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Welcome to Car Scene Korea. Ladies and gentlemen, I have for you, the Supra.

The legendary Supra in front of us came down for a quick photo shoot with "CarPoint",

check him out, you can find him on Facebook. He makes a decent photo shoots

of cars and hopefully, I get one for mine as well. And, probably it's coming up.

The owner specifically said that this car is pretty if you look from a

distance, but I disagree. You gotta look these kind of cars up close. And yes, this is

the destiny. Rims on the cars like these, they're destined to have scrapes, rubbing

issues. And obviously, if you look from the over-fender he has over here, you

gotta go by trial and error, because not everybody runs the same single to set up

on cars like these. He recently got the paintwork done, but unfortunately, due to

some rubbing issues, he got the scuff marks on the wheels, and some of the

points on the car as well, here and there. But --.

This Supra, he says -- He's got, he's currently running the 2JZ GE engine on this.

And also, "Desert Eagle", you check out my latest video, find him out, go check them

out on the YouTube as well. And also some of the rubbing issues on the front, but

who cares, it's Supra. And we are meeting at Jayuro rest.

If you travel, like literally less than an hour up north that way, that's North Korea.

Big-ass storage area, God knows where we are, with my Z right

here. And those photographers they're taking the photos for me, or for us and

also that lovely Supra.

Look at this. This is like art. A living art.

He had the flawless paint work done on the Supra, but due to the car being low,

and Korea's road condition is not the best one in the world, so, because of the

bounce, the up and down, he hit the lips, a bit of a bodywork and

fenders. But, you gotta live with that, I guess. That's low life man, low life bruh, low life.

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