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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 2 | Ep. 11: “Find Your Voice”

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What was it like spending this whole summer in an RV with your family?

Previously on "Total Eclipse"...

I don't even like sharing a house with my brother.

He was texting the whole time.

I don't think Kate knows

you were the one who he was texting all summer.

Let me help you.

- Did you see this? - Yeah!

I can't believe Scott's running against me.

Five, six, seven, eight.

Two, two, three, four.

What the heck?

You don't have to steal things from me

to get me to hang out with you.

So is that a yes?

If you weren't such a weirdo,

girls might actually give you half a chance.

Mind if I join you here?

Yeah, that's totally cool.

Now with me disqualified,

there's only one person left in the race.

Thanks for one-upping me yesterday on Cassie's birthday.

I don't really care about your relationship.

I'm breaking up with you!


Luca, in time you'll understand why I had to do this.

Cassie... ♪

Okay, we're gonna go to the arcade in Attaway now.


What the heck?

My dad lost his job a few months ago.

We've lost a $1,000 worth of clothing

to this shoplifter over the last two months.

Isn't that when Kate started?

Gretchen, I swear I had nothing to do with this.

I'm letting you go.

Kate got fired for shoplifting yesterday.

Kate? She would never.

I don't think you should turn yourself in.

It's the right thing to do.

Not if you wanna stay with Scott.

I can't go to the dance with someone like you.

Someone like me?

Are you Gretchen?


There's something I have to tell you.

( screaming )

Cassie: They say that in space, nobody can hear you scream.

Okay, so that's actually the tag line

from the movie "Alien."

But sound can't travel when there's no air.

I think I spent so much time imagining myself in space,

I forgot that I had a voice.

But now, I finally found it. ( heavy breathing )

I have something to tell you.

Kate didn't steal from you.

How do you know?

Because I did.


What are you doing here?

I'm picking up my last check.

What are you doing here?

She's just telling me that she's our shoplifter.

Never even seen you in here before.

Gretchen, she didn't do this.

Cassie, tell her that that's not true.

Yes, it is.

Ma'am, if you know Kate,

you know that she would never do something like this.

I need some time to think about this.

For now, here is your check, Kate. You give it to her.

And, Cassie, cool jacket.


Kate: You didn't have to do that.

Yeah, I did.

Because, you're my friend

and if I have a voice, I wanna use on something I care about.

Are we still getting ready together

- for the winter formal tomorrow? - Of course.

- I think it's truly going to be a night to remember. - ...a night to remember.

( music playing )

Hold up

Now I'm so low

How did we get here? ♪

Guess I don't know

Back then

I was searching

We could make it through but

Things ain't how they were then

Oh, no, tell me I feel nothing

But if I feel something

Will it really matter now? ♪

Oh, no, I shouldn't be judging

You're having your fun

And I hope you come back around

Winter Formal 2018!

Yeah, who's ready to party?

Within reasons, please.

Hey, would you say this sweater vest is the sweater best?

( record scratching )

I would've complimented your outfit.

Eli! Looking good!

Right back at you, Mr. L?


Well, this is it.

Winter Formal.

It's more formal than winter.

Let's go find a spot to put our bags down

- and then, snacks! - Snacks!

I love this, it's--

A great excuse to talk to me?

It's a good thing.

You seem different, Eli.

Um, just trying to keep my more intense weirdness to myself.

Luca, we're closing in ten minutes.

So go!

I'll be fine here alone.

Luca, we talked about this.

You need to go out and see people your own age.

Being alone in the store isn't healthy for you.

Why can't you just let me sit in peace?

Did you see that Cassie girl's jacket yesterday?

I think it might the one that went missing

when Kate started.

Do you really think Kate's friend

was the shoplifter all along?

Hey, look, it's Jenna.

You're the most beautiful girl in this room.

But you haven't seen the girls in the room yet.

For example, me!

Yeah, but I don't find girls that were super mean to me attractive.

Oh, Scott.

Everything between us is in the past

now that you're dating one of my besties.

Wait, what?

Yep, that's right.

Speaking of my bestie,

Jenna, would you come help me with my dress?

Actually, we were gonna go get some food.

Food? That reminds me,

Scott, I just have to tell you about Jenna's new hobby.

Are you getting into cooking?

Yeah, um, cupcakes.

And, Diana, let me help you. Anything for my bestie.

That's weird.

You need to remember who holds the cards here...


Fine. Just... don't tell Scott.

I think-- I think I love him.

I won't say anything as long as you do what I say.

Which is what?

Be my bestie, bestie!

And never cross me again.

Hey, Eli!

Did you hear about the fight in the hall?


I'm thinking camera might've caught it.

Cool, I'll check back on it later.

But it would really help me if you look now.

I need to know some things.

Important things.


Milady, duty calls.

( music playing )

Hey, where's Tasha?

We broke up, like, two weeks ago.

You're not the only guy bummed up about girl stuff, you know?

Why didn't you tell me?

I tried, but you were all,

Cassie, Cassie, Cassie

Come on, dude.

Anyways, we're both single now so, I got a plan.

Try to meet some Attaway girls?

No, man. With my brains and your marketing chops--

My marketing chops?

Your songs are just ads for love, Sam.

Anyways, I got a business proposal for you.

I'm all ears.


- Jelly ball? - Did you say jewelry?

Not at all, but I know what's on your mind.

Now that you mentioned it,

I have thought about what you said.

About Julian?

Yeah, and you're right.

I do know him.

And I am ready to date him.

I know.

I'm just glad you finally figured that out.

( music playing )

I... I need to tell you something.

You don't need to.


( music playing )


Really hurt my feelings, Morgan.

I'm sorry.

I thought I was too popular for you.

And that was really stupid of me.

Yeah, it was.

I understand if I missed my opportunity.

I'm kidding.

Let's dance!

Didn't mean to give my little heart to you

But now I know that this feeling is right

Going to stay with you

- Can I cut in? - ( record scratching )

And by cut in, I mean,

save you from whatever train wreck is happening here.

Yeah, take this train wreck away from me.

- What's your name? - Eli.

- I like him. - Me too.

Well, anyway,

if you want the tea. I'm brewing a fresh pot.

- Go ahead. - You sure?

Oh, yeah, I'll just be over by the fruit punch.

Now that I'm ready to date Julian,

I just want him to be here.

Is he cute?

The cutest.

Sorta like that guy?

Wait, do you see him?

That's not just my imagination?

( music playing )

These nights could freeze my conscience

Your body seemed so harmless

Started in the hotel lobby

Cleaned up just to get too sloppy

Things I showed her might get choppy

After the day light, day light

It started in the hotel

It started in the hotel



What are you doing here?

I didn't realize you went to the same school as Diana.

Julian, there you are.

What dirt does she have on you?

Shh. This is my favorite part.

It's cute you thought you could disobey me.

But in the end, I'm still a princess.

And you're still a loser.

Now beg for my forgiveness!

I've been waiting all night for my prince to arrive.

Cassie! Where's Cassie?

Coming through, casserole!

Hi, these officers are here to--

Hi, are you Cassie?

Uh-- Yes.

We're placing you under arrest for shoplifting.

- Come with us. - Cassie, no, tell them the truth.

Tell them you didn't do it.

You must have the wrong person, officers.

Tell them.

You weren't listening closely before.

These bonds are not so easy to break.

Cassie, tell them!

I made a promise.

Why is Cassie getting arrested?

And why are you with Diana?


I can't talk about it...

any of it.

Oh, this is better than I imagined.


Come on, Mr. Lane, shouldn't you know by now?

This is my "thang."

( sobbing )

( music playing )

Kate: When I was a kid,

I used to imagine that I was a superhero.

But what nobody knows is when things are bad...

I still do.

( music playing )

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