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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sakura Tree Tempura

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With tempura you can deep fry pretty much anything you want

so you don't have to use the ingredients I picked out here.

Just make sure to use a paper towel to get rid of water on the surface of the ingredients.

Also, if you deep fry okra or anything like it,

make sure to cut off the ends so it doesn't explode while deep frying.

First, prepare the ingredients.

Cut the nori into these shapes.

It's easier to peel the shrimp by starting at the third joint.

Cut off the tips of the tail and squeeze the liquid out of it.

Cut the muscle strings and press them so the shrimp doesn't curl while deep frying.

Add some ginger powder if you like, and then boil it to make the sauce.

Separate the yolk and mix it with cold water in a bowl.

Add cold flour and mix it gently.

Don't mix it too much.

Oil temperature should be 170for vegetables

and 180for fish.

Coat the ingredients with flour and then batter.

When ingredients start bubbling less, take it out and let it rest for 1 minute to finish cooking.

Now to make the base of the tree.

Heat for one minute.

Mix with black sesame paste.

Set aside a small cup of batter.

To the rest, add red food coloring.

Dip your nori piece in the batter, and then wrap around the base of the noodles.

Drip the pink batter onto the tree to make the cherry blossom leaves.



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