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Well the first thing I remember, is coming onto campus walking through the Quad area,

and being like wow these are nice buildings. That's when it hit me, that I'm doing something

right, I'm heading in the right direction. One of the main reasons I came to Syracuse

was the Orange Value Fund that's offered here at the Whitman School, 2 year Management program.

We run a 1.5 million portfolio that's run by students. I think the first thing you think

about when you come to a private school is the cost, and I think you really need to put

things into perspective and know what you can achieve after you get out of school if

you put in the work. I've actually grown very close with those who run the Career Services

here at the business school. They always have some great events, some career fairs, career

madnesses, where you get to sit down with companies and HR professionals that you might

interview with down the road. They had a Wall Street Goes Orange, which is something that

really benefitted me, where I think 30 Finance students went to New York City, visited Times

Square, and multiple Wall Street Firms. We got to really go into their headquarters and

see what they do on a regular basis, and that was kind of an eye opener. That was something

that was I'm that close to achieving my goal. So they've been very helpful with the interviews

that I've had. The interviews that I've had, have actually come from that trip. Get involved

with clubs as a Transfer Student. I joined the Investment Club and most of my best friends

today are people I've met through the club and it's kind of a bigger school, with a smaller

feel. Being able to cheer for some pretty good sports teams is great and there's a camaraderie

here on campus. I hope to work in the financial industry, hopefully my internship leads onto

a full time offer, I definitely want to be successful at what I'm at, I'm pretty driven

person, I'm pretty excited to get started with it and learn from it!

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