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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THE WORLD'S EASY-est GAME

Difficulty: 0

Hello, everybody. My name is Markiplier and welcome to the world's easy(est) game! Now, as with most games like this.

it's probably not going to be actually that easy.

So let's give it a go and see how this goes

"Welcome to the World's Easiest Game! Your reputation as an intelligent individual proceeds you. That, however is not the name of the game today.

"I'm Queasy Cat, and due to an unfortunate condition,

I cannot stand the sight of a difficult question. All the following questions will be EASY.

I mean, REALLY easy. Don't make them difficult or you will fail. Like me, you will get nine lives, and only nine.

I'll be timing you so get ready." Alright Let's do this. Oh boy. "You walk into a restaurant in the room

there are 10 people who are 21 years old, three people who are twenty six years old,

tw - seven people are 29 years old, nine people who are 31 years old,

17 of - are m - 17 are men how many people are in the restaurant?"

What!? You did this was going to be EASY, not MATH! The numbers add up

to 29... OH! There's 30! Cuz there's also you!

There's 30!

YES! Ahhh

"Which is United States?" Okay, alright.

Well, we're off to a flying start! "A man wants to marry his widow's sister, can he?" No because he's dead [chuckles]

Ahh "One two three four five six seven, then what's the next number?" Seven?

Ooo I'm on a roll! "Which is heavier, a p-" They're the same. Neither. They're the same. A pound is a pound.

"I had 27 flowers sadly all the 14 died how many are left" 14.

Okay! "Turn on the light bulb." Oh hi, excuse me, sorry pardon me!

Okay, I guess I got it right anyway! This is weird... "What's the number between 1 and 2?" not 3... 1.5?

Ok... "How many cups in a quart?" 4.

OKAY. "How many quarts in a gallon?" 4?

Okay! "What is 2 plus 2 minus p-plus 7 minus 7?" It's Fooouur. Ok!

Don't train me for something here! "How many sides does a square have?" Foourrr.

I don't like this. "How many sides does a rectangle have?" Foooouuurr

I DON'T LIKE THIS. "How many legs does this dog have?" Fffourrr... Huh-huh I don't like this!

"If you take half a spider's leg off, because you're cruel, how many legs does the spider have left?" FoUR.


"How many seasons of the year are there?" Fffoourr. Errrrr I don't like this.

"How many fingers are on the human hand?" Well technically there's four fingers... Plus a thumb, BUT I'M GONNA GO WITH 5 BECAUSE YOU'RE BEIN' DUMB.


"How many plays..." OH GOD.

According to the thing in the corner 17 because I've only answered those I'm on the 18th question, so 17

Yes, what's the scene? You'll be expectedoh shit.


Okay, alright then, oh boy

Okay, hi, are you distracting me?


"What color was the clock?" It was red. I think? Red? Yeah? "What color was the sofa" purple, or pink?

[mumbles] purple..or..


Hey! Okay, alright.

"Whose house was it?" WELL HOW WOULD I KNOW THAT?!

How would I know whose house it was? I don't know!

Clint? Ah, fuck

Okay, "what are better cats or dogs?" DOGS... oh.

Cat's rule and dogs drool. Okay. Oh, come on, you biased bastard!

"Water the lawn and make the grass grow" alright

Do I need seeds... alright, hello, okay.


Okay, alright then, "plant some pretty flowers!" Do I take the seeds now... alright

Okay, "now burn down through flowers with your awesome flamethrower"


That was awesome. I don't mind. Let's do it. "Type the number fou-" okay, I don't LIKE this

I just hit four

"Mary and Suzy ordered pizza

Mary ate two out of four slices, and Suzy ate four out of eight, who ate more" didn't they both eat half?

Isn't that how this works? Neither? No one know anymore? Alright okay.

"What state is that," North Carolina.


"The word race car is the same forward, backwards, and upside down"

Well, not upside down. I mean forwards and backwards, yeah, but upside down


Hey! Okay, alright, then

"Shoot the mob boss?" What the fuck...

Hello, hi!

[gunshot] Goodbye! Sorry...

Okay, I've MURDERED, yay!

"Swim to safety?"

It's oh..oh, okay

Oh, okay!

"Click the button"...

[quietly] fuck you...


Wait up here. No?

AH! Ah-okay! Okay, I don't know how I did that

"Triangle is the only basic shape with three sides." Yes?

Yeah? Okay

"Grammar Nazis beware: which is correct

Do you want to go to the mall with John and me, do you want to go to the mall with John and I?"

You wantin this one

It's "me." That- because the way you determine it is you take out the other name and see what sounds right

So do you want to go to the mall with "me" or do you want to go to the mall with "I"?

That doesn't make any sense

"Does a frog bump his butt when he hops?"

The frog bumps whatever the fuck he wants I guess, but yes


[laughs] that poor frog

"You have five candy bars in a bowl you take out three how many candy bars do you have?"

I have.. I still have five...

[laughs] Heh, you can't trick me! "Do wood chucks chuck wood?"

I'm gonna guess yes

[laughs] Ow! Why is everyone getting beat up?

"Name a body part that is spelled the same backwards and forwards"

[growls] PENIS. "CAHCK."

Eye! Eye. Eye is. Eye. Okay.

"Solve the equation for x" okay...

eh minus negative four so you... ah, you subtract four from nine...


18 divided by threesix!

Sorry, that took me awhile.

"Four letter word: you can tune a guitar, but you can't" — TUNA fish! Tuna fish!

Tuna fish!

"Which hand do you stir soup with, my right, my left, or my neither... "

Youyou don't use your hand you, use a spoon!

HEY! You use a SPOON!

"Beat me in Tic-Tac-Toe" okay

Ooohh, YEAH! Gotcha! Okay.



"How many sides does this cube have?" Six? Alright...

"Does a bear poo in the woods?"

[quietly] Yes?

This quiz is odd, but I guess not too terribly hard...

Ohhh...It's all by zero. It's still zero. Okay, boink!

"What do you put in a toaster?" [growls] BREAD! NOT TOAST! YOU PUT BREAD IN! YA IDIOT!

"The word swims is the same forwards backwards and upside down" forwards...

Backwards it "smauwse"

Yeah backwards it's not... it's...

it's "smooze"

So no...

What do you mean?!

The word "swims"— "How many-"

Two thousa- [under breath] one, two...

20- 20 dollars and 11 cents?


20 dollars and four cents?


No! Am I sure? No, I'm not sure, but yes, okay!

I don't like this. "Press the K button"


"Wait twelve seconds..."

I don't like this...

I don't like this at all. I don't like this game... this game's up to no good!

Also how many fucking questions are there? What would happen if

"Press the enter" — oh, fuck you. How about this?

Ha ha! I pressed it on my keyboard, diiiick!

"The word "eye" is the same forwards backwards and upside down" okay

but by your logic of the last one if it's upside down, it's still it's not going to be because the "y" is not


Okay. "How many days in a normal calendar year?" 365?

"Escape the dungeon." Okay?

That was a lot easier than last time I DON'T KNOW WHAT LAST TIME WAS!

"What color is the ball?" Green... Alright.

"A small plane crashed and every single person on board died, select who survived."

NO ONE did! You just said EVERYONE died!

"What color is a round rubber red ball" RED.

"What's your favorite color?" RED.

How many days are in July? [mumbled counting]

31! "How many days are in Sept—"

You ever do the thing for January February March April May June July August October

August September October, 30, 30?

30? "How many days are in January?" 31.

Okay. "How many days are in May?" March April May... 31!

I don't like where this is going...

How many days are in April? 30.

Okay, how many days are in August? 31.

October 31. This is weird. "How many months have 31 days?" One two three four five six seven eight ni... one

two three four five six seven. Seven! Okay! "How many months have 28 days?"

Now youALL the months have 28 days!

I'll go 12?

HAH! Ha ha ha!

"You think you're—" Yeah I do! Yeah, I do yeah, I do! Oh no

"How many questions are in this quiz" a hundred

higher, oh

150? Lower. 110. Higher.


115... lower. One one one!

Hey! Okay. I'm almost there. Oh God. There's another one of these. Okay. I'm looking at everything

okay three paintings on the wall pink bear uh

blue bag red shoes orange lamp

blue bag! Blue, blue bag! Blue bag!

Blue bag! "What is the 11-letter word that even all Harvard graduates spell incorrectly?" Is it the word "incorrectly"?

[quietly] 1 2 3 4 6 7 8...

9 10 1111! Incre, incorrectly?

Yeah?... Hey!

"At some point in the years

1900 to 1999 there was a year that could be read the same whether read right side up or upside down what year was it?"

It's not 1991 because upside-down that would be

1661 not 1991... says "read the same," what else would it be?

It's not 1991 but that's the only thing I can really think... Gah! Yeah, it wasn't!

What would it have been? "How many questions are left" okay if there's 111 questions that means there's


Okay. "Aqua is another word for water." [laughs] A chicken, alright! This is good stuff.

Well I only got four left. What is my name?

My name is Mark. Hi hi nice to meet ya. Nice to be ya.

"Which one is a zebra?"

Well not very drawn very well, but that one.

"Alice is 14. On her birthday she gets in a car and heads towards her friend Samantha's house at the same time

her friend Emily starts cycling at the speed of 10 miles per hour towards Samantha's house

How old was Alice?" She wasAlice IS 14, on her birthday...

Alice IS 14... how old WAS she?

She WAS 13


Okay, yeah, okay.

"Fill in the missing letters in order to form words in the horizontal and vertical directions"

gel... eye

Gel... leg... that makes sense... done? Okay.

"There are eight miles of woods by your house how far can you walk into the woods?"

As far as you want... as far as you want?


Fuck, "a pyro technician should know how FIRE works"

All right, okay

"What is more powerful than God the devil evil itself rich people fear having it the poor people could be described as having it"

Is it nothing?

it's not disease

Alright, okay. I'm a sap for "tree" jokes

I didn't know this was gonna be the quiz of puns

"What shape is a round red rubber ball?"

Sphere. It's not a circle. It's a sphere

"Click the red button."

Is that the one with the word "red" on it or the RED button?

Alright, okay. Hrgh! Which one's the elephant?

[laughs] Okay! RRGH!

"Is a square the only shape with four sides?" No! there's rhombi and rectangles and diamonds,

but I think that's Texas

"What's the first word in the sentence?" What.


Oh shit! Give me some nuke! WHAM! Oh fuck.. alright...


"How many rabbits?" Two.


Six? Oh God. 13? Oh my God

[quietly] 23?


What the fuck, fuck you, is this is the world easiest game sure... okay

"Wait ten seconds"

I got nothing! I'm gonna do nothing and I got nothing to do to nothing. Ka-chow!

Alright. Bing bong!

Ugh, I'm almost there. That's trithat's that's a triangle.

"This is my dog, Blue. [laughs] What color is my dog?"

Ohhhhhhh! Oh fuck you!

Oh fuck you! What the fuck... don't... there we go, okay.

Fucking asshole


I REALLY don't trust this game right now

"Is the pope Catholic?"

Sure...? Urgh...

I don't trust you.

"Centennial anniversary celebration, how many years?" that's a hundred.


That's Alaska!

"How many..."

I'm gonna guess 101!

Yay! "What is a round red rubber ball made of?" Rubber!

...unicorn horn...

"The capital of New York" Albany, not New York City

"Is the moon made of cheese?"


GOD! [sputters] it's NOT!

"Color of the the sun... in the early morning?" Rose?

not "roase"



"What is two and two put together?" Four?



Ah fuck you fuck you you piece of shit

"put the ball in the basket"



"Which is the furthest away Jupiter, Mars Pluto or the Moon ?" It's Pluto.

"Which country is bigger," United States

Alright? Tic-tac-toe rematch. Oh it all comes down to this, huh?

Alright look you made it easy on me.

"Here's another shot at the ones you missed careful

You only have two lives—" WHAT DO YOU MEAN I GOTTA REDEEM? I don't know what this is!

What is that?

"Was a year that could be read the same whether read right side up or upside down what year was it"



1960...1961 right? That's it.



I do-I don't know!

Was it Chris?


"What are two thousand—" OHHHHHHH...

What are 2004 for pennies worth. If I had read that out rau [laughs] loud, out roud, I would have gotten that.

They're worth...

0.01 dollars

'Cause they're the YEAR 2004

"Is the moon made of cheese?" Sure!

Okay, let's go with that.

"What are better cats, or dogs?" Fuck you fuck you!

"How far can you walk into the woods?"



That's right. If it's a if it's an eight mile circle of woods, you can only walk into it

...halfway...and then you're in the center of it. Halfway!


And then you're in the center of it, that's it!

"The word 'swims' is the same forward backwards upside down," okay

Whatever. Let's go with "true" 'cause they're wrong on that one, but I'm not gonna...



I did it! Hell yeah. That's look way too long! That was not the world's easiest game

it was just a bunch of puns and bullshit

But either way, that is The World's Easiest Game. If you want to try this for yourself go right for it

even though I answered all the questions for you, but maybe

if you skip to the end of this video pause it and then go play for yourself

I'm sure there's other easy games like this quote-unquote "easy games like this"

But this was fun

So thank you everybody so much for watching, let me know what you thought down the comments below

let me know how you did in the comments below

and as always, I will see YOU in the next video! Buh-bye!

♪ ♪ [Outro: "Crazy la Paint" by MiniMusicMan]

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