Practice English Speaking&Listening with: We Guess Outfit Prices From Cheapest to Most Expensive

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- Are all my guesses too high?

I feel like they're too high.


(upbeat music)

- Okay, right now we're gonna try to guess

if someone's wearing the most expensive item in their closet

or the least expensive.

- I think I have a good skillset

for guessing whether people's clothes

are expensive or not, but the crazy thing is,

in this day and age, with um fast fashion,

like Zara, and ASOS, and H&M,

you can have really cheap clothing that looks expensive,

and sometimes even really expensive clothing

that's like made to look cheap.

- I actually think I'm going to do quite well at this game.

I do tend to purchase things frequently,

so um I think that might come to my advantage.

(upbeat music)

- Very swooshy.

- (laughs) It's so swooshy.

- I love your California Raisins look.

- Thank you. - Okay.

So this is deceptive, I think.

- Am I allowed to ask for her to lift up her jacket?

Like, to just see, like the jeans, the back of the jeans?

- Oh, back of the jeans. - Yeah, okay.

- You know, it's a T-shirt, it's a light weight coat.

Forgive me if I'm wrong, I'm guessing this is more

of like a thrift store look.

The thing is, sometimes, there are these thrift stores

on Melrose, where like that shirt would run like $150,

which is insane, but also it's a dope shirt.

So, I'm like nervous, because this very easily

could have been $5, and it very easily

could have been like $200.

- I'm gonna just guess this is on the cheaper spectrum.

This is the cheapest item in your closet.

This is something that I would definitely pick up

at a thrift store. (laughs)

- I'm gonna say cheapest. (bell dings)

Like, the lowest costing outfit though, and play safe here.

- Okay, and you're wearing Pumas.

Okay, my guess is this is not the most expensive

outfit in your wardrobe. - 'Kay.

- I'm getting like a vintage feel, maybe.

Or, can I touch it? - Yeah.

- 80s, 90s, yeah, like track suit thing.

This doesn't look new, the shirt looks,

yeah California Raisins, it's a throwback, for sure.

- Hi. - Hi.

- This is probably like my blind spot,

like more formal wear, because I really have no idea.


- Okay, let's see.

Very pretty dress.

I've never bought a dress before.

I don't know how much they go for.

- 'Kay, first of all, you look amazing.

- Thank you.

- So, can I ask you to spin for me?

So, this is definitely either Herve Leger

or in the style of an Herve Leger dress,

so I basically have to figure out which one it is.

- Wait, this is really weird,

can I tough your dress to feel the material?

Okay, I'm honestly at a loss.

You do look amazing in it.

So either you found a really good deal,

or this is just like a totally bomb look and I love it.

- I feel like this outfit is designed to trick me

and I'm trying to look at your facial expressions

to get hints, and I'm not getting any.

- If I were to guess, I'd say this

is the most expensive item in your closet.

Feels like something for weddings or like a prom.

Feels like a, you know, special event kinda dress.

- I'm nervous.


I like this.

I'm gonna say this is like more expensive, I think.

I really could be wrong, like this could be

an amazing bargain, but this is like,

I think this is nice, I'm gonna say more expensive.

- You look like you could have spent a lot on this,

but my guess is that I'm being tricked,

so I'm gonna say it's not your most expensive outfit.

This is hard, - (laughs)

- 'cause sometimes even like,

things that are knock offs are still expensive.

It actually looks like it's pretty good quality.

Oh, I wonder if it's real.

Maybe it's real.

I'm gonna switch, I'm switching,

I'm saying this is a real Herve Leger dress.

This is the most expensive outfit in your wardrobe.

- Hello.

- Loving your look.

- Thanks, I like yours too.

Cute shoes. - Okay, oh thanks, oh thanks.

Can I touch your jacket?

- Of course you can.

- Okay, so this is not real leather.

Let me, can I touch your shoe,

I mean they're velvet, I can see that.

- But they are soft. - They're very cool.

- Thank you. - I love them.

Whatever I say about them, after this,

just know that I love them.


- Okay, I love this, is like such a rockstar look.

- Oh, thank you. (laughs)

- Sorry, I'm gonna do like a full inspection.

- Oh, wow!

I like the very shiny, shiny, are those jewels?

Is it silver?

- They're kinda like studs.

- Studs, right.

But that could be real leather.

That could, that would up the price on this coat.

- Do you like to shop?

- Yes, I love to shop,

fashion's life. - You love to shop?

Definitely saying that this

is not the most expensive outfit.

That looks like a vintage top, its very cool.

What does it say?

Horror movies?

- Horror movies and chill.

- I think no more than a $150 on the whole outfit,

maybe 200 max.

- This feel very put together,

I'm gonna say this is on the more expensive side.

The shoes are awesome, and I feel like those are not

just something that you, like casually buy.

I love the shoes.

- Thank you.

- Yeah, I'm gonna say most expensive.

- I think this is the most expensive coat you own.

It's the highest priced item in your closet.

That's my guess.

- Can you spin around, spin around?

Yeah, no, this is a pretty basic outfit,

leggings aren't expensive, I'm guessing that

the thing you spent the most money on here are the shoes,

followed by the jacket, and everything else,

I think, was pretty reasonably priced.

(soft jazz music)

- Hi. - Hi.

- Can I see what the sweatshirt says?

- Thriving.

- Okay, I love it.

I really like this outfit, sorry if this is like,

crazy designer, but this is something I would like,

find at ASOS and be like, oh my god I love that.

- Really cute, love that sweatshirt.

Okay, so you're wearing Vans.

Can you lift up your jacket, and turn around?

Can I see the jeans little more?

Can I touch them?

- Yeah. - Okay.

Oh I think these are like, designer jeans, I would guess.

- It's a very cool sweater.

It seems like a custom made sweater.

Also very cool coat.

Kinda getting like a GAP, Ross vibe.

- I'm done. (laughs)

- He's done. (laughs)

- I'm loving this look.

I'm gonna guess this is on, on the like cheaper side,

because this looks like, and I don't mean that as an insult,

like, I really like, like this is stuff I would find on ASOS

and be like obsessed with.

That's my guess, this is cute, I'm here for it.

- Can I touch your jacket too?

This looks like it's a designer jacket.

It's thick, it feels like it's high quality.

Okay, so I think that's a very expensive jacket.

I think those jeans are designer,

so I'm gonna guess they're like 200 bucks.

- I feel like you have some more expensive items

in your closet, so I'm guessing this

is the least expensive item in your closet,

for, for that outfit.

- Do you, do you care about the way you dress?

Do you like to shop?

- I try, every now and then.

- You try to shop every now and then?

Oh, (bleep).

I think I'm still gonna go with my guess.

This is hard, I don't know men's wear that well.

- Ta-da

Beautiful dress.

Cool shoes.

- Appreciate it.

- Yeah.

- Is this like a typical going out outfit for you?

- Typical, definitely not typical

- Definitely not, okay.

- This is like you

- Yeah this is above and beyond.

- What's your relationship with shopping?

Are you like really into shopping?

- I mean, I like to be spoiled if possible.

- Okay, cool.

- You look amazing in it.

Sorry if I'm like looking straight at your boobs.

Can I trust, I mean that's what its here for right?

- Yeah, go for it.

- Okay.

- Can you spin around for me?

- I can. (singing) Do a little dance for you too.

- Can I oh (laughs) that's even better.

Can I, um, touch the dress? - Go ahead

- I'm going to touch the shoes too if you don't mind

and look at it. - So thorough.

- Okay. So I think the shoes are

like some kind of sort of cheapish suede shoes?

- Okay.

- Its a very fancy dress so I would like to think it's

the most expensive item in your closet.

- You look like a million bucks in it,

and it w-, kinda giving me like,

I feel like something that you like stealthily put together

yourself and like in your head, you're like,

this is way cheaper than anyone actually thinks it is.

I'm going to call you out on it.

I love it! That's my guess.

- The dress is also like a Herve Leger style dress

but I don't think its real. - Kay.

- So I'm gonna say $120 max.

- This is like Dolce & Gabbana. Though uh


I don't know anything. - (raps inaudible)

- Like a, like a Nordstrom, Macy's could be Macy's too.

I really don't know.

- I, again, I don't wear that many dresses, but

you could potentially piece this together at, some like

giving me like Zara kinda vibes potentially.

- Alright, you said you thought this was

my most expensive, it is the least.


- Ohh. (laughs)

- Yay! Oh my god, very cheap

- Yes. Retail, this jacket retails for $50 from H & M,

but I got it for free.

Shirt, I got from a thrift store for $1.99

but it was range around $20 bucks for an average t-shirt.

Leggings, I got for 99 cents on clearance

at Charlotte Russe.

And boots they are from Why Are You so they range about

$80 dollars but I got them for $7 dollars for shipping.

- Wow!

That's a lesson in the thrift storing. (Laughs)

- I was totally right, except absolutely wrong.


Okay, big pat on the back for me, love it.

- I said $70, I feel good about it.

- You, you're pretty good. I was impressed, very impressed.

- You said this was my least expensive outfit.

Oo, it's my most.


- Ooo - Ooo


- You are almost right, um


You said thrift stores on Melrose

- Yes.

- This could be expensive.

This shirt is, um, a vintage 1987 California Raisins.

It's a misprint, retail I could get it for $60

I, uh, got it from the floor of a thrift store,

let's be honest.

This jacket, it's Dior,

- Ohhh, okay. - Right?

So its retail about $80 bucks

- Okay.

- And, uh, the shoes, Puma's $60 bucks, so.

Your looking at $200 dollars, right here.

- I know nothing.


- Okay I was close to best. - All around you,

were medium.

- I had the right guess, but I chose the wrong one, so.

(laughs) - Yeah!

- Excellent life choices. (laughs)

- I think I was like the wrench in the plan, you know?

- Right.

it was, there was no need to fool me on this one.

- Exactly.

- Alright, cool.

Okay, this is the one I'm very curious about.

- Awe, well thank you.

- The dresses I'm so intrigued.


Because really, I really have no idea.

- So you said that this would be my most expensive,

technically it is.

My most.

- Woooooo

(bell dings) (laughs)

- So yeah, your pretty awesome with the resale price.

(bell dings)

You were like almost $500, I'm like, okay! Thank you!

No surprising, you don't

have to worry about that, - Yay! Okay,

- So the dress was retail for $399 and these shoes retail

for $49.99

- Yeah, we got it! (cheers)

Snaps for Sam, you did it!

- All online, (laughs)

- Still, you, you guys really know where to shop.

- Yeah.

- You were right it was my least expensive.

(bell dings)

- Oh my god (buzzer) - it's my denim

(bell dings)

My denim jacket was $5 dollars

- Okay that's like a deal, deal.

- Clearance.

- Yeah.

- Original price was about $55 bucks.

- Where'd you get it?

- Forever 21.

- Okay.

- That winter rack.

- Exactly.

- The hoodie was also Forever 21. Thriving.

My hoodie is unfortunately not custom,

although I wish it was.

- Right.

- Jeans H&M $20 bucks and my shoes.

- You tricked me. (laughs)

- Usually run about $60 but I got them for free.

- Okay. Well you look like you're expensively dressed, so,


I'll give you that.

- I forgot about H&M, I don't know any stores.

- Everything is a thrift store to you,


- Exactly,

- ASOS, Forever 21, got to stick together.


- Oh, hey.

- So finally, so I think we gave like a rough estimate

of like $120 dollars for my outfit.

- Yeah, max.

You guys are fooling me so hard.


- Okay, oh my god.


- With my shoes you guessed like $45 dollars or something?

Not too far off, they were $80, and then the dress,

(bell ding)

- Whoa!

- Is a $1200 Herve Leger.

- Oh my god, (laughing)

- Whoa! Okay, work. Cool.

- I, I did pay full price for the shoes.

However, even though its a $1200 dollar dress,

it was also gifted to me so it was free.

- Stuff can look so good and it could legit be

super expensive and super not,

and also its a lot of fun when you mix

something that's pricier with something that's cheaper.

- So,

- Okay so I misidentified them, I'm so sorry.

- I didn't make the dress.


- Sorry to Herve.

- That's it, good job,

- Thanks!

- Give me five! Uhh!

- I learned you can get stuff online for free, there's

thrift stores pretty much online.

I learned that there are stores that aren't thrift stores.


- I just want to say you guys all look amazing,

I feel like I know each of you, because it, your personality

is like shining through, through each outfit, also

online shopping is amazing. Yay, capitalism. I'm going to

go hit up ASOS after this. (laughter)

That's what I learned from this. (laughter)

- Well, the big take away was that, both of those dresses

are the same designer and they're both real, but I thought

one was fake and one was real. It's very hard to tell

what's real and what's fake, I mean in this case none

of them were a copy. (laughing)

- I, I really am inexperienced in the clothing sector.

- Fast fashion has gotten really good

at making like quality stuff that looks great.

If you're in something really expensive too,

it feels amazing.

Investing in a really good piece of clothing that you know

you're gonna wanna wear down the road too so.

I think having a mix is the best, in my opinion.

- I obviously know nothing about menswear. (laughs)

Forever 21 looks like it could be high-end, I would say.

Vintage Raisins shirts are really expensive. (laughs)

- People do spend a lot of money on clothes and I guess

I don't really think about that, I'm, I'm learning today.

- Awe.

- That was fun.

- You did the best job I think,

[Andrea]- Oh I did?

[Girl]- Yeah

[Andrea] - Thanks!


(pop-y music)

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