Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Peppa Pig English Full Epısodes Compilation #7

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mummy pig is fixing a big mirror onto the bathroom wall lovely baby

George thinks there is another little piggy in the bathroom it's a mirror

George mirrors are shiny that's why you can see yourself George is looking at

himself in the big shiny mirror it is very shiny come on George let's find

some more shiny things daddy really shiny things to see

ourselves in have a look in a spoon Oh pepper and George can see their faces in

the shiny spoons now turn the spoon around I'm upside down

I'm turn it round again now I'm the right way up how does that work daddy

it's simple pepper concave surfaces reflect light waves inversely to their

origin yes it's magic Suzy sheep has come to play

with Peppa it's a shiny spoon yep I can make you go upside down how does that

work it's magic my daddy says so ah let's find some more magic shiny things

in the garden George has found a muddy puddle it's shiny enough to see our

faces I can see the sky there's a cloud me here up head low Tony and Danny dog

did you drop something in that puddle No looking at the sky but the sky is in the

sky look at this spoon that's my face it looks funny whoa now I'm upside down

oh it's a funny magic mirror spoon I know where there are some big funny

mirrors really wobbly mirrors in a tent where are these wobbly mirrors at the

fair the parents have brought the children to the fair roller roller see

my amazing wobbly mirrors full mirrors

it's very simple illusions of optical differentials by convex and concave

surfaces generate patterns magic yes it's magic look at me I've got no

squishing I've got a long neck like a jar this mirror looks normal to me daddy

where's your big tummy God what tummy

it is mummy rabbit with her baby twins Rosie and Robbie hello sister how are

you today very good sister mustn't chat for long though I've got customers

inside the talent on the mirror is amazing daddy pig Wow

I can see two of you what do you mean I can see you in the mirror but there's no

mirror is it magic I suppose we do look a bit

the same well we are Peppa's playgroup are going on a trip to the museum oh

yeah Pedro pony is not here I bet he's still

in his pajamas Pedro is asleep in his little bed Pedro likes sleeping Pedro

wake up you'll be late for the school trip hmm okay mummy come on Pedro we

don't want to miss the bus

the bus is still waiting for Pedro pony we can't wait any longer

the museum will be closed okay let's go

oh there's no one here maybe we're early no Pedro we've missed the bus

oh come on let's catch them up

hedgerow is always late that's it car chasing us

oh hello mrs. pearly here sorry Madame gazelle I overslept Oh Pedro you do like

sleeping oh yes Madame gazelle to the museum

nothing can stop us now I need the toilet

this is granddad dogs garage what will it be petrol or diesel I'm sure you

wouldn't like any petrol no we haven't got anywhere yet right

next stop the museum hmm where is petrol petrol pumps interesting oh come along

peg oh I hope we get the museum before it closes here is the museum mr. rabbit

is locking up for the day hello mr. rabbit we would like to see

the museum please hmm we were just closing but I can give you a quick tour

this is that cake on Queens room full of old stuff interesting here the giant

dinosaurs all very nice ah space rocket stand all that I'm through this door is

the most amazing place of all it's the fantastic world you live in

ah Thank You mr. rabbit my pleasure goodbye hi

time to go children where is Pedro Oh Peto a mollusk very interesting come on

peg hole will you'll miss the bus where is

everybody has gone don't worry miss rabbit will

realize she's left us behind nobody has noticed Madame gazelle and Pedro are

missing Oh have you missed the bus mr. habit I am a teacher I need your car

gazelle and Pedro have arrived back at the playgroup where is the bus might be

we're early here's Pedro for once you are early Wow

pizza with early yes and you're late yes Lud coaches like me everybody likes

being garden gay it is a lovely sunny day pepper and Jorge are in the garden

but there's lots to do in the garden like sit in a garden chair read the

paper and watch the grass grow but those are things for a daddy to do oh hello

Susie what are you doing nothing we bought me too that's why I came to

your house

I've got an idea we've an old box of garden games somewhere what a garden

games I don't know here we are

watch me juggle oh they're not for juggling Susie they're skittles we set

her skittles up yeah then we have to stand all over here and

try and knock the skittles over by rolling this heavy ball pepper has

knocked over two skittles it's very hard Susie you probably won't be able to do

it Susie has knocked over all the skittles well done now it's George's

turn because George is little he can stand a bit closer Oh George is too

little to play skittles George doesn't like being the littlest one hmm let's

play baton ball Peppa can throw the ball and George has to bat it but if anyone

catches the ball George is out okay

George is out George is a bit too little even for baton ball you just need a bit

more practice George watch me oops I'll just get the ball

back hello mummy pig uh can we have our ball back please yes but please play

more carefully in future yes mummy pig sorry mummy pig here is Danny dog what

are you doing we are playing baton ball my daddy is very good at it he batted

the ball all the way into the house well can i play baton ball too

ah maybe it's time for a different garden game Mike what

limbo when it's at home I'll show you I know you jump over it

it's much too high to jump over we go under the limbo Pole and we need music

to do it daddy pig is very good Wow ah but now we'll put the pole low under the

pole my tummy is not too big I just can't bend like I used to

well done everyone now George likes playing garden games

everyone likes playing God games pepper and herb family have come to the lake to

go boating Oh

get your boats here what sort of boats do you have miss

rabbit I've got canoes hmm you have to paddle a canoe that's hard work I've got

sailing boat it's a bit tricky to sail a sailing boat and I've got pedal oh they

look nice and relaxing yes they've got a big paddle wheel to make them go when I

ring this bound it's time to bring the boat back

enjoy your boat trip it's not moving no how do we start the

engine you're the engine daddy pig you have to pedal oh I see

off we go then here are Emily elephant and her family hello miss rabbit

we'd like a canoe please that's only the elephant family like canoeing paddles

ready let's go oh hi there miss rabbit it is

Danny dog and his dad captain dog we'd like a boat please certainly I have

canoes sailing boats or pedalos I didn't sail the world and make my fortune to

splash around in a peddle ooh we'll take the sailing boat do you know how to work

it do I know how to work it I'm captain dog

come on an island we could do that for our picnic

oh the island is a bit small to have the picnic on we can have our picnic in the

boot who'd like a sandwich mrs. duck loves picnics

everyone loves picnics one two and three let's see who can get back first we'll

have a race sure I can pedal much faster Oh daddy pig I'll do the pedaling will

be carried back by the wind Danny Oh what is it the wind has stopped

without any wind the sailing boat cannot go we'll just have to wait for the wind

to pick up again how long will that take I don't know it could be weeks can't we

use the yanqing no you don't have engines on sailing boats Danny oh the

sailing boat does have an engine

Emily and her family are in the beat

here come Danny and captain dog

how was it losting next time we'll take us sailing votes yes sailing boats have

engines on them see you later Danny I've decided to sail

around the world again but you said you were going to stay home oh yes I'm not a

sailor anymore but I do love boating on the lake

everyone loves boating on that make

china shop pepper and her family are going for a drive oh and our car loves

us too don't you

it is mr. bull and his friends George likes niggers

hello mr. bull what's up we're digging up the road will it take long it will

take as long as it takes

Blanche let's smash up this old bike

mr. bull is good at smashing things oh dear now we'll have to wait even

longer why don't you join us mummy pig plenty of tea to go around that sounds

lovely Thank You mr. bull nice teapot mr. bull

yes Peppa it's made of delicate china mr. bull

likes delicate china you have to be very very careful with China

why because China could break very easily huh

that's why I always oh dear mr. bull has smashed the teapot to pieces I put it

down too hard I don't know my own strength

maybe we can fix it boss I've got cement I've got our rivet gun it's not gonna

work lads I know miss rabbit has a china shop she could mend it

good idea mummy pig we'll go right now

mr. bull is going to the china shop this is miss rabbit's china shop

hello can I help you Paula join us all hello miss rabbit I have broken by China

teapot oh dear can you fix it let's have a look

hmm that's very broken I'll smashed it to bitch yes but I think I can fix it oh

goody can we help of course Peppa these two pieces fit

together fixing the teapot is a bit like doing a

jigsaw puzzle well done Peppa glue those bits together

George has also found three pieces that fit well done George nearly finished

that's the lid there's just this funny shaped bit left where does that go

that's the pea pot handle miss rabbit oh so it is

I don't know much about China teapots itches so just be careful not to smash

it again oh ho I am very good at smashing things

oh well done Peppa thank you for mending my teapots miss

rabbit no trouble mr. bowl

look boss a pothole there is a small hole in the road and it's right outside

miss rabbit's shop what do you think lads can we have a hole that side miss

rabbit shop no you fix my teapot I'll fix your rogue

it's not my Road mr. bowl how are you going to mended the whole we'll dig up

the road

mr. booth is digging up the road mr. bull likes digging up the road it is

fruit day at the supermarket look it's mr. potato

mrs. carrots cranberry and welcome to fruit day where the magic of fruit never

ends hello we are choosing our favorite fruit your favorite mmm I like apples

I like oranges I like bananas I like carrots carrots are not a fruit

Oh carrots are a vegetable Edmund is a bit of a clever clogs what's your

favorite fruit George bananas or oranges George likes strawberries the best

wobbly George love strawberries sleepeth get your fruit smoothies here

what's a free it's a drink made from fruit would you like one yes please can

I have a smoothie with apples okay but smoothies can have lots of different

fruits in them okay apples raspberries bananas apples

an apple raspberry banana and more apples smoothie cuz I have a smoothie

please cool what fruit would you like in your

smoothies uh I don't know it can be anything Pedro okay cheese please Pedro

cheese isn't a fruit it has to be fruit or vegetables okay watch please and

blueberries and blackberries and raspberries that's more like it

raspberry and blueberry and Blackberry and gooseberry smoothies but everyone

what do you want in your smoothie George George a smoothie must have lots of

fruit in it how about strawberries and pineapple George yeah maybe George would

like some dinosaur juice dinosaur dude oh yeah

all dinosaurs like dinosaur juice I sure let's see a bit of this one of those a

few of these some of that one dinosaur juice just for dinosaurs and they're

looking friends eyes aw can I have some dinosaur juice please miss rabbit okay

dinosaur juice for everyone Oh bother what roommate rabbit I've

forgotten what I put in the dinosaur juice oh I can tell you what was in it

really how by smelling it Freddy Fox has a very good sense of smell

hmm there's one banana one banana rage no fool strawberries 5 cherries

strawberries cherries 1 P half a pineapple slice of melon and something

else what is it a carrot yes a carrot dinosaur juice for everyone are

you all enjoying fruit days yeah we love fruit and carrots

everyone loves carrots and George have had a day out with granny and friend pal

field it is miss rabbit's ice cream store next stop for ice cream why not I

think we deserve it hello there hello miss rabbit for ice

creams please coming right up what flavors would you

like strawberry for me please chocolate for me please banana for me

please I sure oh I don't think they have

dinosaur ice cream I think George wants a dinosaur balloon do you not want an

ice cream George I sure Oh how much is the little balloon ten

dollars ten dollars it's all for a good cause there you go George hold it tight

don't let go George has let go of the balloon ah

maybe I'll hold this very valuable balloon for the journey home

George loves his dinosaur balloon peppa and George have arrived back at granny

and Grandpa pig's house hold it tight this time George don't let go why Oh

George in the world there are two sorts of blues the upper noon and the damn

balloon that is an up balloon if you let it go it will go up and up and up all

the way to the moon got you perhaps we should go indoors before we lose your

balloon George your balloon will be safe in here

hello Polly George has got a new balloon

don't you pop it pani George loves his balloon George has let go of his balloon

again don't worry George it won't fly away because the roof is in the way oh

it's gone through the door it's going up

it's going into the answer don't worry there's only one way out of the Attic

and that is through the roof window which is always kept closed oh dear the

roof window is not closed

I can't pepper it's in the sky George your balloon it's going to the moon

you'll never see it again daddy pig has come to take peppa and George home hello

have you had a lovely time and we bought yours a dinosaur balloon there must be

some way we can get it back no Polly parrot is flying after the balloon Polly

parrot to the rescue Polly parrot has rescued George's building alright who's

a clever Polly Oh who's a clever parlez

your balloon again I know we'll tie the string to your wrist George what a good


George loves his dinosaur balloon everyone loves George's dinosaur balloon

it is a lovely sunny day peppa and her friends are visiting granny and Grandpa

pig what's that grandpa pig is putting up a big spry P tent in his garden

Serkis pepper there's no circus here why have you got a big stripe he said then

this is for granny pigs garden party Oh what's a garden party

it's where grown-ups stand around talking what a waste of a good tent the

circus would be more exciting why don't you make your own circus yes we

shouldn't call it a circus have you finished putting up a tent

grandpa the guests will be here soon granny we're doing the circus for your

garden party what a splendid idea tell me yes up of course I'll get the

dressing up box we can be calm and strong men and jugglers my daddy was in

the circus Wow what did he do he sold tickets yeah

you can all find something to wear in the dressing up box

Petra has found a top hat Danny dog has found some spotty trunks and a slick on

the stache Pedro has found a clown outfit he wants makeup

what does everyone want it to be I want to be the clown but papa

where is your clown costume okay you be the clown I want to be the strongman

okay Danny you be the strongman I want to be the

juggler but I wanted to do that okay you be the juggler grandpa I don't

have a job to do you can be the ringmaster Peppa you've got a hat for it

what's a ringmaster the ringmaster is the boss the ringmaster

what do I do you say welcome - my suckers see the impossible the

amazing the incredible feats of derring-do welcome to my circus it's got

amazing feet granny pig's garden party guests are here hello everyone you're in

for a treat the circus has come to town

very scared of the amazing candy I was a strong man once or used to lift tractors

elephant juggle potatoes now love love Pedro pony he's a clown I haven't done a

funny bitch yet ah that was a funny bit

that's what I call impossible that is the best circus

I have ever seen

pepper and her family are having a day out we're going to see a pond that has

little fish swimming in it I used to go there when I was a boy it's in the

middle of the woods we have to walk to it like we always do oh no remember I

came here when I was a little piggy but that's a long time ago daddy pig in the

olden days thank you pepper well in the olden days we started the walk by going

along a path ah this is the one how do you know there are little flowers

growing here just like I remember they might have changed daddy pig oh nothing

changes that much now we walk past some little trees until we come to a big tree

I think the little trees has grown oh yes they do all seem big don't they how

are we going to find the right big tree it's usually me that walks into trees

mummy pig has found the big tree I knew it would still be here this way

everybody almost there but I'm getting a bit tummy please don't worry there's a

cafe on the way Oh lovely I could do with a nice cup of coffee can I have ice

cream of course ice creams for everyone the cafe should

be just about here Oh where's the cafe is it behind that rotten pile of wood I

think that rotten pile of wood is the cafe there's not going to be any ice

creams coming out of that today hello what can I get you Oh a cup of coffee

and three ice creams please of course thank you

next up the fish pond this way oh you don't want to go that way

that goes straight into a blackberry bush aha

it's the shortcut it's the way I went when I was a boy no if you want to go to

the fish pond you need to go up that path well I'm taking the shortcut all

right who wants to go through a blackberry bush and who wants to go on

the path I'll get there first ah I hope the fish pond is still here

yes everything seems a bit different what daddy remembers it's the fish pond

George let's see the little fish daddy said that the fish would tiny but

they're ginormous it's been a long time since daddy was here the fish have got a

lot bigger daddy daddy oh he might be lost I'd better ring him

mr. pig speaking it's daddy oh hello I'm stuck hello hang on we'll pull you out 1

2 3

ah the fish pond let's see the little fish oh that's a big fish there coins

when I was little we used to throw a coin in the pond and make a wish tell me

you're unclean then of course I wish the fishpond stays here

forever that's what I wished for when I was a

little piggy it is a lovely snowy day

pepper and her friends have come to the mountains to go skiing see you all at

the top the car cannot drive up the mountain the snow is too slippery you

have to take the ski lift it is carrying everyone to the top of snowy mountain oh

it looks a bit high daddy pig does not like Heights

oh yes really fun everywhere

the ski lift has reached the top of snowy mountain hello miss rabbit skis

for two grown-ups and two children please there you go

Madame gazelle is the ski ticket I don't gazelle will we ski all the way down the

mountain haha not today Danny I think for now we

will stick to the baby slope the children are learning to ski on a little

slope to start oh sure slowly with your stick do it again

walking up slopes on skis is not easy oh do go up the slope you have to walk

sideways like a cab everyone is walking sideways like a crab can we see you ski

now oh I don't know very well

that was amazing yes I was the world champion at skin and

won this Cup Oh No which mummy or daddy would like a

go why not are you sure mummy pig you haven't skied

for years it's just like riding a bike daddy pig

you never forget here is the baby slope mummy pig I think I'm a bit grown up for

the baby slope which way does this go all the way down the mountain

my mummy is skiing down the mountain oh she can't stop we have to catch up with

her mummy pig is skiing along the road everyone is the coach chasing after

money pig mummy pig is skiing past the shop my goodness a walking talking

snowman no it's just my mummy oh I have never seen such amazing King this cup

belongs to you Thank You pepper and her friends are at lately

today we have a special treat Grampy rabbit is here to talk about space

rockets okay George loves space rockets Grampy rabbit

has a very loud voice what have I got here a rock yes but not any old rock I

found it on the moon my dad sells rocks impacts are following yes thank you

buddy you don't need to go to the moon to get

them you do if you want moon rock Grampy rabbit how could you go to the moon I

flew in a rocket it's a bit small this is just a model the rocket I went in was


do you all know how to count to five

excellent but when you go into space you count backwards five four three two

one and then you have to shout blast-off as lovely as possible I can't hear

anything then I was flying through space

and then I landed it was so beautiful up there I was lost for words that sounds

nice did you know you could jump really high

on the moon Oh high as high as a house why can you jump so high on the moon the

gravitational pull is smaller on the moon

oh yes that's it they're quite the clever clocks aren't we

Edmund elephant is a clever clogs I was a little bit lonely up there but just

the moon and the stars the most exciting bit was what's the most exciting bit

Grampy rabbit I can't hear you why has he stopped talking oh dear Grampy rabbit

has lost his voice I had better aim doctor brown bear dr. brown bear

speaking hello dr. brown bear can't get up it having lost his voice is that such

a bad thing yes he's giving an important talk about

space rockets to the children Oh in that case I'll be straight there

hello Grampy rabbit I hear you've lost your voice say ah

please I see yes a very serious case of losing a voice too much shouting I

imagine let's see if a little bit of medicine helps open wide

try sing are now no where was I you were just about to tell us the most exciting

bit yes the most exciting be was I wrote a song would you like to hear it no

thank you

I got up this morning and all I could see what's the moon and the stars the

moon the Stars the moon as far as the moon the Stars the moon the star Susie

sheep has come to play at Peppa's house

got something to show you look it's a photograph who do you think

it is ha it's a baby sheep it's me you're not a baby

it's an old photo when I was a baby don't be silly Susie in the olden days

you were a baby - Peppa no I wasn't yes you were

ask your mummy mummy pig is working on the computer

mummy hello Peppa talking nonsense ooh no I'm not she said in the olden days I

was a baby well you were pepper look here are some

boat on the computer who do you think that is

it's baby Alexander baby Alexander is Peppa's cousin no that's you as a baby

pepper baby pepper somebody sounds like they're having fun

that's a picture of me as a baby I remember it well it was taken on our

first day in this house what do you mean when you were little we moved into this

house we brought all our things on top of our car

mummy pig put some pictures up daddy pig put up a shelf and grandpa pig made us a

lovely flower garden daddy pig looked after it uh we had the wrong kind of

soil for flowers Oh and anyway you needed somewhere to play

you and Suzy love to play in the garden my friend Anton days yes you and Suzy

have always been best friends down in muddy puddle

no pepper you were babies you couldn't even walk what did we do you cried you

burped and you left me we were babies baby sit easy baby papa googoo gah-gah

googoo back soon after that you were toddlers where was George he was a baby

in my tummy

yes you were in my tummy George you've got a big

baby no pepper this tummy is pure muscle and so George was born and granny and

Grandpa gave George a very special present

can you guess what it was that's right

and you and Suzy were running and jumping around then one day you saw

something amazing pepper if you jump in muddy puddles you must wear your boots

you loved jumping up and down in muddy puddles let's take a photo now Peppa

loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles

Peppa has always loved jumping up and down in muddy puddles Danny dog is

playing in his pirate den here are peppa and her friends do you want to play

pirates yes get dressed up then Danny dog has a dressing up box full of pirate

clothes I've got two treasure cash it's a treasure chest but it's still got

biscuits in who wants a biscuit

now it's a treasure chest let's find some treasure to put in it Oh someone

has to stay here to guard the pirate ship me I will guard it if you see

someone coming shout stop who goes there stop aah who goes there

ok let's go find some treasure

Danny dog likes being a pirate everyone likes being a pirate Danny has

found a pinecone Peppa has found a shell Susie has found an old bit of rope

Freddy has found a pebble treasure oh just have a little sleep Pedro always

takes his glasses off before he sleeps

legs creep up on Pedro's yes Danny pepper Susie and Freddy are creeping up

on Pedro sleep yes sorry you're lucky we're friendly pirates

we've got treasure that's nice let's put it in the treasure chest

now we can bury it yes and I'll stay here and guard the pirate ship okay

pirate Pedro but don't fall asleep this time I won't the Pirates are off to bury

the treasure chest over a hill round the little bush and x marks the spot

x marks the spot Pedro has fallen asleep again I'm awake

I'm awake Pedro don't you wear glasses oh hello mummy pony has come to collect

Pedro who goes there I'm your mummy Pedro Pedro cannot see very well without

his glasses where are your glasses um I don't know mommy when did you last have

them when we put the treasure into the treasure chest

what treasure chest the one we buried in the garden

Pedro's glasses are buried in the garden oh dear how are we going to find them

now we've got a treasure map mummy Pony is using peppers map to find

the buried treasure they have found this treasure Thank You treasure maps are

very useful especially for finding your glasses if you accidentally bury them

muddy puddles it is raining today so peppa and George cannot play outside

daddy is stopped raining can we go out to play haha

alright running on YouTube Peppa loves jumping in muddy puddles

I love muddy puddles Peppa if you jump in muddy puddles you must wear your

boots sorry mummy

George likes to jump in muddy puddles too George if you jump in muddy puddles

you must wear your boots Peppa likes to look after her little brother George

George let's buy some more petals George are having a lot of fun Peppa has found

a little puddle George has found a big puddle

look George there's a really big battle

George wants to jump into the big puddle first stop George I must check if it's

safe for you good it is safe for you

sorry it's really bad enjoy love jumping in muddy puddles daddy

goodness me daddy daddy guess what we've been doing let me think

have you been watching television no daddy have you just had a bath I know

you've been jumping in muddy puddles oh look at the mess you're in oh oh well

it's only mud let's clean up quickly before gummy sees the mess daddy when

we've cleaned up well you and mommy come and play too yes we could all play in

the garden peppa and George are wearing their looks

mummy and daddy are wearing their boots Peppa loves jumping up and down in muddy

puddles everyone loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles

Oh daddy pig look at the mess you're in it's only methods

mr. dinosaur George's favorite toy is mr. dinosaur dream sure

George loves mr. dinosaur

sometimes George likes to scare pepper with mr. dinosaur at suppertime mr.

dinosaur sits next to George I beg your pardon was not you George

or was it mr. dinosaur gang held at bath time George shares his bath with mr.


good night pepper good night Bobby good night George and good night mr. dinosaur

when George goes to bed mr. dinosaur is tucked up with him George's favorite

game is throwing mr. dinosaur up in the air and catching him when he falls back

down pepper and Daddy pig are playing drafts well done Peppa George have you

lost mr. dinosaur George has lost mr. dinosaur don't worry

George we'll find mr. dinosaur it's a job for a

detective daddy what is a deep tech piece a detective is a very important

person who is good at finding things hey me I'm good at finding things

all right pepper is the detective George are the detective I will help you find

mr. dinosaur maybe the detective should ask George some simple questions George

where's mr. dinosaur George does not know when is the dinosaur is the

detective could try and guess where mr. dinosaur might be I don't I don't where

he is

George always has mr. dinosaur with him it's a bath so mr. dinosaur is it the

bath mr. dinosaur is not in the bath oh I know I know where mr. dinosaur is

George always has mr. dinosaur it is bed at night feedback Larry mr. dinosaur is

not in George's bed oh maybe we should try the garden yes the garden I was

going to say that is mr. dinosaur mr. dinosaur is very hard to find

Oh mr. dinosaur is it Teddy where George you do love to throw mr. dinosaur in the

air I wonder if this time you threw mr.

dinosaur just a bit too high well done Peppa you really are a very good

detective George is so happy to have mr. dinosaur back again maybe it isn't a

good idea to play with Dinosaurs near trees

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