I'm living for it

I know in all cribs style how score videos they show you the fridge

But I can't lie to you. My fridge is absolutely a mess right now

I am NOT a James Charles sister and I do not have 20 pink drinks ready to show you but

It's real half drinking waters

Fuck they should have made the fridge look nice. Then we have the dining area where Mario is

Buying some Apple products too beautiful. I love this dining table. It is a one-of-a-kind marble table

I'm obsessed with all things marble and I found this at a little custom furniture boutique in Vegas

And I solutely obsessed with it. This table has been at all of my houses and I fucking love it

The chairs are velvet and custom as well and super comfortable. They like a fucking bed. It's awesome. I love it

I love my table. There's also some BMW. He's on the track people know who that is, but love that for them

I'm gonna figure which everyone likes to put in various holes of their body, but it is still on my dining table

And then of course

We have all of these glass windows with the beautiful view of Los Angeles and the valley and all that kind of stuff

I'm not gonna lie to you guys. I never ever thought I would have it like this

I never thought I would have a house up in the hills of the dopest view

Like I look at it every single day and it motivates me to work ten times harder and just reminds me how grateful I am

For like everything that I have I guess I know that sounds super cheesy

But like I think it is a constant physical reminder of how lucky I am to be in this life

So thank you to all of you for giving me that this got cheesy all fuck off then

I have a little bathroom over there. Nothing special just a guest bathroom

I do really like the sink though

So I had to show you the giant

Then we have absolute boyfriend Michael who is significantly cooler than all of us and just segways around. I don't know

Gotta have a little segue moment in our household. You know what I mean?

there are a little shoe rack which I'm not gonna lie to you is usually filled with like a thousand here she is but I

Like clean for use here, like well go downstairs to my room area. It's kind of a compound

I literally walk down into it every day, and I'm just like how the fuck did I get this room in this life?

It's absolutely crazy. But I spend the majority of my time down here editing filming or just being high as fuck

You know, I'm not gonna lie to you guys. I've eaten shits down these stairs like a hundred thousand fucking times. I don't fit it

First things first, we actually have this dresser, which I'm trying to sell

So if you have any enquiries, I want to buy it. Just let me know up here

I have a bunch of like hype these sneakers shout out go they're fucking awesome. They're the plug. I don't know

I'm a high piece. I love sneakers. I love all the time

So I decided to put some of my favorites and those worn dirty ones on display up here

Well very much lucky enough to have with a living room space attached to my room

Which I love I use this room for getting ready or just like hanging out with people smoking

Filming whatever and we have this Matthew gray

Custom Z Gallerie little set which I love it's grey suede and I picked it up myself and I died for it this chair

Spins all around and super big and it can hold like 19 people and then this couch it's literally the size of a queen bed

So people are staying here

They can sleep over here if they want to

Charlie deep you spilled paint on it

Once I'm still losing my mind over at fuck you Charlie speaking of fuck you we have this rug I bought this like here

Oh, I didn't really like it. I have them spray paint I made this

I don't know how long it's gonna stay there

but I think it definitely

Embodies me and the way that I feel about the world and I can never have a house be too nice or professional

I just have to terrify it somehow so that's what I did

All right, guys

as you can see the Sun is setting so I'm trying to rapidly show you this downstairs space while we still have natural lighting but

Here we have my makeup desk. This is where I cake my face like a pro every single day

I think I can tell I'm super obsessed with Jaclyn hill and kind of general free stuff got James's pallet back here

Totally unleashing my inner artist a bunch of brushes perfume all kind stuff

Now I'm gonna take you guys into my favorite room in the house

my room

my boyfriend who is like way way way too hot and should totally break up with me and like date someone else but uh,

He's there on the bed over here

We have one of my 9,000 dressers but on it is this Ciroc bong which means so much to me as you guys know

If you've been watching me for a while, you know, the Ciroc is water story

So Ashley and Isabel that just got me this bong and I've been leaving it out on display

You know, that's what people do right with their houses. Then you have this custom couch

It is one of one and it was made for me by an incredible artist named coin slot

I'm gonna link in below go keep his shit though

Like he is so talented the entire couch is 90s beams all over the couch is a bunch of crazy

90s themed stuff along with some like vulgar shit

There's like porn magazines and like condoms and like backwoods and like cigarettes and like pills and shit

But then there's like McDonald's fries at my 90s cartoon characters and my Blockbuster Video and like the little Robo dog

Like I I had in the fucking 2000s and shit like it's just cool as fuck. I love this couch

I want to say thank you to coin slot. I covered it with a red fur fake. Of course here. We have my Alexa

She's my fucking homegirl. I use the Alexa constantly to like change my legs and stuff like that like Alexa make all lights red

If I need some like mood lighting or whatever and music played that's super dope Alexa make all lights cool white

Okay, we don't like warm white. Um, and then we have my bed

It's giant obviously this is the place where I spent literally all of my time sleeping my life away

Jordan often wakes me right here like 3 p.m. Every single day. I got black satin bedding just because I love it

It hides all the mess and hot cheetos and whatever of my bed I have this amazing. Cinema art piece

Which is made by iconic art. I just want to say thank you to them

They gave me this incredible painting and that's what the vibe of my room and just like my vibes show

So so well Jo obsessed with it everyone walks into this room and just complements this piece and I think it looks so good over

My bed, and on my black walls in my black room

Shut up Hunter and Charlie Depew for painting this room Hunter's a videographer and Charlie's a fucking actor

But they were they were paintings to me. So I appreciate that very much then

I have some little IKEA nightstands

which I covered in black fur just because I'm messy and ash on it all the time and ash looks better on black fur than

Oh nice and over in this corner. I have this little white pouf where I'm hiding

Strippers on the inside and above this poof. I have this amazing. Sorry painting. I saw this random small artist on Instagram

I'm gonna link them below as well

they painted something like this on a really small canvas and it said something else and I message them and I was like

Please make me a huge one that says sorry I will buy it from you

I want it and I bought this art piece and I'm obsessed with it. It's one of one. It's so cool

Honestly, it makes me want to get this tattoo because I mean my nails always look like that then over here

I have my TV

Which I'm obsessed with I stay streaming YouTube videos on it and then over here to my favorite art pieces

This one is also from ICONic again. I'm gonna link them below go check them off there

So don't even you just want to look through their website

All of their art is so sick

And then we have this I was walking down sunset and vine one day and I look up and I see this giant

Billboard and it says whoa KF is the new something, please just love the movie get out

Like I think it's an amazing amazing film and I just fuckin hate like fake woke Twitter bullshit

And I thought the phrase is really really cool

So I literally went on about a canvas and like repainted the billboard and I'm actually pretty obsessed with it

I think I did an okay job

If you get close-up, you can definitely tell like a third grader did it but like if you're far away

It's a cool painting then we have this random bag an Eightball

It just sounds wrong

Some little jewelry boxes my favorite candle in the entire world from Bath and Body Works

It is the season I have like 19 in a drawer somewhere. It's so good and fresh and fun

I did a lava man and some of my favorite necklaces then. I'm here. I have this Playboy wall

It's nowhere near done, but you would be surprised ordering good Playboy magazines is actually very hard

So that should be done in the next couple weeks. I saw this photo of palsies house

she got our entire house, like interior designs and the interior designer did her bar room like this and I was like

Damn, I really want a wall in my room. She'd be like that so I can do like photoshoots in front of it

and when it's done

I can like film in front of it and stuff and everyone is already so obsessed with this wall when they come in

So I can't wait for it to be finished

I'm super excited definitely fits the Hefner vibe. Then we have this hole of Polaroids, which is also not done yet

I shouldn't be doing a house tour. I think that's just like the premise of this whole video

I'm not gonna let you guys get too close cuz way too many of them are way too provocative

But for everyone who comes in my room, they see a bunch of unfazed tune photos of me

It was some crazy caption. You have my closet on the closet door

I have this jewelry organizer and then you walk in and it looks like I have my life together

But I just don't in the slightest and what's funny is 99% of the shit. I don't even wear

I just have drawers full of hoodies. And that's always what I'm in swipe up merch Lincoln buy. Oh, yeah

We have a wall of a bunch of camo joggers and pants because I'm a basic Instagram hoe a bunch of body suits a bunch

Of new stuff and dresses crazy random shit colorful shit that I never wear and then up here on the shelves

I have a bunch of stuff that I just like fuck with I want to put on display or as new or his designer and

I don't want people to like touch it here. We have a little Gucci princess section heels. I'm literally never we're suction

The backpack of the Jordan destroyed and ruined my life up here broken once again on display

Yeah, and then a dresser this normally has cute shit on it too. But you know, what the fuck is this house tour?

so yeah, that's my closet. It's not painted black because Charlie and Hunter decided to

Stop and here. We have my bathroom

I get to tell everyone the Kean Lawley a shower to my shower and that's that's about it, you know, but not with me

Of course. Yeah, that's my bathroom. I don't know. It's it's not an interesting bathroom

there's a bar stool for what I want to get ready and do my weave but

Yeah, and then outside of my room and I have this giant wrap around balcony and it's probably my favorite part of the house

I just think being able to look at the whole city and the Sun rises and the Sun sets and smoking out there

So dope, but unfortunately it's dark outside right now

So you're gonna have to watch the link b-roll of it because I'm like a really good youtuber


Then just when you think the room tour is over if there's one more part of this room

That is very special very near and dear to my heart one of my favorite parts of the house

My room has its own little kitchen

and like I said

I'm not really much of a chef but to be able to just have this little room up here for people to cook or like

If I'm eating my post mates, and I'm like lazy and I don't want to like take it upstairs

I have a fridge down here a bunch of drinks in the fridge. So I'm like prosciutto and shit

Yeah, but it's a fully functioning kitchen. There's this really interesting

Dungeon space up here that I used to record and uh flavor blasted goldfish

I'm James Charles PR box, you know casual kitchen things

I have a fuckup champagne bottle that my record label made for me that I've yet to open and then up in the kitchen

Another closet for all of my coats and costumes and extra kind of stuff that I don't really use on a daily basis

You know make your own Jojo Siwa bow kit fucking Orbeez

Just the essentials really quick everyday cat a very first day living in this house. I ate mad shit down these stairs

I was limping for like an entire week

So I'm super cautious of those now and then before we go back upstairs

In here a very interesting space a third closet that is nowhere near done yet

I actually want to like amber shoal the fuck out of this room and like DIY it and like paint these walls and they put

A mirror up and then all the shoes that I just never wear because I'm not a fucking girl

Entire rack of vans and slides because I am a little boy. Actually I have these random custom chance the rapper

Painted converse because I love him and I don't know where I got them from but i love them

In the very corner of my shoe closet just when you think it's over

It's a very interesting room in my house, and I'm not gonna lie to you guys

I avoid this room at all costs. I am 100% convinced It is haunted it is so freezing cold in here

Always no matter what, it's weird as fuck. I don't know Kian literally told me that when he lived down here

He never went in this room cuz it freaked him out too. You can't even really get inside. But it's this giant cement

Dungeon that is filled with all the shit that I don't want anyone to see and all of my demons, you know

Scary space not really living for it never really going I love chills. Oh, yeah

This is my shoe closet and eventually it's gonna be really dope. Sorry

I'm excited to show you guys that once I'm done with it

Now I'm gonna bring you guys upstairs and show you some of the other rooms in the house and the people that stay in them

At least the ones that are letting me show their rooms, so we're on the left wing of the house

I never thought I would have a house where I could say that but it's kind of awesome that my house her own room in

Her own space. So let's go. Let's go check on it. There's a laundry room, but I've clearly never been in it. Oh my god

On the other side of the house when I bring you guys through the living room the Sun is completely down right now

But I mean, what do you expect from at an emotional house tour? We have a bunch of other people's rooms

And then Mario is a pussy-ass bitch

Hailey's room isn't clean and Amari and Aaron are taking over the guest room

But I guarantee you there's a thousand McDonald's cups and like bongs and like weed on the floor

I just want to show you any of that. But at the end of this hallway, we have Ashley's room

Ashley is the only girl in this house

She is the only girl I know in a room is

Absolutely better than everyone else's and I walk in there on a daily basis

so jealous of how clean it is how organized it is all of the cool and fancy shit that her fancy and cool boyfriend put

in there

The money on the bed

Yeah, this is Ashley's groom I'm gonna show you guys briefly this is her grammy-nominated boyfriend who's better than all of us combined three grand

They're the ones who got us all on the fancy lighting systems

I feel like no one had cool lights in this house before them. They literally have this thing up here

This is like controlled by sound like literally if your fucking, you know, like change to the sound of a fucking it's absolutely insane

So now as you talk like the sound effects the lights like she's literally better than all of us over here again

Because she's a girl. She's an entire rack of clothes and Cree planned outfits

Literally me most girls just an inspirational board to keep her, you know thin and healthy

And in her bathroom, which I cannot lie to I'm so jealous of this bathroom

I debated on wanting this room for so long because of this bathtub. Fun fact one time. I

period led

Left my period and blood of clothes over there

Then actually was taking a bath and then the toilet started to overflow and there was shit water everywhere and mixed with my period blood

And that's why why should I because the bath and why I'm not allowed

This where Michael spends ninety nine percent of his time

He turned this corner into a gaming corner and the knots or leads back out to the backyard

Burn yard that you guys saw earlier. All right guys, the Sun is down. You've seen my house. You've seen my rooms

You've met the people in it leaves my my merch so I can keep this house and you don't have to go home

But you got to get the fuck out of here