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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MARTA QUERIA SER CANTORA!!! - 25 FATOS INCRÍVEIS SOBRE A RAINHA!!!

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Its going to be the25 facts about me”. Everyone have done it, its super cool.

You can saySince now Im a Youtuber, lets see if I can do this…”

That everyone have already done


Hey, guys! So, the production already challenged me to do a video that every Youtuber have already done

Oh, cut that out! Just add to thatblooperspart!

Guys, here is the dealI became a Youtuber

so lets do that25 facts about mevideo!

Ok, Im gonna think here and if anything goes wrong you can edit it out

Favourite subject in school?

Geography. It has always been Geography.

How ironic, huh? It seems like I already knew I was gonna go all around the globe!

First job?

Selling sacolé. (Its typical in Brazil; its basically frozen juice, like a popsicle inside a plastic bag)

I used to sell sacolé and it was my first job. Every Wednesday there is a fair in my hometown,

so I used to walk around with my styrofoam box full of sacolé, which is actually calledflau”.

I would go around town selling flau, sacolé.

What would you do if you didnt play soccer?

What would I doI love music, so I believe I would try to do something with music.

If it would work out, I dont know, but

Could you show us a little something?

Oh, my voiceMy voice sounds terrible right now! But

Every country you have lived.

Brazil, Sweden and United States. Ive lived in 3 countries.

How many languages do you speak?

Well, it depends on how desperate

I am! I could say I speak some Swedish, some English, I try to speak Spanish, when needed, and Portuguese!

Tell us something in Swedish!

Ok, lets try it

Ok, translate it now

I said that it is really hard answering these questions while getting my makeup done,

but life doesnt stop, so since I have an event later, Im doing two things at the same time:

getting ready and answering the questions. Thats what I said.

Your best qualities?

I dont like talking about my qualities, I would rather people tell me them.

So, Im gonna leave it with you guys, especially the ones who have been following me and my work.

I hope you guys have something nice to say!

What about the negative sides about you?

Well, there are many,

but I think that one of the main ones is not being able to saynoin situation that I need to.

Your favourite food?

My favourite food

Well, since is what I ate the most in my childhood, it would be some rice and beans, pasta, flour

I used to eat chicken, steak

But since now Im vegan, no animal protein for me! Its been 7 months of me being vegan!

What do you do the most on the internet?

Well, besides communicating with my family, of course, I can communicate with you, my fans,

and also read newspapers, specially the sports ones.

Do you collect something?

I have a bunch of jerseys. But it wasnt something I intended to have!

I was given so many, in the clubs and teams I played at..

So I ended up having a lot of jerseys. I mean, until my friends come over and get a bunch!

I didnt mean to collect them, I just do because theyre gifts.

Im gonna have to do something now that will bother you a little bit

Im gonna answer it but I dont have to look straight to the camera

Im gonna put black shadow right at your lower lash line.

Its all good! Go ahead!

Favourite music?

I love brazilian musicso it would be pagode, samba, country music, forró… I cannot pick only one genre.

Favourite movie.

I really like that movieDois Filhos de Francisco”. Its such a motivational movie.

What about TV shows?

Coisa Mais Linda”! Its about music, about Bossa Nova in Rio, so it is my favourite TV show.

Favorite place in the world.

Dois Riachos, Alagoas. (her hometown)

Who is your sports idol?

It is hard to say, because I didnt have someone to have the role of my idol, to motivate me,

because I have always been motivated through the story of my family, my moms story.

But, when I started playing, I loved to see Rivaldo play, then came Ronaldo, Ronaldinho gaúcho

What about women?

See! I answered all with guys.. I always had guys as references,

because when I started I rarely saw women's soccer on television.

I ended up meeting Sissi a while after, when I got to to play at Vasco, in 2000, but it was a really fast meeting.

I only started to know the amazing women that played when I started playing with them!

What do you hate the most?

Fake people.

Was that directed to someone?

WellNo, noI didnt!

Your biggest addiction?

I dont have one! I used to, years ago.. But know, working a lot and everything, I kinda lost it

I liked playing video games. I used to be good at it, but today, when we are with the national team

and I play with the girls, they are way better than me!

Your best friend?

My three dogs.

In Orlando I have my three dogs: Zoey, Zeca and Tommy.

And now we are working to finish a kennel, a shelter in Dois Riachos to

I get emotional! You cannot make me emotional, Im getting my makeup done!

Talking about animals touches me deeply, and I didnt even like dogs when I was younger

Not that I am old!!

Because I already got bitten. I used to have panic, until I started living and interacting with a dog on a daily basis,

so it completely changed my perception on dogs.

Now, we are finishing this project of this shelter for dogs in Dois Riachos!

Your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment in life was, without a doubt, giving a better life to my family,

my mom especially.

Its an emotional accomplishment.

A trick to dry your eyes out is breathing in through your nose, and breathing out through your mouth!

All done! Keep going!

Biggest disappointment?

I dont think I have oneAs I said, I dont like fakeness, ingratitude...

But since that happens a lot, you cannot get attached to these types of things, disappointments

Otherwise you wont live. Yes, I made mistakes, but I dont regret anything in my life.

What about a disappointment on your athletic life? Something you didnt achieve

Well, when you lose a World Cup final, an Olympic Games final, you get disappointed,

but the sport doesnt give you time to be defeated, you have to get over it and move on!

Best gift youve ever gotten?

Being nominated to be an ONU ambassador.

For sure!

Im an ambassador since 2010, but I used to have another duty there.

Now Im with ONU Women, which is more directed towards women sports, empowerment, gender equality

People may thing that I just started working with them, but I started in 2010. Just to clarify.

Your zodiac sign?


Are you into astrology?

I dont understand a single thing about it! All I know is that Im an Aquarius. If its good or bad

Would you like to have a super power? Which one?

Everyone says that they would like to have a superpower to change the world.

I would like to have a superpower to change the perspective that people have on the world.

A dream that didnt come true yet?

I believe its a mutual dreamSeeing Brazil winning a medal at the Olympic Games, at a World Championship.

But this dream is not only mine; its a dream for a lot of brazilians

and especially for the girls that keep fighting for that, playing for that.

So, if not in my generation, may it happen in the future!

So, to finish it up, a word to define you.


No, Im joking!

Courage. Courage to face the world, the difficulties.

Having courage, everything else come along as wellDetermination, perseverance

But you have to have courage to face it all!

Let me just put this one before the glue dries out

Are they both on?


I cannot finish the video with only one eyelash on!

Could you guys do something to make my eyes stand out?

Sometimes they can look light brown, like a honey color...

This lighting makes them even better! IS there a way for me to walk around with this lighting everywhere?

I dont like the feeling!

Challenge accepted, challenge successfully concluded!

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