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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Productivity Hacks: 10 Tips to Stop Wasting Time

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If you find yourself spending too much time procrastinating instead of tackling the task at hand, youre in major need of some productivity hacks to help you get in the zone, be less lazy and maximise your day.

Luckily, we have all the answers you need!

So, lets jump right in and uncover 10 useful tips to follow.

1. Limit Distractions

Its so easy to get distracted from a text, social media, workplace gossip or an interesting website.

So, the first step to stop wasting time is to ditch your biggest distractions.

For most of us, the biggest disturbance is our smartphone, so try using a site-blocking app, or simply turn your phone off until youve finished your work.

2. Get Organised

Everyones sense of organisation is different; the main point, however, is to keep your work neat and your folders tidy so that you dont waste valuable time searching for information needed to complete a task.

In addition, you could organise your tasks by creating a long-term and short-term to-do list.

3. Schedule Your Time

Your time is precious!

To make sure you get the most out of your time, add time allocations to your daily plan.

For example, you may want to wake up in the morning and spend an hour working out, making breakfast or catching up on the news.

Then when you get to work, you could schedule in one hour to complete a report before you check your emails and complete any other tasks.

4. Tackle Must-Do Tasks First

Its easy to keep putting off your most important task, mainly because youre scared of getting it wrong.

However, theres never going to be a good time!

So, tackle your most essential and hardest task before you move onto anything else.

5. Delegate Like a Boss

Unless youre superhuman, you wont be able to handle everything.

So, its imperative to delegate or outsource jobs.

This will help you focus on the projects that youre good at, without letting menial tasks get in the way.

6. Invest in Your Health

Believe it or notwhat you eat and drink does have a knock-on effect on your productivity.

Greasy and heavy foods will leave you feeling sluggish, while wholesome snacks will keep you fuelled throughout the day.

A little bit of exercise will also keep your blood pumping, and it will help you feel more energised and productive.

7. Set Goals

You should regularly set yourself goals and deadlines to work towards and achieve.

For example, if you want to ace an exam or get a promotion, youll need to create actionable steps to help you meet your objectives.

8. Stop Multitasking

The benefits of multitasking are actually a myth!

Research over the past decade has shown that consistently switching between tasks can cause mental blocks and lower your IQ.

While its hard to avoid multitasking in a busy environment, its important to try and focus on one project at a time.

9. Take Regular Breaks

Bored of sitting in the same spot, going over the same work? We dont blame you!

To help you lift your mood, take regular breaks to avoid slumping into a sleepy state of mind.

You can also add some rewards into the mix.

For example, if you work for 40 minutes straight and manage to complete your task, reward yourself with one of your favourite biscuits.

10. Have a Clean Working Environment

Having a clean working environment will keep you away from distractions.

This can include an empty inbox, a tidy filing cabinet and an organised desk area.

Its best if you tidy up once youve finished for the day so that you can start fresh the following morning.

Now that youre well-equipped with the best ways to be productive, youll be much more prepared in any school or work environment.

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