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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: RTB Day London 2019

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Brands are increasingly aware that this is a two-way street...

That they are now horizontally positioned with their customers.

And as such, they are less the source of information, and more the source of recommendations.

Im very happy that we are organizing these events. This is a very important way of speaking to our clients,

speaking to our prospective clients, our partners and having a meaningful conversation where we can understand what their plans are,

what their concerns are, and how we can actually work with them and support their business.

RTB Day has been a great success and shows the company that not only has some really exciting technology with its DL capability,

but also recognizes that its part of a community.

These kinds of events bring people much closer. The ideas, they just spark and bring out that moment of inspiration,

which allows us to grow as a community and as an industry.

The Description of RTB Day London 2019