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Hey everyone and welcome back to LanguageBoost!

We are back here, in this new year, 2018 and the end of last year has been a little bit hectic for me personally.

I became a father, I bought a house and... well you see, enough excuses to not come with any new videos.

...and improve my languages basically, it always feels good to have excuses.

But, this year we're going to do things differently.

This year - I will - focus - on all - languages - that I speak - and I will also - learn a new - language.

Did you get that?

That was complicated...

Yes, you got that right. This year I will not only, every month, focus on a language that I already speak...

I'm also going to learn a new language.

And in this new videos series here on YouTube I will show you guys how I learn a new language and which tools I use for that.

I hope that this will be interesting for everyone who wants to learn a new language.

and with all the technology that we have these days, you really don't need to travel to learn a language.

You can do it at home.

And I will show you how.

And of course, traveling or living abroad can motivate you to learn another language, but not necessarily.

Many of my friends have been living in China for many years already and don't speak a word of Chinese.

Sometimes people tell me, 'Jan, you have a talent for learning languages',

I don't think so, I think they don't notice how much work it really is to learn another language.

Learning a language is more than just learning words and grammar.

One simply has to learn how to USE new words and grammar.

And many of us learn languages at school...

I also learned foreign languages at school but how well do we really speak it in the end?

So many people don't manage to learn a language at school. That was also the case for me.

When I learned languages at university my results weren't very impressive.

So when we have to learn a new language now we use another method.

A more natural approach.

How does that work?

We usually start learning the most important words first.

Maybe a few hundred.

After having learned a few hundred words we already start speaking.

What? Don't you need any grammar?

Of course you also need grammar, but I think it's better to use a more natural way to learn.

How do we do that?

Well, that's exactly what we will share with you.

How much time do you need to learn a new language?

That depends.

Me for example, I have been learning Russian for a long time and I don't feel that I speak Russian well yet.

But other languages like Spanish, French, languages more similar to English are much easier to learn.

And this year I would also like to learn a new language.


I have a good Italian friend here, Stefano, and my goal is to get to a level where I can have conversations with him (in one month)

So if you want to see how I'm going to do that subscribe to this channel.

Hey, I also have to learn more Cantonese. If not, I might forget this language.

So on this channel you can see how much my progress will be in one month.

So, have I covered all the languages so far?

I forgot Thai... But to be honest, I haven't done anything with it.

But again, I will focus one month only on Thai this year.

So the language that I will do this year... Well, I;m going to put them in the description below.

Every month another language, and if you are interested, subscribe to this channel

And let's see how I'm going to make as much progress as possible in the languages that I have presented in this video.

So that was it, thanks for watching and looking forward to seeing you soon here again on LanguageBoost.

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