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- What's the first thing you noticed about me?

- Like a thing?

'Cause I noticed that we ran into each other earlier today.

- I did! - At the elevator.


And that was funny.

Little did I know.

The hair also.

- Yeah.

I figured - It's cool hair.

- that would be the quick

- I know, I wish I had a better, like a cool

- No.

That's always, no I'm never expecting a

different answer.

And if it is, I'm like, oh shoot,

that's really cool.

- That's a cool nose ring too.

- Thank you. - And earrings.

Okay cool, all right.

- Thank you.

- The whole package looks good.

- Cool.

What do you think is my animal totem and why?

- Something vibrant.

I'm trying to think of vibrant animals.

I'm gravitating towards like,

a tropical, bird-like creature.

So a tropical bird of some sort.

- Cool, tropical bird.

It says both, so I have to say for you.

- Okay.

- I didn't really think about this.

I would say,

oh my god this is gonna sound so weird.

Actually, I'm not gonna say that one.

- No no no, I don't even care what you have to say.

- I was gonna say like a lizard.


- No that's all right.

- I'm sorry!

I was trying to think of something like

cool but if I say snakes,

snake gives off like a bad vibe.

But I love snakes,

but people are weird about snakes, you know.

That would be the first thing I would say.

- A gecko or like an iguana? - No!

- That's a big family of komodo dragons, poisonous.

- I don't know, you're poisonous komodo --

- I'm a poisonous komodo dragon.

- No I can't think of titles of lizards,

but I just thought of something like cool, sleek,

yeah and so I thought of a black lizard, which is

- They are cool and sleek.

- Yeah they're cool and sleek right?

But I feel like there should be a cooler thing for you,

a cooler animal for you.

- I mean I gave you a tropical bird, so.

- Yeah.

- A lizard or tropical that's fine.

What would your family warn me about,

if we were to date?

- That I'm crazy.

Like that I'm crazy.

But like not crazy like

- My daughter's crazy.

- Not crazy like, psychotic crazy

but just crazy as in like,

the crazy hairdo.

But like we never expect anything,

like we don't expect Clarissa to just be like,

at her cubicle. - Yeah.

- So they'll warn you that I'm crazy in that --

- It's just like, I feel like if you're dating someone

for long enough to meet their parents,

unless you're like, yeah still,

you probably already know these things, right?

- Yeah, yeah.

But parents would have the say.

- Yeah true, true, true.

Oh my god.

Describe in five words,

what you think having sex with me would be like.

(Clarissa laughing)

- Crazy.

(both laughing)

- You want me to keep it together after that?

- Loud.

- I would be loud or you would be loud?

- I just -- I'm putting words. - Cause I am not a screamer.

- I'm just putting words out there.

- All right lets continue.

- Loud.


(both laughing)

- I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

- That's okay, I've been laughing this whole time.


Oh my god.


And different.

- Okay.

Is that a both?

- That was your question.

- Oh yeah that's right.

I just lost myself.

Its not a both.

- Okay!

- But, if you want, I can answer.

Trick question.

Was not expecting that at all.

- Here we go.

How many people do you think I've slept with?

So I wanted my parents to watch this

but I don't think I want them to watch anymore.

- No way.

- Okay, how many people do you think I've slept with?

Told you, I have no issues.

Go for it.

I'm gonna say and


Let me think.

How do you like, why would you ask this question?

- You could answer it.

I'm not gonna be offended by the number.

- Okay like, anywhere between 10 and 15?

No, 15 to 20.

Don't tell me I just grossly insulted you.

- No I'm not insulted either way.

But its not 15 or 20.

- Okay. - Its way lower.

- Okay.


- Nice, great, that's great.

Let me check that off.

- I just, if my parents to see this,

I don't want them to see like, how many I --

But no its just three.

- Okay.

Were you in a stable relationship?

Like at some point?

- No.

Just three.

- Just three.

Wow, 15 to 20!

I'm such a horrible person!

- No you're not horrible.

It is what it is.

Some people have more sex than others

its a part of life.

It's life.

It is what it is.

- What do you think I should know

about female sexuality?

I don't have my pen.

Or my notepad.

- What I think you should know about female sexuality.


- My wife.

- Have...

All right, so there's different kinds of women the world.


- Women are different.

I got it.

And sexuality wise, some of them are --

Okay here we go, I know what I'm talking about now.

I just have to like keep saying it over again

'til I figure it out.

So some of them are much more


I think that's the word I wanna look for, might not be.

But no, some of them are scared.

Some of them are very timid and shy

and they don't necessarily know what they want

in life in general, but also sexually

they just don't know what they're looking for.

Or if what they actually do want is what is right

and what is okay.

We, as people, need to like, start being able

to teach both man and women that it is okay

to be a sexual being.

The reason why I say all that

is just because female sexuality is so broad

and I feel like we have to like

be very conscious of that for a lot of different people.

Like because I can't say,

"Every woman likes this.

"Every woman likes that."

'Cause that's not, that's not the case.

If I was in a bar, would you hit on me?


- Yeah.

Especially if we were speaking,

yeah I gravitate around people who are like,

energetic and doing stuff.

I can't like, the "cry me river" person at the bar

sitting alone, I'm not gonna buy you a drink.

I'm not gonna do that

because I've been swindled way too many times.

- To buy a girl a drink? - Yes.

If someone's like hey buy me a drink.

I'm like lets get a shot. - You know what's so funny?

I've never asked a guy, or anyone.

I mean I've asked friends.

But I've never asked a guy like,

"Hey buy me drink."

So I never understood like, that move.

And I've never been able to do it.

- Honestly, I would totally do it.

Just for the sole economic reason of --

- Well yeah!

- Free alcohol is cool. - I don't know

how to do it properly.

Like I don't know what to --

Do you just walk over like, "Hey.

"hey buy me a drink."

Or do you you have to have like a conversation.

- You could trace your finger nail gently down

and then walk away and it's like,

"I must buy that girl a drink!"

- I don't know, do you have to have like,

a telekinetic -- I would say this is the trick.

I would say -- and this is looking

from the opposite side,

if you say, "lets get drinks."

- Oh.

- Then, you know, even the dumb people be like,

okay we're all gonna get drinks

- And then he's stuck. - Yes.

Nice now I know.

The last one. - 21st century.

Is it the same one?

- No.

- I can't read it through.

I can read backwards very well, that's why.

- Can you really?

- Yeah, you wanna try it?

Do you feel


- Do you feel chemistry?

- Yeah I feel chemistry.

I feel like we're kinda on the same wavelength.

And we're both as you'd say, artsy types.

Which is good. - Yeah, rockstars.

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