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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Paying for People's Groceries

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So I am at the Mazy's with my boys and girls..

so i just uhmm.. paying for..

just payin' for people's groceries

uhm.. this kids are picking up their prospects

and uhmmm..

let's see what happens


you are our free grocery costumer of the day

you're kiddin' me right?

no i'm not

are you?


you're kiddin' me..

no i'm not

your groceries are free today

are you serious?

ya i'm serious


we got it covered

you're kiddin' me right?

no i'm not

im not.. i don't kid about this things

my manager would fire me

you'll pay nothing

not a dime

not a penny

you made my year

have a good day

thank you i'm not gonna sleep tonight

you are our free grocery costumer of the day









thank you


thank you


it's like 408 or something like that

by the way you are todays Mrs. our free grocery costumer of the day


you get free groceries for today

this is all free

its covered

-are you kidding? -shut up

no it's covered

really it is covered you dont have to pay

we got it covered

it think i am getting punked up

no you're not

no i am serious please

we have it covered

-are you serious? -yes i am very serious

- i think i am being punked -no no.. i'm not

i swear


this is all free

yes i am just completely serious

this is completely free

yes it's is

-are you really serious? -yes maam

yes maam this is complete free

we got it maam! we got it!

we got it

we do it few times of the year

especially during holidays

my groceries are free everybody!

well special thanks to GungHo

they uh .. they have this photoshopped so they have sponsored this video

uhhm this is actually there idea

they apparently this two top guys in GungHo

they do it every last 25 years

uhm so they contacted me a couple weeks ago

and told me I should do this video

and so they do this up with Mazy's

and all you know

worked out everything with managers and everything

and there's a huge help

they.. they. uhmm

they were the ones who funded for the groceries

it's cool that I do actually the shot too

like i'd like to take out all the duties

like this is a natural out at all

and uhmm.. it has lot of (unaudible) and stuffs

i asked if they could give some away to you guys for free

if you like the other way

or something

and so it's cool

just go to

uhm you can get the first 100 will get 3 packs for free

and then the next 500 will get 50 percent off

and now the thing that is really cool is 5 dollars in every box

sold will go to help uhm kids with autism and ADD

so uhmm you're also will be helping other great cause

now if you don't go to link just sharing this video will help

uhm help the cause and all of that and everything

so this is the only thing you can do for thanksgiving and yeah hahaha

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