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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: बाज़ार में इन चीज़ों के नाम पर बिक रहा है ज़हर | Beware!! Restaurants Are Selling Poison Not Food |

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Welcome to health care at home

As I promised you on New Year that we'll talk about the very popular restaurant's food

And we'll reveal the reality about those food items, that how they get prepared

There are lot of popular brands who makes Chicken Nuggets & Sausages and we relish them too

Do you know how Chicken Nuggets are made?

Whole Chicken get minced,which contains chicken's feathers, claws, beak & eyes as well

All these parts are used and initially all these gets processed

Further they get processed with addition of preservatives and then a chicken nugget gets prepared

if I ask my non-vegetarian subscribers/viewers, if they like to eat chicken's feather?

Definitely they won't eat it

If I ask someone to eat chicken's eyes, then nobody will like it and perhaps they will vomit as well

But in reality you relish all these things in Chicken Nugget

You are eating such food by spending so much money on it

So the next time when you order Chicken Nuggets, do remember what you are eating

Sausages are also very popular and lot of brands are selling them in malls as well

People has started cooking it at home, now how does these sausages are made?

In sausages there is a upper layer in which minced meat it filled

Do you know about that covering?

Let me take this conversation littler further, when you buy chicken usually you through some of its portion

Which contains intestine. So if I ask you to eat intestine, then again you will vomit for asking such question

But the covering of chicken sausage is made up of chicken's intestine

Though you feel like vomiting but then you spend money and buy that intestine and eat at home

Talking about the minced meat in it, it contains lot of preservatives which deteriorate the process of chicken

Let's talk about chicken sausage life for two days

Then it will smell like hell that you won't be able to tolerate it

But those chicken sausages are available in market with 6 months of life

How come the same chicken nugget survive for 6 months which gets stale within 2 days?

In actual lot of preservatives are added into them which damages your health seriously

Further the meat gets encased and sealed in chicken's intestine

So all those items that a non-vegetarian won't like to eat

But then they bring such food at home or eat in restaurants as a part of fashion or up-gradation

Not only they are consuming such food but are also damaging their health

So whenever you visit to any restaurant, always check what you are eating

We wish that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us

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The Description of बाज़ार में इन चीज़ों के नाम पर बिक रहा है ज़हर | Beware!! Restaurants Are Selling Poison Not Food |