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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bin Bot Pro Consecutive Win With Modified Robot Settings! Binbot Pro Trader

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hey, guys! FAYSAL and welcome to my channel. you see my own robot DR. Binary

profitability shows 7%! I think it's their technical problem.

sometimes it shows 70%/80% and sometimes shows minus profitability. so don't go with

the profitability. the last time I modified the robot. let me just show

you my settings. I ticked some major currency pairs and I removed the RSI

indicator. MACD settings for 5 minutes.

CCI settings for 15 minute, and STOC setting for 15 minutes. so let me go

back to the robots. today I will trade with my own robot again. just turned on

the robot. the robot is active. this is the VideForex broker associated with

Bin Bot Pro. it might take a little longer time for you guys if you follow

my robot settings because I chose the longer indicator settings. it

shows a GBP/USD trade placed. let's just stop the robot. GBP/USD for a

CALL that means BUY. the order size is $700.

this is the entry point. from this point it placed for a CALL. let me just

show you. this is 19:41 GMT. almost 20 GMT and the next news will be published on

21:30 GMT, so that won't affect our trade. it is it staying

below the line and as usual for 7-minute expiry. so I modified the Doctor Binary

robot settings as I have just shown you. I can tell you more about

indicators. MACD indicators for five minutes. I set it for five minutes.

five minutes means five days of MACD analysis. CCI for fifteen days.

fifteen minute means 15 days. Stochastic for 15 minute that means 15

days indicator settings. so I removed RSI and that is my setting. I

chose some major currency pairs as you can see. so back to robots. as I told

you that do not use Crypto ADX 2.0 robot because it is associated with crypto

currencies. The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile right now. so

anything can happen when you turn on the robot. do not just use Crypto

ADX robot for a while. you can use RSIMA Cross, XProfit, Ichimoku

crypto. this three robot recommended balance is $2000. if you have

a less investment amount then go for the rest

robots which recommended balance is $500. I sometimes use my own created robot and

sometimes trade with these robots.

let's see the progression of our trade. this is going fine right now and

three more minutes to go. let's just wait. many of you asked me

about VideForex broker. we have been using VideForex for more than two

years. we have two separate accounts. one is this account which is assigned or

associated with Bin Bot Pro. I have a separate account for personal trading

purpose. we have withdrawn money from this platform many times without any

hassle. if you want to withdraw a big chunk as I did before, like I withdrawn

80K from this Vide Forex broker, they called me and they were requesting me

not to withdraw such a big chunk because brokers use people's money. it's like

a bank. As Bank attracts people's deposit and thus they operate their duties.

similarly, brokers use people's money and thus how they operate their

platform. so I said, ''I have some debt that I need to pay immediately.'' I will

deposit or I will keep fund later. they released 80K after five days. I

suggest you withdraw regularly from your broker platform.

this will be the expiration line. this green line is the expiration line. we are

not very far from the expiry line. let's see what happens. price is going

down a little bit. if you want to try Bin Bot Pro then I will provide you a

secured website link in the description so that you can visit their website and

if you think it is beneficial for you then you may try this binary options

trading application. the price just dropped and the expiry is very near. this

is not good. I'm always scared of last minute spike.

it should go up.

it will be very close. this is interesting.

yes! what a trade! let's see what is the result!

just won the trade for inches! that was very exciting. you see the order

size and the payout. so it happens sometimes. the balance adjusted

already. the balance reached to $7,500.

two consecutive winning day I will say with my doctor binary robot after

changing the settings. so you need to change the settings sometimes and test your robot

for better accuracy. don't forget to like and subscribe to my

channel. until then take care!

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