Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 兩兄弟體驗東北姑爺的感覺,做一大盆小雞燉蘑菇,吃過癮了! 【鐵鍋視頻】

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Hello, I'm Er Guo

I'll cook Stewed Chick with Mushroom today

Blanch it with cooking wine

Take it out to clean it

Put Chinese prickly ash seed in the oil

Ginger, garlic

Add a little spices

Dry chili

Dark soy sauce

Light soy sauce

When the chicken is Fried and colored, add water to boil

Pepper powder

White sugar



Simmer down for an hour

Add some green and red pepper, let it boil, then take it out

Brother, have lunch


Drink it

Is that tile finished

No, so hot

I will help you later

ut I'm a little afraid of heights

I get scared as soon as I stand there

You can hand me the tiles

Is this small chicken?

Stewed Chick with Mushroom

So tender of the chicken

They say it's a Northeast cuisine

Seems that I have heard it

Stewed Chick with Mushroom

I haven't ate it. This is the first time eat it

No matter it's authentic or not

Just eat it in this way

Seems so tender

The chicken did not grow very big

Well, it's pretty small. It looks like a young cock

Drink it

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