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When we arrive on scene,

in those moments when lives are in the balance,

it is the most rewarding and the toughest job on the planet.

When that alarm drops, all of our training,

preparation, expertise, and experience

come into play with zero margin for error.

I'm always looking for the next best thing for us,

the next big challenge.

So what we are getting ready to embark on is joint ventures

with other training entities around the world.

I'm going to take specialists from this team.

I am going to challenge myself and you guys

to see how we stack up.

We'll be facing challenges like arctic rescue

in Northern Canada, deep space confinement in Africa,

tactical paramedicine in South America,

surf rescue in Australia.

There's a very long list of friends

we'll be working with across first response

and military outfits globally.

I love these guys, these guys are phenomenal.

Bar none, some of the smartest, most talented --

Kind of rescue nerds, I guess you could call it.

Galen is by far one of the two or three

smartest men I've ever --

He's the poster child of rescue methods.

First time that I worked out he was like,

get out of my gym with that sleeveless shirt

if you can't bench 500.

Showing outside of the fire department together.

They truly are brothers.

My dad always told me, just swag it, man,

it'll be all right.

Anybody know what swag is?

Scientific wild ass guess.

I don't know what my password is.

Try idiot.

Out of our core group of individuals,

I would take any one of 'em.

There's a lot of people out there that need help.

I have the training to help them

so I am absolutely going to do that every chance I get.

Every day around the world first responders

answer the call to enter lethal situations

where lives are at stake.

They have to know how to attack the problems

and execute a rescue plan no matter what they face.

Welcome to the A Side.

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