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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: INCREDIBLE Street Food Tour in BORNEO, Malaysia! BEST Malaysian Street Food in Kuching!

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- [Trevor James] Coming up for all you food rangers,

we're going right into the heart of the street food scene

in Borneo, Maylasia.

You can discover along with us all the unique specialties

in Kuching in this street food video.

If you like delicious street food, get ready.

'Cause we've found some amazing stuff that

you're gonna love.

Let's go.

Check it out, it's Trevor James.

I've just got into Kuching, Borneo, Malaysia.

I am so pumped because today we're going to go for a big

day of eating street food, local cuisine.

And it's so beautiful here.

Let's go check it out.

This is Kuching.

We flew from Saigon, Vietnam, all the way here just to

taste the local specialties in Borneo.

Here you instantly feel the beauty and charm

and peacefulness of this quiet city.

Searching the streets, you can find a lot of unique

street food.

And for a first time visitor, you'll be blown away

at the selection.

Let's eat!

Okay, right up here, I've been looking forward to trying

this for so long.

The reason we came to Borneo, Malaysia.

The sarawak laksa.

This is the king dish of Borneo.

A must eat when you visit.

The broth is made with a strong sambal and coconut milk,

with garlic, galangal, and lemongrass.

Giving you a mouthful of flavor that makes you never

want to leave this food paradise.

This is the one of the must eat dishes of the world.

Topped with shrimp and chicken strips, you'll bask in the

universe of flavor in every sitting.

Look at this broth!

That's the laksa broth.

The sarawak laksa broth.

Ooh it's potent.

Wow you can really smell the curry aroma in there.

And they're just loading it up with...because see all the

shrimp over here.

Oh yeah.

Look at that fat shrimp!

Oh here comes the broth!

Laksa, I've been looking forward to this for so long.

Oh that is thick!

That smell!

Oh yeah, garnish with cilantro.


Thank you.

Wow, sarawak laksa!


Oh man!

Look at those huge plump, plump shrimp!

They've got shredded chicken, some cilantro, rice noodles,

beansprouts, and its in that thick, thick laksa broth...

That's going to power the whole dish, wow!

First thing I want to do is just get a bite of that fatty

huge, huge shrimp!

And that's going to have that laksa flavor on it.


It's really nice.

It has a strong curry flavor.

It's quite salty.

You can taste the shrimp essence infused into the broth.

Oh yeah, look at that!

The beansprouts and the cilantro,

oh it's fresh.

For a pre-lunch snack before we made our way out for a

massive seafood feast and boat ride through the borneo

jungle, we made our way to try another iconic street food

in Borneo.

The Kolo Mee.

It's an amazingly flavorful springy noodle dish made with

homemade Char Siu barbecue pork slices and ground pork.

Tossed in a pork lard and shallot oil

and topped with fried shallots.

When you try it first, there's no going back.

It's just too good.

Alright, so next up, we're going ranging

for the classic noodle dish of sarawak here in Borneo,

the Kolo Mee.

I'm pumped!

Whoa, look at this!

That is the Kolo Mee!

All of those springy egg noodles,

ground pork and then lots of roast pork over top.

Oh and he's just put us a light oil in there.

Oh I can really smell, I can really smell

a huge fried shallot flavor.

Oh yeah!

It honestly smells like, like convenient noodles

but I got a feeling it's going to be much better.


Wow, wow, wow!

Those noodles!

That flavor!

It honestly tastes like a upgraded fast convenient

noodle pack.

That Char Siu roast pork,

I actually didn't bite it but I can still taste a bit

of that flavor on the noodles.

It's slightly sweet.

That was delicious.

We're just getting started.

After those pre-lunch noodles,

we took a ride out to Bako, outside of Kuching,

located alongside a beautiful river,

you'll find a special seafood joint

serving up a ton of unique and tasty seafood.

Right on the river with homemade style dishes only

found in Borneo, you won't be able to stop eating these

once you start.

Alright, here we are.

Bako seafood!

- Thank you.

- Got a couple of friends with us.

Chu Chu!

- Hello!

- And Ting.

- Hi!

- This is going to be an amazing feast.

Thank you!

- Thank you!

- Awesome, Bako's seafood.

We are in Bako National Park Village.

And we're going to try some local seafood.

- Awesome!

- Wow, what a monster seafood feast we have today!

Oh there's so many beautiful dishes!

Look at this here!

Oh yeah, this is the seafood bihun.

Seafood rice noodle, there's clams, there's fish

all in a light creamy,

oh yeah, look at that,

in a light creamy tomato broth, wow!

Fish balls, garnished with green onions.

Oh that looks so flavorful.

And over here this is Money Thai.

I think it's called in Malaysia.

Money Thai.

It's actually just growing in their backyards here

with some eggs.

It looks amazing.

And then over here look at this.

Yeah, these are the local prawns covered in,

I think these are egg whites, garlic, oh chili and

oh and that sauce looks so flavorful.

We have seafood tofu.

I think this is, fried tofu with seafood inside,

it looks like there's some veg.


This is sweet potato leaves.

Stir-fried sweet potato leaves garnished with some shallots.

And then look at this over here.

Fried oysters!

I think this is a fish sauce with some pepper and salt

in there.


This is one of the most delicious seafood feasts ever!

From the juicy fried oysters,

to the delicious prawns,

we couldn't get enough.

With so many different flavors to try

and right by the riverside,

you've got to come out to eat here if you visit Borneo.

Oh yeah, look at these.

Oh you can see how that fried breading over top of the

oyster there is gonna be a juicy plump fatty oyster

inside there.

Just dip it in...I think this is a fish sauce.

Oh yeah.


And juicy!

After finishing up that amazing feast,

we flagged down one of the passing boats and took

a ride to enjoy the local scenery.

Awesome, we're going to get a local boat tour.

Oh, beautiful.

So we're going to explore around

the backwaters here of Kuching

after that delicious lunch.

Wasn't that awesome?

- So cool!

- So cool!

And this is our...

That's where we just had lunch right there.


Okay, so he's showing us these blue crabs that live

on the shoreline here.

And he's saying that if they develop this town,

if it becomes too commercial or there's big industry

here, these little crabs and little fish that we're seeing

on the shores will disappear.

Oh they're bright blue!

Oh yeah, they just hide into the hole!

After enjoying the boat ride and all the beautiful

scenery, we made our way back to town to have our

pre-dinner snack of chili crab.

This city truly has it all.

Well that was an amazing seafood lunch.

We're back in Kuching.

We're going to walk around, explore this beautiful city.

It's so green everywhere we go.

That was an amazing time on the boat,

and now we're going to head out and look for some dinner.

- Sounds great!

- Let's go!

We got a bunch more food to eat.

We're going to go for a pre-dinner snack.

It's going to be delicious.

We're going to Top Spot.

Wow look at these!

So many types of seafood here.

Yeah, yeah, we're going to get a little pre-dinner crab

snack here.

Ohh ho, crabs!

Mantis shrimp!



It's all here!

It's all here!

Maybe we should get a couple of these.

Maybe we can get some freshwater prawns and crab...

Can we get chili crab?

- Yes.

- With chili and egg?

- Yes.

- Like a salty egg.

- Yeah yeah. No, no...chili sauce with egg.

- Yeah chili sauce with egg.

- Yes.

- That would be good, wow!

For just a snack.

- You want these grilled? Grilled or fried?

- Grilled.

- Butter garlic?

- Butter garlic, yes please.

- Do you have the omelet?

- Yeah oyster pancake.

- Oyster pancake.

- Okay, we'll get one of those too please.

- Oh beautiful.

- It's like big?

- Ahh yes.

- Awesome.

- Woowwww!

- Look at that chili crab!


We got one more coming.

Big monster prawns.

This is a little bit more than a snack.

- Yeah, you sure this is snack?

- I don't know how we're going for dinner after this.

Oh and here's the prawns!


It's all here!


Look at those beauties!

- [Ting] Look at that, look at that!

Oh wow, that butter!

Look at the butter just crisped on there,

it's like caramelized with huge nice big chunks of garlic.

Oh that aroma, that aroma is so good.

And then over here,

we've just got the chili crab.

It's like in a thick thick chili sauce.

Look at that!


That just looks amazing!

And then we've got some,

ferns cooked in a shrimp paste.

Specialty ferns.

And then here, this is the oyster omelet.

Although I think it looks more like an oyster pancake.

It looks more like a bing, like a flatbread

with little oysters in there.

Oh, oh yeah!

Here Ting!


Look at that...look at that giant prawn!

The head butter there!

And all that garlic and butter is caramelized on there.

You just gotta peel that off.

All that head butter.

Don't let that go to waste.

So juicy.

It's awesome.


Oh that butter flavor.

It's really light, buttery and garlicky.

You get that pure prawn flavor in each bite.

Oh yeah and there's all that head butter,

you can just suck that.

Let's go look at this,

they just give you every piece of the crab,

and you can just, I think honestly,

I think honestly the best part is going to be just

sucking the sauce off and out of the body.

- That's my favorite part.

- Oh yeah, there's meat in there.

There's definite chunks of meat in there.

Oh look how thick that sauce is.

- Yum!

- Mmmm!

- It's like a sweet chili sauce.

Kuching brings you dish after dish of joy.

All the flavors we experienced were out of this world.

And for our final meal, we made our way to try a famous

Kwai Chop.

A bowl packed with flat rice sheets served with pork,

intestines, liver, and served in a rich dark herbal broth.

This is so flavorful and enjoyable.

Oh yeah, look at this.

Kwai Chop, wow!

Look at all of this!

Look at all the organs!

It's like a big,

it's like a dark soy sauce soup that they pour a bunch

of different organs.

They've got chicken feet, pig skin, tofu,

they've got intestine.

Oh pork belly.

Braised eggs, oh yeah, roast pork.

It's all here.

- [Ting] Stomach!

- [Trevor] Oh Kwai Chop!


Wow look at that!

Kwai Chop!

Wow that is a massive plate of goodies!

- I'm starving!

- Look at that!

It is packed with goodies.

Oh yeah, tofu, I think it's covered in fried shallots.

Oh he's bringing us, I think that's a meat.

Ground pork roll.

Oh wow, look at this!

Wow, doesn't that look amazing.

Chu Chu - what's this?

Blood cubes.

Chu Chu's favorite.

Chicken feet, oh wow!

And this is all in that rich dark soy sauce based broth.

Oooh pork belly...oh so much pork.

Look at that, oh wow!

- [Ting] And they have pig stomach.

- [Trevor] Pig stomach. Oh yeah pig, stomach.

- [Ting]'s my favorite.

- [Trevor] Where's the intestine?

No intestine.

- [Chu Chu] Yeah

- [Trevor] That's fine, we'll have to skip the intestine.

Oh mifan, and it's in that rich sauce that is bubbling

over there at the counter.

- [Ting] Yeah, that sauce is pretty good.

- [Trevor] Oh yeah, beautiful.

Like fatty rice noodles.

Fatty rice noodles in that rich sauce.

Ohhhh it's really rich.

- A little bit sweet.

- A little sweet yeah.

Not very salty, it's just rich and flavorful and wholesome.

That was so good!

How long have you been open here?

- Four generations.

- Four generations?

- 120 years.

- Whoa, 120 years?!

- It's from my husband grandfather

and his father and my husband and my son.

Pass to my son.

- [Trevor] Wow, yeah, that's an amazing story.

- Yes.

- And the flavor, you can tell it has a long history.

Very nice.

That was a delicious feast.

That was really good.

So you guys gotta check out Chu Chu's instagram,

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Thank you so much for watching.

- Thank you.

- And you can click right over here to watch one of my

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You can watch lots of street food for hours.

Thanks so much guys, it was a great day in Kuching.

- Yeah awesome, thanks!

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