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Hi guys! Welcome to my new vlog.

I'm in Pepperpot's lair...

Look! It's Pauline from Pepperpot!

Praxeus is over, it's time to react instantly.

Weird acting birds in Perou,

a destroyed submarine near Madagascar,

or even alien tech in Hong Kong.

The Team TARDIS investigates to find a link.

It's the typical Doctor Who episode:

an investigation, we discover what's responsible for all this,

a moving resolution

and then the companions of the day are on their way to seek adventures.

But first: I enjoyed to follow the Team TARDIS split in three

each one with their own mission.

Ryan and Graham are put a bit aside after this first sequence,

Yaz is pushed forward.

She takes decision and investigates on her own.

Following the companions' speech in last week episode,

the Doctor is invigorated,

she is full of energy and hope

more like in series 11.

It's nice to have her back!

There are many side characters,

so they're not all really developed,

but still, we grow fond of them and we know who they are, what their inspirations are...

The vloggers are good friends who travel together for quite some time now.

The couple is in the middle of a crisis

because of the astronaut's job and his husband personality,

and they try to work on it.

And finally, we have the scientists who work on micro-plastics.

I especially liked Gabriela, who could have been a great companion,

but I also liked these characters weren't all who they claimed to be.

Yes, there's a traitor, but not a maleficent being,

just a survivor,

who sees the Earth like a last chance lab.

Once again this series, the Earth is endangered because of human activity,

but it's nothing like "Orphan 55"

which gave its message with dullness.

Here, it's dilute in the story.

It introduces real and terrible facts,

but it's not the conclusion of the story.

The resolution doesn't bring solution to this issue.

It's here to develop our story.

At first, I thought the resolution was quite cliche

and I disliked it,

but finally, it surprised me.

Some, like Julien, will be upset as

"and Adric was left on his ship!"

Look, it's not my fault if the Doctor becomes better as she grows older!

Plus, it shows she once again trusts herself, which is a good thing.

It's not a spectacular episode, but it's still a nice one,

with a positive ending and an alarming message.

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