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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Monster High: Ghouls Rule

Difficulty: 0

[ School bell rings ]

[ Women ] ♪M-o-n-s-t-e-r

Monsters, Monsters Yes, we are

[ Man ] ♪Hey, Frankie's Got Me Falling apart

[ Grunts ] ♪Draculaura Is Stealing My heart

Clawdeen Wolf, You Make Me Howl at the moon

[ Woman ] ow!

And No One Better Than Miss lagoona

Cleo Denile, You so beguile

Even Though You act so vile

These Are My Boos My skeleton crew

A Little Strange, But so are you

Who? ♪

Don't You Want To Be A monster too? ♪

[ Beeping ]

[ Howling ]

[ Man narrating ] Sound the alarm!

Halloween is fast approaching.

Yes, halloween.

The one night each year the human menace sets out on a single MISSION:

To capture and torment monsters of all kinds,

led by their vicious monster-hunting hero van hellscream,

expert in the fine art of monster misery.

Monsters everywhere are asking one simple QUESTION:

Are you prepared?


Boo, indeed!

[ Gasps ]

Oh, my ghoul!

Guys, are you watching this?

[ Beeping ]

[ Narrator ] These people know no bounds.

They will kick your piles of leaves.

They are vicious, vicious people.

[ Giggles ]


[ Clears throat ]

Meet joe normie,

pleasant, hardworking man of the people nearly every day of the year.

Except ONE:


[ Gasps ]

The night he and a thousand of his closest normie friends...

Turn into a crazed monster-hunting goon squad.

[ Shouting ]

Run for the hills, everyone.

This-- this-- this can't be right.

They will do anything and everything to make your lives miserable.

Wait. What about trick or treat?

Glad you asked.

Uh, what?

Don't fall for any of their tricks or treats.

They are traps, designed to lure you out of hiding so they can haul you away.

No. Abbey, look--

frankie stein,

this is your first halloween.

I advise you to pay particularly close attention.

Lock your doors and stay inside.

If you are unlucky enough to find yourself outside,

do anything to avoid being discovered.

It's those monsters that attempt to stand up and fight back who are the most at risk.

Don't let this happen to you.

[ Gasping ]

Mr. Rotter, this film can't be right.

I mean, monsters forced to run and hide?

Normies coming to get us?

That is the unfortunate history of halloween.

[ Thunderclaps ]

[ Screams ]

Mr. Rotter, dude--

uh, I mean, uh, sir dude.

You make us watch that boring old film every year,

and every year nothing happens.

Deuce, dude,

may I remind you of the old SAYING:

"Those of you who forget the lessons of history...

Will be doomed to repeat them."

I repeated history once.

But that was 'cause I accidentally burned my book.

[ Screaming ]

- oh. Whoa! - [ All laughing ]

Students. I assure you this is no laughing matter.

Halloween is only days away.

But-- but my magazine said this is a fun time, with costumes and candy and--

frankie, these normie magazines are jammed full of lies.

See? "Nottie to hottie in four easy steps."

Please. You're either born with it or you're not.

Even though the normies may seem like they can be trusted,

all rules go out the window on halloween.

Who knows what they might be capable of?

- [ School bell rings ] - not so fast.

We will continue this discussion tomorrow.

[ Door creaking ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Beeping ]

- [ Grunts ] - watch it, normie.

Oh, I'm part monster too, manny.

- see? - ♪ [ Rock ]

[ Shouts ] Finally!

Whoo! Sweet music, thank you.

I have been trapped in that nerdy normie for way too long.

- [ Beeping ] - oh, man! Battery's low.

I better rock this school while I can.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

[ Sputters ]

Oh, clawdeen, I'm totes excited.

[ Laughs ]

Our double date is tonight.

My cousin thad is dying to meet you.

Well, not literally. He's immortal.

Gee, a double date with you, my brother and some guy I've never met.

How could a ghoul pass that up?

Aw, come on. Don't be so stubborn. It might be fun.

Hey, ghouls. Um, what do you know about... Halloween?

[ Screams ]

Oh, no. Did Mr. Rotter show that ridiculous old film again?

I'm so confused. I don't know what to believe.

Trust me, ghoulfriend. You got nothing to worry about.

Right, draculaura?


I can only speak from personal experience, but...

Normies were the whole reason my family fled my old village to come here.

[ Chomping ]

[ Both scream ]

All it takes is one little misunderstanding,

and before you know it, out come the pitchforks...

And torches and bags and chains and--

- uh, how is that helping? - oh. Sorry. [ Chuckles ]

On the plus side, I never would have met any of you if we hadn't moved here.

Tell you what, frankie. On halloween,

we can all have a slumber party at my house, okay?

We'll all be safe and sound together.

You can all tell scary normie stories,

like the one about the farmer who steals the souls of--

a ball! I got it!

Come on.

You don't really believe all that stuff about normies, do ya?

Uh, yeah, I do.

Deuce, my mummy-- my daddy--

taught me a long time ago that they are not to be trusted.

Your dad says lots of stuff, cleo. Doesn't mean it's true.

Don't let them scare you, frankie. Halloween is really no biggie.

Ghouls! Breaking news. It's epic.

- not now, spectra. - but look!

[ All gasp ]

[ Young man ] Oh!

What chaos!

What a story!

[ Phone beeps ]


[ Chattering ]

Check it out.

Oh, my ra.

What is going on here? I demand to--

[ Horn honking ]

[ Crowd groaning ]

- no! - [ Laughing ]

There's more where that came from, you monster freaks!

This is gonna be the worst halloween of your lives!

[ Whimpering ]

Oh, my ghoul. Oh, my ghoul. Oh, my ghoul.

Oh, my ghoul. [ Whimpers ]


Sorry I'm late. What did I Miss?

The normies. They attack us in the broad of daylight.

They did? Oh, that really grinds my gears.

It's not like it's surprising.

They're wrecking our school just like they're wrecking the environment.

You don't think that stuff from the old film is coming true, do you?

Oh, gil. Don't be such a 'fraidy catfish.

It was one little prank.

I'd like to see 'em try it again.

They're just lucky I'm not allowed to chase cars anymore.

[ Purrs ] What they did was sneaky,

mean, conniving and underhanded.

I have to say, I admire it.

We should totally get them back.

- [ Both meowing ] - that's the first thing...

You've ever said that I agree with.

[ Woman on PA. ] Attention, students.

I know you're all a little on edge right now.

But as your headmistress, I must urge you not to retaliate.

We can't afford to ignite any old tensions between us.

Especially this close to halloween!

[ Gasps, whimpers ]

I guess cleo was right. My magazine was lying.

Maybe you just can't trust normies on halloween.

Watch out. Oh!

My bad. I'm in such a hurry.

- I'm working on a spooktacular story. - what are all these?

I got them from the old library in the catacombs beneath the school.

It's all about the history of halloween.

I'm hoping to find something juicy to drive up my web hits.

Something like this?

What is it?

Is map of catacombs.

Secret room. A place called--

"the hall of halloween."

- ♪ [ Organ ] - [ All gasp ]

[ Chuckles ]

Ghouls, I spend a lot of time in the catacombs,

and I ain't never heard of it.

Operetta, please help us. You're the only one who knows their way around this place.

I need to know the real story about this awful day.

Well, I suppose it don't hurt nothin' to look.

But don't get your hopes up, sweet pea.

Ooh, I'm just sparking at the bolts to find out what's down here.

[ All gasp ]

Maybe we go single file.

[ All grunting ]

Bit of a tight squeeze. [ Chuckles ]

Oh, what took you so long?

I'm sorry, darlin'. There is no way there's anything in...



Come on, ghouls. Let's check it out.

These things are older than I am.

I don't get it. All this kind of makes halloween look fun.

[ Gasps ]

[ Whimpering ]

- [ All scream ] - [ female voice ] welcome to the hall of halloween,

an interactive tour through one of the world's greatest holidays.

Halloween was originally created...

To honor and praise all of the monsters of the world.

I knew we had it all wrong.

It started as a way for the humans to give thanks...

To their monster brothers and sisters for years of friendship.

Every october 31,

the monsters would put on their finest and most over-the-top fashions...

In preparation for a night of celebration.

Oh! Beautiful!

While the monsters got ready,

the humans would put on elaborate costumes, makeup and masks...

As a tribute to the monsters.

After they were all dressed up,

they would go door-to-door performing tricks and handing out treats.

Candy anyone?

[ Cackles ]

Abbey, that's, like, super old.

Mmm. Candy like cheese from yak. Is better with age. Mmm!

And super delicious.

They would even carve pumpkins with the faces of their favorite monsters on them.

All this to celebrate their wonderful and unique friends.

This is like the coolest holiday ever.

At the end of the day, monsters and humans...

Would gather in the center of the town...

For the biggest party of the year.

[ All ] Whoa!

The humans in their costumes...

And the monsters in their outrageous apparel...

Danced the night away,

vowing to do this every year.


Look at me, y'all.

Check us out, ghouls.

Absolutely amazing.

We look voltageous in these.

And that is the story of halloween.

Come on. We gotta tell everyone about this.

[ Chattering ]

[ Creaks ]

Guys, guys, guys! We have to tell you something huge.

Not now, frankie.

The normies came back.

Ha! That's the best they could do?

Hey. Whoa!

[ Screams ]

- [ Young man ] Hey! Up there! - uh-oh.

Whoa. Look out!

[ Screams ]


[ Whimpering ] Th-th-thanks, abbey.

- do not mention it. - again?

Those clothes-ruining animals!

Hey. Heath just got saved by a girl.

- [ All laughing ] - way to go, heath!

[ Gasps ]

Attention, students. Attention. [ Screams ]

Will everyone please go to the clawditorium in five minutes...

For an emergency assembly.

[ All murmuring ]

Come on, come on, baby! Don't go out on me like this.

[ Beeping ]

I need my tunes to be me.

No, no, no, no, no.

[ Gasps ] Jackson! Slow down.

Oh. Sorry. I need to charge my icoffin.

It's not safe to be a norm-- uh, me-- right now.

[ Chattering ]

Settle down, please.

It is now clear that the situation with the normies in the next town has become...

Much worse.

Until halloween is over,

when you are outside of monster high,

please disguise yourselves, hide.

Do not let anyone know you are a monster.

Wait. Hide who we are?

Headmistress bloodgood,

this goes against everything we've ever been taught at monster high.

We shouldn't be embarrassed of our differences. We should be proud.

- she's right! - and we used to be proud.

Look. No one knows this, but halloween used to be for monsters.

We were celebrated and admired, not chased and ridiculed.

So I say it's time we stop being afraid and take back our holiday.

- [ Gasps ] - for all monsters!

- yeah! - yeah! Let's take back halloween!

By force! [ Moos ]

- [ Gasps ] - yeah! We're with you!

Oh, no. I didn't mean-- uh, guys.


Come on! This way!

[ Grunting ]

What have I done?

Needless to say, everyone's got their bandages in a bunch.

I mean, who do those normies think they are?

And what, may I inquire,

are you going to do about it, young lady?

Well, th-there's talk of getting them back.

Talk? Oh, cleo.

Talk is like the desert sands.

It is worth nothing and changes direction with the four winds.

That's so true, daddy.

Of course, if I were still in school, I wouldn't let them get away with it.

But we can't all be me, hmm?

[ Groans ]


You're a denile. You have royal blood coursing through your veins.

I was a pharaoh, as was my father,

as was his father before--

what he's trying to say is, when are you gonna start growing up?

What's that supposed to mean?

Uh, like, for instance,

when are you gonna dump that loser of a boyfriend?

Deuce is not a loser!

Daddy says he's a slacker.

I say he needs a haircut,

and he says "dude" Like every other word.

- [ Grunts ] - girls, please.

Nefera's correct. You belong with someone from royal lines,

someone who doesn't hold you back.

Good-bye. You don't want to be late for class.


When times are tough, monsters need a leader.

Can you be that leader?

Can you make me proud?

Are you sure she's not adopted, daddy?


Dude. Dude. Dude.

Dude. Dude. Babe.

Yo, cleo. What's goin' on?


Not now.

Ghoulia, are you wasting your brain on homework again?

[ Groans ] It's time you used it for something IMPORTANT:

Helping me.


Show me how to send a mass text on my icoffin.

[ Moans ]

Yes, again.

[ Sighs ]

[ Beeping ]

[ Cell phones ringing ]

Whoa. It is on.

Hey, what happened last night?

You missed our double date. Thad was so disappointed.

Um, I was, uh--

I was just too upset over what the normies did to go out on a date.


So then you won't mind if I re-skedge? How's next friday, hmm?

Oh, I-i-i think I'm probably gonna still be upset on friday.

Whoa! Oh, look at the time. I'm gonna be late. See ya.

She's always flaking out on our double dates.

[ Gasps ]

Clawdeen's never been on a date!

I'll just see what I can do about that.


Heath to the rescue!

[ Panting ]


Ever think that heath may be, uh, one yak burger short of barbecue?

I bet ya I know what's eatin' him.

Please do tell.

When you saved his flame earlier,

I think it embarrassed him in front of his mates.

Because I am girl?

This makes no sense.

In my village, girls do everything boys do, only do not smell so bad.

[ Giggles ] Well, you know how boys are.

Sometimes their egos can be as fragile as a kookaburra egg.

Oh, I cannot wait until I am here long enough to understand these boys.

I'm pretty sure you could spend your whole life here and not understand boys any better.

[ Burps ]

Guys, I'm really worried.

My speech yesterday totally backfired.

And now I'm afraid some of the students are gonna do something crazy.

- why do you say that? - I don't know.

It just feels like everybody's acting all strange and secretive.

Hmm. Personally had not noticed anything out of ordinary.

[ Purrs ]


Oh! I got something on my face?

Did I get it?


I don't understand. What are you--

oh! The signal for the secret meeting!


[ Whispering ] Right. On the DL.

Gotcha, brah. See ya there, dude.


Yep. Everything looks same to me.

[ Sighs ] Let's go see what they're up to.

And you're all just going to sit here, sniveling and afraid,

after they disrespected you like that?

No way!

You guys just gonna stand there?

They think they are so much better than we are.


That's why we've got to get them back.

And it's got to be something so epic,

so legendary, so... Denile...

That they'll put us in the monster history books.

Yeah! Let's get 'em!

Let's get 'em!

Cleo's right. We gotta fight fire with fire.

Hey. I know a sublimely shrouded entrance to new salem through the catacombs.

Sweet. They'll never see us coming.

Man, they really barked up the wrong tree, messin' with us.

Yeah! Let's show those normies what happens when you mess with monster high!

[ Grunts ] Aren't you forgetting? You're half normie.

Believe me, I can't go a day without somebody reminding me.

But-but-but this is my school too,

and if we're getting 'em back, I want in!

Nice try, jackson.

Can't trust a normie to pay back the normies.

Holt can come, but not you.

You wanna bring holt instead of me?

But-but-but that guy is totally unreliable...

And-and-and kind of obnoxious.

You heard me. It's holt, or bolt.

[ All ] Holt! Holt! Holt! Holt! Holt! Holt!

Here. Just do it.


All right, all right, all right, all right! Yeah!

Enough talk. Talk is cheap,

not unlike toralei's earrings.


To the catacombs!

All right!

Whoo! Yeah!

Let's do this.

Whoa. Cleo is really taking this, like, crazy personal.

Yeah. She doesn't even believe any of that junk.

That's her dad and nefera talking.

Well, she's got everybody else believing it.

We better follow them, make sure they don't do anything crazy.

[ Bats squeaking ]

Mazes. I hate mazes.

[ Rustling ]

[ Gasps ] What was that?

Holy smokes, this is gonna be horrifyingly awesome.

I brought this rotten gargoyle egg to chuck at their school.

[ Grunts ]

Sometimes I am so rad, it boggles the mind.

Hey, hey, hey. Careful with that, bro.

Those things pack a serious stench.

Dude, give me a little credit. I'm not gonna--

[ Holt ] whoo!

Come on! Now let's get a move on.

I got it! I got it, I got it, I got it! I--

wait. I lost it.

[ All groaning ]


Ah, come on. I wanna get those normies back while we're still in high school.

Easy, holt. We'll get there soon enough.

Oh, man, I can't wait.

I'm going up ahead. You slowpokes catch up!

Jackson's right about that guy.

Super unreliable.

And kind of obnoxious.

[ Chuckles ]

It's this way. It will take us right next to the normie high school.

Come on. This way.

[ Groans ] What is that smell?


We made it. We're outside the normie high school.

Fang on a second. Somebody beat us to it.

Aw, dang! They sure did a heath of a job.

That's better than we were gonna do.

[ Siren wailing ]

All right, monsters, freeze! Stay right where you are.

They think we did this?

Oh! What do we do?

I got an idea. Run!

Oh, let go!


Hey! Come back here! [ Grunts ]

Oh, no. I knew something like this was gonna happen.

Me and my stupid speech.

We better see if we can help them.

All right. Scour this place until you find 'em.

I want no stone unturned.

Not literally, you bunch of knuckleheads.

Now go get those monsters. Go, go, go!

[ Growling ]

[ Barking ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Gasps ] China shop?

[ China shattering ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Siren wailing ]

- [ Gasps ] - shh!

Deuce, frankie, what are you doing here?

We came to try and stop you from doing something crazy.

- [ Grunts ] - I guess we were too late for that.

Hey, dude. We didn't do that to the school.

Somebody did it before we got there.

Yeah. We saw. But if you didn't do it, who did?

[ Grunts ] You don't think it was holt, do ya?


No way. Not holt!

Does not matter. They thinking we did this.

We must get out of here before police come and throw their books at us.

Abbey's right. There's a drain that leads back to the catacombs...

About two blocks from here.

If we stay out of sight, I think we can make it.


What are you doing out here?

'Cause the party is in here.

Well, what are you waiting for? Come on in.

- welcome to the party. - [ Siren wailing ]

Hmm. Police will not look for us at party.

Oh. Uh, okay.

Sure. Yeah.


Hmm. Why not?

[ Chattering ]

♪ [ SPEAKERS: Dance ]

Mmm. You asked for it.

Whoa! Killer costumes, guys.

Those are so lifelike.

[ Snakes hiss ]


Wow. Cool.

Huh. Is nice.

Uh, ghouls, what exactly is going on here?

[ Chuckles ] Check it out.

Oh, my ra. [ Gasps ]

What kind of house of horrors is this?

Ghosts and skeletons strung up on the wall like trophies?

My father was so right about these people.

Chill, cleo. They're candy.

- just decoration. - like in the hall of halloween.

Hmm. Not as good as old stuff, but not bad neither.

They're clearly celebrating attacking our school. Meow.

This is the perfect opportunity to get back at the normies.

- punch? - is that a threat?

Oh. You mean, uh-- [ Chuckles ] Yeah.

- real tough, clawd. - come on, manny. Let's go get even.

Whoa. Sick costumes.

You guys must really love halloween.

Oh, yeah, totally.

What norm-- uh-- creatu-- uh, person doesn't?

I don't even recognize you.

Um, that's 'cause...

We're, um--

exchange students. Yeah, that's it.

We from totally different world.

Yeah. How come you're not dressed up, uh--

clair. And this kind of stuff isn't really my thing.

I'm only here 'cause my friend chad made me come.

♪ [ Soft Pop ]

♪ [ Women Vocalizing ]

[ Groans ] And if I'm forced to be here,

I'm going to at least change the music.

These people have no taste.

That was too close. We have to get out of here.

Aw, come on. Clair seemed nice.

That's how they fool you.


If I were her, I'd do the same thing.

Lure you in with kindness, then pounce.

Don't forget what they did to us.

And what we came here to do.


One of us already did that, remember?

Yo, you guys just gonna stand there?

Come on. It's a party. Let's dance!

♪ [ Dance ]

♪ [ Continues ]

Hmph! Normies.

See? You should tell your dad that they aren't so bad after all.

- [ Horn blows ] - [ All gasp ]

Attention, uh, everyone.

Hey. It's those guys that trashed our school.

Now presenting the most famous monster hunter of all time--

'tis I, lilith van hellscream.

- [ All ] Van hellscream? - behold my magnificence.

- [ Young man ] Nice costume, lilith. - I can't believe her sometimes.

Halloween is my favorite time of year.

And just like my famous monster-hunting uncle,

I'm on the prowl,

searching high and low for those vile, disgusting creatures.

[ Gasps ] Vile and disgusting?

Take a look in the mirror, sister.

Oh. It appears I've struck gold.

Just look at all of you.

So many potential victims.

Are you a monster? Or maybe you.

Or maybe... You! [ Giggles ]

It's time we got back to the true meaning of halloween--

catching monsters! [ Cackles ]

Careful. Those very spicy.

Ha! I think I can handle a little heat.

- [ Screaming ] - [ All gasp ]

[ Screaming ]

- [ All gasp ] - hot!

- hot, hot, hot, hot, hot! - he's a real monster.

- not a costume. - hot, hot!

Whoa! No!

- [ Screams ] - [ Chuckles nervously ] Excuse me.

[ Whimpers ]

Look out!

[ Gasps ]

[ Guests screaming ]

[ Groans ] Whoa!

Sorry. My bad.

[ Screams ]

[ Panting, sighs ]

- oh, no. - aha! Monsters.

I knew it.

You know you're not supposed to be on our side of town.

What are you freaks up to?


You started it.

- and we're gonna finish it. - oh, yeah? Really?

Come on. Go for it.


Everyone stop.

Lilith, so they're monsters. Big deal.

- they weren't hurting anyone. - not yet.

But they will.

[ Guests murmuring ]

[ Clair ] Everybody, chill.

This party was, like, super lame before the monsters showed up.

You shouldn't be afraid of them. You should thank them.

I mean, lilith keeps saying how terrible they are,

but, like, when was the last time one of them did anything bad to us?

[ Siren wailing ]

Got you, you dirty monster.

Get your normie hands off of me!

Hold still!

Whoa, you got the wrong dude, dudes.

Looks like they got the guy who vandalized our school.

- I was framed, yo. - yeah, right. Sure.

Then what's all this? [ Gasps ]

- [ Groaning ] - [ Crowd gasps ]

- holt. - hey, don't you worry about me, frankie fine.

These dudes--

They've Got It All wrong, yeah

Sheriff, there's more evil monsters over here.


[ Yowls ]

[ Grunting ]

Don't worry, I'll protect-- [ Groans ]

You're welcome.

Frankie Fine Don't leave me

You got the wrong dude, dudes. I was framed, yo.

Come on. Let me out of here.

You will never keep me in here, chumps.

No jail can hold holt hyde!

Let me hear say "holt"!


- say "holt, holt." - holt, holt.

Say holt--

hey. Hey, hey.

Knock it off in here. Wait a minute.

Are those headphones? Gimme.

You're in a whole lot of trouble, son.

This is serious business.

[ Gasps ] Oh! A spider!

[ Screams ] Murphy! Murphy! Murphy!

[ Crashing ]


What am I going to do with you? What were you thinking?

Defacing the normie school like that--

but, Miss bloodgood, we didn't--

hush, frankie.

Don't make things any worse for yourselves.

- but-- - shh!

Ah! Shush!

Such foolish endeavors.

You've set monster-normie relations back a hundred years.

And now? This close to halloween?

You're lucky all you're getting is detention.

[ Rooster crows ]

[ Yawns ]

[ Slurping ]

What are you doing here? What-what happened to the blue guy?

Oh. Oh, you mean that loud, rude,

crude, jerky monster with terrible taste in music.

- that's the one. - I was, um--

well-- well, see, I was minding my own business,

and he grabbed me, and he-- and he threw me in here.

But how did he get out of the cell?

It, uh, all happened so fast I didn't see. [ Chuckles ]

Oh, but-but-but don't monsters have powers and stuff?

I mean, maybe his was... Unlocking doors.

Oh, that fiendish fiend.

Murphy! Our prisoner has escaped.

Nobody rests until we find our man--

uh-- oh, monster.

- yes, sir, sheriff. - I'm gonna run this nice young man back to school.

I beg your pardon?

That's where the blue boy grabbed you from, right?

I mean-- [ Chuckles ] You weren't cutting class, were you?

Oh. No. No. School. That's where I was-- in school. Studying.

Big test. Big test.

[ Cackling ]

All right. Welcome to detention. Here are the rules.

No talkin', laughin', smilin' or breathin'.

Well, okay, maybe a little bit of breathin'.

And no gum!

[ Murmuring ]

Way to go, frankie.

"Take back halloween!" "Monsters deserve better!"

I made a total mess of things.

Gotta hand it to our boy holt.

He really took it to the normies.

You guys don't really think it was holt that did it, do you?

I hope it was. It's nice to finally see a monster standing up to the normies.

Deuce, I'm sorry.

Aw, hey. Listen. We all--

I'm sorry you can't sit next to your new best friend frankie.

Whoa. Best friend? Where'd that come from?

Look at you two, hanging out, taking little trips to new salem.

[ Groans ] excuse me for helping her try and save you from getting busted.

Fang up job there.

[ Cell phone rings ]

Oh. Daddy!


My daughter, we heard what happened.

Oh, daddy. I can't believe...

How those normies treated me.

[ Manny grunts ]

[ Gasps ] Us.

Yeah, bunch of bullies.

They made me run!


Deniles do not run.

I heard they put you in detention. [ Giggles ]

Kinda makes my day.

There's nothing wrong with getting into a little trouble for something you believe in.

Too bad she doesn't really believe it.

[ Nefera ] Is that deuce?

[ Father ] Cleo, take me off speakerphone.

Uh, okay. Yes, daddy. I know.

But-- but he's always been there for me.

Stay out of it, nefera. Yes, daddy.

Okay. I will.

[ Beeps ]

Deuce, I-- I-i--

I need to be with someone who supports me.

Support you? Whoa. I do support you.

I always have. I-i just don't agree with--

and if you can't support me, we can't be together.

Wait. Hold up. Are you breaking up with me?

Uh, yes.

Is this you talking or your family?


All right. Cool. Fine by me.

You know, if we weren't in detention, I would totally storm off right now.

- [ Gasps ] - oi! What'd I say about talkin'?

[ Thinking ] Okay, this is bad.

Everyone's gonna know I don't belong here.

Wait. Nobody's noticing me.

But-but how can that be? Don't they know I'm a--

they don't notice because... I look just like them.

Wow. No dirty looks. [ Gasps ] Could it be?

A place where I finally fit in?

Aw, this is so awesome!

I can't believe nobody's picking on me!

[ Whimpers ]

I thought so.

[ Sniffs ] Yeah.

Still got that new kid smell.

What should we do to him first? Wedgie?

Um, excuse me.

But if you guys need a few moments to, uh, discuss this,

I-i-i'd be glad to come back later.

Well, if it isn't tweedledum and tweedle dumber.

- zip it, clair. - oh.

I wonder who could be texting me right now.

Whoa. The chess club gets to use the gym after school,

and the wrestlers have to practice outside?

What? No way!

No way!

- way. - no way nerds are kicking us out of the gym.

- way. - we better talk to coach.

[ Gasps, groans ]

Come on!

- child's play. - thanks.

You really saved my hide.

No sweat. Messing with those goons is always the highlight of my day.

- I'm clair. - jackson.

- oh! - [ Cell phone buzzing ]

Hello, clair.


You know, new kid, just because you're new,

doesn't mean you don't have to be vigilant.

Keep your eyes peeled for this monster.

He broke out of jail and is considered very dangerous.

- he's kinda cute. - [ Both ] Ew!

You must be joking. [ Chuckles ]


You and the blue kid have the same piercing.

What are you, a monster too? [ Chuckling ]

[ Cackles ] That's funny. Me, a monster?

[ Laughs ] Oh, you slay me.

Hey, I got your text. What's going--

speed dating?

Draculaura! [ Groans ]

Oh, please don't be fangry with me.

Why'd you do this?

Because... I knew you just needed a nudge.

Come on. I know it's different, but just give it a shot.

- what have you got to lose? - hmm. Let's see.

My dignity, my patience, my temper.

You see, already with the bad attitude, and we haven't even started.

I am not doing this.

You are freaking me out. Enough with the winking.

No offense, but I like a boy with a little meat on his bones.

Too small.

[ Murmurs ]

Too slow.

Too many fang-ups.


Ooo-takka-bakka-lakka-boo-boo. Oom-tikki-man.

We're done here.

Wait. Why are you so stubborn?

Stop! I don't wanna talk to you right now.

[ Chad ] So then Mr. Nelson says,

"you can't bring that thing in here. It hasn't been housebroken."

- [ All giggle ] - hey, clair, chad, everybody.

Um, look. I just wanted to-- to thank you.

For what?

Well, um, when I got here,

I didn't really know what to expect.

But you guys have really made me feel like I belong.

And, um, well, that's just kind of new for me.

Oh, gag, dude. If you ever get mushy like that again,

I'll give you a mega-wedgie myself.

- oh, no. - no need to thank us.

Hey, do you like toxic crimson dancer?

Duh! They're like my favorite band.


I just downloaded their new single.

Check it.

Oh, no.

It doesn't even drop-- hey.

- what's the deal? - jackson, what's your damage, dude?

I am so sorry.

Oh, man. It's like, um, I just have this--

well, I have this condition. Yeah, a condition.

And it's called... Spazzington's.

And every so often, I'll just, you know, spaz out-- [ Moans ]

Like for no reason.

And, I mean, it gets really bad sometimes.

[ Sighs ] There is no cure.

Oh, bro, I'm so sorry.


[ Principal on PA. ] Attention, students. Please welcome our pep band,

fresh off their victory at regionals.

I, uh-- I, uh--

I feel another flare-up coming.

-♪ [ Brass band ] -[ chuckles ] your little spazzy friend sure hates music.

[ Whimpering, groaning ]

♪ [ Continues ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Groaning, screams ]

Hmm. Very interesting.

[ Crowd chattering, groaning ]

[ Young man ] Come on.

[ Young woman ] No way!

That's not fair!

Sheriff, the people are impatient.

Some say that if you don't catch this monster criminal,

they'll take things into their own hands.

No comment. Ooh! [ Screams ]

Hey, you didn't, uh, shoot that, did you?

I can't believe it happened again.

It says in the ghostly gossip...

That the normies think holt is behind this one too.

Holt is so hard-core.

Jolly exciting.

He's a total monster hero.

He's treating normies like they treat the ozone layer.

I simply can't wait for the next post.

I need info.

I need info.

Hit refresh.

Hit refresh.

[ Gasps ]

Imaginary nefera here.

Look how excited everyone is.

You know, a real denile would figure out a way to make it all about her.

Attention, everyone.

I just received an e-mail from holt.

[ All ] what?

He wants us all to know that he is behind all these pranks on the normies.

Oh, boy! I knew it!

All right! I knew it!

And that he's got even bigger and better ones planned.

[ Young woman ] Yeah.

[ Young man ] he's awesome.

And that he will be communicating through me,

his "spokes-princess"-- his words, not mine--

because I was his inspiration for standing up to the normies.

[ Cheering ]

Yeah, cleo.

[ Beeping ]

He'll be updating his critter account...

To keep you up on his exploits. [ Giggles ]

Cleo, you rock. You tell holt that we're all behind him.

[ All ] Yeah! Yeah!

[ Cheering ]

Man, I can't believe cleo.

First she convinces everybody to go attack the normies,

then she breaks up with me, and now she's holt's "spokes-princess"?

You guys, this is bad.

We can't sit around any longer.

We've gotta stop holt. He's created a monster.

[ Rapid typing ]

Wow. Never seen zombie move so fast.

She's uploading a program to triangulate...

Holt's exact location, based on his cell phone's GP.S.

Did I get that right?

[ Murmurs ]

[ Beeping ]

[ Mutters ]

[ Gasps ] oh, no. He's in their school.

We gotta get over there and stop him before it's too late.

[ Beeping ]

[ Hissing ]

I am an evil monster. [ Cackles ]

You will never stop me and my--

cut! Cut! [ Groans ] That was dreadful.

You, hold the microphone higher.

You, that is the worst acting I've ever seen in my life.

- the camera makes me nervous. - [ Groans ]

One more time, from the top.

And remember, we need to make this look believable.

[ Frankie ] Come on, guys.

[ Beeps ]

Well, well, well.

What do we have here?

[ Hissing ]

- you see anything? - no, mate. Nothin'.

I don't get it. He should be right here.

[ Beeping ]

Maybe he up to dirty business.

Hmm. That's what I'm afraid of.

No. Mean literally. Look.

[ Beeping ]

[ Gasps ] The janitor's closet.

Holt, whatever it is you're doing, stop.

[ All gasp ] Jackson!

Hey, um, what are you guys doing here?

We came to tell you-- uh, holt-- to knock it off.

Your pranks are making everyone crazy.

Hey, hey, hey. Hey. Slow down. I didn't do it.

Come on. It's all over holt's critter page, mate.

I didn't make that. Look. Someone is framing me.

And you haven't turned into holt at all? You're sure?

Well, there have been a couple of times. I couldn't help it.

[ Lilith ] Sheriff, quick! They're in here.

Now I've got ya.

My monster watch committee saw them when we were out on patrol.

Behold your monster.

♪ [ Rock ]

[ Whimpers ]

You've been hiding here all along.

- you're coming with me. - I didn't do it.

Hah. You'll be needing these.

[ Gasps ]

Come on. Let's go.

After everything that happened, everything we've warned you about,

you have the raw nerve to go back over there?

[ Sighs ]

Two months in-school detention, all of you.

And if you pull a stunt like this again,

you will be expelled from monster high.

[ Phone rings ]

Hello? No, I'm not. I'm--


Monsters think they can just come into our town and do whatever they want.

Well, I say no more!

[ Cheering ]

Yeah! You got it, sheriff!

It's time we got back to the true meaning of this holiday--

putting monsters in their places.

[ Cheering ]

And that's why I declare on this halloween that this criminal here...

Shall be given the worst possible punishment for man or monster.

[ Cheering ]

This isn't gonna turn out good at all, is it?

At dusk on halloween night,

we shall all join together and haul this creature to the top of the hill,

where he will be given the trick-or-treatment.

[ Gasps ] Oh, no.

Yes. The trick-or-treatment.

So horrible it hasn't been used on a monster in 200 years.

Well, let this boy serve as a reminder to all of them...

What halloween is really about.

We have to do--

[ Voice chattering ]

But I don't think that--

yes. I remember.


I understand.

The monster elder council has decided to do... Nothing.

Holt must take his punishment.

Attention, everyone.

The normies are going to give holt the trick-or-treatment.

[ Spectra's voice ] Monster elder council okay with normie punishment.

Why are you avoiding me?

I don't wanna talk about it, okay?

Well, I was only trying to help you.

Well, maybe you need to mind your own business.

Mind my own business? [ Chuckles ]

Have you even met me? Come on. What's wrong?

What's wrong is my so-called friend won't let me live my life.

I don't need to change anything, okay?

I'm perfectly happy.

Yeah. You seem thrilled.

Detention again, Miss stein?

This is becoming quite the nasty habit.

[ Cackles ]

What are we gonna do about holt?

What can we do?

Is hopeless.

Oi! Keep it down! This is detention, not a tea party.

You heard jackson. Someone's framing him.

How are we gonna prove that, love?

What about clair and chad? Maybe they can help.

Yeah, right. Just march right into enemy territory and strike up a conversation?

What could possibly go wrong?

It's a long shot at best,

and bloodgood will throw us out of school if we did that.

We can't let them do this. The cycle has to end.

I said keep it down!

[ Gasps ]

I can barely hear the violin solo.

♪ [ VIOLIN: Classical ]

Look. Our only chance of saving him is if we can get some normies on our side.

I don't care if it's crazy. I have to get back over there and talk to them.

But first I need to get out of here.

Ah. Have plan.

Abbey, I'm here to rescue you from detention.

Yikes! Aaah! Gotta go!

Just to be clear, heath not part of plan.

[ Snoring ]

[ Gasps, coughing ]


[ Sighs, snoring ]


Oh, dude.

Oh, man, halloween's gonna be so sweet!

That shape-shifting monster's gonna pay for what he did, right, lilith?

Oh, uh, yeah. [ Chuckles nervously ]

That'll show 'em... And stuff.

The trick-or-treament? He didn't even do it.

You know how people get when they see a monster.

They wanna blame them for everything.

[ Crowd booing ]


You got a lot of nerve showing your monster face around here.

I know. Now, if you'll excuse me--

[ Young man ] Who do you think you are?

I need your help.

You know jackson didn't do this, right?

Yeah, but who's gonna believe us?

Everyone's blind to the truth because of halloween.

I know, but we can't just give up. We have to work together.

You're the only non-monsters I can trust now.

You can go places and talk to people we can't.

Without you, he's as good as gone.

- [ Siren wailing ] - come on. You better get outta here.

Meet me in the catacombs tomorrow morning if you're willing to do the right thing.

Just go through the storm drain. You'll find it.

It's not as gross as it sounds.

What in blue blazes?

- they're coming around in our school. - okay, now I've gotcha.

[ Snoring ]

Whoa! Oh!

Is no use. Cops everywhere.

Am not very "policed" About the situation.

[ Chuckles ] Oh.

Is no time for jokes. I get that.

And today is halloween. What are we gonna do?

I just know holt didn't do it.

But we've gotta be able to get into new salem to prove it.

But how? That sheriff will stone-cold lock us up for good...

If we show our monster faces up there.

- but we can show ours. - clair! Chad!

I knew you'd come.

We wanna help jackson-- or holt-- or--

I'm still kind of confused about how this whole thing works.

Just tell us what you need us to do.

Well, if holt didn't do it, that means somebody set him up.

And whoever set him up doesn't care for monsters too much.

They went to a lot of trouble making it look like holt did it.

If we're lucky, they didn't cover all of their tracks.

The mother lode.

[ Shutter clicks ]

Lilith was behind the attacks on the normie school.

But we still don't know who was e-mailing cleo...

Or posting on holt's cryptplace or critter pages-- or why.

[ Muttering ]

Ghoulia managed to track the I.p. Address...

Of whoever was updating holt's social network sites.

She traced it to an old computer in the library that nobody ever used.

But if someone did, it would have been caught on camera.

We had to somehow get into the school's security room and check the footage.

Why would anybody use that old hunk of junk?

[ Grunts ]


"I know what you did this halloween."

[ Gasps ] "I know it was you"--

"and holt is taking the fall." [ Gasps ]

[ Together ] "Unless you want me to go to the authorities,

meet me after school at the halfway point in the catacombs."

[ Whimpers ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Squeaking ]

[ Door thuds in distance ]

[ Gasps ] I should have known...

[ Gasps ] I should have known...

You were a normie.

You were a monster.

My father was right.

My uncle was right.

None of you can be trusted. You think you're better than everyone.

I honestly can't think of one redeeming quality that you have.



I really like that top.

Francisco garibaldy?

Yes. How'd you know?

I just love his line.

Me too. I got this one on sale.

Shut up!

I bet all the other monsters at school try and copy your look.

I bet the normie kids are so jealous of your style and sophistication.

- it is exhausting. - tell me about it.

It's really kind of a--

[ Together ] Burden.

Finally! Someone who understands how hard it is.

Don't you two have something more important to talk about?

Yes, like where normies keep all their delicious candy.

Like what you did to holt.

Come on. We're taking you to the sheriff.

You're gonna explain everything.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean for all this to happen.

Me either.

It just got out of hand.

I just wanted things to go back to the way they were in the good ol' days,

like my uncle used to tell me about,

when monsters knew their place.

And I was tired of being treated like a second-class citizen just because I'm a monster.

A really well dressed monster.

Thank you, lilith. I tried to use holt...

To inspire monsters to stick up for themselves.

For what it's worth, I'm really sorry.

Me too. We don't want holt to get the trick-or-treatment.

You can do whatever you want to us.

Within reason, of course.

Natch. But, please, let holt go.

He didn't do anything.

That was touching, girls. I'm getting a little misty.

I'll let you in on a little secret.

I... Don't... Care.

- wait. What? - don't care. Don't care. Don't care.

Holt did it. They did it. The bogeyman did it. Doesn't matter.

Those people out there demand justice, and I'm gonna give it to 'em.

- you mean vengeance. - [ Scoffs ]

When I take that boy up the hill tonight,

things can get back to the good ol' days,

just like your uncle talked about. [ Chuckles ]

Now, if you'll excuse me, I got a lot of napping-- I mean, work to do.

[ Sobbing ] I'm so sorry about your friend.

I never meant for this to happen.

Because of something I did, he's going to--

- [ Wailing ] - oh. Okay. Um, awkward.

[ Wailing ]

[ Lagoona ] We have to do something.

We can't just leave holt here. We have to break him out.

- how? - we're monsters. We have powers.

Jealous much?


If we break him out, the normies will just come looking for him,

and it will start all over.

That won't solve anything.

Dude, we can't just give up.

I know. [ Gasps ] I've got an idea.

It's risky, but it may be the only way.

[ Both ] Trick or treat!

Nobody's home here neither.

But it's halloween!

Where'd everybody go?

[ Tires squealing ]

[ Thunderclaps ]

[ Shouting ]

Oh. Okay. [ Chuckles ]

I get it. This is a big prank.

Trick or treat!

- look. I'm all for joking around, but, uh-- - [ Cackling ]

Hey. This is getting pretty ridiculous, yo.

Help! A monster's got me!

I knew they were gonna try something tonight. Get over there!

Help! Monster attack!

Go stop that dirty monster.

Help. Wouldn't you just know it?

The same exact thing is happening to me, but way over here.

Come on.

- [ Growling ] - yo, frankie.

Don't worry, holt. We're gonna get you out of here.

Worried? Who, the holtster?

[ Chuckles nervously ] Come on, frankie fine.

Ha! Wait a minute. I know this guy. He's no monster.

Now why in the world would you--

it's a trick. Back to your posts!

Oh! Out of time.

[ Shouts ]

Come on.

Abbey, we need to take the escalator.

First floor, coming up.



After 'em! Don't let 'em escape.

Attention all units. We've got a runner. Shut this place down.

[ Cat yowls ]

[ Panting ]

- [ Siren wails ] - uh-oh. Robecca, you're on.

Hang on.

[ All ] Whoa!

Catacombs? After them.

I'll be down there in a minute.

Sheriff, this is the second time you've let this monster get away.

We're taking things into our own hands.

[ Crowd cheering ]

Let's go storm monster high!

Frankie, your plan is working perfectly.

[ Panting ] We're almost there. You guys ready?

We're ready here. Ra-speed, frankie.

Okay, this is it. They wanted monsters, we're gonna give 'em monsters.

I really hope this works.

[ Crowd shouting ]



Whoo-hoo! Over here!

[ Raspberry, mocking noise ]

Get him!

Come on!

[ Panting, whimpering ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Gasps ]

Where are we?

What is this place?

[ All gasping ]

Oh, whoo! [ Laughs ] Yeah!

[ All gasping ]

Oh, my ghoul. I'm so glad you came.

I was afraid you wouldn't make it to our halloween party.

Well, what are you waiting for? Come on in!

Feel free to grab some punch and mingle.

You're inviting us to a party? Now?

Yeah. We wanted you to see us this way,

not as some frightening creatures you don't understand,

but here, at a party, relaxing, having fun with our friends.

But he trashed our whole town.

[ Lilith ] No, he didn't.

I did. I did it because...

I thought monsters were out to get us, to take what was ours.

It's an easy mistake to make.

A lot of monsters-- [ Chuckles ] Even me--

thought all normies selfish and cruel.

Now I know that's not true.

Two days ago, I was as angry and confused as you are.

But now that I've met them, I see.

We're more alike than we are different.

We have the same hopes.

The same fears.

The same dreams.

The same drama.

The same insecurities.

The same taste in designer fashion.

That's why we wanted to throw you this party--

to remind everyone what halloween really means.

So, please, come on in. Have fun.

Be yourself. Be unique.

Be a monster.

That's beautiful.

Hmm. Okay. Yeah. All right. Yeah.

[ Cheering ]

[ Panting ]

All right. The party's over.

- [ All gasp ] - I always wanted to say that.

You. You've crossed me for the last time.

Arrest every monster in here.

Take 'em all away.

I don't understand.

Well, if you're arresting all the monsters, you can start with me.

I'm a monster.

I'm a monster.

- I'm a monster. - I'm a monster.

I'm a monster.

I'm a monster.

- I'm a monster. - I'm a monster.

- I'm a monster. - I'm a monster.

Well, how about it, sheriff?

Are you going to arrest us all?

Well, as sheriff--

well, would you look at that? Midnight on the dot.

[ Chuckles ] I'm off duty.

Uh, hey. Is-- is that cheesecake?

[ Sighs ]

♪ [ Dance ]

Oh, Yeah! Yeah! ♪

Oh! I can't believe we're all dancing together.

Hey, draculaura. Look. I'm sorry I shut you out.

Oh, it's okay. I'm sorry for pushing too hard.

Speed dating was the worst idea ever.

- forgivsies? - yep.

Hug it out.


But I don't understand.

Why couldn't you talk to me about it?

[ Groans ] Because I was afraid. Embarrassed.

Pretty weak, huh?

Oh, no. Clawdeen, dating is hard under the best of circumstances.

But being scared because you've never done it before is no reason not to do something.

You're right. I do need to be more open, give new things a chance.

Hey. Who is that?

That's thad, silly.


Well, I guess if normies and monsters...

Can party together on halloween,

I can give it a shot.

You got this, ghoul.

Hi. Um, I-i'm-- wh--

you wanna dance?

Uh, sure.

♪ [ Dance ]

Yo, jackson and I don't agree on much,

but I gotta admit, the boy's got great taste in ladies.

Clair. Oh. [ Chuckles ]

What happened? I mean, the last thing I remember is--


[ Gasps ]

Heath. Oh! You saved me from yeti.

In my country that's how you ask girl to dance.

[ Chuckles ] I thought it would be a good way to break the ice.

All right, heath. Way to be.

♪ [ Continues ]

[ Hissing ]

Hey, deuce.


Deuce, you were right about the normies all along.

I should have listened to you. I just--

wanted to please your dad?


We're cool. One thing I understand is that family is complicated.

[ Hissing ]

Do you think you would consider, maybe, taking me back?

Yeah, I think that can be arranged.

You guys catch all that?

Cleo, take me off speaker.


♪ [ Continues ]

Oh, cleo! Cleo!

Way to go, frankie.

You saved holt and reversed hundreds of years of animosity...

Between normies and monsters.

Yes. Not a bad week.

You know what? I think halloween totally just became my fave holiday.

Come on. Let's go dance.


And that is the story of halloween.

The Description of Monster High: Ghouls Rule