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Come in.

- She's in. - Chief, this is for you.

Luzhniki Stadium? Moscow?

An invitation to the World Cup final.

Where did you get this?

Won in the FIFA lottery. More details in the letter.

Are you trying to bribe me?

Do you think, if you give me this, that I won't fire you?

Well, you're fucking right.

World Cup. Airplane.

Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

It's fake, chief.

What, there's no hotel?

It's all fake, chief. I wrote and printed this.

You did?



Everybody loves football.

We'll send these invitations to all the wanted criminals.

They would all end up in one place.

On the same day.

At the same time. We will bust them all in one go.

World Cup.

Final. Moscow. Wouldn't you go, sir?

You know what, Konarska?

I'm emotionally ambivalent about you.

What does it mean?

It means I don't like you.

Get the fuck out.

[suspenseful music]

[indistinct chatter]

Konarska speaking.

In the community house in Wo niki,

sitting in the hall are 20 wanted criminals.

Good morning.

Welcome, winners.

My name is And elika Konopnicka and I will accompany you.

As your tour guide, of course.

On the trip to the World Cup finals in Russia.

In Moscow's Luzhniki.

All right. Now, to get to know each other better,

we'll play a little game.

Who is this?


Yes, bravo!

It's Zabivaka the Wolf, the Russian World Cup mascot.

All together now. Who is this?


I can't hear you. Who?

- Zabivaka. - Who?!

- Zabivaka! - Who?!

Zabivaka! Zabivaka! Zabivaka!

[upbeat electronic music]


All right. We know each other a little better now.

Now we need to fill in the forms.

The invitations are for personal use only.

Please show me your identity cards.

Hey, I know you. You arrested me at the off-license.

No way. You're joking.

Lads, this bitch works for the police.

What about the World Cup?

What now, bitch?

[cocking the gun]

Are you mental?

Everybody get down on the ground,

hands and IDs in the air.

Get down! Get down on the ground!

You won't be able to fuck us all up.

Maybe not, but I can fuck you up, right?


Catch that whore!

Stop, bitch!


Catch that whore!

Come on, come on, fuck!

[all shouting]

[banging on door]

Open it!

[banging and shouting continues]

Fucking open it!

- Stop, stop or I'll shoot! - Move back!


[suspenseful music]

Hey! Hey!

[glass shatters]


- Send back up! - What code?

Fucking all of them!

[tense music]

[sirens wailing]

[police chatter on radio]

[sirens wailing]

Police! Get down on the ground!

Stop! Police! Get down!


Stop! Get down! Get down!

Police! Down!

[all shouting]

Hands, hands, hands!

[all shouting]

- Go, go, go! - Get down! Don't move!

[intense musical buildup]

Get the fuck down!

[police shouting in background]

Gun and badge.

You're screwed, Konarska.

Do you know why?

Because this is our borough. Our little homeland.

We don't like people like you.

Like what?

A child of a whore can never grow up to be a police officer.

Get the fuck out.

[somber music]


- Hello? - Sergeant Izabela Konarska?

- Yes, who's speaking? - I'm calling from the ISA.

Maybe from Gestapo?

I see you passed the fitness test

in 1 minute and 18.04 seconds.

54 Points.


I would like to meet up with you

on Rakowiecka Street in Warsaw.

Those World Cup invitations were a damn good idea.

We're impressed.

You would have received an award from us.

Do you wanna play with us?

[bites apple]

Well, I could try.

You've got experience with the

police. Do you know what a PPP is?

An undercover police officer, right?

In the ISA special operations are carried out by squad S.

I need agents willing to delve into the underworld.

People who think outside the box.

Who aren't afraid to take risks and can work under pressure.

This job is fucking full-on.

Are you interested?

I don't know, I'll have to sleep on it.

Relax, you have a minute.

I can't fall asleep in one minute.

You see, Iza.

An agent has to make quick decisions.

Life or death.

But don't worry, you still have time.

30 seconds.

I choose life.

Mom wants to tell you something.


I'm leaving.

For a long time.

I'll miss you so much and I know you'll miss me.

You'll stay with your dad who loves you so much.

Mom! Mom!

[somber music]

Here are our friends from the FBI.

They will tell you about their

experiences and train undercover agents.

Good luck.

We can manipulate, intimidate, humiliate,

dramatize and bluff,

and that's all we can do.

Because we're the good guys.

The bad guys can do everything.

And they can do it to you.

What is an interrogation? It's a journey to the truth.

- [electric gun clicking] - [Bela groans]


You're fucked up.

[masked man] How old is your son?

[masked man] How old is your son?

I don't have a son.


[Bela groans]

[music intensifying]

I'm Delta, this is Beta.


Today you'll train together with him.

Okay. Erm.

What we gonna do?


[upbeat music in the background]

Come on.

Feel the rhythm.

Dance with me.

This is ridiculous.

- [Bela groans] - [thump]

[upbeat music]

[man grunts and groans]


[Bela groaning and gurgling]

[woman] You're lying. Your mother was a whore.

What is your rank in the ISA?

Shut up.

What's your son's name?

[Bela coughing]

[Bela chocking and gasping]


Bartek, Bartek.

Bartek is my son.

[Bela crying]

My mother was a whore.

I gave in.

Everybody does. Some sooner, some

later. You belong to the second group.

What's all this for?

This figurehead will be your target.

A gangster from Mokotów. Alias Padrino.

He's smuggling drugs into Scandinavia.

And we need to stop him.

You want me to get close to him?

To one of his people.

What's going on? Is everything all right?

Get the fuck out.


Sorry boss, but Futro is throwing a tantrum.


[shouting from another room]

- Get the fuck out of here! - I beg your pardon.

How could you do this to me? I'm your daughter!

Did you consider my feelings?!

I feel like shit! You think I have no feelings?

You want a superstar?

There you go! But I won't support her!

- What's all this about? - About this old skank!

Anything but old.

Who the fuck is this?

This is Miss Kasia, a famous singer.

She's your birthday present.

But I'm his present, not this old hag.

Calm her down or I'll do it myself!

Okay, get the fuck out, bitch.

Excuse me?

Kick her out and give her some money.

Calm down, sweetheart. You know I love your talent.

I would never hurt you. Sing, girl, sing beautifully.

[Futro sobbing]

Why are you so fucking happy?

We rarely go out together.

- You go out all the time, bitch. - But without you.

This is a special occasion for me.

Even more so than Valentine's day.

Look who's behind us.

Fuck, it's the damn weather woman.

Let's take a selfie.

- Fucking hell. - Got it.

Holy shit. Please, please.

Oh, Justynka.

You look so nice. Where's your Romeo?

I don't know.

Look who's over there!

[indistinct chatter]

[orchestra playing in background]

Where is Milimetr?

Fuck knows.

[woman yelping]

Until I finish.

[woman coughing]

[inhaling deeply]

[lips smacking]

There's sperm on your trousers.

Did you blow your nose up her ass?

You're the only one I love.


Just one pic.

Fuck, he's on TV every day, take a photo of the screen.

Once a week.

Beautiful ladies, dear gentlemen,

please greet the hero of this evening.

Did I say hero of this evening?

It's as if I didn't say anything.

Meet the man who dedicated his whole life

to help others.

Today is his 55th birthday.

Mr. Pawe Chyb!

- [applauding] - [orchestra playing]

Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you.

It's not my turn yet.

And now.

Here's my daughter.

Listen to her sing.

She's fucking amazing.


[clears throat]

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear... ♪


Happy birthday to you

I love you, daddy.

- [giggling] - [clapping]

My daughter, my greatest creation.

[orchestra resumes playing]

OK, everybody!

Give it to me, give it to me Give it to me.

Give it to me, give it to me Give it to me.

Yeah, yeah, give it to me, Give it to me, give it to me, oh.

What's wrong?

Delete this.

If I find this on the internet, you're dead.

Because love is in the air now.

And I love you daddy So, So, Yeah.

Hear that?


Exactly. Nothing.

No noise will get in here.

How's ywy? The trial is in two days.

The mole is still alive.

- It's all sorted. - How?

I'll send my girl to lure him out.

I'll take him out.

I don't want to.

You do.

Look at me when I'm talking to you!

[Siekiera panting]

I won't do it.

You will.

Ask one of your whores.

I don't trust them. You're lucky.

Fucking lucky?

You're with me. You got lucky in life.

[Siekiera groaning]

Stop laughing when you're looking at me.

You asked me to look.

I asked?

I never ask.

Tell me you love me.

Tell me you love me.

I love you.


I fucking love you!

[Siekiera groaning]

[Milimetr panting]

I love you too.

Why her? Grabus told them, not her.

She keeps going to him.

This is fucking love.

How much sugar did you use?

Sugar is for amateurs, I put water glass in the tank.

Why is the car still moving?

Relax, it's gonna work.

[dramatic music]


[crashing and banging]

Grabus' woman rented this room, so she could see his cell.

Is it drilled into your head?

- Rysiek, fucking come out. - Wrong.

It's Rysiek, Rysiek. Rysiek means to hide.

Rysiek, Rysiek, fucking come out.


Don't be so mardy.

Go ahead.

[tense music]


Rysiek, fucking come out!

[cocking sniper]

Fucking hell.

Beksa, I'm here.

- Beksa, is that you? - I love you, Rysiek!



Your honor. In this situation, I have no choice.

I'm asking to release the defendant

from provisional detention.

This indictment is based on the evidence of one witness.

A shamed criminal, who, for obvious

reasons, cannot give us his evidence.

Your honor.

I completely agree with my lawyer.

I would like to return to work. I will show up to all summons.

Please, suspend my detention. Thank you.


Fuck, an ironed suit. Did they steal your fucking bag?

They'll deliver it.

You didn't put on weight. I thought you would.

There was no time.

Padrino, surprise.

Say hello.

Hi Padrino, it's me.

Hey, kid.


You'd have done the same. See you.

Daddy, I have a request.

- A car? - No, my friend will drive me.

Do I know him?

Do you know "Listen to me, darling”?"

What is that?

[clears throat]

Listen to me, darling.

And the night and the day And the night and the day.

Nice, lovely.

Darek composed this.

Another busker?

A composer, dad, who's very talented.

He's my songwriter.

I need money.

How much?

Oh, not much. Whatever you can spare.

I love you.

A talented fucking composer.

Investigate that wanker.

[both panting]

Holy shit.

Fucking heaven.

Do you know how much I missed this?

This, or me?

It's the same thing to me.


I love fucking you.

Did he do this to you?

Son of a whore. You have to leave him.

And go where?

- To you? - Do you love me?

- He'll kill me. - I'll protect you.

Then you'll have to kill him.

He's my brother.

And what am I, a slutty sister-in-law?

- I'll come up with something. - Then think.

[car roaring]

[car beeping]

Fuck, leave me alone. Leave.

[upbeat music]


Who is this?

Can't you fucking hear me? Who is this?

Some country girl.

From P o sk. Some country chick, right?

[upbeat music]

- Come, I'll dance for you. - Don't fucking touch me.

[car beeping]

[tense music]

What's your name?

Hocus Pocus.

- Can you do magic tricks? - Yes.

Can we disappear from here?

Hocus pocus.

It's not working.


You move fast.

0 to 100 in three seconds, 700

horsepower, one clutch and seven gears.

I've seen you park it.

Did you fall for me or my car?

Hocus pocus.

The car won't start.

I don't give a shit. I paid half a

million for it, come and fix it.

I don't fucking care, get here

right now and start the damn car!

Fucker! I said it so do it. Bye.

Fucking motherfucker.

What are you doing?

My dad owned a garage and always told me:

"The engine is the heart of the car".

You think some uncle Joe can fix it?

Can you get in and start it?

Go home. You'll get wet.

What the fuck are you doing?

[car engine idling]

Hocus pocus.

Fine, do you want a lift?


Then you drive.

I can't, they took my license.

Mine too.

I drank beer.

Me too.

We'll crash the car.

Fucking great.

That's what this is all about.


You're nuts.

Looks like I won't die tonight.


Without music?


I prefer it like this.

Shall we dance?

[Bela panting]

You're a whore. You're a whore.

You're a whore. You're a whore. You're a whore.

[door squeaking from another room]

What the fuck are you doing?

I was looking for a towel.

Did you touch anything?

The towel.

Fuck, did you touch anything?

The AK.

Which one?

[door opening and closing]

Police! Get the fuck down!

Fucking hell, are you guys nuts?

What the fuck is happening here?

She's seen the goods.

She was looking for a fucking towel.

She won't tell anyone.

I guarantee it.

You have a problem.



Look at me.


Between the eyes?

Or straight to the heart?


You're acting so tough because you're holding a gun.

How about a one-on-one?

Come on.

Come on.

Don't say you don't hit women.

I do.

Especially whores.

Milimetr, fuck.

I should dispose of one of you now.

You'll have some dirt on me.

Who do I dislike the most? You!


Calm down.

I'll fuck him up.

Relax, give me that. Give me that.

I'll fuck him up.

Give me that.

Or I'll help you rob the jeweler.

An easy way to make two million. You keep the money.

You'll have dirt on me, and nobody will die.

[tense music]

What do you think?

Is everything sorted out?

Don't worry, my cousin built it.

Nobody will be here on the 11th of November.

I hope so.

Throw the backpack onto the roof.

The backpack is stuck. At this angle it can hold up half a ton.

The jeweler is five steps away from the left edge.

We'll have to cut through the roof covering,

then through wool, polystyrene and a metal sheet.

We'll use a chisel to make a hole.

Then we'll cut it with shears.

[tense music]

All the pipes go right here.

There are coffers on the jeweler's ceiling.

I'll come down and take them off.

Then I'll break display cases and take the shit.

[glass shattering]

[suspenseful music]

[water bursting]

[glass shattering]


[glass shattering]


Use your legs!

More than five thousand ounces.

And you would've let them shoot me.

Will you marry me?

You have a wife.

I'll have a second one.

What happens in the ghetto, stays in the ghetto.

You're a moron.

They lived happily ever after?

They didn't live long, but they lived happily.

All right.

[car engine roaring]


Shit, dad! I fucking crashed!

What did you say?

Nothing. It was a cool race.

Son, don't use those words. They're bad words.

Fuck me.

Fuck, don't say it in front of him!

She is positive.

- I don't give a shit. - Positive?

Klaudia kept sleeping around and got HIV.


I told her to use protection.

Fucking hell.

This is a tragedy, a tragedy! I have to go and save her!

Stop fucking talking about that whore. You didn't hear that.

Can you stay with Maciek?

I have to go to work.

So what am I supposed to do?

Call the nanny?



Milady speaking.

Who were you afraid of when you were little?

I don't know. That Robert in the kindergarten.

He had a harelip and was ugly.

You remember this?

No, mom told me to sleep.

My mom doesn't tell me any stories.

- What about your dad? - We play on the console.

- Daria, come here! - Sleep.

Where is it?

- What? - Rolex.

- Who? - My diamond watch.

I don't know.

Don't lie.

You stole it.

Empty your pockets.

Back pockets.

Go away.

I just wanted to play with it.

You bitch, you thief!

Get the fuck out of my house!

Can you fucking not shout?

I'm not shouting.


You're shouting.

How am I shouting?

You've been shouting your whole life!

- Kick her out! - Who will look after the kid?!

I don't give a shit!

- "I don't give a shit". - Yes, I don't give a shit!

Fuck this! Here, 500 z oty. Now fucking go to my son!

Wipe your fucking ass with this. I'll

buy you eight fucking Rolex watches!


Is this the subject?

Wó ka Kosowska, a bank.

Fucking Chinatown.

They always come between 9:00 and 10:00 am.

Always two guys and the driver.


Like the security.

Guns. They don't have bigger firearms.

M ody saw them with a rifle once.

I would do it anyway.

We'll surprise them. They'll be in shock.

[woman gasping and muttering]


Don't speak with your mouth full.

I would like to grow old with you.

You'll always be young to me.

Quit the fucking bullshit.


Fuck me.

[both panting]

[horn blaring]

Do you wish you were born again?


I don't know.

You could change your life.

I tried.

I owned a pub.

A kebab place.

And a tanning salon.

Tanning salon?

I had to either subsidize or subsidize.

Money isn't everything.

It's not about the money.

Then what?

I want to mean something.

[white noise]

There's the convoy.

[suspenseful music]

On three.




Get down!

Get down!

- [gunfire] - [people screaming]

Get down on the ground!

- [gunshots] - [man groans]

[man groaning]

- [car throttling] - [wheels screeching]

Shut up.

Fucking look at me.

This is your lucky day.

- [car throttling] - [wheels screeching]

[screaming and laughing]



I want to report who robbed the bank in Wó ka Kosowska.


- [gunshots] - [glass shattering]

[glass shatters]

Did you shoot your reflection?

Fuck off.

Shit, we need to call a glazier or we'll screwed.

No, darling, don't make me laugh, Louis Vuitton is passé.

Chanel is a necessity now.

Oh no, the police. They caught me talking on the phone.

[siren wailing]

[wheels screeching]

[shouting indistinctly]

Police! Get down on the floor!

Hands on the wheel!

It's about the phone?

Get down, get down!

Lie down! Don't move!

- Watch the shoes! - Don't move!

Don't damage the shoes! They're Manolo!

[tense music]




Police! Get down!

Hands! Look at me!

Look at me! Don't move!

Turn your head to the left.

I'll make sure the police won't touch the drugs.

We'll fix the door.

I'll set up surveillance.

Someone will get back for the drugs and we'll follow them.


No, no.

That's cheating.

But I was first.


- Cheat... - Mom?

[Ania crying]

Miss Ania, what happened?

They ruined my fur.

Five bullets.

Go to your room.

Someone told the police. A fucking wanker.


They don't know. Some pussy.

What about ywy?

No contact, boss. There's one more problem.

What fucking problem?

Your daughter, sir.





What the fuck are you doing?

Get the fuck out.

I don't wanna go home, I want to fuck someone!

- Get in. - Don't you find me attractive?


[man groaning and coughing]

I want to have sex with you! You, you, you!

Boss, what about this motherfucker?

Is he wasted as well?


Send him to hell.

But don't kill him.

[gulping and gasping]

[smashing glass]

A car has just ploughed into pedestrians.


Are you crazy?

I've put a rubber. On the smoke detector.

Waste of money.

- We can afford it. Want some? - Fucking kid.

- I have a surprise for you. - What is it?

[seagulls in distance]


- [Zywy shouting] - [Siekiera laughing]

Holy shit, what a beautiful view.

- It's gonna get even better. - Promise?

I'll buy this yacht.

Why the fuck do we need a yacht?

We'll sail to the end of the world.

We'll fuck.

And admire the views.


And then what?

We'll sail in a circle.

The Earth is round.

We love each other.

We'll have to make a baby,

so they can bring us drinks to bed.

[Siekiera screaming]

[Siekiera screams]

All right, she will sleep now.

How long?

After the stuff I gave her, seven to eight hours.

How many times it happened?

This is the first time.

To be honest, I don't fucking know.

It'll be a few difficult days.

Then she'll be healthy, right?

Sir, what do you know about drugs?

Nothing. What the fuck should I know?

You should read up on it.

Call me if you need anything.

Maciek is at school, I got the groceries.

Quiet! My head.

Fermented cabbage juice is the best for hangovers.

Get that shit away from me! Superstitions.

I need a Balinese head massage.

I can run a bath for you.

Screw your bath, I wanna go to a spa!

Miss Ania.

You can't afford it.

The police blocked your husband's accounts.

Kill me.

I don't want to live! I can't live like this.

Wake me up! This can't be real! It must be a dream.

Then sleep! Sleep! Sleep! I wanna sleep!

You bitch!

Calm the fuck down.

You have a child. Pull yourself together.

Don't you have any hidden money?

No idea, I only spend it.

Husbands usually sign the money over to their wives.

Mine wouldn't do that. He knows I'd blow it all.

All right.

Then where could he hide the money from you?

He didn't say.

Then we will ask him.


Excuse me, sir!

My husband is in there!

Artur Ostrowski!

Could you ask him if he's left any money for us?


[rain pattering]

All right, get off.

It didn't work.

[keypad bleeping]

[intercom ringing]


- Hello, I'm the courier. - Come in.

Nothing but obstacles.



Maciek, hold this for mommy.


Artur! What the fuck did you do?!

Why didn't you leave me any money?!

I can't even afford a beautician!

You're shouting again. Fuck.

You'll see - when they let you out, you

won't get any pussy for half a year!

They shot through my fur!

I had to sell my Chanel bag!

Ania, that's enough.


Tell me, right now!

Where's the money?! Where did you stash the money?!

Call the police on this woman.

Where is the money from Wó ka Kosowska?

Do you know her?

Yes, she's my wife.

I'll introduce you.



Suck a dick!

[phone rings]

This is too difficult. It's too difficult for you.

[phone keeps ringing]


Some guy.

Your husband sent him.

- And you let him in? - He said it's important.

Fucking hell, I need to get dressed.

[gulping sound]

This is what I needed.

There might be something else you need.

Is that it?

I'm not a pork expert.

Cieniu said it's green.

It's Maciek's pocket money.

Fuck off.


Holy shit. Maciek stashed a lot of money.

Cieniu said there should be ten grand.

Thank you.

I'll take it to him.

All of it?

Deception has a price. Steroids. Credit.


- The chatterbox will pass it on. - What?

The lawyer will give him the money during the visit.

What about me?

And Maciek?

What about alimony?

That's the other issue. It's in the goods.

What goods?

There's a key attached to his car

keys. A key to an apartment.

There you will find something you

can transport to Sweden and sell.

The instructions are here.

You gave him all the money?

Since when are we on first name terms?

Since you've stopped paying me.

Go away then. Why are you here?

I like your son.

Even if there is something here to sell,

how are you going to get to Sweden?

You're kind of right. I didn't think about it.

"I didn't think".


I'll get the money back. I'll

sacrifice myself. Where's my phone?

What's up?

Don't take the money to my husband, bring it back to me.

Why did you change your mind?


[wheels screeching]

[man panting]

Holy shit! I've never had sex with such an ugly guy.

[Ania laughs]

You didn't have to fuck him. Try to use your head.

I gave him head too.

Is this definitely the right street?

- Konopackiej 18. - You said "Konopnickiej".

Anyone could get such a fucked up name wrong.

I should live in Paris. I don't confuse names like "Chanel".

[suspenseful music]

[keypad bleeping]

Cieniu's wife.

All right, let's go.

[Ania mumbles]

Fucking hell.

This ain't coke, it's speed.

Leave it.


[dog barking in distance]

We're leaving.


We're leaving.

I have to transport this.

What the hell?

You have a child!

You can't smuggle drugs into Sweden.

But I don't have any money.

How will I afford a lawyer?

How will I feed Maciek?

Are you mental?

[Ania panting]

I have to do it.

You have to help me, please. Money

for that is enough for a few years.

It wouldn't last you a month.

If you don't want to do it for me, do it for Maciek.

- Fuck, I don't wanna hear it! - You won't have to touch it!

I'll transport it. Got it? You don't have to do anything.

Just come with me, please.

Everything we need to know is here.

It did not occur to you? The police

could be watching this house.

They will arrest us as soon as we leave the building.

I'll let you keep a hundred grand.

Come on, let's have a little.

[Ania sniffing and groaning]

Pack the bags.

Should we pinch her?

Follow her. Then we'll arrest all of them.

- [car beeping] - Whoop!

Miss Ania! You were gone for a long time.

- I know! What's up? - The wedding is soon.

Awesome! Do you have anything I'd like?

We do.



Four fucking hours.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

I'm looking for a real man.

- You should speak to him. - What's the issue?

I'm knackered. Shopping is exhausting.

There are two shopping malls left.

Could you help me?

Just carry this to my car.


She wants to go to two shopping malls.

Oh dear, I forgot the laundry.

You must help me, gentlemen. My arms are tired.

All right, that's it. Arrest her.

Internal Security Agency. Turn around

and put your hands on the car.

[tense music]

My husband said you'll help us pack up.

I'll hold it.

[camera clicking]

We're going to Sweden!


The note said that crossing the.

Swedish border is just a formality.

They won't search you.

How did we get fooled by two bimbos?

Who is this?

We need to bug Cieniu's wife's house.


We have present from aunt Marta.

Excuse me?

That's exactly what I was supposed to tell you.

Present from aunt Marta?

Why is this taking so long?

The code word from the note is not working.

Go see if you're in the bathroom.

Where's the bathroom?

Fuck knows.




What am I supposed to tell auntie?

I thought aunt Marta was dead.

No, she has a problem with health.

She's at hospital.

For how long?

We don't know. We are waiting for the doctor decision.

So what am I to do with gift?

Joanna would be really pleased.

It's going well.

Is it? So where's the money?

There is one problem.

Joanna's moved. She lives in Norrebro now.

- Where is that? - In Copenhagen.

That's where the present from auntie will be waiting for you.



Why do you keep saying "fuck"?

The money is in Copenhagen.

Is that far?

It's in Denmark, for fucks sake.

Where's Denmark?

[train horn blaring]

No chance. They'll find the drugs in the car.

Then maybe we should try selling it here.

We need to take it out.


You will get there with Maciek, in an empty car.

I'll take them with me and cross the border by train.

The consul said a lot of people take

the train to work in the morning.

Terrorists. Three killed, eight wounded.


No, it's much worse. It's in Norrebro.


Yeah, that's not Copenhagen anymore.

That's the third world. Even the police are scared to go there.


[all screaming]

Fucking awesome!

[sirens wailing]

[police radio chatter]

These Danes are pretty hot.

What are they like?

- You know, down there? - What?

Like liverwursts or chipolatas?

These Danes?

Fucking focus.


[Arabic music in background]

Wait here.

What's your name?

My name is nanny.

Call me daddy.

This is a lot of money.

Give me one reason not to kill you.

Give me a reason not to kill you.

Wrong answer.

What is good one?

You will find.

Run the bath for me.

Do it yourself.

That's what happens when you get close to a nanny.


What are you doing in my flat?

You have something that belongs to me.

But this money is mine.


And my husband's.

Your husband works for me.

This is for the trouble.

[glass hitting]


Give it to me. Fucking let go.

Give me this.

Fuck off.

Fuck off.

Calm down.

Take this.

Calm down.


Fuck off.




Open the door!

I can't, dad.

I'm naked.

Open the fucking door!

Open the fucking door!

- Daddy, come later. - Kacper.

Break down the door.


Dad, why did you bust the door open?

Where is it?

It's fucking here.

Fuck, where did you get this shit from?


I'm not telling you, thief.

Shoot me, fucker. Dickhead. Wanker.

- [whack] - [Futro groans]


We should try a different strategy for Padrino.

Like what?

He has a weak spot.

His daughter.

She was sent to a rehab clinic.

Joanna Pawelec is her therapist.

Years ago, she got drunk and killed a man. We helped her.

She's our facility agent.

We rented a medical office and

created a fake history of practices.

Joanna will teach you a quick lesson on therapy.

She will let you in. You'll get close to his daughter.

We've got a new trainee. This is Dorota.

She will spend some time here. She's doing an internship.

Hi, Dorota.


All right, where did we finish?

Maciek, you'll be late to school.

Mom isn't waking up.



Fuck off.

It's all right. Go to your room.

And wait for me, okay?

Calm the fuck down.

[Ania moaning]


Give me a pill.


Give me the fucking pill!


You slept for 14 hours.

I beg you.



Here, take your fucking pills. Here, here!

[tense music]

[keypad bleeps]

[intercom buzzing]

We would like to work...

We would like to work for you.

Why should I trust you?

We want to do the same thing.

Just like Cieniu. We need to.


With Cieniu's wife, the moron, who

doesn't know what her husband does?

This is why I'm the one talking to you.

Marie Curie discovered radium.

You think women can't make drugs?

- "Copernicus was a woman". - You're sexist.

Cieniu did many different things for me.

You can't replace him.

Can I go to the toilet?

Show her the way.

- [whacks] - [thump]

Should I shoot him?

To show you that I have no problem with it?

She has balls.

That's sexist too.

Show her how this works.

Why are you so quiet, miss?

What do you have?

Fuck all.

Could you repeat that?

Fuck all, I'm not an alcoholic.

Do you eat and throw up? Do you play the Sims till dawn?

Maybe you purchased 40 bags using dad's money?

Pills, speed, weed? What is it?

This place is for all of these, princess!

Fuck you, dirty old cunt! You need a proper fuck, bitch!

[door opens and then shuts]

I want my phone! Do you fucking hear me?!

It's safe here.

Give it back, bitch! I will take it back myself!

You will?

You will get it back in a month,

Right now it's where it belongs.


You are relaxed and free from stress.

You are relaxed and free from stress.

Want a smoke?

I can't stand this place.

What's the problem? You can just leave.

You're staying here voluntarily.

Dad would punish me.

Do you take private patients?


Will you help me?


You must help yourself.

A therapist can be your guide, but you have to trust them.

All right, I trust you. Give me the phone.

Sorry, that's against the rules.

If you want me to trust you,

you're going to have to trust me.

I see you get by pretty well in life.

Who do you want to call?

God, the father.

Daddy, it's me.

Where do you think I'm calling from?

From the shithole you locked me in.

I'm not up to anything, I promise.

I met someone who can help me. Seriously.

You have to agree or else I'll fucking

run away and you'll never see me again.

Help me, daddy. I beg you.

You open a new speed factory each week.

Cops won't be able to locate you.

Find an old rentable farm.

Miss, why do you want this barn?

I'll open a soap factory.

[horse neighing]

All the equipment needed to produce

speed costs only 45 grand.

Don't transport a whole set in one car.

If the cops stop you, you'll be done for.

Separate the gear and use different cars.

They won't be able to do shit.

When are we starting?

We can't start without phenylacetone.

We will get three tons in three days.

From Ukraine?

- Don't ask. - We can make our own.

Why should we pay 500 euros for one liter?

You know how to?

I got my PhD, right? It's a matter of money.

We'll think about it.

How do we get BMK?

You can get the semi-finished product

legally from fake cosmetics factories.

Your daughter wants to say goodnight.

How is she?

She had an anxiety attack. I gave her some pills.

Kacper will take you back. See you tomorrow.

Of course.

[gasping and groaning]


Come, come. Calm down, calm down.

Wash your hands.

Calm down. I'm pulling up your sleeves.

[coughing and gasping]

The brain is now focusing on the

running water, not the anxiety.

I shifted your focus to different stimuli.

This is a very effective method of combating panic attacks.

How should I talk to her?

Just say "goodnight, sweetheart".

Allow yourself to love her.



Are we going?

Hydroxyzine, for your boss.



Time for breakfast.

Where am I?

At home, in bed.

You should eat something.

Got the pill?

It's 12:00 pm, we should let some sun in.

Give me the fucking pill.

Maciek is taking part in a spelling bee competition today.

Give me the pill.

What pill?

Stop staring at me! Fuck!

- [Ania groans] - [phone beeps]

Please, please, the pill.


What is it? I'm in a hurry.

I brought you a present.

- First batch. - Fuck, are you insane?!

I don't want this in my house.

I thought...

Don't think! It can kill. Do you want to live?


Then get the fuck out and come back with the money.

- I need a GPS tracker. - On whose car?

Thanks to the bug I planted,

I heard that the nanny makes speed.

Ignore it.

Wait, what?

There will be a more interesting subject tomorrow.

But what's stopping us?

I won't repeat myself.

[suspenseful music]

What happened?

Mom went crazy.

- Who called the ambulance? - I was afraid.

It's all right, you hear me? Everything is OK.

Miss, do you live here?


Why is she unconscious?

A seizure.

Did she take any legal highs or drugs?

I don't know, she gets nervous, but I don't know.

Please sign it.

Right here.

- Why is there blood? - She bit my hand.

Thank you.


Do you know him?


Who is this?

Szarak, he worked for ywy. He exchanged the cash into euros.

Money from Wó ka Kosowska?

ywy was impatient. He wanted to exchange it all in one go.

And Szarak got busted?

He would receive a reduced sentence if he exposes ywy.

Is ywy alive?


[both panting]

Look at me, look at me. I love you.

Look at me, look at me.

What a life, eh?



Come, let's dance.

- You fucking know I don't dance. - You'll dance with me.


- Come on. - No.

- Come on. - No.

- Police! Police! - Fuck.

[indistinct shouting]

Why did I have to fall so hard for you?

I met the woman of my life. It ends here.

It doesn't have to end. Be a witness. Change last names.

They'll help us.

It doesn't have to end!

[indistinct shouting]

- We have to find this. - I have the bag.

Let's see.

This is it.

At least a million.

You will let us keep the bag with the money.

And you'll let her out for a few hours.

Give her the bag.

Do not follow her.

In a few hours, Siekiera will return.

You want us to let you keep the

money stolen from Wó ka Kosowska?

Yes, or no deal.

Sir, why are you so sure about this?

You want me to expose Padrino and his group.

Why are you so sure your woman will return to you?


Looks like you've never been in love.

Who allowed her to take the money?


She's being led by two squads, the taxi driver is ours.

There's a tracker in the bag. Let the bitch bury it.

We will dig it out and come back here.

[wheels screeching]


[crashing and smashing glass]



- [wheels screeching] - [glass smashing]

- [wheels screeching] - [cars crashing]

[metal and glass smashing]

[wheels screeching]

You'll stay in jail forever. She fucked you over!

Yeah, right.

She's back.

Without the bag.


The world will remember you as the

prosecutor who locked up Padrino.

[suspenseful music]


What's wrong?

The counter-terrorists came to visit.

[cocks the gun]

Hide. I'll try to fuck them up and keep them away.

Put it away.

Goodbye, sweetheart.

I don't know when I'll be back. Don't listen to them.

What? Dad, what's going on?

Get dressed. They can't see you like that.

What? Dad?

Dad, what's happening?


- Don't go there. - Fuck off.



[glass smashing]


Calm down, calm down.


Police! Get down, get down!

Get down! Hands!

After the trial, you will assume new identities and move.

We will help you hide until then.

You will be at a police school.

With security, at all times.

Wake up at 6:00 am. Breakfast is at 6:20 am.

You can skip the assembly.

[shouting indistinctly]

And then what?

You have books and checkers.

Fuck, this is worse than prison.

Tone down the enthusiasm. The curfew is at 10 p.m.

And don't fuck after the whistle.

Your mom said she doesn't want to see you.

I'm sorry.

I'll go and talk to her for a bit.

Can you stay with this lady?

Why are you alone?

The kid caught the flu, so he had to stay at home.

Get me out of here. Please, do something.

Soon, Ania.

I won't survive this.

Some woman bashed another's head against the floor.

I'm stuck with some psycho. She stays

up all night and stares at me.

I'm scared she's going to hurt me.

Here are the pills.

Inside the jam.

You'll tough it out.

Excuse me, my phone died. How can I get to the town hall?

There is a GPS tracker under the door on the right.

Who planted it?

Never mind. It won't happen again.

Thank you.

Is this your son?


Cute kid.

Get in the car.


[intense music]

Drive safely and follow the rules so

you don't get stopped by the cops.

I want to report that there are

three buses full off amphetamine,

on the ferry going to Sweden from Gdynia.

Stop them when they unload. They are

members of a cell led by a woman.


[sirens wailing]

[wheels screeching]

You're from Poland.

What should I do? Please tell me.

Cooperate. Sweden gives harsh penalties for drug dealing.

The police knows that you were transporting it for that woman.

Give them evidence against her.


Will you tell us about her?

I want protection.

Daria, Daria.

Daria, I had to go pee and I saw them through the window.

What are they doing here?

[Daria breathing heavily]

They have come for me.

We won't see each other for a long time. I love you.

I'm alone with a child.

Don't do anything crazy, I'm opening the door.

Nanny: The cops have come for me.

Look after the kid.

Listen. They know there's a kid in here.

They won't throw stun grenades.

They will just make a lot of noise.

They will break in. Don't be afraid, okay?

I love you.

Lie down like me.

Don't be afraid.

Don't be afraid.

Police! Police!

Pull up my shirt strap.

Sit still, somebody will come for you soon.

Fucking pull it up, I won't bite your hand off.

Sit quietly.

How can I sit quietly with my boob showing?



Good afternoon.

There's enough evidence to send you down for 15 years.

This is her lawyer, he'll accompany her.

Good afternoon.

When did you call him?

Hello. Tomasz Widarski.

This will take some time.

Would you like to go to the bathroom?


Please go with the lady.

Let's begin.

Call an ambulance!

Please hand me the medical record.

Permanent brain damage.

Further proceedings would be pointless.

We can't bring charges against her.

We have to drop the case.


I filed for divorce.

Bartek wants to live with me, so don't cause us any problems.


I'll come over, we'll talk.

There is nothing to talk about.

I won't let you take him from me.

Mom, it's me.

Hello darling.

I just wanted to tell you that I'm staying with dad. Bye.

[phone hung up]

Your security clearance is revoked.


Fuck you, that's why. You're fired.

We've initiated proceedings against you.

Do you think you can make me give up now?

I think I can.

You have a family, a house, a husband.

A child.

[clicking tongue]

I don't have anything anymore.

[inhaling deeply]

[coughing and gasping]

How did this happen?

A motherfucking miracle.

It's a miracle.


It's all right.

Hello, boys.

What are you doing here?

We need to relocate.

It's not your factory anymore.

Really? Who owns it then?

The oliborz mafia claimed it.

They said they will take Padrino's place.

Bullshit. I'm staying here. Finish

what you're doing and we're off.

Thanks for putting me to sleep.

Return the money you've made on my territory.

Get it by Friday or we'll cut off

his dick and you'll have to eat it.

Are you done yet? I have to do the laundry.


Time for the down payment, you slag.

[Daria exhales]


You have three holes, and there's three of us.

You'll suck our cocks.

Who's first?

You. The smallest.



I'm done with this.

Did something happen?

The fucking fuse blew.

Let's meet up.

Fuck off.

Right, fucking right, left...

Don't smoke inside.

Why not?

It's not allowed.

Shall we go somewhere?

The buffet?


Or the laundry room?

Are you going to just fucking sit here?

I'm standing.

I fucking told you not to smoke here.

Time for a quickie?

I'm not in the mood.

If I had an AK, I'd fuck them all up.


And then what?

Shit, ywy. People survived wars.

We can survive this.

People are like pigs.

We can adapt to anything, eh?



Stop, fucking stop it.

I knew you were stronger than me.

[motor roaring]

What's the point? They're just driving in fucking circles.

Just like I do.

In your fucking cage.

What do you want?

I don't want to ruin my life.

- You've already ruined it once. - Stop it. Fuck.

You pulled me out of one shitpile and

put me in another. I'm fucking off.

What about the boy?

I'll be his mother.

I can help you.

I'll get you custody of the kid.

You're elbow-deep in this shit.

Are you going to give up now?

You're so close.

You would've been a great mother.

I need a big gun.

I need to see one prisoner.

Oh, fuck.

You owe me.

How did you get in here?

I worked for the ISA and spied on your group.

My boss eliminated you from the market.

He took over the route to Scandinavia

and he sells drugs himself.

When I discovered this, he fired me.

They fucked me over, so I'll fuck them over.

I know where ywy is. He's goig to turn state's evidence.

If you get rid of him, the charges

will be dropped and you'll be free.

Can you guess why you didn't notice anything?

Because it was real.

I really fell in love with you.

You fucked up.

Contact Kacper, Padrino's bodyguard.

[door slams]

What do you want?

I have the money, but let's meet in the barn.

Why the barn?

I won't blow you in front of the kid.

Last time was amazing.

Can all three of you come?

I may be a bit of a masochist.

What the fuck is this?

It reeks of fucking shit out here.

What's up, cunts?

Oh shit.

Once upon a time, there were three

little pigs and a big bad wolf.

- [gunshot] - [thump]

We can work this out.

We will work it out.

You have to give each other blowjobs.

You'll suck him off, and vice versa.

Are you fucking insane? I'm not gay.

It's not a big deal. What's wrong

with sucking a friend off?

Come on, stop it.



Suck his dick.



I won't tell anybody, boss. It'll be ok.

Fuck off.

Fuck it. Here we go, boss.


Oh shit.



Fuck. Props to you.

I enjoyed it.

But I changed my mind.

I'll let you go if you chop your buddy's leg off.

- [gunshot] - [groaning and screaming]

Hack it off, we're done with courtesies.

Cut it off, boss. Fuck it, I'll get a prosthetic.

Nobody will notice it.

Oh, fuck.

Hey, not there. Any fool can do it there.

On the thigh.

Sorry, Kazek.

Hack it, fuck!


Hack it off!


All right.

Now, you just lie here quietly.

Him and I need to talk.

Tell me Leon,

how do you make your money?

I already told you everything!

I don't know.

I don't fucking know.

I swear! I swear on my mother's life!

Just let me go!


I'll cut you free.

You're free.

Throw these two in there, too.

[Futro crying on the phone]

Don't cry. Things will get cleared up soon.

Will you tough it out?

I'm afraid of myself.

I'm alone with myself.

I don't know what to do.

Do you sing?

How can I sing?

Sing a song for me.


Do it for me.

Happy birthday to you

[Futro crying on phone]

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday, dear daddy.

Happy birthday to you.


[Siekiera panting and moaning]

Leave me alone.

Give me a moment.

I said leave me alone, fuck!

It's all in your head.

Nothing is right.

It will all come together.

You'll sell them and we'll disappear.

Me, you and the dough.

There will be more dancing...

I'm a pussy, I sold my buddies out.

I told you to stop!

You're not fit to be a gangster.

You're too soft.

I'm too soft as well. That's why we get our asses kicked.

Get the fuck out.

[phone rings]

What's up, girl?

We have to meet up.

I don't have time for that.

You promised you'd be by my side

when I need you. I just need a hug.

[Futro sobbing on phone]

Are you coming?


You have to fucking come here, I need you!

Get your shit together, you dumb twat.

And don't call me again. Understood?

[cutting metal]


What is...?



[tense music]


Fucking hell! Shit!

Oh fuck, ywy! Fuck, shit, fuc!


[sirens wailing]

I'll take this.

Can I talk to her?

No, she is on the emergency ward.

What happened?

She mutilated herself.

I didn't do anything.

Lie still, miss.

[Ania crying]

I really didn't do anything.


I have to ask you to release the defendant

from his provisional detention.

Considering the circumstances,

delivering the harshest sentence wouldn't be appropriate.


Thank you very much.


- What is it? - Sandra.

Fuck, what happened to her?

She's gone. She's dead. I'm sorry.

[dramatic music]

We need an ambulance. A man is having a stroke.


We'll meet at 4:00 pm in Hyatt.

The card is at the reception.

Miss, she was aggressive, we thought she's harming herself.

You didn't recognize a staph infection? Is that a hospital?

- Please calm down. - Fuck off.

You're going home, Ania.

Different car?

The other one broke down.

I need to fill it up.

Hurry. I want to see my son.

I want to report a car. Number WT45414, on Daszy skiego Road.

Anna Ostrowska is inside with a bag full of narcotics.

Good morning. Do you have any bag with you?

What's going on?

Please open the boot of the car.

Take out the bag.

Take it out, take it out.

Open it, please.

What is this? Milk powder? What is it?

This isn't mine, I don't...

You don't know?

Hands, please. Quickly.

- You bitch. - Hands, quickly.

- Hands. - You bitch.

You're coming with us.

The other hand.

[handcuffs tightening]


[Ania crying in distance]

I would like to book a taxi.

[door shuts]

What's your name?

What's your fucking name?




Born in Zambrów.

Unknown father.

Prostitute mother, murdered by gangsters.

The dismembered body was found in a forest.

What was all this for?


History likes to repeat itself.

Then make it repeat itself.

Go ahead. Shoot.

[romantic song playing]

I love you.

[dog barks]

[Millimetr growls]

[engine roaring]

Look who's here.


Hey, son.


Did you miss me?

Get dressed, we'll go to a playground.

Dad, I'm 10 years old.

- Let's play a video game then. - All right.

Thank you very much.

You can go home now. I'll give you a call if I need more help.

What do you mean?

The kid needs a father.

Please pass me a glass of water.

- Look, dad. - What do we have here?

Wait, I'll pause it. Here is the pedal, and the brakes.

[indistinct speech in background]

It's better to break at the turn.

Look, look.

Here you go.

Thank you.

[phone rings]


The bar downstairs in 15 minutes.

Order green tea for me.


[quiet music]

You bitch.

Somebody, call an ambulance!

[Bela sobbing]

Would you like to work for me?

Call the oliborz gang and tell them we

wanna meet up to discuss a few things.

Tell them

that we will free their boss, and

the two clowns from administration.

Which one of us will go there?

[indistinct chatter]

Who's in charge now?

I am.

Are you looking for your boss, and the two clowns?

Here they are.

What the fuck is this? Teeth?

Sodium hydroxide dissolves everything except teeth.

Sodium hydroxide?

Teeth will always remain.

I poured your boss,

and the two clowns,

out in a field.

You either work for me.

Or you join your mates in the bag.


Hello, my friend. Are you looking for someone?

What's it to you, dickhead wog?

Just tell me, are you looking for someone?

- Justyna. - Justyna?

If you give me some baksheesh, I'll show you where she lives.

Lead on, goat fucker.

Follow me. I will show you.

[distant chanting]

Surprise, cunt.

Hello, my love.

I'll rub that smile off your face.

Did you wonder why I left the folder?

You missed me.

Very much.

I missed you so much that I will kill you.

Meet my new husbands.

Numil, Abdul, Zahir, Mustafa, Rashad, Ali.

Is this what you want?

This is what I want.

Then watch carefully.

I'll haunt your dreams for the rest of your life.


Rashid, fuck me up!

Oh fuck.

- [smashing] - [Milimetr grunting]


Do you want something to drink?


The district court for the capital

city of Warsaw in Warsaw,

the department of youth affairs, with the present bench,

has heard the case on the 20th of February 2018,

at the request of Daria Wawrzyniak

who asked to assign custody to her

and revoke the parental rights of Anna Ostrowska

for the juvenile, Maciej Ostrowski,

born 18th of April 2006 in Warsaw.

The court has decided to assign custody

over the juvenile, Maciej Ostrowski

to Daria Wawrzyniak, revoking the

parental rights of Anna Ostrowska

to decide on the education, trips abroad,

and methods of upbringing.

[phone rings]


Hello, I saw the advert. I'm a nanny.

Come in.

I don't think I'm a kid anymore. There's hair on my balls.

You'll always be my baby. Even when you're a racing champion.

- I'll be the world champion. - All right.

- Good morning. - Hi, welcome.

[heavy metal music]

The Description of Women of Mafia