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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SUPER DRUNK MARIO PARTY - Gameplay

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Hey, welcome to drug Super Mario Party have fun with us while the world burns around you that's what under tame

It's for that's what we're here for. So it's a pretty simple game. We're gonna play some games here

The drinking rules are pretty straightforward for every minigame. No matter how it shakes out

I'm gonna have the team's work out first place doesn't drink second place takes half a shot

third place takes half a shot and fourth place take the full shot and

Bonus rule if you lose a star for any reason at all, you take a shot right then in there

So those are the rules no one's gonna lose a star though

Well, so yeah, nobody you can have stars stolen. You can just lose them on the board

Okay, I'm just gonna say it now. So there's no debate later

If I get the opportunity to steal a star would steal from bizzle. Okay. So Super Mario Party is also a four player game

I guess two people are going to combine to be one person your

Personality will loose. Who are we gonna be the beaver? Of course, I'm Luigi Lawrence is Rosalina. I am Bowser

Adams in the zone tonight. I like this. I like the atom competitive kattiline. Adam is really sick

so he needs to not drink cuz he'll get way worse than he absolutely

Adam wins cela stars. Oh, yeah each player has their own dice now so you have a specialty dice that's unique to your character Wow

Wow stop are we starting? Oh, look. We're an ancient Mayan temple. We can use that word what I can't say Aztec

He said my hand

One week

All right, here we go not

Aware of the custom day. Look how you fucking muscles people. Oh

You bought the song boom

Alright Solis, that's wrong. That's wrong. That's wrong. Where's that mall gonna go sneaking. How does this work?

Yeah, there are what am I doing

Good find the doll pro controller. I need all my side brushes influencing our video games now


No, no, no, no, no. No that's impossible. I think I know which one which one doesn't let me pick because of your stupid d-pad

Doesn't work. I can't pick it. It doesn't work

But these right that's not work I can't I couldn't do it fuck I pressed all the buttons. Oh shit

That was right, right. We would have had it too when you're right Mario. Are you hard Maria party Oh Arnie party hard

Hey Jake ass that's big people me

My blog gets swamped wimped, can I just pay his toll? Yeah, you can do that

Give me up there true

Golden black dude hidden bought card boy. Yeah, sometimes earnest there's a star in those. All right, that's pretty bad

It'll be honest pretty aggressive

Gonna be bad mushroom Adam trying to oh I paid for everybody. Yeah. Oh, thanks Bowser you fucking schmuck

All right beaver all beaver. Oh

You know I could to pours in a row there, oh no the swamp oh, it's special down. What are you doing?

She's a treasure which one Bruce was fine the left. Oh

All right, not moving anywhere this dinner why we only have a six because you won't you have to use your special TV

Yeah, each character has their own dice cruisin for a bruisin cruisin for a boozing old vertically. Got it

You got which way is very don't know. I'm not sure

Shoulder buttons up just the magnet just magnifying glass

Hey, it's all random

We've got enough to buy start we got to start stealing back we gotta start stealing Adam stars. Where is he? Wait what what trap-trap?

What's up, I'm gonna kill us

All right the play it's like let's do the Hidden Temple Oh God the boulder what we do what we do

I think you just get fucked. Aah. Oh

That was close. Hey, it's my party Bieber remains

No bigger is safe. You robbed favorite coming up top?

All right, three four zero baby. Oh now you're gonna get oh, yeah any way to do

Give me those coins. I love it. That's blue. That's mushroom. I want that one

Turbo boom poison mushroom is that

How do we do this in terms of shopping she's gonna give me so there's two firsts and then 2/3

So two people have to take a half. What does that do? Here here? Oh, I see

Yes, Adam, you ready? Yeah

Wait, what do you want me to do? You have to match it up. I did I matched it up

Oh, you didn't you're only clearly off of it. It's a

Little market. Yes the button be relaxed Wow time. I fit them in open it open it open it. Oh, I'm sorry. Oh

That's good, like bitch roll bathroom I drop that Boulder on your ass what's up? All right. Oh she just blows it's

All in the same one now Oh

Always yeah, she's the only one who can accommodate him, but I'm a grown-ass woman. I can take Bowser cock

That's okay. That's alright beavers super can't be on top of everything. He never is what does this do?

Well, what's poison mushroom, dude, don't tell you what he's me back to sucking on your lungi

This means your next dice rolls - okay, man. That was rough. Look. That's what you get for me. Hahahaha. It's funny

May I interest you in an alliance with beaver? Nobody wants to be the lines with beaver? I?

Didn't want that nice. Oh, you're staying here at Bowser

Look beavers are known for their agility. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I'm just a lot of nano time

That's all right, you couldn't like what you're doing shit you had like bananas mmm, I'm floating above

It's clearly less bananas. No sleep

Remember when Lawrence doesn't get to drink that's like him moving

Like a minute turn I

Don't know, you know, I beaver causes a fever because fever slays the beaver you are what you eat huh beaver

No, I guess I'll do this one. It's what that tooth is for the ladies. Yeah

Ramar like his six kids that eat ignores

Those coins beaver you think Bowser makes Rosalina wear a hair like that cover black guy

Oh damn sound like somethin beaver would say here we go. He's got a good eye can do this one point mini-games

Yeah, you're making back. Oh, fuck you assholes. Oh shit. Fuck you assholes. Fuck you at all Oh

Peter come get those coins

The guy lost

It's worse. Yeah, I'm doing quite well at this children's game that I'm still winning somehow

Fuck see I'm in second by the second. Oh, yeah. Was it a shot? R.i.p. Beaver feet maybe forever

It's either yourself a favor smoke pot. Yeah, you don't have to like

Yeah, we know Adam. We don't care. It's not the beaver way. What does this mean?

He's in first thing get started. Somebody steal a star. Oh, let me steal that star from you

Please take it take it right now. Watch your back man. You better watch your back Luigi

You're gonna get fucked and not in a good way like beaver does and watch it goes

Yeah 600

Does that mean that takes you right to a star are close to a star?

Whoa, here we go beaver time to three out of the four sex Austin counting the spaces either way

I have to get exactly the right

Role my fuck the fight right over what Wow breaker like a horse. Oh dear God. He took Mike

Well, he took Michael fever talking. Well, everyone versus fever. Are you kidding drop quiz my games?

What does that mean fevers taking on our Dean's to floor? Oh, I see

Hi beaver

One Bullet Bill three toads. Yeah. Well, don't say that loud


Come on, they were easy there easy. That was easy. That was too easy. That was too easy

It was to everybody here as you've got you guys are gonna play tape guys

It was all show goes to come on guys. You know, it was - oh, you think they're multiple rounds? Oh,

yeah, one of those could've oh, yeah, there are three down that one so we're been through I try to lie like people

Seven six eight five. Well, that's good. It's so easy to verse. Oh is it?

Apple C fucking

Zero, but this is not fair for beaver

The world does not care for being true, okay

Go with your gut on this that was a tough topic. I got I

Think we're talking maybe school. I mean, it's probably too right? It's not three. I know it's nothing

It's not three

No three



Well, how many friends does beaver have? Oh, oh, that's not a number. You could give she has so many friends

This is not rare for beaver. Well, I'm sorry to say beaver. That means that there's three firsts and a for

Beaver the beaver

You'll never let you down oh

It's so close we're gonna get that star by the way Bieber always comes from behind

What's the difference? Okay, it's just more ones maybe what's the difference he comes in the ass. Hello. Its me and pleased to meet you

Raises what damn baby?

Hey damn beaver dam

Saying that yeah, well you're not a beaver actually like oh no, but I am in this game, yeah

But what they always got away with it, why do you

Never got snatched. What are you talking about? They're ganging up on beaver who stole our coins

You have a pipe that can take you to the star. How do I do that? The buttons there it is

Alright give you a star it's not gonna assholes leave it to beaver. Oh, that's right. Leave it to be

I'm not sad I have a star you gotta like first pity stars all the way up to second. Oh

Yeah, no coin Felice. Give a little on credit. We've been losing a zbt. Oh

Oh my god. Ah, that was you guys on air mouth

What is this lightning round Oh coin oh, this is a great one. This is a great one

This is classic Mario Party right here. There's classic Mario Bros. What? All right

Lightning, okay. Oh

Oh, oh

Namiko hey sis, if I'm an elegant woman

Thank you, I

Thought you were getting a lot but you got the lease are you kidding?

You guys have gotta stop coming up for it to beaver

All right B fever. All right at me what a boy you and big into fog up in heaven even

Bowser gets the ally phone what the hell is that? Hey

What is that? Yeah, bring that bring the condoms. Let's get women delivered - I

Won't you suck me off I get you guys don't even me don't underestimate Bieber

Let's go all the way back you really Louise you did Oh a beginning but all I want to do is not be a no

That's what I like fucking christ where the fuck is the other person hi

Luigi luckily

We do your pitch like it is to shoot your mustache. What's going on? You get to change what number you want?

Are you running that second start Oh Oh got swapped

There wins everybody, let's be selling Briah pipe keeps medica

Bad news Luigi got AIDS. Whoa, quit spreading rumors like that. That's not so bad. Right? Here we go

Be very fun to talk about big sticks

big six

And some coins for good

Paper against everybody can't put stars in a 401k. It's always against the


There you go, that's it that's it that's it that's it this is for children right? That's it

That's it really fast really fast and hard come on Peter spinning a circle shitty


I'm so sweaty

I mean in the grand scheme of things fever is coming out coming on top ever always give the girl its Britain now Bowser

Luigi's turn that's right. He's way ahead. He's trying to win the game. It's not fair

I got my eyes on chat everybody saying Luigi's on balance from the people using written kind of no

I was up all night practicing damn it this day. Oh, that sucks zero

Special blog a Rosalina's got a hardened 18 points that for me to get

Fuck figure out which character isn't there brew some characters have similar shape. Don't be fooled. Oh my god. Oh, yeah. Are you shitting me?

Shit shit shit, we're on first - oh look at people no beaver diamond cutter

I wanted to keep dry bones. Oh

Good for beaver beaver. Oh

Shit, I was a bull. Can I help you? I'm stayin alive. I did it by shape shit

Yeah, Rosalina

First we did it the first movie the first mini game long shot. Oh, thank god

I like to thank my mom beaver and my dad beaver dam girl

Final turn here we go all the way back there brother. You've got to give me the tag

You think did I help therefore she's just a sleeve

David another star

Papers are no-fly list two

Classic classic Nintendo. They don't know how to make a competitive game. That's classic. That's true. That's right

He's in the lead kind of pure fun pure randomness

You can learn a lesson from Sega making a good game for once isn't say good Japanese. Alright, here comes that dice block

It's Derby. Well, this is a handicap there comes a

Big three-o get the ally that's good. Are you gonna hit a useless item? Mushroom tip, right you can use that next round

Yeah, cool. Oh this don't there's no next round, right? Yeah weird

Can't wait for in the next round to use that I finally saw Oh Teddy picker



4/3 there's everybody who's a useless useless hunk of chunk. Well Oh,

Bonus coolest that's Bieber. Rich bonus. No, he's not really give me that. What's the P&L?

Rookie bonus that's gotta be Bowser til. I got my BB. It's not my BB. Yeah. No one landed on anything

We have we have us our

House our god for it Bowser the most consistent play not rewarded

It's classic Nintendo competitive rules, which are to say not competitive. Miyamoto doesn't know what he's doing

Because he has hit like ain't no thanks big shout out right now

Lawrence Sonntag omar de armas for organizing the stream a shout out right now before we keep going to Miyamoto

Hasn't learned to make a good game yet

Boom at new Matt. All right beg fruit. There are other rules than most stars win. No, it's always smush Stars

Okay, at least they tell us on every map. Nice one Miyamoto. I don't want to be your Billina anymore. Fuck this what happened?

I would be roughly no mo our

Beaver intro don't forget. Yeah. I'm gonna I'm gonna go soft brain stupid Luigi make me waluigi together

Excuse me. Luigi is stupid waluigi. Actually. Yeah, we got costumes

I'm making so many so many young women's fantasies come true right now including this one. I never freeze

Look what he does it like never freezes

This one black hair, that doesn't look perfect

It looks silly we're recording in here. So where did we get it? We got it

we went then somebody oughta ask for be too loud in the

Studio. Yeah, fucking chill out dawg. I never freeze as I say, don't worry about them. We're gonna yell louder

Alright Frisco you guys when I don't know I see the king of Wakanda and VTOL defenses and get this madness

See how old left so much smaller than the right. No, he says he's from infinity or not the film black

Nouveau freeze that's a line from the movie Black Panther

Guy guy would he show up beaver wishes ill will to all oh me. Oh my gosh me. Oh, you're on a slopper ROTC

Feels good. Oh

No, what probably deeper now yeah beaver on your arm give me room I click view from my cool it tweeted. Oh

That's really hot in this black panther costume it's you know, I it's hot Bruce why cuz you're never freeze I never flew I never

Oh, he's got me I didn't know there's no way I coulda known what kind of it mean mugging you there's no way

I'm not gonna get too high. There's no way you're gonna get that zero. I'm gonna get a bachelor's degree

Has never freeze gray here we go senseless consensus damn it. Don't make boiler. I'm gonna pet him so crazy

Can be alright beaver here we go. Oh, you're such a good caterpillar. I love you so much

It's fine this vibe right there always fucked up. He's peeping on all

wait, your character shouldn't be able to pay he like pets too hard in the dog bites and only bow and then they have to

Put the dog down cuz he bit a special kid. Jesus Christ. Yeah, they're gonna kill Wiggly good

He's dealing with it with

Toyomi Amaro. What do you think you'd paper in? Third? Totally? It sells out there. I got your back

I'm gonna lose this hard as I can so you I gotta land against take a shot with us matt peake

Oh my that beats it drunk

The goal make room make room for the man good Matt Pete he's already trash they're like man this guy's Friday he's fucked up

Nobody could stop beaver ain't no one-stop fever fever go beaver go either girl

Orange wants to take a shot. Fuck. Yeah, man. Oh, but you take on the thorns, though

She's alone beaver one. Adam was third Lawrence in the last second. I see Assassin's Creed III

NATO charter forgive that baby the American Revolution

Says three three is the Batman Forever videogames remember?

I said that we're gonna have a

Prologue that's in a different place way different character that turns out to be a couple R and then it's gonna switch

Haircut and then butt and then there's gonna be minigames and you're gonna have a boat

I never free Mario Mario many he's average there now. I he's a such a basic bitch

I don't make you wipe your drool from old man. Hey

Are you rooting for Bruce? Ma? Oh

You guys are on a team. Yeah, we are. What do we do?

Rotate the block. Oh, I love tetris. Adam has geometry blindness. You said that? Oh,

I gotta hit the I mean I rotate hmm

Fuck baby you drop in

Okay, thanks Ernest, you said you'd never freeze I'm sorry I never freeze super-stretch is

We'll get it wait getting wilder than Huey while Luigi's most hip-hop. No, it's Martin its Wario. I don't feel sick anymore

Hey hot take pumpkin smash is the best drink Jamba Juice make

Booster Juice in Canada has wow butter on love wild butter. It comes on a Beiber every night. There's no end, right?

There's no ends when Bieber wins. This is the high

you might a button to declare your direction and then

Harvey wins. Oh you guys

Weaver Howard's. Oh my god, of course. I'm gonna go for the three for three. Yeah

Tomato go down Koopa, would you break?

So I'm going to the middle

Your own avarice avarice nothing would average me my crown I go to crown jewel

Where did it go beaver jokes on Lawrence? He won. No, I'll take a shot. Anyway. Okay you go. Alright Gustav be very

Glad to be only at you

How cuz I want a drink?

How am I gonna go to the bathroom pee myself I Panther never feed me no Mario had nipples

Yep look great. I was morbidly obese for like

80% of my life

I'm basically on the line right now believe that oh, all right. All right, we can do this

We can win it all against me. Yeah, we're gonna come in here. Oh, I

finally I got I got

Quivering thighs I'm ready for it. Oh, I'm ready. Whenever anytime am I doing dirt? No

That was actually pretty nice controlled why I forgot it was the other one, but that was close

What a moment, that would have been guys never swing weight

Twice might not working

We have some wins I like

I'm good. Thank you

Hmm. Are you on your phone? Yeah, she got some shit to do recording a video Elisa's whatever

Our hopes and dreams are pinned on Elise Williams, right? It's her job to elevate us beyond this garbage

I'm the garbage man. Wait Elise is the queen. That's how it works. Look at Mole Man. No my better

I'd never crazy no this

Is a medal in there?

Thank you

James is your outfit only at top. No, that's bottom. Did you take your shoes off? No?

Oh, you don't have to cut Halloween costumes are made see please it took a shootout

It'll work. It'll cool me off. Come on. Oh, this socks a dollar. Listen for his garbages. Adam is as a person

He dresses really well, he does here. Oh, wait, what do I get? I'm a garbage person, huh? You're not nuts

You don't listen all these millennia last codes fuck off zero toes I'm done cares. Let me do my shot right now

I don't give a shit. I

Must have counted wrong man you

Know No

The idiot savant wins again

Return flip let's roll during the whole thing in the microwave

Food bag McDonald's, dude. I'm all about

Tell each other love each other

It's Bieber's turn. Well I

Hang on honey game that's oh no

Different versus wall reach out of pocket. Oh, why me? Haha Black Panthers. There's a lot of level. I never freeze

I got this Scott. Oh

Those um, knock-back house waluigi beating you. Yeah, big moment get in the middle we go. There we go

There we go. Two of them. Watch more. Oh jeez. You drunk. Fuck me beat you oh you're alive

And I can't stretch because the limes costume. Yeah, and I go but you never

Win the race, this is where my father hates them

Sam crowd. Hey, John, you smell good. You know, I wish

And a broken-ass top

You think I stupid cuz braids off but me smart. What about fucking beaver or your bachelor? That's true

What does that mean


Haven't been keeping up. Is anyone winning whose money do?

I gotta like bounce off your darts. Oh, but I move like a tire

A child. Yeah, y'all fuckers can get route Oh No. Thank you. Huge. All right

There yeah, oh

It smells like tape over already up it's moving it's moving it's moving it's moving it's moving it's moving it's moving it's moving god

Damn it

I don't get a crown and there's tape on my nose wait, or we get more points for being on you or no, I

Don't know. Oh

Just that's win

Hey by the way take shots

Nice what a hair back. There you go

now you got to be the patented black panther here come it's not pulled up all the way but further than

What he's absolutely too tight hard. I try guys

Got it. Yeah a

Little bit. I never freeze. We're gonna do that shit

Why don't head and roll get another pipe and they're broken a smoker pipes? Okay on your own supply

yeah, that's a

True I think

Another star

Homilies I high-fived your ring, but me you'll have a ring John like when he wins the Super Bowl, yeah

We were stopped Weaver's gonna take second place. Congratulations Bieber

Mini game playing in for all the marbles. There we go. Look here you go Briggs. You're up like shaking sheet shaking shoot

Oh, there you go. Shoot. Oh

All right. Well, that's a fourth for me shot for shy guys

The big one that's a big win no winning

What was that know that your black band? Lyrically go thrower by those?

Party horns. Oh, yeah party hot. Whoo Oh

He's gonna come up to me emoto's arbitrary garbage. Yes

Pussy boenish. Yeah, we got a pussy bonus fingers take the most beavers somehow that

We hammer bro quality

hammer, bro

Soft brains look come on soft brains. It's gonna protect me bring

My skulls in a bunch of million pizzas, so I wear this to put it back together Ambrose gonna die in one year so

37 points this would happen tonight, right?

if you forgot the biggest pick the biggest asshole for this refractory period

Before we go black panther would like to say a couple of final words you can get pregnant first night ma'am. I

Never prove. Where's my shot?

Hit reset again because my job doesn't involve playing from the beginning I had to say faked

But I programmed and played to advance to know you still hitting buttons. Hey reset again

Bruce hit. No one's hit no buttons

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