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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bring It!: Parents BRAWL in the Audience and NO ONE WINS (Season 3 Flashback) | Lifetime

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In my opinion, I'm tired of seeing the Dancing

Dolls do the same stuff.

I don't see how the judges aren't tired of the Dancing

Dolls doing the same stuff.

I mean, how many death drops you want to see?

How many roll overs you want to see?

Like, Dianna, you want to fuss about everything,

you need to fuss about the moves and get some new ones.

(SINGING) --hearts to pieces.

Call the police 'cause--


(SINGING) Make this a night they talk about.

MIMI: I'm looking at the Divas of Macon.

Their lines are clean.

They're not making any mistakes.

Damn, we better be careful.

(SINGING) --a night they talk about forever

and ever and ever.

(RAPPING) Yeah, we the party people.

We can't sit still.

We looks off the hook--

Oh my god!

The Divas of Macon throw the girl on the floor.

They look like a doll.

Yeah, like, do something else.

You do something else, please.

I've seen this so many times.

I'm tired of seeing it.

That's old, old news.

(SINGING) --ever and ever and ever.

Ever and ever and ever.

We are the party people!


Right now, my heart is pounding through my chest.

And all I'm thinking is, don't fall.

Don't fall. Don't fall.

Don't fall.

Don't fall.


Debbie's like, oh, OK, something new.


(SINGING) Make this a night they--

This dude has been shaving since 1995.

What the hell is he doing out there?



While the judges were deliberating,

I started noticing there was some trouble when

I hear parents going back and forth all of a sudden

in the stands.

And I'm like, what the hell is going on?




I don't know what's going on, but I hear Macon yelling,

our DDP yelling, and then all of a sudden,

everybody's going nuts.

It's crazy in here.


OK, so what's the problem?

What's the problem?

Everywhere they go, this what they do.

No, no, like no.

She came over here.

Like, she needs to stay calm.

They need to stay calm.

And she need to be quiet.

Get her.

Get her.

No, Dianna needs to shut the [bleep] up.

Girl, what you going to do?


Oh my god!

I don't need to shut the [bleep] up nothing!



Rick from FADD tells me, I need to shut the F up.

Don't tell me to shut the [bleep] up!

I'm trying to figure out what the [bleep] going on!

Don't tell me to shut the [bleep] up!

Don't tell me to shut the [bleep]..

The DDPs, we ride or die.

So if something happens, we have each other's back,

no matter what.

This is the way it is.

Damn it, go.

Not in front of these kids, man!

Everywhere they go, they fight.

Ladies and gentlemen, please, return to your seats.

We have security, and the situation will be secured.

Due to a series of unfortunate events,

I'm going to leave the last words to Ms. Christie.

Good evening.

On behalf of all the judges, we have

made it a collective decision that there

will be no trophy awarded for the final battle round.


Let me speak.

No trophy will be awarded, but not

because you don't deserve it.

But because your parents represent you,

and they have to learn that after tonight, no more.

No more.


[cheering and applause]

The judges have decided not to award a trophy

in stand battle because of the commotion

going on with the parents.

You know, this is not a good start to the season.

Let's get it.

Let's go.

I just feel so bad.

These girls been working so hard preparing this week.

I don't know what happened, but it

affected us very heavily.

And we did all of this work for nothing.

Y'all did good today.

You shouldn't feel slighted in any way.

You shouldn't feel upset.

I'm proud of y'all.

I'm sure the Dancing Dolls will see the Dazzling Divas of Macon

again, but hopefully the fight can stay on the dance floor.

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