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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Jake Gyllenhaal on Being Single

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- We were just talking about first dates

and bad first dates.

Have you had bad first dates?

- Well, one thing I always do is,

I always bring my dates to my mother's house

for the first date.

That's like-- - See?

- I think that's a good move. - It is a good move.

Yeah, she thought so too. She thought it was a great idea.

- My mother believes that-- like, she thinks

arranged marriages actually might be able to work.

You know what I mean? Like, in a good way.

- Really? - Yeah, she does.

She thinks if she picked for me that I'd do a lot better.

- And has she ever picked for you?

Has she said, "Hey, I met somebody

that maybe you should meet?"

- No, 'cause I always bring them to her house on the first date.

- Right, but what if she met someone someplace else

and she said, "I met someone, and you should meet"--

- Absolutely, I would trust my mom.

- You'd be open to that. - Absolutely.

- Right, so you're single right now.

- Yes.

[cheers and applause]

- You are so busy. And I really mean it.

I think that you are-- I was watching the movie

with Portia, and we were just saying

you are such an amazing actor,

and you choose such diverse roles.

You were in "Nightcrawler," and you had lost all that weight

'cause you wanted to be coyote-like,

and in "Southpaw," you're a boxer,

and your body is insanely good.

And now you're doing--what? What?

- No, it's just funny.

You're like, "You're a good actor.

You're so good, and your body is so good."

- Yeah.

- Like, I guess that's acting.

- Yeah, no, we had the sound down.

We weren't listening. We had the sound down.

But it was-- - It was such a colorful movie.

- No, no, but, I mean, you just--

you choose a lot of diverse roles,

and now you're doing-- you did Broadway, right?

- Yeah.

- And then now you're doing a musical.

- Well, I'm doing three nights at Lincoln Center, yeah.

- What are you doing?

- I'm doing "Little Shop of Horrors."

- You are? - Yeah.

- Wow. - Yeah.

- That's--


For three nights. What?

- They're less enthusiastic about that

then that I'm single.

- Yeah. - That's cool.

- Yeah, no, they don't care. - It's a really good show.

- Yeah.

And he's single.

[cheers and applause]

But at first, I was surprised,

because I haven't seen you sing before,

I don't think, and then I found out

you were in a band when you were younger.

- Yeah, I was.

I was in a really, really bad band

when I was in high school.

- What was the name?

- The name of the band was called Hole Shot.

- How come?


- I have no idea.


What did you-- you found--

[cheers and applause]

- Surprise.

- You just surprised me.

Yeah. - So look at--

- That's one good-looking band right there.

- Y'all are tough. - Yup.

- He's acting like he's checking the time.

He's doesn't have a watch, but he's like--

- He's just ashamed of the music we were making.

- What kind of-- what kind of music did you make?

Was it-- I'm assuming pop.

- No, it was like-- I don't really have any idea.

I don't really remember, but it was like--

It was rock music, I guess.

- Mm-hmm. - Yeah.

Oh, no, you have the CD.

- I wish.

- Why did I give you that idea?

- Why don't we have the CD?

- Why did I give you that idea?

- All right, well, we'll have it.

- Okay, good, yeah, it was like rock music.

- By next segment--

we're gonna take a commercial break--

we will have it.

Wait, let me ask you this, did you write your own music,

or did you do cover songs?

- No, we wrote our own music. - Oh, even better.

- Yeah, yeah. - Yeah.

Did you write the songs? - No.

- Who did? - I wrote--

I was just a lyricist.

- Well... - I just wrote the lyrics.

- Right, so you wrote the songs.

- Yeah. Like, partially, yes.

Not the music, but the lyrics.

- Right, you wrote the songs. - Yes, half of the song.

- You'd be horrible on trial.

You just don't know how to answer a question.

- No, I'd be guilty immediately.

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