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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Talking About Your Hometown: IELTS Lesson

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hello this is Elliot from ETJ English

and welcome to today's lesson now a lot

of you may know from my Twitter from my

facebook maybe some of you are my

students you might know that I teach I

else as well as my conversation and

business English lessons IELTS is

another thing which I'm able to teach in

my lessons so I'm starting a little

series on YouTube it's going to be a

combination of live lessons and lessons

like this with a few cuts in it and I'm

basically going to be explaining what

you need to know for the IELTS exam

now please know that you can't expect to

pass your IELTS exam just by watching

these YouTube videos really if you're

taking an IELTS exam it's important that

you have some kind of mentor some kind

of teacher and this is what my skype

lessons are for this is where I teach

you everything you need to know about

the IELTS exam anyway I'm going to start

today by talking about the speaking

topic the speaking part of the IELTS

exam the speaking section of the exam

comes in different parts I'm talking

about the first part today and this is

when you have about a four to five

minute interview with the examiner and

in this interview you'll be expected to

talk about three different topics I'm

going to cover some of these topics in

my videos to come and today I'm talking

about one of these topics and I'm going

to give you some advice and an example

so today we're talking about hometown

your hometown where you're from and all

of the things that you need to mention

if you're asked this in the exam now I'm

going to give you an example first I'm

going to talk about my hometown please

pay attention to everything I talk about

and afterwards I'm going to cover it all

in detail for you and explain what you

need to say in the exam if this comes up

so first of all my hometown is called

Bristol it's in the southwest of England

and I like my hometown it's a great

place to live and I've grown up there

since I was a baby and I've always

enjoyed living here of course it's nice

to get away and go on a holiday

sometimes but still this place is always

close to me

and I would say that if I did move ever

then I would always come back to visit

my hometown Bristol is a it's quite a

busy city it's it's not really busy it's

not like London and there's not a lot of

high buildings we do have some high

buildings but there's not a lot and you

know there's a lot of things to do

there's a lot of attractions and my city

Bristol has a lot of history there's a

lot of things that you can learn here if

you were a tourist as well as things to

do there's also a very big student

community in Bristol and this is why my

city has been growing a lot recently

because a lot of students have been

moving to Bristol to study and to do all

kinds of new projects it's a great place

for people to start up businesses in

Bristol is actually believe it or not

it's been rated I think about three

years ago maybe four years ago it was

rated one of the best places to live in

the UK the reason I think it was rated

this was because it's not as busy as

London but it still has everything you

need in a small space I have always

lived just on the outskirts of Bristol

I lived kind of in the countryside just

outside of the main city this was good

for me because I was able to commute to

work and not have to live in such a busy

area I could live in the outside because

I like a lot of open space there's a lot

of good public transport so it was

convenient for me although I drove I

drove a car it was still good for me to

be able to

have that possibility where if my car

broke down

I'd easily be able to get a bus although

sometimes they can be unreliable there

was always the option to get on a bus if

I needed to I think that Bristol is a

great place to bring up children and

this is exactly where I want to bring up

my children I'd like them to experience

what I've experienced and the enjoyment

I've had growing up in Bristol I think

it's got everything that children need

good schools good education and there's

a lot to do and there's always things to

do with friends and there's always a lot

to learn and also you have like I said

before the good opportunity for

universities there's a what is home to

one of the best universities in the UK

where a lot of studies that are being

done there by students are actually

changing the whole country if not the

world so I think it is a growing city

and it's a great place to live right now

so there you can see I managed to speak

for quite a long time there about

Bristol my hometown and this is what you

need to be able to do you need to be

able to talk as much as you can about

this whatever topic is in this case it

was about your hometown you need to

prepare it in your head exactly how you

want it to sound and you need it to

sound fluent so first of all I'm going

to run through the question so that you

know what you need to say so first of

all of course you need to say where your

hometown is I told you my hometown is

Bristol it's in the southwest of England

so that's a definite one that you need

to say when you talk about it you need

to say where it is

in your country and what the name of it

is do you like it now there's a lot

better ways to say that you like your

hometown or you like anything you don't

just have to say I like it you could say

something like it's a great place to

live I love my city

for example there's loads of different

ways you need to build your vocabulary

for these speaking activities

you can talk about how often you visit

let's say you don't actually live in

your hometown anymore you can talk about

how often you visit do you visit once a

month do you visit twice a month

do you not visit a tool or do you not

visit very often meaning do you not

visit very much what's your hometown

like tell people what it looks like what

goes on there what happens what does it

have to offer I said that Bristol has a

great University I said that it's a

great place to bring up children I said

that it has a lot of history and a lot

of culture so this is something you need

to think about with your city does it

have great restaurants all these kind of

things build your vocabulary and be able

to talk about these things in an

advanced way you could say for example

whether oldest place is in your hometown

you could say about a famous landmark

that might be in your hometown for

example in London they have Big Ben that

would be one of the famous landmarks

that a lot of tourists would visit and

don't forget to say what it's like the

tourists is it a popular place for

tourists to visit is it somewhere where

there's a lot of things to do for

tourists tell the examiner what it is to

do the tourists in your city imagine

you're trying to sell your city to the

examiner so you can talk about what a

foreigner what a tourist could do in

your city you can also talk about how

your hometown could be improved for

example you could say my hometown is

very poor there's not much money in my

city so we need to improve our economy

and make it better for tourists better

for universities a better education

better places for education there's all

kinds of different ways that you could

explain how it needs to be improved has

it changed much since you were a child

maybe when you visit now is it different

to how it was when you were growing up

you could say my hometown has changed a

great deal

meaning it's changed a lot since you

were young

you could say that there's new buildings

new architecture it's becoming very

modern its modernizing as we would say

is there good public transportation this

is an easy one you could just say that

you can just talk about the public

transport that's available mention you

know how good the bus system is is there

a bus system are the buses on time

meaning do they arrive at the right time

or are they always delayed are they

always late and I think also you need to

mention whether it's good to bring up

children whether it was good for you

growing up and generally I think talking

about the hometown is quite an easy one

out of all of the topics that come in

the speaking exam because it's something

you've experienced all of your life and

you just need to have the right phrases

but it's quite simple vocabulary but you

can add advanced words in there that

make you sound better for example you

can talk about if something is good tell

them it's great

tell them it's brilliant tell them it's

perfect don't just say good avoid words

like nice you can say a lot of different

things you could say beautiful my city

is beautiful so a lot of it comes down

to vocabulary but it's not just

vocabulary as well as knowing what to

talk about you also need to be able to

pronounce it correctly now this I can't

really teach you in a video you'll need

to be in a lesson to learn the

pronunciation of words and to have it

from a native but I hope you've got a

good kind of example this was almost a

listening practice and me kind of

explaining what I was talking about now

in in my lessons I actually give you

what you need to say I create everything

that you need to say with you and we

make it perfect for the examiner so

remember if you're interested in booking

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